At the local supermarket, a bunch of young American tourists in front on me...

At the local supermarket, a bunch of young American tourists in front on me. They were holding up the line engaged in a discussion about who is going to drink the beer he bought. Some girl says something and they finally manage to agree that the girl owes him 2 euros 50 cents for the beer.

The girl takes her purse and gives him the requested 2.50€ and finally the leave.

I looked at the guy and although he had curly hair his nose looked quite normal.

I was thinking, in these parts for that little amount of money it is considered shameful to actually hold up a line to discuss such a petty thing. Many would just have said: keep it, for so little money.

Outsidde I encountred a different American couple, travellers, a pretty girl with pearl-white teeth and a nice smile, and a fat bearded guy but a likeable type of fat guy, asking me for directions. The tought occured to me that fat guys also can get a pretty chick if they are likeable chaps that don't throw away their days on Cred Forums.

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Also the only people I see crusing through Bruges on pic related are American tourists. Even when they're not fat. Seriously, have you become so lazy even merely talking a walk through the city is asking too much?

These things are for physically handicapped people, not mentally handicapped ones.

This includes their little faggot helmets.

Just look at this: doesn't this cry out faggot to you?

First times I saw these I just felt in uncontrollable laughter at them, and they looked at me strangely. *they* looked *at me* strangely, what the fuck is wrong with this world?

Too lazy to walk, and wearing a fucking helmet. Hitler was right, every generation needs a war.

>Hitler was right, every generation needs a war.

I like how you came to us conclusion from observing a bunch of tourists on segways. If anything, it's an inspiration for birth control

People in the West are overly spoiled. also there are 7.5 billion people on the planet already. So yes, absolutely, we need birth control, and don't worry, I have no kids nor do I plan any. It won't save many intelligent people from becoming convinced misanthropes though.

>The girl takes her purse and gives him the requested 2.50€ and finally the leave.

btw that is about two beers

shit man I would have been ashamed to ask anyone, girl or not, to pay me back two measly beers, let alone to hold up a line for it to do it in front of an audience

>salty belgium being irrelevant again

classic belgium

A drunk local guy in a café once told me: when Hitler died he went to Heaven, and the first person to meet him there was Jesus himself, who gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek.

Nowadays I think he was right. The prince of this world is the devil (see gospel of John), he created this cesspool, he rules it. People who love life are his people, lost souls who will return every time through reincarnation.


Croatia on the other hand, of course, everyone loves Croatia, haven of European civilisation, Croatia, almost synonymous with Western Europe, with civilisation, culture, prosperity. Charlemagne himself must have been a Croat, even though they didn't exist back then yet.

how original
you sure got me now
please Netherland or France, adopt us, as we don't even exist

except our muslims, oh they are relevant all right

At least these "new Belgians" will save Europe. Can't wait desu, best thing that ever happened to the modern world. Takbir!

>a discussion about who is going to drink the beer he bough
>they finally manage to agree that the girl owes him 2 euros 50 cents for the beer.

Who the fuck is "he" and "him"

he + him = the conversation-leading American jew without the jew nose

they = all of them

allahu ekber kardash

You're totally right, it's a complete shame that this generation is busy going to school and communicating and interacting with people across the planet instead of getting blown up in a trench before turning 20.

Oh wait, it's not and you're fucking retarded for wishing people were killing each other rather than riding segways around.

But we're a non-country. We don't even exist, so why do you care?

What does that have to do with anything?

btw people are overrated

if 1 billion at most were left, preferably only niggers and muslims, and some chinks, the world would be a better place

people """"riding"""" segways should be the first to go

war weeds out people and ensures that there isn't a generation of weak-ass overly spoiled fat ugly people who think the world owes them something

far better just to leave the world to the most primitive people

nobody who brings civilisation will be thanked for it, quite on the contrary, better to leave it hanging in a level of sweet barbarity, like the muslims do, only now I see the enlightened idea in their ways

surely Allah must love his people very much to force this upon them, for He keeps them safe from themselves

sus ullan demokrasi kulu musrik herif esad mi masum sia mi masum sahve mi masum yoksa ortakvilari abd mi masum demokrat kafir

Why should I like white """people""", let alone foreigners who deny our very existance out of jealousness?

No, better to support the newcomers, who will bring decency to this cesspool of degeneracy.

You might think Belgium is a non-country, but we'll se how you think about Al-Belgus.

Within 1-2 generations muslims will be populous enough here to enforce our will, my task is to convince as much as possible natives, many who are already weary of the shit woming from the judeo-american media such as gender non-binary nonsense and whatnot.

Through support of leftist muticulturalism it is actually possible to achieve this. To rally for separate lunch-rooms for muslims at work, separate praying-rooms. These are already a fact in Brussels so why not.

Better to rule in hell than to serve in heaven. Better to islamize my non-existant non-country and cause you frustration and buttpain as the people and the non-country islamizes step by step, as a certainty, as the natives are weak and self-loathing, and will be easily convinced as their heart despises the degeneracy of the West too, than trying to convince our so-called racial brothers that we are worth something.

In 333 AD christianity got legalized, in 380 AD after a mere 2 generations every religion except Orthodox Roman Catholicism got banned and persecuted. The seeds are sown, the harvest is pretty much certain in a perverted world every decent man loathes. My choice is made.

Your ancestors accepted it even if it was through the use of the sword. Their grandchildren propagated it because what else could they do? It is far more natural to join the so-called oppressor and not only accept but promote the new situation, forgetting the centuries of romanized culture before (apparently not strong enough).

Simply look at us, called a non-country by our so-called racial "brothers", looked down upon and despised, it is far better to embrace the new teachings, instead of fighting the by far more agressive warrior culture who is uncorruptable with modern jew-tricks (acceptance of homo, trannie, feminism and whatnot). No, better to join them, and turn against the effeminate self-loathing purposeless majority. It doesn't matter if you really believe Mehmet is a prophet, or the reality of Islam being God-send, it really doesn"t matter. Make Belgium great again!

"The Belgians are the bravest of all the Gauls" - Julius Caesar

Islam will help us do it again, and at the same time our muslim brothers will love and respect us, and we'll be good brothers to them, the essence of the personality of any good Belgian, in his heart he loves friendship with and respect of foreigners. This religion will revitalise us....

yo abdul why you so mad, anyways we don't go to Belgium isn't that part of the Islamic State?!!?!?


I bet you were in the Carrefour of Bruges?

It's not our case to adopt you. It's the case of your fellow countrymen. We don't want (a part of) Belgium in our country if the Belgians don't want to.

where exactly?

autism bread

Wat een kankerdraad zeg jezus christus

too long didn't read

>implying that Belgium is any of that

Poirot having an autistic outburst, I have notified the EU authorities and Van Rumpoy is en route to shoot you with autism medicine

I've lived in the U.S.A before(California) and saw this thing happen. They literally argue over pennies.

On the other hand, I get along pretty well with Europeans. They felt really uncomfortable with the swag U.S college culture too. So, we hangout together.