Maghreb Thread

we are proud black edition

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xd here's your reward

how about this

just to make the old man happy xddd

Get tinduf not Colomb-Bechar

What about both

nah Bechar is ours unless you give us Oriental



did you mean /dz/?

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best poster

best poster

premium quality poster

>tfw Moroccans don't accept Iberian, Tunisian and Turk berbers as their equals.

top tier poster

That's we're proud western african negroids my moorish friend

My washing machine was built in Algeria. My father is also of Algerian origin. Coincidence? I think not.

high quality samefag xddddd

this is deep

It's not fair, you ruled Iberia for 8,000,000,000 years and then suddenly don't want to be asscotiated with us reeeeeeee

any proof desu

really makes you think

the most beautiful smile in the world :3

There are no beautiful Semities
Hamitic Master race.
>Muh 8,000,000,000

Looks like a maid.

really makes you think

ur taste is weird fuckin lolicon

Le 2016 faec

wow deep

really made me think
>muh years

Just bringing some joy and happiness to this thread

Do you want the video?

No, I want a video of Isis beheading her.

well you can't have it.

You can have this educashaanal video though

can that plant succ muh dik ?


what are u waiting for to get a tunisian GF

dude shes dead

I thought you meant the girl in the pic sry


btw did she accept you
she blocked me :/

still waiting for your skype lad

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but the plant is dead too baka

fucking lmao

>tfw no mena gf to watch David Attenborough videos together

what is your skype my dear Liu Bei sheng feng li ?

I fucked your mom last night

Seriously though, just look how beautiful she is. Imagine how heartbroken her family must be. Undoubtedly they'd be harbouring such hatred towards the settler, if not already.

What's the solution? I know it's not like minds greater than ours aren't discussing this as we speak. The Palestinian move of taking all steps to avoid normalization isn't working. And extremism hurts both sides and ironically can give the Israeli side more talking points. I mean, it's the settlements, isn't it? That's just a big land grab. First off, is solving the settlements issue, right?

and what about the right of return?

One state or two states? What do both sides need to compromise on?

why do you persist on samefagging when I can be here to discuss with you ? I know the average Cred Forums poster is a sick cuck but Im worried you might go way beyond innofensive insanity levels

I fucked your mom last night

I'm thinking out loud bb

assman is fixing his sleep schedule so i thought I'd post this shower thought hereb instead of /mena/

Might as well use this thread for intellectual discushaans desu


was cheking **NA thread

006600 oh lucky

Miboun wtf


rude :/

except for the moroccan, Are these costumes real? if yes, please give me their names

Tunisia really doesn't fit as an asanagi slut


the middle one is a generic hoodie kabyles wear, the far right one is generic desert robe

no tunisian dress :/

The middle one reminds me of pics of Jinetes. Were the Zinetes (or something than soudns like that) a Kabyle sub-tribe?

Absolutely disgusting.

I want moroccan gf


I'm not a Kabyle so I really don't know

but I found a pic of the hood


>sebt 3cheya
>on Cred Forums
what's your excuse

getting reject
not even friends anymore fuck my life

going ouside is overrated

all you do is spend a shitload of money in drinks and talk about trivial shit with people without ever scoring any pussy. I'd rather stay at home tell Zhuge liang I fucked his mom last night

no laif

i have to take care of my little bro

I live in shit-hole. there is literally nowhere to go.

Weather is hot outside
The Algeria one yes

where d'you live ?


sousse :/ (hate it btw)

plus humidity is like getting out of a shower.

>tfw no Amazigh nationilist bf

hey fuck you souusa tayara inti mt3rch win tou5rej

Plus the Tunisian hat is Alright. I based him off east Algerians so it might be wrong.

bend over :3

Salam brothers from the desert!

I'm a Manchurian khan is that alright?

Ahhhh tis is so haram

A-user plz refrain from such behaviour we are muslims Sodomy is haram

You were mistaking us with /MENA/ aka /notreeNA/

Have no idea what that is but sounds exotic enough

Meet up in Dubai when bb

this tunisian traditional clothes (in winter)

May allah forgive us, ameeen

It differs from region to region but I know chechia is Tunisian

You are all desert people, im right!

i'm from Tunis , we could've met well too bad

Allah ghafouroun rahim

it's okay, i'll be gentle

Im a turk btw

any good chiks in tunis?

How many of you are drug dealers?

Wrong, I'm steppe people
I'm Asian

there are many types this one is the most common

Me, I sell Shrooms.


You're going to take responsibility in case unexpected pregnancy happens

me, i sell hash

>be turk
>be muslim
>have german passport
>have well paid job

What is the age of age of consent in north african countries?


I hate small dicks sorry

Rem a shit

>has a womb in his intestines

exostic af fempai, sign me up

i'am a sea man

yeah lots of qts in my campus tbqh

me, I sell Khat

Morocco is 16
Algeria is 18
Tunisia is 21

but who is Rem?

Your mum a shit
You aint seen nuthin yet famalam

Damn maroccans are equipped very good

The Blue haired Maid
Ram is the Pink haired one
They're from a gook cartoon called Re-zero

17 in tunisia *

>Our penis is small compared to Maghreb

>16 consent age
>long schlongs
>3rd highest female promiscuity rate after Finland and Congo


Maghreb bik stronk thicc lonk dinky winky

really? did they change that?
Oh and I fucked up.
Algeria is 16
Morocco is 18


well atleast I can drink pure vodka at the age of 15 :^(

I fucked up

I knew it Moroccans are actually West Africans

why didn't u go along with the joke ( the white whale erase some one from memory)
let's trade qts user

Turkish women are too westernized, they complain too much and think they have female rights.

Because fuck me

We genetically are closer to say Senegalese and Gambians than Arabs



post legend you fag

how do you 'trade' qts ?

>tfw no Senegalese dna Morroccan bf to rough me up

fuck me
pics user pics!!

>Not painting portugal red.
You had one job. Also meme report, this one puts auto reported penis size. Bolivia having 18 long schlongs? Yeah sure.


>He can't have Lolis

>Be algerian loli
>get gangfucked

>it's legal


>still bothering with age of consent

Based Sub Sahara has no age restriction

Fuck till you drop is how we iz blessed


I want to fuck your boipussy *no homo*

Niggers out

I'll gladly take that Aryan cock of yours up my rectum

No homo doe

wtf rude

a maghreb thread is no maghreb thread without moroccan kangz

No im crossing Yurop over your sea and you wont stop me mr doorman

we shoot infected niggers tho

this thread is so gay it has a tunisian passport xd

How is ISIS doing?

good joke

have another cookie

not marriage(5otba) in tunisia we are becoming....


Malaysians are welcomed to germany

Me on the right

Roobz on the left


Dont talk to me or my wife's boyfriend ever again
Twinkery is Justice

here we go

Im a Somali :^)

is that a male?

begging for mercy

rude :/

Hmm but please don't rape our women, than you are welcome.

Cute / 10

Post more


Care to post the aftermath again?

I really, really, really see that bootleg constipated cheb khaled

wikipedia is so gay about that
our age of consent is 18
ask any libyan they will say that
I have no idea wtf they are sourcing for that "no law" shit

you got too much sand in your eyes senpai

she rejected me
she is thinking too high of herslf korza
is she better looking than me no fuck her

>Turkey is green

Does the no-rape policy include Gypsies ?

I got really low standards desu

WTF i love tunesia now
wtf I actually like this song

Face meh

Her body doe, i can sense that she's tight

Why'd you let her go ?

Plz tell me you got nudes of her




She really is

>tfw self hating American

SEL3a ma7aliya user
she is kalled farah but made me sad :'(

How old is she ?

Her face looks awfully mature like late 20s

What if she knows you post here?

would u except this angelic creature to use Cred Forums
but what if she actually using it :::::?

she's 20 , i like her eyes

What if we are all girls pretending to be boys?

Immigrants usually don't rape each other - usually only native Europeans

t. immigrant

is she ur friend? or just ur waifu
i will show more (lolicon collection) friends for 2 years but after i left high shcool she ignored me fuck her

Those aren't exactly lolis

rip :/

Moroccan Riku

they were just 16 (when the pic was taken)
they grow up fast

You're a boipucci.
post face.

>That smile

no way

Soufian ?

9adeh toulek ?


189 cm
tunisian TV be like

lucky bastard , i'm only 175 smdh

Tunisia is a waste of land tbqh

that girl is taller than u poor guy but i don't fucken care she fucken rejected me

The left one is very cute, but I would pork the right one with all my power.

ignore the ugly one i tooj the picture i though i would be alone with her but fuck that what happened

I don't quite understand you bro. You tried to court cutie but the ugly-yet-hot-to-me broke your plans?

yes i thought that i will be alone with her but her noisy friend come along
i though it was a date :'(

You were her bf ? or did she reject you?
And i think you should move on. Not only you're hurting yourself but you're polluting every thread with her pics

Woman tend to do that, they are social critter so they use other females/gay dudes to gauge possible prospects (or to have a good excuse to fly away). A good tactic if that happens is to try to make friend with her ugly friend, if the friend thinks you are cool it could pass from anoying obstacle to an unexpected help. Another thing you could have done is to call a male friend to distract female obstacle if she tries to cockblock.

Should I do it lads?

Fuuuck I want a berber gf so bad.

wew lad

i bet she is a he a troller or a depressed 2/10 girl

Dadka somalida meshas wax badan mihiadan?

what is the general maghreb opinion on norway?

Blondes and Riches. And oil. And faggy men.

there is no such thing as a 2/10 beurette

blondes-comfy-race mixing

Needs more cultural enrichement

kol rab sbe7


mental age or real one ?
also why you asking ? i'm Tunisian but not gay

fech ta9ra bel 3arbi

2 post-bac

When she says the r word

more specific pls

do you know a lot of girls that swear ?

90% of girls swear

Why do the moroccan police always draw a line down the side of my landing card when I enter the country?

What does it mean?

Surely it is a signal for whoever reviews the cards at the end of the day?

it happens every time without fail.

This makes me miss alg, where is that fgt


just move along..

I am here chaton

how are things going ?

Prove it is u fgt and how long have u not been namefagging.

Do they do it to you?

it's not im

pic he posted is too high res and doesn't have black bars xddd

Is it because I am quite vocally racist towards white people? is that why they do it? I'm going home tomorrow, shall I ask then?

>Prove it
remember that night when we met and did homo haram things ?

>how long have u not been namefagging.
bout three fiddy

>remember that night when we met and did homo haram things ?

Yeah its not him

look it's me


>Search : mena

>nothing found