Culture Pals - Classic /cp/ pastas Edition

Come meet qts from around the world, practice your bants, hang out with the lads, share qts, cuck anons, get yelled at by autists, share replies from pastas etc.

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First for Småland

Second for alpha male

you guys still use this dead website?

i've moved on to other places, actually have better luck there too

Woah are these threads still going on? I used to get a lot of nudes on Cred Forums
Anyone wants to see the turkish slut nudes I once posted?

Do it nigger. There's been a severe lack of nudes in these treads for months now.

wechat has the best stickers

Whatever happened to the Manlet of Malmö? Indianola? Clayton?

pls provide!

you can't ignore the dubs

Salam bam boogie brothers

It was this turkish slut. I have like 10 recorded video calls of her. For example: Her showering, masturbating or putting pencils inside her ass etc.

Plz respond I want to know how I managed to avoid that trap.

Damn her face is ugly but those are some nice tits.

Post them all

Butterface-ish. But damn, post them videos. usually works.

Am I just picking the super prude Turks or what? Tits are nice, the rest is eh.

Also what software do you use for recording?


it's not fair

I'll upload it to imgur and send it to you on IP, post your profiles.

Disgusting normiethread

All doxxed

Sending Achmed to rape you all


>get a decent bunch of views
>no conversations being sparked

What am I doing wrong buds?

It's also on the archive, buds

16 yo korean girl wants to be my wife, after 10 minutes of talking. I went along with it as a joke, it seemed like good fun but it's a lil frightening that she was being serious.
She sent me a photo of her tits, after asking a yes/no question, I didn't even ask. Who would say no? I'm 21 but I'm not a fucking pedo. Do I stop while I'm sane or just get more nudes for the lulz?
>asking Cred Forums for moral advice

thanks bro
her face is not that bad, she'd be a 9/10 in bongland

>not bad

looks like a man in a wig

>Age of Consent in Hungary is 14
From a legal standpoint you're fine. From a moral standpoint, it's about whether you're comfortable seeing a 16 year old.

wtf I hate koreans now

Im jelly. At least she isnt a gold digger because Hungary is so poor.

I came to this site just to find some exotic wife quickly but its all stupid middle and upper class university girls who want to have their stupid "careers" before getting pregnant. Of course i upped my standards lots when I saw the demand for white cock :DD

Hey lads
Anyone know who 'misslc' is? I would like a name :l

You are a fag. Who the fuck steals a man's pics and stores them

you are not considered white

Yeah she just idolizes foreigners, when she never met/talked to one IRL. She "hates korean boys" and "hates Korea". I can see the reasons for that, high school is hell there.
Thanks bros. Btw it wasn't interpals but the MEEFF phone app, I can recommend it for fellow koreaboos.

>current year
>not ordering a korean friend online
holy shit this is the worst app concept I've seen i a while

Is this how we can get Cred Forums apps in the App Store?
>Find autistic weaboo friends!

Silly girl. Still please rescue her so she wont have to die studying.

>I can recommend it for fellow koreaboos
>fellow koreaboos

>tfw the hotel you booked in your QTs town seemed nice online. But in reality it blows.. I honestly don't even want to bring her in here.

How do I use this site. Do I just sign up, upload a picture, create my profile and wait till someone messages me?

>want to be friends with some Koreans, and maybe more
>don't want to end up with the possibility of having nudes of underaged Koreans

Really tickles the cerebellum

I'll help you if you're a female.

Are you a female .. . . ?

post pic
maybe your standards on cheap europoor hotels are too high
>no ac
>tiny bathroom
>outdated furniture
>tube tv

are pretty normal in 3* and under hotels

No flirting with other women arghhhh

I've stayed in small euro hotels before. But like, it just feels dingy in this room. It's got very gray walls. And 1 white celing light. Plus it smells strange. This place sucks, and it's like the highest rates hotel in her town.

Like, I honestly don't want to bring her back here tomorrow. I don't even like being in here. Also, wifi is shitty so it's hard to even upload photo.

...yes let's say i am a girl, now tell me

Y-you're not the boss of me !! 1! :<

I remember Italian hotels being one of the most overpriced in Europe.

Maybe just take her for a walk and bring her back once it's already dark. (i hope that doesn't sound wrong)

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, lass. Post 'em.

See Who are you

Ok fine ex qt GRRRRRRR

I've stayed in some nice Hotels the last time I was here. This trip I've spent the last few days in a great Hostel.

I hate it in here tho

n-n-no .. . . pls

This fucking meme will not die, it has literally infected these threads

am i handsome?

;( y-yes....

I just saw this guys

that's what happens when your country is full of degenerates obsessed with children's toys

Lad, shouldn't you be enjoying Italy instead of shitposting in a thread about hitting on foreign girls on an australian fingerpainting forum?

OMG this is so autistic. What the hell?

But do you get less or more total messages in this than interpals? I don't really care for Korea that much but if you don't need to know Korean I would try it.

why dont you walk around italy and sight see and hang out with your qt ? why are you online when you could be having real adventures

pls post grill feet

I have not had a single person view me in two weeks.

I have been pretty active everyday, walked almost all of Venice. But I still haven't adjusted to the timezone yet, and I got no sleep last night so I've felt super fucked up all day. Sick actually, I just got to my QTs town tonight, but she's working late. She said it'd be better to meet up tomorrow. So im just trying to recover, plus, she wants to show me her town. So I'd rather just do that with her

Have you tried editing your profile? Normally get you more views.

No nigel , dont give me shit advice. I am a handsome macho man, i dont need to edit anything.

from this... this

thats why they called it GREAT britain

Which one of you is



is that you

The search results weigh when you last edited anything in your profile even when the (default) query is "last online". You are only showing to people who search USA and go through dozens of pages of search results.


I agree the marketing is really cringe. Well it's for koreans studying English, you speak english with them. You both need to "swipe right" first, like Tinder. I have to message first usually.

Its the famous "manlet of malmo"

t. boris

German bf sent me pics from October fest. He's drinking beer with some slutty hags.
reee, I'm jealous.

he still looks kinda cute ha

Boris needs to wax his unibrow lol



Ah so its saturated by weebs already. Shame

>qt texts me and i respond
>doesn't text back for the whole day


got a qt living in Australia
So far only managed to chat with her once and of course had to stop because it was too late there already

Fuck women for doing this 2bh.

This is penpals dude, not the facebook chat. It's supposed to be exchanging lenghty letters.

Who the fuck is this Alberto?

Does anbody of you actually use this site?
Mind posting some of your profiles?
I need some inspirations

a friend

are there any real women in this site /interpals/ ?
like for real?


A-are you the guy who visited my profile like a day ago or so? I thought that was just some random gay Alberto checking local dudes out.

Which one of you is BOAT ffs.

no, real women post exclusively on int.

no I come here to listen to autism stories

I'm gonna cap your ass, Janu.

no we text on whatsapp daily

Yes i created my account yesterday and i went and i check for profiles from my city. I found 2 and i visted both to see who they were.
Thank fuck i haven't iploaded a pic yet. It's a very small town, i don't want to be recongnized.


brojob when?

Wait, so it wasn't you who visited my profile then.. the guy who visited me was a 25 year old Alberto from Porto with a picture.

That'd be me.

It's Jan, what is declension

well.. your birthday cake had "Janu" written on it. .. . ..

snap me UGH

Yes, because it was in the dative case.


Ah yes

I want to beat boat man up

Boat give me your Snapchat

Why? ?

Fuck off zlatan

why are you talking to these ugly ass men and not me!!! i am so mad at you


Ah, is Zlatan in england and playing these days?

I threw up a little.

I don't use the thing 2bh.. . . I'm purely on the receiving end of the app. :^)

Yes he is lad. Don't you watch football?

No, professional fotball is gay as fuck lad

Also, Zlatan isn't a swede, he is a fucking slav

Who are you?



Really makes you think

Don't your countrymen worship him lad. What other sports do swedes enjoy? Skiing?


>Don't your countrymen worship him lad
No, he left the national team

Swedes enjoy ice hockey, we are one of the best in the world

I hope so

Portugal is the best at hockey on roller blades though.. .. how can swedes even compete?

You are soo cute :* , gay lads cannot compete

My bad. Of course you do, don't Canucks, Russia and USA always win at Olympics through



I don't know, but we are in the top 5

that sounds rather gay

We don't have ice here, so we gotta make do .. .

Every 15k city has a ice hockey rink. The sport is expensive to be in as a child, so no immigrants play it.



>The sport is expensive to be in as a child, so no immigrants play it.

rather gay? roller hockey > ice hockey

hell seger!



oh shut up

if you really have to post retarded finnish memes at least stop posting the retardest of them all

otherwise you will never have a qt fennoswede gf

>Implying i could stand fennoswedish for more then 10 minutes

What a good idea!


Well done

that's not a lot. i get around 200 not even being on it, I think if you leave it on, people think you are online.

that's me wew boy

not my fault if you have a shit taste

Convince me why I should make an account?


Post profile

never eyebrows

Why? Is it filled with autism?

Why not


Your eyebrows scare me

wow what a faggot are you

oh are you a grill?

I've only created an account yesterday and so far, i've seen interesting cultured people and normalfags.
I guess if you want to get laid, you can talk with the normalfags.

No i am not !!!

So how does this work? There are people ready to book a vacation just in order to get laid with some stranger on the internet? Every country has women, r-right?

post proof

what do i write in my profile if im not learning a language? looking for friends or wat

Protip: """learning a language"""

Protip: DO NOT put "looking for a relationship"

why would i ever look for a relationship from a random online web site?

write "I'll offer my finish citizenship to the 3rd world waifu"

>There are people ready to book a vacation just in order to get laid with some stranger on the internet?
funny, right?


because nordic women are shit

It's not Nordic women or American women or English women or anything else. I think it's the chance of a guaranteed fresh start, and just because the grass is always greener

Any Russian user wanna be friends and help me with my Russian?

Daily reminder that this is how girls see you

The very first message I ever got was from a spam account calling me sexy. I knew it was too good to be true.

>tfw finn gf

>Implying we don't act the same way by trying to hit up dozens of girls at one time

me in the fourth row

Be nice to Jan, you fucking yank cunt. Like you don't want to ride his face: eyebrows and all.

Is that the name of you Wifi?

>tfw no gf

Where are you getting these pictures, dear finngoloid friend?

that shall remain a mystery, i'm going to cry myself to sleep now that it's 3am already

d-don't, Pekka my lad... . .

I must know. .

wtf finland is 1 hour in the future? really makes you think

How do you think they managed to beat the russians?

So the entire country of Finland always traveling at 88 miles per hour? Wow

I am also moving Very Fast.

How fast?

very hihg speed

At the speed of the Internet.

Bro have you ever been to Italy? That's the only way to enjoy it.


was meant for

didn't there used to be a regular culture pals general? where did it go and how do you culture pal?

Who actually is this semen demon. Was she that girl ages ago who was crying and which made no sense

Are you stupid?
Just get on BLACKED.COM and check their girls.

This is the regular culture pals general, it just became a lot slower because the sites developer is too lazy to fix the bugs so half of the users left

Fuck Arabs. I want them all gassed now.

What happened cuck?

I generally just idle, randomly post QT on a QTs pic, randomly answer a message. Other wise I gave up on the site long ago cuz of all the crazy experiences. So ya generally just keeping it there cuz of the fakes etc not for any actual hope of interaction per say lol

really makes you miss the good old interautism

>log on after half a year for qts
>see this



R u Vars?




Supreme gentleman

So I met this grill yesterday and I made out with her infront of her bf because she thought I was gay... She invited me for a coffee today
W A T D O?

>So I met this grill yesterday and I made out with her infront of her bf because she thought I was gay

Norway YES


I am sure he understood I wasn't gay since he was giving me the crookeye for the rest of the night and when I played with her tits it looked like he wanted to kill himself....

Luckily I'm a big guy (for him) so he couldn't punch me.

Anyway, help me out here Bruno! I don't know what to do next!

Green text this plz

She's obviously tired of that cuck.

If you want to be a morally responsible individual, inform her boyfriend that she has asked you out on a date and stuff, otherwise fuck it; give her what she's yearning for.

Fuck her then call her a stupid slut and never speak to her again. I know I wouldn't want a relationship with a disloyal whore.

K, just have to eat breakfast first
Since being moral depends on me talking to people like a normal human bean, I will just cuck him I guess.

"Oh Sara, I don't know what's happening to my dick.... I swear this has never happened around a grill before"
You're right, she's either really fucking dumb or she's a massive slut... They are engaged btw in case that makes the situation better or worse

Hurry up Bård


Fuck you cunt you fucking stupid virgin faggot

Lil Straya, pls

Gå och lägg dig Alfred

Afternoon lads, how's everyone's weekend been going?

>tfw tons of koreaboos send me their nudes
>i didn't even ask
feels good man

proofs or it didn't happen

Watching the footy and wanting to kms. You?

>tfw my gf will never get GOOKD by a big strong Korean
I'm a failure to my race desu

What did they mean by this?

Lad you have to be making this up. No way is someone kissing and letting some gay guy play with her in front of her fiancée

Jews, of course.

>I hate korea I am also British phone case
I laughed way too hard at this

The fiance sounds like an actual pussy if true.

>have brown hair
>she calls me ginger
Really makes me think.

Does indeed ginge


why ever person (male and female) from the usa in ip is autistic?

Watched the footy, didn't quite want to kill myself but >we were pretty awful (West Ham lad). Any luck with the qts?

They overdiagnose

I'm bad at being short.... sorry about that

(Part one)
Dear /cp/
As an avid reader, I've always wondered if the greenstories are true, and I never thought I would experience a greenstory myself… But here is my story from last night:

>go out with normie friends
>all but one get too drunk and get thrown out
>friend goes to buy us some drinks (he is cider, I am lager... sometimes cider)
>two grills and their bfs approach me and ask if the seats next to me are free
>”yeah, but I need one since I'm not alone”
>hottest grill (7/10 blonde with 9/10 cardiobunny body imo) starts talking to me
>”hey user, are you on a date”
>since she obviously has a bf i say yeah because why the fuck not
>says sorry for ruining our date, and tasks me who it is
>points to my friend at the bar
>”cool, my cousin is gay too”
>the booth next to ours is free and her bf moves there with the rest of them
>she stays with me
>talk about stupid shit till my friend gets back
>apologizes for ruining my date once again, and moves over to her group
>later she comes over and ask if i want do dance with her since her bf is being a boring cunt
>get my groove on (easy since modjo – lady was on)
>holding her hips n shit
>take my hand on her lower back and pull her to me
>asks me if my date will get jealous
>”i think he might”
>”let's make him more jealous”
>make out
>this is like 2 meters from the booth with her bf
>””””""”gee i hope my bf didn't see””””””””
>he did
>he is giving me the crookeye
>she continues dancing while i go back to my friend asking him to watch my back so i dont get suckerpunched

(Part two)
>after a while she comes over to our table with her bf
>im trying to pretend to be gay and tell her how hot her bf is, so the bf can hear
>she laughs
>ask her about her tattoo of swallows (kek) on her arm
>she tells me she has another one on her back
>pulls her shirt up so i can see, asks me to touch
>they go back to their booth and talk/argue for a while
>my “”””date””””” goes to get us new drinks
>”order me something pink and fruity”
>she comes over
>”damn your date is really treating you with drinks tonight”
>”yeah, why isn't your bf?”
>”we're engaged and share bank accounts, so not really a point”
>”well, it's the thought that counts isn't it? ask him to buy you a drink and tell him you'll make up for it tonight :^)”
>”ahahaha, i have nothing fun to offer him, my boobs are too small.”
>she had b-cups I guess
>”wanna see them?”
>”s-sure… even gay people find boobs funny”
>lifts up her shirt again
>since i was drunk I moved my hands in under her bra instead of just cupping them
>damn, perky
>gives her nipple a little pinch
>she squeaks and laughs
>lets me continue
>i see in the reflection of a mirror that her bf is glaring at us
>my friend gets back with my drink (he remembered to get a pink and fruity one)
>his jaw is literally on the floor
>”i probably should get back to my boyfriend”
>tell her we should hang out once
>”sure, let me add you on Facebook”
>she and her bf argues for the rest of the night
>me and her get occasional eye contacts
>we wink and laugh
>me and my friend leaves
>laugh at the whole story since it seemed surreal
>wake up today
>pick up phone
>1 new message

whatever you say mate

Alpha as fuck 2bh. That dude should probably drop her though. Gonna be a waste of money and time marrying her.

holy shit you cucked him hard, good job

Pics please lad.

Jesus Christ user. That made me laugh too much.
I'll believe you as that we hilarious

Thanks sperglikinz! I might provide screens and pictures of her (and the bf) when I don't talk to her anymore... But for now I don't want to get SPERG'D since I have a chance to both get keks, a confidence boost and to deploy in fit Norwegian blonde :^)

Will keep you updated obviously

i was born like this...

poor russian don't have money to go to Octoberfest, what a shame

...and i died like this

1 is better

Act like youre confused about your sexuality and get in her pants, bust a nut in her and then say you feel bad and are truly gay.

t. igor

Same height in both


Sweet story.
How soon do you plan on 'coming out' as straight? Or do you hope she'll let you fuck her because you're gay?

Alfa som bare fanden

t. Bjork

this desu

>This user only accepts messages from users from Europe, North America, Australia/Oceania, or South America.

Someone is regretting having been BLACKED ()... but that taint lasts forever, doesn't help to block Africa and Asia now :^)

Never forget x---d

I have to do something like that 2bh, then I can both deploy, ruin her relationship AND seem like a semi good guy... Until she asks one of our mutual friends about me obviously :D
Tak mand! Jeg er så langt unna alfa man kan få blitt, men mulig man blir automatisk alfa når man nærmer seg 27 :3
2bh she has to be stupid as a brick made of shit if she thinks I'm gay, I think she just used it as apology so she could be a nasty cunt to her bf...
But if she really believes I'm gay I'm going to play the "muh dick has never done that when I'm with a grill before"-card

Username ingyeong?

Knulla hende för helvete

I don't know why I really like this image but I do.

no, did see that person though. looked about 12 ahah

you shouldnt

I don't know whether it's funny that a guy just got cuckarooed like that, if it's horrible that your women would do such a thing, or if you actually went and told a lie on the internet.

I'll be keeping my eye on you, fucker.

Oi saatana

Could someone post the pastebin link with the scripts ?

why are you praising satan?

satan satan cant you see? finns and samis must hang from trees

This one?


getting tired, lads. Bf asks me to make new pics for hem every fucking day and I'm so lazy to put on a dress and make up just to make a pic for him. That's so silly.

Yeah thanks.

Do you know if it's actually useful ?

Does interpals have any virgin girls

Lads, I honestly think Koreans and people associated with their culture are more autistic than Finns

Just show him your boycunt already, Igor.

I've found 3


cant be true

Pekka. . ... . . . ..

Some people find it useful. It's fast. But since you can only view a set number of profiles at once, why don't you chose the ones you view? Doesn't it makes sense to carefully handpick who you see?

Off to watch the All Ireland lads, I'd recommend you tune in to see some bog trotters get their arseholes ripped to shreds by the boys in blue.

Don't steal all the qts while I'm away.

Can't be picky with this face of mine tbqh

All my qts are virgin

no, I'm modest, conservative and loyal Eastern Euro girl.

Seriously Finland. Why do all Finns act so autistic on this board

its the same everywhere in the internet, based on what i've seen maybe 5-10% of everyone born after 1995 is either some sort of heavy metal autist or a retarded weeb

I cucked the cuck but then the cuck cucked me

Thats because they arent qt m8

>Having a sex life at a Chinese high school

So you cucked the cuck who then cucked you. So the cuck got cucked by the cuck?


did you get cucked by an arab? or was the grill arab?

Case and point lads and

Every time i run the qtcrawler it highlights that profile, but they've never contacted me or viewed my profile.

I honestly think it's one of us trying to bait someone.

Cucked by an Arab. I have no idea how, he seems like a major faggot from what I can tell.


Tell us the story lad

I want to get a girl to fuck literally for today or tomorrow, in belgium
can this be achieved?
flirt with her hard, ask for meetup and fuck in 1-2 days?
tell me how to do it


wew lad
how about on IP?

i don't think it's gonna happen unless you are chad and manage to find a huge slut in your area

are you chad?

lad, wtf are you doing? you're either being a massive failure or you are talking to really fucked up qts

Post all profiles involved and we will help you so it never happens again


I hooked up with a tourist from Hong Kong pretty fast, when she was in Copenhagen. She wrote me asking about what things she could do , and we met up the next day and had sex.

So you just have to be lucky

B-cups? Not even worth it.

Bro theres like 8k people on IP at the moment. The chances are very low that there'll be one you like that is close by and also a total slut.

fuck no

This guy knows it!

>he doesnt like small perky titties

Smh m8

I honestly still don't really know what happened, but basically I hadn't talked to my qt for a little while, and I thought that was weird because we were really close, so I did some investigating and found out she's dating some Arab. Did some more investigating on this guy, and he's basically a major faggot. He literally reposts a bunch of shit memes from 9gag on his facebook, and uses their shit catchphrases ("seems legit" and shit) all the time when talking to people. He's also the kind of idiot who has "interested in girls" in his bio thing. I'm really confused.

Ever had mammary intercourse? Maybe it's more accurate to say outercourse but it was like a revelation from heaven. Especially when you're a #virgin

Eh, I don't really want to blow my anonymity and I still like the girl even though we don't talk anymore. Nevertheless I can't say that I don't have a desire for revenge, I'm at a loss of what I would do though.

Anyone ever marry their qt from interpals? Thinking about bagging this one, she seems perfect.

Maybe I won't like how she smells or eats when I actually meet her but worst case scenario, I get a cool story, no?

lmao, don't tell me you're considering marrying someone you haven't even met in person.
Autism on a whole new level lad, please don't do it

Obviously I'll meet her first dunce, I'm not Paki and she isn't my cousin.

Qt said her next bf will become her husband
So I guess yes I'm considering it

How far away does she live from you? I've been in a long-distance relationship, can't recommend it

Very far, I'm going to travel pretty wide ranging soon so I might see her. Honestly if I "commit" to her then I don't lose anything. I wasn't really looking for a relationship until I found her so if she weren't around, I'd ignore women.

Just post it, she's been dating an Arab so she is trash anyway...
Protip: If you still like her you should do some Cred Forums level soul searching compadre

>If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.


I know, I hate Arabs more than anything now, yet I still fail to hate her. She was so sweet and honestly perfect, I don't know what happened, I guess although she probably knew me better than anyone else, I didn't really know her..
She doesn't even use interpals anymore, we were way past that stage in our relationship...

Where was she from laddy?

Although she's in the US now, my state actually, which just adds to the feels...

QtCrawler earned me 13 views in a couple hours.


That's shit.

Yeah but I'm shit too so that's alright

New thread pls

Show me your boycunt, Igoretta.

What's wrong with your French girls? The only one I ever talked to was pretty cool, turns out she couldn't handle the bantz though and she might be dead now, not really sure..

>fallen for the italian qt meme
I'm so sorry user, but Italians are shit 2bh... Go find yourself a Latina instead, a big bunda will always cheer you up :3

Get her nudes or recordings of her saying lewd shit to you, send them to her boyfriend. Best case scenario, they break up and she has trust issues.

Worst case scenario, he stays with her, she knows he is a complete cuck and she starts to fuck around for attention and thus you've gotten your revenge on him :^)

French girls on the Internet have at least one kind of mental condition.

>girls on the Internet have at least one kind of mental condition

>he doesn't want a gf that cries "please stop daddy" when you ravage her


the classic that started it all

Sure, but for most of them it's not much more than just craving attention.

I'm talking about daddy issues, suicidal thoughts, depression, that kind of thing.

A year on and it still makes me fucking laugh.

and koreabooism

Lads, a qt just agreed to play truth or dare with me.


Sounds quite autistic.