You have 20 seconds to prove you're white

I like black licorice

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samma här

i have never seen a black person

My cock is no bigger than 5.5 inches


I'd like a sandwich with extra mayonnaise, hold the sandwich.

I'm an argie

I hate the taste

even worse it's the antidote to cocaine apparently

i get sunburnt after staying half an hour exposed to the sun.

All of my favorite bands are prog rock

Some wog you are

I like sausage rolls and pastries in general.

I can't dance

>born in sicily
>get mocked for being too white

i'm 100% finn

I am as white as neymar

I drink milk and eat tartar from time to time.

I am a furry-

I like salty licorice.
Reminder that if you don't you are as good as a nigger

I like salmiakki and guns

i unironically don't know if i'm white. I used to think so but Cred Forums skewed my understading

i'm a ginger and can't even get tanned

if you have white skin and you're not hairy like turks, then you're white

I live in Vermont.

One of my favorite snacks is sausage, cheese, and beer. All are locally made, of course.

>whites aren't hairy
Asians aren't hairy.

I used to think I was white too, but in my last trip I asked a lot of ppl "what do I look like?"

white skinned latino is the best definition


i do not eat without alcohol

I'm not I' Asian

Close enough

My skin is white. Checkmate globalists!

I clap on 1 and 3.

I'm gay, liberal, cuck'd, pink tits & loves pony fug. English teacher is my occupation.

>I like black licorice
Only thing you've proven is your shit taste.

>black licorice
best candy there is 2bh

>t. Balkanigger

During my exchange in NL, people told me that I didn't look like a Brazilian, but they couldn't figure where I was from.
After I told them my grandparents were Spanish, they stated that I did have certain Iberian traces.

I bought this shit thinking it was mints. Surprisingly, I found disgusting at first, but then I got addicted to this shit.

I guess I'm a white privileged CIS male :^)

t. non white

my man

If you want to prove your whiteness do it by timestamp + eyes. Having shit taste is proof of nothing.

>Non-white is mad that he doesn't like black licorice and is therefore called a nigger
The one with shit taste is you

Boobs > Butts

I mix mayonnaise, ketchup, and sriracha sauce together then put it on everything

Disgusting, but you may pass

ye na, as a non-Balkan East European I can confirm that licorice is just a western culinary meme just like taking pride in undercooking your meat or eating cinnamon pastries.

>undercooking your meat
I seriously hope you don't eat your steak well-done

I cannot dance

you have shit taste

Is this some elaborate ruse I am not aware of?

I get paid and save money

>dutch saying disgusting
don't you eat some sort of mayo mix on things?

it tastes better than just plain mayo of you get the portions of each right

I drink sparkling water

Lots of people eat fries with mayo, yes
I don't. Shit's disgusting

Yes, people having better taste than you is totally a ruse.

>Eating steak well-done means he has a better taste
Nigger, what the FUCK are you doing?

>not eating the only thing that is good in your disgusting cosine

Reading this with my wife's son.

I eat my fries with peanut sauce/satay sauce

We're not cucked... yet.


You have never tried that, have you

Only right choice here

>eating cinnamon pastries
What's wrong with that? Cinnamon sweets are great. Ever had cinnamon apple potica? It's fucking great.

>eating his steak half-raw means he has a better taste
Snownigger, what the FUCK are you doing?

this is really good
I get asian peanut sauce sometimes and dip my food in it.

but that's us

Why the fuck would you eat a dried-out piece of rubber when it can be moist and tender with more flavour?

I let big black bulls fuck my wife while I wear my pink chastity belt.

Canada best ally

I have brown skin and big lips

I really like salmiak licorice

Asian women are the best.

>Why the fuck would you eat a dried-out piece of rubber when it can be moist and tender with more flavour?
You simply can't cook meat. Those half-raw flabs of meat that you call stakes are horrendous, I am serious. If you were close by i'd show you how it's done.

Any questions?


US doesn't know what it's like, but same here.

Every other meat, yeah
But steak? No, fuck you you semi-negroid

Evey race knows that

I will say it again. YOU CAN'T COOK MEAT FOR SHIT!!! Maybe you are used to your meat being deep frozen in your snow desert... so when you cook it the middle always stays raw. Being a snow-nigger must be suffering.

>well done steak
Can't you do anything right?

LL Bean > Jansport
Tim Horton's > Starbucks
Audi > Mercedes
GMC > Chevy
10 hours > 10 years

i once voted for the npd

i fuck dogs

I have a Roth IRA

this makes you yellow, not white

Close enough... I guess.

he said he fucked dogs not eat them

I enjoy mayonnaise.

Horses > dogs

me too

You look like an arab so no, you're not White, not that it matters.

no he looks mediterranean, middle eastern is more brown and slightly different bone structure

B-but I'm a quarter portuguese jewish and 3 quarters italian.

Am I white?

I live in a village

How do we know you're not just practicing to run over more Frenchies..?

I can swim.

I can't dance at all and have no musical talent what so ever

I'm suicidal

I'm mestizo and I can't dance for shit


what the fuck
I'M the real snownigger around these parts

Still caucasion

holy shit, that tree trunk neck
10/10 testosterone


this thread is seriously retarded

He's greek, not tunesian

>I like simon and garfunkel.
>I have returned wallets without taking the money inside.
> I am attracted to women of my own race
> I'm hairy as fuck, most often a white trait

Could be asian still
>tfw no qt freckled green eyed red headed irish qt to impregnate

What? No, you could def pass for a Frenchman or an Italian.

>I got into university due to my skills
>No criminal record
>Parents still together
>Et cetera

I'm having granola made in France right now

Pls let me eat your boipussy

The gay propaganda law is starting to make sense.

My favourite outdoor activity is a rousing game of badminton.

I can drink milk without shitting myself.

I promise you'll love it

I don't eat watermelon with fried chicken plus my dick is under 6 inches.


You are an abomination.


No, that would be me

B-but i'm white

I own 2 pairs of crocs..

There are plenty of people in the US who have never seen a black person

i love being cucked

i dont drink and think very little of cultures that have wine with every meal

I have small penis

I like salty licorice and have a university degree.

i run a hedge fund

t. definitely non-white

I stay silent on public transit

When I'm accidentally blocking something I move out of the way so people can access it


We eat negros there

I can down a 2 litre bottle of milk in one go with no ill effects

make america great again

I can't sprint for shit

I regret eating spicy food due to spicy diarrhoea

My skin is white
My facial traits are white

So what does t. Mean?

I always wear sunglasses, the sun is a motherfucker

It's an abbreviation of "terveisin", which means regards. Commonly used in postcards.

I think rännskita every time I eat pizza or kebab.

My dad taught me how to swim at the lake on his days off from work.

wal się pedale

I am romanian