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Back to basics edition.

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Who else /eating lunch really late/ here?

i feed ur mum some lunch xd

i'm having dindins at half past midnight...

m8 i havent eaten breakfast yet. lol im not even out of bed

>half past

t. melbourne

fuck off kot poster


I got drunk at a party yesterday and asked some girl to give me the succ. She agreed but I told her it was just a joke bc I was too autistic to go thru.

Pic related is who I saw on that party

I also touched a tit

Whats wrong with your face. Like you fell head first into inkwell.
Also: youtube.com/watch?v=6j11dzb1bk0


how did we lose to this?

this is a christian board, don't post shock material like this again here

thank you

It's a birth defect, asshole

skipped breakfast and lunch. pointless """meals""" anyway. going full dinner mode with ribs on the grill, some lesco, marinated cucumbers and fresh onions on the side.


Hello Igor


>hungarians are slavs
it doesn't get any more try-hard than this

kys imbecile

letsho tastes good you fucking dickhead

pederast haha


genuinely having a rough time irl lads. Got some bad stuff going on but i'll be ok. Just sitting here right now listening to some music. I think i'm depressed. Also just messing around with some american on Cred Forums

I'll make it, we're all gonna make it.


Explain this fellow Estonians

What the beniz

The CIA will break up /balt/+/ausnz/

Just like how we made /yu/ /ex-yu/

Ime mu väntvőlli, pekine pede

russians tend to have a very limited supply of names for their children. much like koreans or some other chinks with the surname nguyen or park or whatever. point is: you meet a russian lad here.. 50% chance his name is alexandr.. 20% .. etc. you get the point.

>we're all gonna make it.
im not so sure about it anymore

or.. think of britain. muhammad. same reason pretty much.



what happened?

don't give up estonia bro. We will make it

What? :o


Ah, attack on church in France



Your thoughts on World Peace season finale?

>People unironically read the pedophilic jew today known as "mangas"


haven't watched it

been incredibly lackluster for me

.egami gnorw ,spO

But I'm not a big stronk Aussie like you :(

Has anybody watched this documentary. Some scary stuff happening in France right now

now that jewgle has gotten fine in ireland and their """prosperity and great success""" meme is over, are the morons who can't get a job in baltics still gonna take a one way ticket to ireland? seems like a very shitty place to go to work.

we WILL make it estonia bro! we WILL

>tfw no big and strong aussie arms to hold you like a lil roo

weakest so far

Last skit was pure kino.

Our president will visit usa, what will he do there?

Looks more like /est/+/fin/ right now.

Indo-Europeans, there are you?

Probs gonna visit interracial breeding grounds.

Probobly get convinced that russia will be invading soon(tm)

Last time he said that the holocaust is latvian tragedy. That really made me think

pizza and vodka?



People don't care anymore, media used this so many times it lost all seriousness.

did you know that literally all of /mämmi/ are pathetic neets and half of them are irl niggers?

yes they also live in trash cans so I've heard


t.been there too many times

>he doesn't put his curdsnacks in a freezer to get delicious icecream/curdsnack delicacy


This tbqh. Media has very low trustworthiness nowadays

>he's not wageslaving

How are you even alive?

He's a terrible president.


You're embarrassment to yourself and your parents, they probably feel sorry for that sad sack of shit that you are.

who's that potato man? looks like Kisilev.


Sorry for disappointment.

Can confirm


I'm a housewife, it's a hard work ok

It's Aivar Riisalu you retarded snow nigger fucking kill your family and your self

But why does he have brown eyes, memestonians on Cred Forums or Cred Forums can't remember said that all Estonians are blue eyed.

>people actually believe this

*dabs *

Bc he isn't Estonian

going to sauna now

that was a pretty good roast. Are they right about the stuff they said?

>God hates Estonia

Which God?

only a thing that does not exist hates estonia

i am obsessed with sauna porn currently

It's hard to keep an erection is sauna, guess it's perfect for a porn film whose actors can't hold their erections anyway.

just had a very hot shower with ur mum. felt like i was in liquid sauna haha

They got point 1. and 3. right.
7. Is almost right but instead of Switzerland its dedicated to Sweden.

>Angry wageslaves start replying to me

The comments are the icing on the cake though.

>I'm sure Estonia is named after its national dish, stone soup.
>I thought Estonia was Mexican for stone soup.

>I heard students will get pregnant just for the medical clinics to have people to practice abortions on. Is this true?

please tell me she's lying. Not all of the comments are weird but this one just stood out.

Mine was a genuine question though.

You can't survive as a NEET in Lithuania.



yes hello


You are all aware this is satire, right?

is she telling the truth or not

lol no its not

how do you know?


>The Landover Baptist Church is a satirical parody website based around a fake fundamentalist Baptist church. The church is a parody of fundamentalist, Independent Baptist churches and Biblical literalism, and originated as a satire of Liberty University.

>Estonia is nr. 3 on the freedom of press index. Having too much freedom of the press is a sign of weak leadership and too much atheism and communism, Godly countries like America is nr. 47 on lists like that!
It must me satire.


Believing in a magic man in the sky is more retarded than saying that

you can always trust kranklis to know what's up

God exists. I'm posting in this ITT after all

for sure

>God is posting in the same thread as you
What an honor.

holy shit the faggot pedophile is back xddd

>He is STILL mad

>tfw estonian

ive literally slept for the entire day

what have i missed

some kiwi bantz

holly shit. dem incest damage..

>She agreed but I told her it was just a joke

lol eesti cucked macedonia in vollelballel, again

can't wait for the basketball team to get destroyed by poland tonight

Weird snowden video on Cred Forums 404 page

>Aivar Riisalu
literally who?

sup fags

bored and my head hurts

Ironic too.

still can't believe it

watched about 2 seconds of this


Ok fellas give me all of your (you)s or I'm gonna shoot you.

t. bad guy

What did you say to me, you single digit pleb?

Fuck off

I like you and you gave me a (you) so I'm not gonna kill you
fuck that is a lot of yous in one sentence kek


cheers babe

*shoots you in the head*

so are any more "tough" guys?

What do people do for "fun" ?

Someone pls tell me

define "fun"

having sex with your mother is one good example to be honest

get drunk and do stupid shit


like 4pm

>do stupid shit
this to be honest
that is why stupid people are happy
and the most fun in my life I had when I done stupid shit with my fellas

experience new things then talk about them with other people


Something you enjoy to do.

Before you say all the normie things like reading and having hobbies know this that i:
>dislike reading
>dont want to watch any shows
>dislike V.games
>have no friends to hang out
>have no intentions to go "for a walk"

Getting drunk alone sounds like a terrible idea.

I'm just now having brekky.

same haha


a bit too optimistic if i might say

well then you should try to find some friends
to me it is kinda strange that some people don't have any friends I mean I'm an autist but still have few pretty good friends



no harm in trying but I agree, czechs and romanians have an obvious advantage here, we'd need to build something of our own before we can lure foreigners


just ate a fanburger from mcdonald's
it was pretty good, but a bit too much mushrooms

Ej dirst ar savām zaudētāju bildēm. Nekad vairs neatbildi uz maniem postiem


Ej dirst ar savām zaudētāju bildēm. Nekad vairs neatbildi uz maniem postiem

I don't even care anymore that my soul hurts, I just want to play vydya and be comfy.

olympic themed ones? I tried the medal fries and they were bretty good

>Ej dirst ar savām zaudētāju bildēm. Nekad vairs neatbildi uz maniem postiem
Ej dirst ar savām zaudētāju bildēm. Nekad vairs neatbildi uz maniem postiem

>Nekad vairs neatbildi uz maniem postiem

Who needs women when I have Internet porn?

>when a stealth russian replies to me



who need internet porn when I have woman?


Ill fucking stab you in the ear if you ever reply to my posts.

Who needs an Estonian husband when I might have a chance of husbanding an American with Danish/German ancestry?

Uztaisīju nopietnu postu un maita igaunis to visu padarīja par joku.

Eju pakaļ savam šaujamajam

heh... ...bring it on...

sounds gay

Your gay lol xD


lūdzu izdari to


Hello, brothers!


What are you drinking tonight lads?


Never reply to me ever again

homegrown mint tea again

Zdarova, brat!

portwine 777



Sigi est, bratuha?

orange juice

White tears

>tfw no black tea

not alright

Yes. Got some coupons, figured might as well get the meal for €4.

We have dohuya of black tea.

dai chai plz bratan

Maybe the one time I'll feel sympathy for a Lithuanian

Hot coco

>Tfw no black dick

retweet if you love hemp butter

na, bratok


i want a qt georgian gf

>georgian gf

Enough is enough

Nice to see some good changes once in a while too.


This was a reply to

We will call it welfaria


this was painful to watch
pic related to make you feel better



got two six packs for 3.99 each


going to poop then shower and then sleep

Baltic tears

Wow, word of Allah in Latvian... Nice.

I was scammed n 40 currency in the game. Why the life is so unfair to me all the time. Fucking poor schoolboys which can't afford platina reeeeeeeeeeeeee

do it all at the same time and place

Eating oatmeal. Comfy desu

tried to watch british version of "war and peace"

it is a shit


>go to the store
>want to buy some things to make myself a decent meal
>only buy beer and cigarettes
>order fast food when I get home
Fuck, this happens all the time

>nazis got cucked out of lithuania

Come here and I'll feed you bby

Well obviously it will be if you can read the original Russian




I believe they swapped us for more of poland., Also the bit south of Nemunas that was part of >prussia after partitions was supposed to go to them but Russians soldiers yolo invaded it along with the rest of the country and later had to pay them money for it.

What kind of a parallel world do delfi commentators live in? Some of the comments read worse than the edgiest posts on Cred Forums and Cred Forums.

it's full of old Cred Forumspol/-tier people who don't speak english
also emigrant fish factory workers


pls don't group me with those "people", I got trips

Tinder made me dislike Lithuanians.

such a massive amount of disinterested and uninteresting selfish twats who only cares about themselves. Not even family half the time. Quintessential edgy girls.

i have some comment logs from '99 delfi. things have actually gotten better since then.

surprisingly lack of dick pics in this general, hmmmm

>such a massive amount of disinterested and uninteresting selfish twats who only cares about themselves.

Yep that's me

>angry about rejection by bots

Your'e sure Hitler didn't cuck Stalin out of Polish industry zone?

Delet this and look at those DUBS

based maxima

I will. Where are you at, my dear.

>Using Tinder

I want a You from Australia right now.

I share your feelings, mincemeat bro

Elva, honey.

>a new life awaits you in the remote galaxy of bunkis
do you?

Kučinskis Bratislavā uzsver nepieciešamību izlīdzināt dzīves līmeni ES

>gibs me dat moni!

Is it the same for you as a Lithuanian in your home country? Story time

''Success Story''

"Kill yourself"

>history of France in one post

>Antanas Nori Būti Ore
Good planes

>tfw detached from my country

same lol
3.99 at rimi


>manlet monkey problems

i went to põhja-tallinn maxima. man, there's some madmen hanging out there :DD

haha you are a very brave young man

Eating taco express deep fried cheeseballs and cheddar cheese stuffed jalapenos
Feels good mang

pmuch grew up here so..

hahahah, you're gonna get the spicy shits tomorrow :DDDDD

Its politseikroonika type of place at friday and saturday evenings lol

yeah lol. yesterday some guy was dancing on a table at the veranda of the pub next door. he was wearing undies and a bottle of vodka, people were cheering.
and i saw a couple of junkies squatting, heating up a spoon of hero or fenta idk near a place around a corner i use to take a leak at.

haha my mouth is on fire right now

btw i think it was the birthday of his child or something

:-DDD classic russian übermenschen


on top of that, some older guy at the store who was next in line from me was so wasted he thought i was a soldier and started asking what's going on.. is there a "situation" xDDDD

btw the store had a sign that they don't sell alcohol to people who are obviously drunk, but they still sold him a classic 2L plastic balloon of stronk beer

>started asking what's going on.. is there a "situation"


well well well, if it isn't nu-zooland :DDD

be my waifu

Its pronounced niw zillund


thanks for hilping mi xD

I'm sorry

anybody have that aus nz picture where nz says mi fegit

oh I thought you are a girl sorry my mistake



No but you may have this pic of supermong

whats the site name that compares countries living standards like which one has a better fertility rate, aids etc?

Australia-sama, pls wake up. I need your attention ;-;

Estonian boxer, post tights ;3

googled: if i would live in i...


shitty biplanes + one prototype, let's not get carried away

thanks spent few minutes searching for it myself tho, rly bizzare, though used terms like " compare country to each other"

and this site is complete shit tbphwyl

>the light that burns twice as bright burns half as long

captcha: select all lighthouse

yes yes


what about arnold swarzenegger, hes pretty old and he burned like 500 brighter than any casual bloke

t. arnold schwarzenegger

but arnie isnt a nigger???

fuck /balt/

an exception confirms a rule!

fuck you nigger-spic shitcancer

dad please

I jerked off to a black girl today.

alright. let it all out


that's alright. you got your get out of racist jail free card now.

that's pretty good too. i like

pisut kortsus


Screenshotted. Fuck /balt/

i had a dream today where i smashed a rat with a hammer. the cat was laughing and said "look at it, it looks like a boiled shrimp"

Screenshotted. Oh, the cringe

gtfo nigger

so then there was this crane (bird) who was my friend, only that it liked to bring frogs which i didn't like. it told me to throw them in the oven. i did. they lit up like phosphorus sticks which was awesome. it said "i knew you would like it"

then i met an elk in the fog. it was mute and disappeared. i ran after it yelling "wait, i need answers". i didn't find it.

so what did you dream about?

actually a joo

just look at those autistic estonian posts

I entered a bear into a dog contest

My gf.
Hopefully I'll get to see her tomorrow.

what kind of contest? fighting? running?

had a dream about getting eestie husbandu

normie, out

The usual show dog types

all the female individuals who will never love me
Seriously, sometimes I get extremely vivid lucid dreams where a girl is involved who I know somehow
It's a different girl each time, too, which makes it even worse

t. normie

lel nerd

i think i might make myself a dreamcatcher in the shape of a cunt. wouldn't mind having normal dreams

fight me irl faggot

fite mi niggur

Where you at boy i'll fucking destroy you

I'll squat you in half