Why do white people have such shit taste in asian girls?

Why do white people have such shit taste in asian girls?

Why do I never see rich successful western men marry girls like these?

post none plastic

arr rook same

i want to fuck the asian girls

A-are you doing ok over there?

You have shit taste OP

>You will never date top right girl
Why even live?

White men with good taste in women just stick to white girls

rich sucessful men do not marry

only beta cucks with money get married



>rich sucessful men do not marry
>only beta cucks with money get married
t. virgin loser

This, only 50yr old men go for Asians.

>plastic whores caked in makeup and paid to get pictures taken
maybe if you're 17 you're attracted to them

Because ugly male can't get cute girls.

it's fucking simple.

Why would rich successful western marry asian, when he can get much more attractive white woman?

is this why most japanese have ugly wives?

I've never seen old white guy with young Japanese women couple in here.

they look like children, real woman should grab your neck and show you who's the boss
your girls can't compete and you know it

you do

children are cute, innocent is cute, she looks like a man


East Asians are neotenic race.

They looks like Children because we are very different from White.

White are more close to Black.

She is gold medalist of wrestling

>japan is mostly black

nothing is sacred

What? It's okay for Japan if a man is like 30, and a girl is around 20. Talking about age gap.
I don't know any rich white males who'd marry an asian, except swedes. The most trashy white woman > the most beautiful asian.

why do you have to be like this


japanese have bad teeth
are fat

I feel so bad for you, at least we have great women in China

like what?


well i guess she could lose some weight actually


I just reply to that amerifat.


why Japanese women have to marry with 50 y/o white pigs if they can get a young one by easily??

innocenty is attractive only for losers
real confident men like real women

real woman meaning a man? you are a homosexual?

Kek, not surprising why japs draw their anime characters to look like white people

idk man children traits are a no no, good thing our wymyyn never resemble children even if they're small

Maybe because Japanese "men" is a meme?

Because they look almost white, so what's the point

so ugly. do poles like girls who are like men?

In America white nerds marry them because they are smart if not fresh of the boat and easier to score than white women

Is swiss even exists?

Real woman meaning adult reproduction age women, not prepuberty child

lmao, male apperiance doesn't matter
what matter is lots of money (maybe not for asians lol)

an adult woman can still be innocent and cute

yes, all our wymmyn are ugly beefy witches and we like them, go date japanese girls

do s*rians like children or only sheep?

>maybe not for women in developed countries*



do russians?

Omg innocenty like only betas and unconfident in themselves sick miserable virgins
Its psychology baby, go know it

you just like whores, you have a problem

Maybe this OP talking about successful white male's Asian wife.

Facebook man and many hollywood stars having fucking uggoo or meh tier asian wives.

You are a lonely virgin, right?


How can I marry a Japanese cutie if they never go outside their country?!?
Never saw a Japanese or Korean over here


nope dumb whorelover

>Japanese cutie
Those exist?

>this is 10/10 qt in the West
whites' taste is really shit

That's worse for you
It means you are literally defective sick person

how so?


desu she looks 9/10 for me, strong asian vibes

Go fuck your brother, """nonvirgin""" beta cuckold

Her make up is fucking shit.

Why Americans love this eyemake so much???

these are 10/10 qts in Japan

dumb faggot


They make smart companion and are probably easy to live with.

Don't you think Zuckerberg is only boning his wife with all his billions

just like old times, mistresses errywhere but solid marriage to manage the whole shit





to be fair both are ugly.
Stop posting anymore.

I don't get it

Cool, I'm not white anymore

>butthurt jap bitch who wants a white bf but doesnt have any

C'mon Finn bro you watch Japanese porn too.
There are tons of them, as well as there are tons of monkeys


honestly if most of them look like that i'm not really surprised your men like anime more

Or some loser Jap guy who cant get a Jap girl because hes standards are movie actress and models.


>tfw youre a rich swedish guy with a chinese girlfriend

>I like it when 'girls' like pic related fuck me in the ass


how many people have you beheaded yet?

also, fuck off we're full

>mfw that actually his adopted daughterwhom he later married

>tfw no eurasian gf

imagine the footjobs

They all look the same so there's no point getting an "attractive" one.

Holy shit, a Syrian with an internet connection!

You should be happy white guys have shit taste in Asian girls.

It's almost as if... you WANT white men to steal all the beautiful women in your country. Hmmm.

Goddamn English teachers, I swear.

But Bashar, you are already in Asia...

Alter, bist du Nazi?

REFUGEE*innen*x welcome!

half of the japs posted in here are hafus lmao


Poland being niggers yet again



only beta cucks are worried about their spouse leaving them, and therefore avoid marriage.

Its pretty easy to find decent women if you know what to look for.

>The most trashy white woman > the most beautiful asian.
Other way around.

Alri Bing Bong

I thought you'd agree him, you don't want any more beta whites stealing your Asian women do you?