ITT: Foods that are a meme in your country

ITT: Foods that are a meme in your country

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It's a mint flavoured soft drink

mang, I didn't have that in years

I'd give it a go. Wish Big M sold mint milk here where I live.



Although a meme, both are great. Especially an ice cold Mountain Dew and small $0.50 bag of Doritos right before you play Black Ops 3. I think these were genetically engineered to enhance your Call of Duty gameplay.

Geoff pls go


Any light "beer"

>What would you like to drink?
>Eh, anything's good with me, really.

>What drink you want?
>Anything lah

Official drink of tryhard normie kids.

ure welcome


I'd be willing to give it a go.


>tfw I pretty much ruined my liver in my teens when I drank 5-10 cans of ES per day and I can't have processed sugar in 5-10 years

that only flared up here recently

if kids are people in their mid twenties to their thirties

There are actually human beings who enter the frozen food section of the supermarket, pick these up, pay for them, and walk out.

>one rape please


Eh, it seems like a novel idea, but they canned the drink years ago.

Each can of "Anything" contains a random carbonated drink, while each can of "Whatever" has an uncarbonated drink. The taste is nothing special desu

What's wrong with that, I occasionally get some from 7-11, but they don't sell them in packs like this tho

looks tasty, what's wrong with it?

mate, it's just a cheap frozen calzone.

hot pockets are decent for when on a budget / in a pinch

Mountain dew makes me feel ill

Almost everyone who traveled to the EU region brings these meme tires back home as souvenirs, only to make their family and friends vomit and curse the stupid Germans