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How expensive is living there?

Pic related, the Marina Bay Sands Integrated resort

Basically a casino, with a museum, massive garden and more attached, to the tune of being the world's 2nd most expensive building.

Very. We're the no1 most expensive city, worldwide. However, salary here is also one of the highest :/

P.s. We have strong relations with Israel, and only the muslims will recognize you.

>salary here is also one of the highest :/
What makes that a sad statement?

>P.s. We have strong relations with Israel, and only the muslims will recognize you.
Imblying I give a fuck

maybe u did .

I mean, the salary kinda counteracts the expensiveness of living here.

Is there a manufacturing or technological sector remaining there?


>mfw they pay fines for that

It's legal now, but you just can't buy it :/
At least my country has law and order, unlike your """""country""""".Get on my sovereignty level.

Delet this

I made you
T. Brittania

Also are those beavers/platapus common in your rivers?

Thanks senpai

Y'all should have kept what was going for you. I mean, we don't have no go zones and you do. Our crime rate is way lower than yours.

fuk yo grandpa
favoring them over us

Fuk you palenigger

Oh yeah I saw a school of them at the marina floating platform the other day. They kind of have a meme status now desu



How true is the Tom Waits song about Singapore?

What's your job and how much do you earn?

I hear people talking about "high salary" but it means nothing if they don't disclose any sum. "High" for a Pakistani is not "high" for a Swiss.

>no pics

I'm in love now.
What a beautiful country.

Median monthly salary for households is SGD8666, about 5600 Euros I guess?

Not OP, but I "work" as a conscripted soldier. Allowance of only SGD580 (barely 380 Euros)

New phone who dis?
Sadly lost the pictures, but it kinda looks something like this

Do you get to shoot guns and chuck grenades?
Would you support an economic union with the commonwealth?

Do you get to use that sexy af u100 lmg?

Are there cute military girls??

Yes and yes. Some of us get to drive tanks, some of us get to shoot matadors, some of us go to Brunei for jungle courses, some of us go parachuting in Taiwan.

All of us have to dig shallow graves in 35c heat ;_;

Nope, only had the chance to fire pic related.

It's a win-win for both parties involved desu. Immigrants, especially those involved with less than desirable jobs are welcomed here.

Some do.
Not really, unlike IDF.
Your public housing home&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwidzNW25ZbPAhUWSY8KHSeuC64QsAQIGw&biw=1366&bih=646#tbm=isch&q=bulldozed home west bank

When you POP/ORD? Nowadays Raven coy got some chiobu leh lmao

Ok lah, not bad desu.

is there a market for lawyers in singapore?
and is life there as strict and boring as everyone says? i regret coming to qatar i don't want to go to another boring country

Question for all Singaporeans ITT: do you think in English or in another language?

LMAO fuck that senpai, I mean in the army with their hair tied up and beads of sweat with camo dripping down their face... Just no.

They are qts outside of army tho.

Can't answer your first question, but if you're an expat in Qatar, I'm gonna assume you're quite rich.

Life in Singapore is not boring as long as you're loaded.

You're in Qatar, literal sharia shithole :')

I think in English, only for numbers do I think in Chinese strangely.

you're telling me

Fun fact

Singapore has changed time zones 6 times since 1905.

From 1905 to 1932, Singapore was 7 hours ahead of GMT. From 1933 to 1941, we moved our clocks forward 20 minutes for daylight savings, but then changed it to 30 minutes from 1941 to 1942.

During the Japanese occupation in World War II, our clocks were synced with Tokyo, to become 1 hour and 30 minutes ahead of the previous time zone. It reverted back to 7 hours 30 minutes ahead of GMT after the occupation ended. The most recent switch was in 1982, when our clocks were synchronised with neighbouring Malaysia.

Fun fact
Singapore started the world’s first international organization for toilets. Jack Sim founded the World Toilet Organisation (WTO) in 2001. Its goal is to provide proper sanitation to less developed areas of the world, and make sure that no one gets away without flushing!

No wonder India and us don't have great diplomati relations

What are your nationality and ethnicity, though? Are you a white Brit?

We think in ENG, but some malays and other ethnic races think in their own lang.
No la, sweat quite hot... sometimes
>not wanting qt pony/bun grill
Market is slightly saturated. U can hang out with your fellow expats and have fun, maybe try and fuck the race traitors here. Otherwise, it's not boring if you're not a loner/aren't poor.

I don't understand. Summarise ?



Hi lads

What would you do if Indonesia were to annex you?
Also do you love the UK?

is singapore considered powerful country?

does it exert influence on nearby countries?

what are your exports? how is your tech industry?

what was your education like?

who do you consider your closest allies?

Guerilla war

Loved the old UK, now, Rotherdam sex gang just shows y'all are a joke.

Huhh I don't really have a contingency plan for that desu.

>is singapore considered powerful country?
We're just a shopping mall with a seat in the UN tbqh

>does it exert influence on nearby countries?
Nah not really, we're too powerless against our much larger Islamic neighbours to exert direct influence

>what are your exports? how is your tech industry?
Processed crude oil, electronics, silicon chips. Mostly manufactured goods (not the cheap sort)
Our tech industry is among the best in SEA, if not Asia Pacific even.

>what was your education like?
Compulsory education in the primary (6 years) and secondary levels (4 or 5 years), then you get segregated to ITE, polytechnics and junior colleges according to how smart you are.

>who do you consider your closest allies?
That's a tough question, I don't think we have any reliable allies to call upon in the event of an unlikely declaration of war.

are there menes in singapoor

>is singapore considered powerful country?
Decently, but not really. Funny thing is, we have a higher GDP than Israel.
>does it exert influence on nearby countries?
No, because our leader is cucked. We should honestly get some SRBMs though
>what are your exports? how is your tech industry?
Few exports, but electronics manufacturing is the big thing here. Tech industry is ok. Research is one of the biggest things here.
>what was your education like?
One of the world's best, but very high stress.
>who do you consider your closest allies?
Hopefully US.
Germany, scandinavia, USA and Israel are our main suppliers.

We're rich tho.
Ya, we do have memes. One is "burn his house, beat his mother"

pls explain


Yup. Self explanatory.

Singapore is cool :)

Thanks. The weather isn't tho.
Apparently y'all really like the sun

what do you consider should be the next "step" for singapore?

how do you see your cunt in the future? what should it do? (1. realistically, and 2. utopically)

what do you think of the thai canal? what do you think of your neighbors? do you want any of them utterly destroyed? or will you form a seasian alliance ?

the cia almost ruined lky's plans, did you know that? never trust ameriniggers

Should I study abroad here?

Can foreigners join the military?

Buying SRBMs
Focusing on innovating engineering, cuz we're good at it, but companies are way too risk averse.

Realistically, like Japan
Utopia, we annex south Sumatra, because there are Chinese there.

Thai canal would hurt us real bad
Our neighbours a shit
Not really
ASEAN is fucked

What did CIA do to LKY ?

Ameriniggers created your country and its only important economic resource

No, but if you become a PR, I think you can.
Yes, because our unis are world class
No, because idw more race traitors/more hybrid children.

>t do you consider should be the next "step" for singapore?
Get into robotics development like Japan, our population is aging and we don't want any more "Foreign Talents", unless they're here for labour work :/

>how do you see your cunt in the future? what should it do? (1. realistically, and 2. utopically)
Eh I'm pretty content with my life right now, so just keep doing what it's doing. A perfect utopia would be Singapore suddenly getting temperate climates, like what said, the climate here is hot af.

>what do you think of the thai canal? what do you think of your neighbors? do you want any of them utterly destroyed? or will you form a seasian alliance ?

I hope they never accomplish that tbqh.

Crazy Islamic shithole to the north that is experiencing a brain drain now due to their treatment of ethnic Chinese and Indians. Their loss our gain. At least they are a good cheap shopping paradise for us.
Indonesia has cheap resorts and sandy beaches. Some Singaporeans get their first druggie experience there. Islamic majority, but much more secular than Malaysia.

Nah we tolerate each other but I won't want any of them destroyed :3

We already have something like an EU, it's called ASEAN but it's a failure more often than not.

>the cia almost ruined lky's plans, did you know that? never trust ameriniggers
They tried to bribe him but he refused. Based AF.

If you like year long hot temperatures, expensive beer and chinks everywhere why not. Education wise, we have 2 universities in the top 20 QS ranked universities, so I guess we're pretty good at that.

Only if you become a PR, and even then it's not a matter of whether or not you can join the military, you MUST join it.

>What did CIA do to LKY ?
They tried to bribe him after he uncovered a plot
regarding some SG government officials, but LKY refused and ask for formal economic development aid for SG instead. Based AF

>>t do you consider should be the next "step" for singapore?
Nationalism. We need it to get babies too. Plus, all the girls now are so... problematic

Ehhh I don't really consider myself a nationalist in any sense tbqh. But yes, I too am gravely concerned about our declining birth rate.

>Plus, all the girls now are so... problematic
What did he mean by this?

They're too liberal, and are race traitors.

I have a gf don't worry, is race mixing a big problem in Singapore? I didn't think you had a lot of whites there

Doesn't sound all too bad

What does it feel like when the whole your country is one city? And not even really big one.

>is race mixing a big problem in Singapore?
It's already quite bad, just that not many whites are here.


Not bad. No feeling really. Safe country, whatsoever. Wish we were bigger, so the neighbouring cuntries wouldn't bully us.

I mean how often do you even live it?

>live it?
Live what ?

I mean leave

Oh ya. I want to go to Russia for vacation in December. Any ideas/suggestions/tips/warnings ?

I thought it was just Chinese and Malay?

>They're too liberal
Oh yeah now that you mention it that's true. My kikebook and twitter feeds are full of people (Muzzies and non-muzzies alike) lamenting Israel and US intervention in the Middle East, kek.

>Race traitors
I guess I'm kind of on the bench on this. I had a Malay ex (t. Chink) but I never really had the intention to marry her, just fucking around is good enough.

Oh you were talking about whites?

Planes (we're an aviation hub), ferries (to Batam for cheap resorts, golf, food and women) or by coach, train or car to Malaysia

Chinese an Malay is small, since they're poor and the social stigma is humongous.>I mean leave
Once a year, or once in 2 years on average.

I guess only if you want some nature activity like skiing and.. ehmm skiing. Because our citis in winters are just incredibly ugly and total mess.
Do you have any border control with those countries?

Dialect grp ?
Cantonese represent
Pic related. What we need

I for example just can't imagine not leaving my town for more than half of a week, I constantly go to the nearest ones, sometimes to different obastls etc.

So who is race mixing then?

>Do you have any border control with those countries?

Oh definitely. When you're surrounded by Islamic shitholes all jealous of your wealth and development, you have to be careful.

Hakka :/

Chinese and Malay, Chinese and Indians. Chines dialect group A and Chinese dialect group B.

>I never really had the intention to marry her, just fucking around is good enough.

Dude that ain't nice unless she was in it for fucking around also.

She said she was fine with it as well, she just sort of had a "yellow fever". Her ex was also Chinese but her parents obviously didn't approve. She just like sex with Chinese guys I guess

>who is race mixing then?
So many, Chinese-Indians are increasing, Chinese-White is pretty constant.
>Because our citis in winters are just incredibly ugly and total mess.
Covered in snow is nice. >Do you have any border control with those countries?
Yes. Our coast guard is on roids and ultra effective.>Hakka :/
Ehh. My maternal side has Hakka too.
Chinese-Chinese isn't a bad thing IMO.

Sounds somewhat claustrophobic living in one single city for a year or two without leaving imo. But maybe if you are used to it, it's not as bad.

I like Singaporean style coffee
Any authentic recipe for it?

>Realistically, like Japan
you need people and more land
is that why you need to annex other cunts?should propose nearby shitholes to surrender under your command, many countries willing to do this. its viable.

nothing next? maybe host an olympics? make a space program? create fusion power? dunno

is singapore boring and peaceful?
have you ever visited an F1 race?

shut it, nobody likes you

>Chinese Indian
Lmao, that is a scary mix

Lmao, my parents only speak Hakka with one another and their families, when we go to Malaysia or Taiwan, Cantonese and Hokkien comes out.

Eh it's not that bad actually. Comfy but crowded if that makes sense.

Depends on what kind you want.
>Pic related

>Host an olympic
Nah we're too small for that desu. Your other ideas are very ambitious but attainable tho, would be interesting to see them transpire.

>boring and peaceful
>tfw no autumn feels
Otherwise I think we have practically everything to satisfy me, I'm not a tough customer lmao.

>have you ever visited an F1 race?
Not a fan lad.

Kek, you would think that they would be constantly shitting streets all the time.

Never met one irl though.

Just fight back as best as we can.

They're probably more occupied with Malaysia than with us though.

^By some white person. I suppose you could buy the Singaporean coffee beans or something.>you need people and more land
>is that why you need to annex other cunts?should propose nearby shitholes to surrender under your command, many countries willing to do this. its viable.
Yes, and I WISH !!
>nothing next? maybe host an olympics? make a space program? create fusion power? dunno
Too small.
>is singapore boring and peaceful?
Peaceful , yes. Boring, no, if you now what to look for, and aren't piss poor. Even lower working class people and migrant labourers can have fun.

>have you ever visited an F1 race?
We've got the F1 night race, I didn't watch because I don't have an interest in F1. I've heard it's worth it tho.
>Lmao, that is a scary mix
Some turn out good, some are terrible.

Ris Low's BOOMZ, the maid carrying that NSF's bag.

>Lmao, my parents only speak Hakka with one another and their families, when we go to Malaysia or Taiwan, Cantonese and Hokkien comes out.
Cantonese for me comes in handy if you want to speak secretly, but scared people might know Chinese.

What happened to her ?

Now I'm mad that my parents didn't teach me Cantonese/Hakka more.

>What happened to her
She got


Nvm. She got fat.

Ayy lmao Captcha: Medellin


We ChineseSingabros need to stick together and help each other out.

How are work prospects for a microbiologist?

Ummm decent, if you have a company in mind. Research is a big thing in SG right now.

I find Hispanic people quite cool, and wish more came here. I also wished SG had better relations with Spain, so we could use the qt CETME. However, do note our police are incorruptible, so don't even try.

I understand some words but I can't form a sentence to save my life apart from some basic ones. Also,

>Char siew mooncake
what the FUCK

are you karalpak?

How are relations with Taiwan?

What ?
Cantonese is all I can do

GIU GENG CAAT! - Get the police

:// There's a cantonese dict. on the app store, so do what you want I guess. Maybe go to the clan associations and learn as a hobby ?

Something i care a lot about is mobility, Bogota traumatized me with the shitty buses. How good is public transport? How much does it take to go from one side of the city to another in average?

Better than Bogota, no offense. Train to Airport(east most) to JooKoon(West most train stop) is 2SGD, bout 1.50 USD?

From wiki
>Singapore has one of the most cost-efficient public transport networks in the world, according to a study by London consulting firm Credo.
>The public transport system is the most important means of transportation to work and school for Singaporeans. About 52.4% of Singaporean residents (excluding foreigners) go to work using public transport according to the Singapore Census of Population 2000

It's good, could be better. Some of our ministers pissed them off a few years ago though, but it's all good now. I love Taiwan!

Some Altaic group of people living in Central Asia
>t. Victoria 2 player.

>Learning a new language
I guess I'll put in more effort to learn it if I somehow end up in HK, but for now I'm just casually picking up words here and there.

>Public transport
Among the best in the world my dude. All buses here are air-conditioned and cleaned everyday, RFID cards like London's Oyster card are used instead of coins, and drivers are very safe due to our stringent tests. It takes about 1h 30min to travel from the furthest west MRT station to the furthest east MRT station.

Preddy gud. We send soldiers there to train.

>Better than Bogota, no offense
Don't worry, everyone, all 50 million colombians shit in Bogotá's transportation system.

Now that i'm reading the wiki it looks pretty good, the only big drawback is the climate, although it's pretty much the same temperature i experience here.
What can you tell me about the women? Are they more conservative or more liberal? Do you think singapore is a good place to raise children?

>All buses here are air-conditioned and cleaned everyday
I think i've finally grasped what 1st world means

>What can you tell me about the women?
Real diverse mindsets
Are they more conservative or more liberal?
Let's just say they're really wild, and the "conservative" ones just don't want to fuck certain people. Otherwise, their legs are WIDE open.
Do you think singapore is a good place to raise children?
Yes, safe af, public schools top notch.
Not really, if your kid is dumb, fat and poor.
Cleaning is real half assed, honestly. Sometimes there's lingering BO in the buses, but this is extremely rare ( once in 2 months)

Come visit/work!!

Fun fact

According to a research by the British Council, Singaporeans have the fastest walking speed. On average, we walk a distance of 18 metres in 10.55 seconds. That's approximately 6.15km in an hour!

And I thought we walked slow :/

Are there many weebs over there? Do you get lots of weeb stuff from japan?

damn, i'm late to the party, just caught a Lapras in Sentosa. Ayy lamo

My brother's a weeb. We have many weebs here. If you're into weeb stuff check out Anime Fest Asia Singapore.

>weeb stuff from japan
The place where most weeb stuff are sold had just closed down, but they're still quite easy to come across.

>At this time
What the FUCK

I suppose we have an average percentage worldwide.

Not much weeb stuff, but you can import from

Yeah. Asia is shifting towards Korea, and I don't really like it because I prefer Japan.


The youngest person to pass the GCE 'O' Level Chemistry paper is a Singaporean.

Source: Zeitnews

Ainan Celeste Cawley was only 7 years and 1 month when he took the GCE 'O' Level Chemistry paper and passed, making him the youngest in the world to do so.

Bro it's a weekend, chill.

US intervention in the Middle East was the worst decision this country ever made.

You should have intervened here, and given us free stuff. We could've been your Asian Israel.

>I prefer Japan......

We aren't even passing TPP, so you're on your own.

Also, has it been funny seeing our LCS ships keep self-destructing the last few months?
Of the 3 we've sent, 2 broke their engines and the third crashed into a reef.

Bad idea son. The furthest we go is to let them park ships, which will make Malaysia and China BTFO

Singapore is a shithole. locked on island. full of chinks. expensive living cost. you becomes a meme when you live there and no 4 seasons

Any Singaporeans still awake? There's like still tonnes of people in Changi Village playing Pokemon Go.

Nah, we're bretty good. No terrorism threats so far, no earthquakes, quality healthcare, and cheap and affordable and reputable education, National University of Singapore is ranked top 20 in the world.
Literally people with B.Eng.(Singapore) can find jobs nearly anywhere in the world.


Damn, what you doing at this hour son?

Just about to sleep desu, been up watching football.

Why are your girls so ugly?

Posting on Cred Forums
They aren't, IMO. MAybe you aren't into Asians ?

>Extreme makeup
>Trying very hard to reach the level of the superior Jap girls
Well this is the product

I wonder why we have so many German-PR converts...

Many I know even got married to fat girls here to get their PR. Maybe they're into it ?

>They aren't
Don't listen to him, go get your cheap Asian girls from Thailand and Philippines, nothing but garbage here in SG tbqh

Asians are pretty shit in general. Makes me wonder what I learned Chinese for.

>nothing but garbage here in SG tbqh
I respectfully disagree, but really top notch women/girls are few and far between.

I am civil engineer student and I think Singapore is heaven on earth. Are there jobs in my profession and would I make a decent amount of money.
Also, could 190 cm slavic man score some chink and muslim pussy there?

Go away lad, there's only uggos and slags here senpai.

>Not learning Thai or Tagalog
Where are you going to get your beautiful pure Asian girls from???

>Also, could 190 cm slavic man score some chink and muslim pussy there?
Muslim, yes.
Chink, maybe. Let me evaluate.
Engineering market is EXTREMELY competitive. Singapore is one of the engineering countries, and we have one of the top schools here. Go figure.

I'll be short and brief
>Civil Engineer
>Score pussy
Go to the bars and discos, speak with heavy russian accent. Make yourself sound like a big shot, you'll probably do fine, seen this happen way to many times.

>Liking thais and flips.

Ok noted with thanks.
>bars and discos
Yup. Girls there are looking to fuck.

Hey Singabro, do you think the Docklands Light Railway would be good in SG, to ferry quickly, all the working people during peak hours ?

>All these Singaporean posters
Where were you guys when /asean/ got overran by flip posters???

What kind of music is playing at the clubs? I thought your country just go shopping and eating all day.

No point fighting with them. All of them are just complaining about /dutdut/ we might as well just make /singapore/ a thing actually. ASSEXIT singapore

>browsing /asean/ at all

The latest EDM tracks, God knows how many times Dj Ghetto had overplayed Closer and Roses already.

We couldn't be bothered. Anyone other than LKY ? Worthy in SEA ? PLEASE. Who has clean running water ? Who doesn't have muslim insurgency ? Who topped OECD in Maths and Sci education ?


Connect maybe JE, Raffles, City Hall, and all the hot peak places, make it zoom real quick.


Any /A levels/ here? A levels in 50 days, and I'm just sitting here, something's wrong with me.

Which JC ?

SEA in general is one of the most weeb places. In this aspect we're no different. Often we're the first outside of Japan to get weeb stuff.

Here's a picker upper

Very comfy thread 2bh

Are we making another one of this? Fuck /asean/.

Yea, but need more posters. Include more bait next time ?

/asean/ is a shithole. The last time I went there was to complain about the lack of fish Ramly in pasar malams.


Nice thread guys..I Love singapore and wish to visit there someday..

You eat Ramly shit? That shit's so oily it gives me like fuckin stomach upsets

I don't understand Japanese

Comfy. Good luck

Come la ! Come during summer if you really like sun and heat. Come during winter if Belgium's too cold. IF there's haze, ask Juncker to bitch to Indonesia

I want to die, next few weeks are gonna cause me to drop more hair, hopefully in the end it will all be worth it

Used to. No more fish Ramly to enjoy. Roti john prices have also increased so not much point eating that either.

Not saying the chicken/beef Ramly taste bad. Fish just tastes better.

>Come during summer if you really like sun and heat.
I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemies.

>drop more hair
>what is Beijing 101

Beijing 101 is a scam bro.

Scots I know, and heard from fucking love it. Complaining back in Scotland, they can't see the sun.

It's not like we're living in the Death Valley m80. Summer is pretty hot but it's not that hot.

Absolute madmen, they are!

HA, a sceptic eh. Next thing you're gonna say is how my church (CHC, FYI) and our Pastor Kong Hee is siphoning funds for himself... Scam here scam there you think this one Bangkok ah??

I don't mind, my house has air con. But if you need to do PE/Outfield/IPPT, good luck.

Anyone know how I should get fit to prep for NS ?

Eh bro you also October intake?

Next year, but I'm spooked. Never passed NAPFA in my life.

Chao keng lah

Aiya never mind lah, PTP sua. 2 months more but it's worth it, you're gonna end up fitter than you've ever been in your life.

Does the PTP affect your PES rating later on ? I kinda want to do something cool like armour, combat engineers or something.

why the fuck would they ban chewing gum?

Nope, my friend who's a commando had to go through PTP lmao and he's a PES A. It's an indication of how healthy you are, rather than how fit you are. That's when the NAPFA test come into play.

Is it possible for a foreigner to become legally Singaporean or to live permanently in Singapore?


Ridiculously easy if you are skilled, and your job is in high demand. Bonus if you're white too.

>When a BBC reporter suggested that such draconian laws would stifle the people's creativity, Lee Kuan Yew retorted: "If you can't think because you can't chew, try a banana."
>a banana

are bananas chewy in singapore? can you blow bubbles with them? i hope not

>no gum is allowed to be bought or sold inside Singapore and there is a $700 fine for spitting out gum on the streets.
Sounds great

how is the heroin in singapore?


What do Singaporean slags look like? Any pictures? Any website with Singaporean party pictures?

Check out the /asean/ thread. I posted some SG slags there. You can also Google Tumblr SG girls.

Illegal. You hang if you bring in more than 15g.

Gum can be sold, only in pharmacies, over the counter

Also, our streets are clean, unlike yours. So there's that

The ones in the thread almost all look like Han Chinese

That's because 75% of us are Han.

The 25% don't make for qt slags?

Saw the /asean/ thread.

They look like nice normal Asian girls, not slags...? How do you make the distinction?

Uhh, I'm Chinese so I find only Chinese girls to be qt desu

Got them from a reliable tumblr blog, trust me, Antoine. They're slags.

Since Singapore is pretty much the leader of ASEAN where does it stand on the whole South China Sea meme war? Is it pro PRC or side with Philippines/vietnam?

Why is Taiwan on the PRC side?

must be some pretty dope shit then. thanks bud

thats what happen when you let chinks control your like hell

chinese girls are fucking disgusting user. i feel terrible for you

ITT: bluepilled chinks

Well, at least we're not getting raped.

>Singapore 80% Chinese
>follows the entire thread
>hates Chinese

also into /scat/, /BBC/, /gaygangbang/

>rape meme

at least we're do not need expat to develop our country

we need to purge the degeneracy in sg, if not we will crumble and fall like what is happening to western society now. deus vult

im pr trash can i still become an air force pilot

Would a degree in Political Science and an incomplete masters degree in International Relations be well suited for a career there?

Yup. Now, all the girls are Super left wing.You're getting "expats" to develop babies in your women's womb, so whatever.

What job are you looking for ?

I've been looking into Singapore airlines for office work as well as the port and shipping. How about general international firms there.

I'm staying in Changi hotel just now and watch a nice bar to watch the F1 in tonight. Where do I go? All around here is the cheap 'village' places which just smell of chinese crap. There are no bars around here.

Do I have to taxi into Orchard or Marina bay to get a nice bar.

Not a hooker place. Just a normal fucking bar with a tv and some music ffs.

Oh shif. Can anyone help me? I'm still PES D, I'm JC intake, what do I do? All my friends already got their PES status, what would PES Ds usually get after it is confirmed, would I get PES B1 back or they just chuck me in PES B2?

Holland V has nice bars. Changi has no bars mate.

You're better off taking the train, but I think F1 ended already :/
You need a job-related degree, or you need to be hot enough to fuck the HR woman.

Ayy im the first batch of pre-enlistees to be able to indicate my interest in what vocation I want.

Any tips?

Police is god tier

Any ideas on combat engineering/navy? I'm interested.

I was actually enlisted to the Police Force during ITE but I deferred to continue my studies. Fml

r u malay

You can actually check what does each vocations do at CMPB website

>Job-related degree
Fair enough. My body is pretty solid, I wouldn't mind sleeping my way to the top.

I'm mixed but I have some Malay blood in me.

It means go wait longer. I was PES D and in the end was PES A1L1. All depends on the person.

What sports do you play

What do you eat at breakfast

Are Singaporean people religious

What are the most popular tv shows

I failed my IPPT, but my enlistment if I continue would be the end of this year most probably for PTP. But I fuckin hate to have to go for PTP, is it still possible to pass at this stage? Like do I just sign up for every new test and just keep trying?
Right now my push ups and sit ups are ok, but my run just sucks.

Today? Hotcakes
Game of Thrones

Same bro.

What's the minimum to pass ? For each ?

61 points total. Basically run like 19 mins for 2.4km, 30-40 sit ups, 20 push ups

19 min for 2.4 ? Like that can ar ? Wah.

Good luck for IPPT. Maybe ask in online Singapore communities for fitness help ?

there's a fitness community in SG, willing to work out with strangers.

Link? Sorry, when it comes to local social media, I'm like retarded.

Otherwise, thanks my man!

r/fitness or ask on r/singapore.

Lol nice thanks

Are you guys rightful people of Singapore aka Malay, or filthy chinks?

Malays are shit tier.

Chinese master race.

>Filthy chinks
But why? We're nothing like the loud and obnoxious PRC chinks. I mean we're nice people.

>muh bumiputera meme
Go pass your affirmative action somewhere else yalam

Reminder that your motto is Majulah SIngapura, not ching chong weh ong Singapura

I guess so, you're my favourite foreign chinks after the Taiwanese

Went to school in Singapore for 5 years.

Really miss the place tbẖ

Singaporean girls are easy to fuck. I went to Singapore and picked up a chick the first day.

Singapore and Taiwan are the easiest countries to get laid.

It's that way, because we chose the cuck path of not getting invaded.
Did you go to a bar ?
Also, give pics.

>tfw almost became a PR
A lot of my friends are doing NS now


Nope, just chatted up a girl in a coffee shop. Im a pickup artist. She was telling how singaporean men are absolutely pathetic and small dicked.

thats kind of a global thing though no

floppy arby's leftover tier stuff does'nt deter you huh

Memes Aside, is it true most grills stink down there?

International school or an MOE one?

Singaporeans seem especially obsessed by white cock. A lot more than mainland chinese.

International lah.

I'm sorry

Why do Singaporeans on Cred Forums and Cred Forums hate Australia?

Send pics la

this PRC all talk only.

Did you take the igcse?
Also nice dubs

Singaporean men, ESPECIALLY the kind that are posting the most here, are cucked as hell, if you'd pardon the meme. Well educated, comfortable or upper middle class background, English-speaking Chinese boys.

Most guys here still play the marriage game because that's seen as the goal for a 20-something year old. Many guys still can't entertain the thought of girls just wanting to fuck for fun.

If you're lurking this thread trying to find out if the girls here are easy for you, chances are, they are. Singaporean girls are "liberal" in the sense that they're open to fucking anyone foreign. What niggers and sandniggers are to Europe now is pretty much what white or "white" people are to Singapore.

i'm pretty sure he's that english teacher in beijing who gets triggered when he sees africans or arabs in china despite being a foreigner

he's a guaranteed autist

Quiet lad, lets not burst good old ah tiong's bubble just yet

Pretty sure la.

Also the fact that we are now more open in interracial relationships. So it will be a common sight in the future to see a Malay/Indian guy dating a Chinese girl and vice versa

I started it but then I moved to Malaysia to finish high school

This. Singaporean women are massive sluts esp the spgs. Its ridiculous how easy it is for white guys

We can also say the same to us guys when we see a Thai ladybo- I mean girl.


Nationalist takeover when ?

It seems like Chinese girls are more likely to end up in interracial relationships than Chinese guys right now.

There's a default hierarchy in place here. It's possible to move up and down depending on other factors such as physical appearance and social status (E.g. Job and family background) but ROUGHLY, this is how the men stack up.

1. Men of European descent (yes, even Eastern European)
2. Men of other foreign descent (except for dark South Asians and Southeast Asians)
3. Singaporean Chinese men
4. Singaporean Indian men
5. Singaporean Malay men
6. Dark South Asians
7. Other Southeast Asians

If you're a slav from squatania or some shit, just come here. Singaporean girls are "liberal" enough to fuck you but not "smart" enough to know the different shades of white to discriminate against you.

Meh. I kinda support interracial relationship. I prefer Chinese than Malay girls even though I'm yalam

Chindians are cool people tbẖ

Not even surprised.
Nope. It goes down by wealth. if you're a poor as fuck whitey, your chances are on par with equally paid locals. This meme comes from the SPGs who fucked the Brit soldiers, because they had food/cash.

Let me give you goys a hint, asian women dont want a domesticated male, the sexual animal inside them desires a virile, big dicked handsome liberated man. Not some domesticated limp dicked office worker with a long list of credentials on his CV.

Ive seen it here so many times, married chinese women, even with babies having sex with my white friends as soon as their domesticated husband go on a business trip.

And I see all these arrogant chinks with their top university degrees and high paying jobs thinking theyre the shit haha. Youre beta cucks.

It's more common for Singaporean Indian/Malay male to be dating a Singaporean Chinese girl though.

A few of my friends and relatives (who are Indians and Malays) are currently dating/in a relationship with /married to Chinese girls

This doesnt apply to just SG girls though. There are plenty of golddiggers around the world

>Tim budong getting this mad
Did you get banned from r/china again, mr english teacher?

Who is this English teacher we're talking about?

Got no proof , don't talk.

White boyfriends to them are collectibles. It's kinda like a sex with X collecting map thing.

If you arent mad youre being delusional. Ppl are saying in this very thread that chinese girls are fucking indians and malays, they hate your limp dicked guts so much they are literally fucking subhumans.

Yeah pls read.

>if you're a poor as fuck whitey, your chances are on par with equally paid locals

Dat delusion

Let me remind you that it is also common for Malay/Indian girls dating Chinese guys.

It's pretty much a win-win for us Singaporeans who are into interracial relationships.

He's definitely deluded. At worst, a white bum who knows how to hide it is on par with a polished Singaporean Chinese investment banker in a club setting.

>Dat delusion
>It's pretty much a win-win for us Singaporeans who are into interracial relationships
No it isn't. Chinese race must be pure

>mixing with muslim and poo in loo subjumans
>win win

The only coupling that isnt a disaster is when the white man puts his master race seed in your slant eyed womens vaginas.

People make the general assumption on Cred Forums that those posting under the prc flag are unqualified white english """"teachers"""" teaching kids for minimum wage in some tier 2 chinese city cos they were unemployable/disenfranchised from their home countries. Generally the reason for them heading halfway across the world would be to get a good dicking with chink pussy but with the way our english teacher friend is typing right now this indeed seems to be the case.

I know a former drug dealer with no colege degree here in china. He puts on a suit and fucks rich married chinese women on a weekly basis.

Too bad it isn't happening. Singapore will soon be full of mixed bloods and you can't deny that ;)

I know a current arms dealer with no arms here in Singapore. He puts on a hat and fucks rich married chinese women on an hourly basis.

So a failed white man who cant get white girls moved to China to get on with the girls there but still fails? LMAO

obviously the loser teaching in china butthurt over being a low status expat.

dude aren't you already in your late 20's/30s?

you're obviously too fucking dumb to build a career at home, and stupid enough to believe teaching english abroad is something to do for your whole life.

You don't seem to realize what handsome white men get away with in Asia. We are literally gods. Everytime I walk the streets or in the subway I get stared by half the females. Asian men never look this good. We have sharp, sculpted features as if a divine craftsmen shaped us. Chink boys have flat faces krek.

I can easily outearn singaporeans just with teaching english on the mainland. 40k rmb a month with tutoring (hint: thats tax free)

How do you explain your overweight double neck fupa?

>this is a good mid-life salary
>not even forgetting there is absolutely no chance to advance, and more than enough chances your wages will be driven down in the future

you obviously are unhappy with yourself if you have to move to another country and hate everyone around you. that delusion though.

>floppy arby's leftover tier stuff
They don't stink, it's sort of like a moist rag smell. At least the ones I've been with.

>tax free
>in china
I look forward to the day when you ""language centre"" gets shut down and you get deported to whatever shithole you came from for tax evasion. Maybe then you'll revert back to your NEET lifestyle. Who knows.

>40k RMB
Thats nothing. Qualified english teachers working in international schools in beijing earn more than double that, housing and transport paid for as well.

Because you niggers prolly go up there in droves every weekend, get shitfaced and tear up the place. Sort of like the Brits doing a stag weekend in the Baltics.


To my fellow Singaporeans, I know this is tough to swallow. Red pills are never easy. But women gotta do what they gotta do. They want new shiny objects that signal their social status, E.g. A foreign boyfriend or "experience". Also, provider/lover. Most Singaporean guys design their own loves to be providers.

And when you throw in issues such as a nationwide inferiority complex and a lack of identity, you get Singaporean women throwing themselves on foreign dick.

If you use Tinder, you might have noticed the prevalence local girls using group shots with white people. It's strategic. What does that signal? Think about it.


Lives, not loves

you should honestly just post a pic of yourself because you sound pretty conceited on top of being obnoxious.

i've met plenty of average white guys think they are awesome shit for dating average asian girls and gives me a smug look. its funny because i've only dated better looking white girls.

We don't hate aussies.
I'm starting to think he's some chinaman that got access to the internet.

Why the chinaman comes here, of all places, is beyond me

How did our HDBs get so many cats ?

Doubt he's an actual tiong kuok lang. He's probably an anglo neet shitposter who couldn't shake off his funposting tendencies even after moving to china.

I haven't the slightest clue lmao
Post hdb cats, I'll start

Where is a good middle class area to live in? I truly am interested in making a career there. I do know that Singapore Airlines will soon open a direct flight to Houston, so that will be convenient.

nope i've seen him post on random threads here and there.

he's actually some english teacher who usually bitches about seeing black people or swarthier white people in china and gets triggered when he sees them. not sure if he's mentally healthy.

Middle class usually stay in places like Braddell, Serangoon, was gonna say Ang Mo Kio, but that's a stretch, since the prime minister's turf is there

you're talking like as if murrigans arn't sucking it up aswell

No idea. At one point we had to close the main door of our home unless we wanted our neighbour's cats coming in and dirtying our stuff. It was fucking annoying.

Maybe SengKang ?

Can i still walk out of my house without closing my door and not get robbed?


Nice flag

Make this thread comfy!
Post HDB cats!!!

>HDB cats

FUCK you

Why do you speak horrible english?

Local dialect lah

Orchard.Objectively best place

>Middle class
Choose one.

>middle class

i lived there around 2005
>a few million for a flat isnt middle class

He's American. I assume their "middle class" is equivalent to your "working class", or so I've heard.

Senrangoon, kallang and Jurons East are nice but I don't know about the prices.

Why are SG residential neighbourhoods so cosy?

eh, i don't know. i would consider myself middle class, and other people have as well. place i lived in was only 3/4mill 10 years ago.

its crazy
A four room flat here can translate to an entire suburban house in the USA/UK

like london house prices, but on steroids (but kinda less crime)

Are prices this crazy? I pay 600€ for a 9sqm flat here in Paris.

yeah, although my flat in sg was actually bigger than my suburban london home. you know how expats frequently have their living subsidised by their company

Not since 1965 lad

>Why are SG residential neigbourhoods so cosy?
Because of muh HDB cats!!!

It's not that bad (yet). At least there's not many people here who treat accommodation as an investment rather than a, you know, place to live in.

Obviously if I won 4D I would totally buy a condo in Bukit Timah and rent it to some rich ass Chinese student, though. Kek.

>600 euros for a 9sqm flat
>Not bedroom

Is this your house, Jean?

Most of us stay in HDB flats. Even 5 room flats here don't go up to 1m.

rent maybe not, but buying yes

400k-200k sgd for buying a hdb, maybe 4-5r ooms if you live in the less developed areas

nigga my dad bought his house just 1 decade ago when it was 100k-200k, its now 500K+

it is getting very very bad, they better start developing more mrts from the places with cheaper hdb prices soon

thats fine, but I think at this rate singapore by 2030 will just be a giant office/shoppingmall/bar/??? complex with johor annexed for housing space

its getting all too expensive and rediculous at this point


>9sqm flat
You live in a 1 room flat or something?

aren't those full of chinese though?
my old flat has been turned into a massive office block. i used to be able to see where ion mall was from my room, that just used to be grass when i was there

No, there are racial quotas so each flat must have Malay/Indian etc ethnicities.

It's from my trip in Malaysia and Singapore, hence the filename.

>7th floor
>no elevator
Basically yes, I'm at my parents house for the weekend right now so I can't give you pics though.

Yes, don't you have those in SG?
You can find a lot of flats like this here since the others are too expensive.

>tfw buy a flat in bumfuck heartlands 30 minutes away from town
>tfw new MRT station will be completed in 2019
>tfw new MRT station is just right outside my house

Feels good man, though I still can't forgive my parents for selling our Tanjong Pagar house for peanuts back in '97.

>aren't those full of chinese though?
Idk what you're implying, but 75% of our population is Chinese, and like what said, quotas. Although my neighbourhood has higher number of Malays than others.

We do. It's just that they aren't that common. Most are 3 or 4 rooms.

interesting. out of interest, how are mixed race people put into these quotas?

i know that. but where i lived there werent many chinese. i just assumed that hbd were for the chinese, who are mostly poor. (i left when i was 12)

how easy to get a job as an electrican engineer? and how much is the salary?

400k sgd isn't that expensive, it's pretty normal imo

>i know that. but where i lived there werent many chinese. i just assumed that hbd were for the chinese, who are mostly poor.
Not really, most condominiums and bungalows are occupied by Chinese. I would say the lot that has it the worst here are the Malays. Of course, there are poor Chinese and rich Malays too.

>Mixed race
They are sorted according to their dominant race, which is chosen by their parents at birth. There's a difference in being a Indian-Chinese, or a Chinese-Indian, for example.

i mean, the poorest would be the bengalese construction cworkers on permits. but living in a bubble as a child, white people were rich, chinese were poor. i wasn't really exposed to them as family friends, or friends.

hmm, that's an odd system

but ours are not even that elegant
think commieblocks, tidy, but still commieblocks

On the outside yes, but if you're looking for elegance inside, you're free to customise it any how so :DDDD

yeah but that is extra price, im betting old frog's apartments come with those furnishings