Fuck off Spics

Fuck off Spics

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Stop being butthurt about us sudaca, what kind of autism do you have?


Yeah you never colonized my country


Half your country was conquered be Spain, from Florida to California. How can you guys be so uneducated.

Make me cabron



Dímelo en mi cara y no por internet, y verás lo que pasa, pinche gringo.

go back to univision

What's that?


hey stay out of this you moor

I can't wait until Trump is elected

Shooting you is going to feel really good

and the wall just got 10 feet higher

You realize most Europeans don't even consider you European, you fucking Moorish rape baby

Whatever you say, moorish rape baby.

I'm German and Italian

Your ancestors never took over mine, rape baby

> le Trumpo will save the white race meme

It doesn't matter what he does

It's only going to be the beginning

I hope you don't feel safe walking outside

Does it make me a cuck if I learned spanish for our future spanish, chicano, and mexican overlords?

>I'm German and Italian

Even if that was true, Mr. el Spico, I have bad news for you, moorish rape baby.


And pic related, spaniards are closer to whites than italians.

That's horribly untrue.

No, it makes you wise.

Not him, just a non-racist white dude
What's fucked up is that I believe you, and I've watched this shit develop in this country over the last decade.

Blacks hate you, Whites hate you, even the Injuns hate you. Let it be known Hispanic man, you have done nothing, your days are numbered.


what are you gonna do pussy ass white boi?
me and my homies are always strapped, we ain't scared of some gringo joto

Green = all territory taken by us from you at one point or indirectly taken by us from you or a former colony of yours

> Blacks hate you, Hispanics hate you, even the Injuns hate you. Let it be known White man, you have done nothing, your days are numbered.

>muh ancestory
Do you even speak either of their languages or do traditional things?
Blacks don't hate hispanics. That's a cali thing.

Italy is a relevant Euroepan country
Spain isn't considered European, rape baby

Your language is 65% Arabic. Italian is not

We Italians contributed to the rise of America. Your people have done nothing

>a map in spanish

¿Qué pasa, chicANO?

wgaf desu baka senpai

I find it hard to believe that Spain has white people given that everyone who speaks Spanish is non white, unlike a white language like German, English or French

Doesn't matter, el Spico, you can keep roleplaying as a semi-white faggot if that makes you feel better. Just remember that you will have to go back when Trump wins.

Why would you believe that? Is the american education that bad? We were never white.

>"... the swarthy faces of the Silures, the curly quality, in general, of their hair, and the position of Spain opposite their shores, attest to the passage of Iberians in old days and the occupation by them of these districts; ..." (Tacitus Annales Xi.ii, translated by M. Hutton)

It's the first result on google senpai

If you search for that in spanish, manito. Or is your Google that cucked by the huge amount of chicanos you have?

It's on the wikipedia page for Spanish Empire

The Eternal Spaniard strikes again!

I'd like for Spain to take over a continent like the Brits and French did with a few hundred of people without the power of Moorish Jihad in their system

Good, it's time for real white americans to learn their future language.

> Blacks hate you

But there's also English on the map

>we serve white is only
what did they mean by this?
have racists always been this retarded?

I know, when I was in NY you have everything written in spanish and english. And I didn't have to speak much english btw. Good guiris.

Pretty much.

We also tend to have things trilingual, written in French too

I guess we are #quebecCucks now

>written in French too

that sucks

French at least is a white language
Spanish is Arabic mixed with Latin

Well it's usually just packaging so they can sell it in Canada too without having to change anything

>The Spanish language is the second most spoken language in the United States of America. There are 45 million Hispanophones who speak Spanish as a first or second language in the United States, as well as six million Spanish language students

Spanish is an american language, my friendo.

I will not leave this country.

As long as you're law-abiding, I don't care.

That's right, it's our language.

Why the fuck are you speaking our language!? We should rename Spain "Little America", and then rename Spanish "American" as it should be

Or we could just keep drifting towards the loss of Spanish in the US and the adoption of some spanglish into American English.

I run a bunch of illegal safe houses for illegals in South Texas though. Supports my NEET lifestyle.

>not California


>Blacks don't hate hispanics. That's a cali thing.
Blacks in the Bible Belt hate spics too.