What happens here?

what happens here?

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ceramics-silikaty.cz/materialy/acta_content/2006_02/007-016 Wiejacz.pdf

Best Russia desu


Scaring poland

Why Russia can't be all like this?(((((((


>inb4 that Polish guy who always posts that comparison between Kaliningrad and some Polish border town.


Ran down buildings that used to be nice.

Poor people.

The rich go to Olsztyn or Gdańsk for shopping because even for russian standards everything is expensive.

are those are buildings left by German?


but why were they rebuilt after the war instead of being replaced by commieblocks

Maybe 1% buildings were left standing and the 0,5% was left to rot away :^)

Don't worry, they built plenty of commieblocks


Worst urban planning ever feat. shitty fake historic buildings that look like Chinese ripoffs or like Skopje

pls do not take :^(

what happens here?


That woman looks really out of place with those old German buildings.

do russians go their on holiday? how do they get from mainland russia to there?

German clay. Taken in 45. No.

looks cute. do konigsbergers want independence? i imagine theyre very dependent on poland+lith

very is a delicate word

how do russians get there? by sea or by airplane?


>broken road
>shit combined with grass and leafs
>Lenin's street
But Russia is already like that

why ;_;

Don't be stupid

is there a big military presence there?

pls do tell

Compare russian prussia and for example Polish Warmia.

It's two different worlds where Warmia is a historical paradise and russian kaliningrad oblasc a dumpster.

The reason is simple - Russians never had those lands. For us getting back Olsztyn, Elbląg etc. was getting back land we had for hundreds of years and that had our culture and history and for russians it was invaders land that needs to be purged and destroyed.

Sorry. It's not for this thread.

Without us they'd starve because they would have to import food via air and sea.

Also a lot of food in Kaliningrad is from Poland, same for medicine and clothes.

> af1461.livejournal.com/105927.html
I don't even remember where it's located tbн. Also, >2007_8_1
It was almost 10 years ago

It's the most militarized place in Europe.

It's been almost a decade, I mean*

It was 200+ years ago

ceramics-silikaty.cz/materialy/acta_content/2006_02/007-016 Wiejacz.pdf
some scientists say it may happen again soon and maybe even stronger

does your cunt celebrate Easter?

What a good country.

Look, they can starve to death fucking russians, but no! They didn't. Because they are too good for that...

Yes. We eat this bread called Paska

It's kulitchsh blyat

Paska =/= Pasha

>come panetone

This is the "historical center" of Kaliningrad.

I shit you not. The city center is 1-2 streets away.

nuclear arcenal hiding as province


Fucking Russians.


And this is Olsztyn, Warmia.

It was in ruins as well and the Russians had the right to loot for 20 years, yet it got partly saved because it's Warmian and thus partly Polish and we care for it.




And here you have photos from the place I see everyday(I'm from Olsztyn)

And one more picture of Kaliningrad so you can compare.

The castle used to stand where the building is :^)

And btw. that's a pic I used to post on Cred Forums to highlight the destruction and show that it could have been STILL a good looking city if it wasn't for the fact that Russians got it.

I hope you now understand the difference between European and Asian mentality.

And my oc of how it looks from the "ground" level :)

>Why Russia can't be all like this?(((((((

Because it's full of Russians


That's so superb for you?


It just has some taste. Lack of taste among people is one of the main problems of this country.

>ITT butthurt Slaves

It was pretty just a huge military base built specially for the next world war so nothing german was restored and after the fall of the country regions simply has no money for rebuilding everything though there some attempts.

I understand.

Should have noe let all those comfy places rot away. The Dutchy of Prussia(and previously PLC) countryside used to be 10/10 comfy, we still got some of it.

Even the tiny shitholes are comfy.

But for that you'd had to work a bit.

You should also understand that Kaliningrad was populated in 1946 by mostly people from siberian, uralish and other villages, kolkhozes etc. Most of them were just peasents. They didn't understand the concept of urban life, were growing crops on the former squares and didn't want to settle in german apartments and instead were building their houses and then when urbanization started with Khrushchov became a general secretary the whole oblast was filled by commieblocks just like the rest of the country because millions of people just needed to live somewhere with hot water, electrical light etc. And now nobody just wants to spent billions on pretty much rebuilding the whole oblast.

So in the end it all comes down to people.

Besides those people ruined the countryside as well, pic related. Kaliningrad oblasc has tens if not hundreds of places like this.

So they just didn't want to work and they don't do now as well.

>Szto eto?

Some towns are still shitholes outside the touristy places

You can't just "work". You need money and investments for that. It should be state provided programm of renovating like you had one supported by EU and its money. Here nobody just wants to give their money to something that won't give you any profit and state simply has no money. Capitalism.

Warmia has nearly no toustist places, just historical spots that are sometimes visited.

Besides Mazury are rural.
Pic is kaliningrad oblasc.

I meant the cities near lakes where marina is great and the touristy district is 10/10 but next to it there's a commieblock ghetto with bydło

We rebuilded it all long, long before EU.

Stop posting nonsense.

We had more losses when it comes to cities in WW2, and had poverty and communism as well.

Yet we managed.

Look at this tiny town near my city:

it has a few commie blocks but overall it's tidy. If we waited for the EU it would be a ruin.

Sure, but it's far from what happend in Kaliningrad oblasc.

You don't see ruins like that in Warmia.

Pic related.
(don't mind the webstie saying silesia it's from a article about Warmia)

So again-you had your state program, if not the EU then your own government was spending money for it. Ours doesn't.

Russians are the worst, Russians destroy everything, fucking mongol rapebabby subhumans, everyone in Yurop h8s Russia, we should've destroyed them once and for all.

Didn't you switch side just like Romania and Finland when we reached their territories?

At first no.

Of course there were tha lazy ones and the working ones, as everywhere.

I can tell you what people did on the example of my family and city.

They came and saw a lot of ruins, tried to live there or somewhere inhabitable.

Than they took old photos of the places and if it was possible tried to rebuild it.

You know why? Because this is Warmia, it's our land with hundreds of years of our history.

why you guys just dont move to there? There are any restriction, or russians there don't like the russians from mainland?

Just a question, are the price for houses and lands as cheap as in the mainland? Or more expensive since it's quite close to the rest of the eu?


and now show me just one place in Kaliningrad oblasc that is as fixed and properly kept as Warmia(and I posted just a tiny number of things).

There's literally no castles or old churches left there, because no one cared.

We actually didn't. This is why we got rekt.


Horthy tried to weasel out in the end, but it was too late and with German help the Arrow Cross hungarists took over.

Not to mention the very Polish keep-monasteries that we have.

another one(there's many more) all build in PLC times when dutchy of Prussia was Polish.


Well, Konigsberg never was a russian and people that live there lived somewhere in Urals just 100 years ago so... In Russia many churches, monasteries and cities were restored to some extent after 1991 and this is continuing.
Well, you had you chance to genocide us, but you failed, enjoy your revenge lel.

Too bad you left, a region far more beautiful than what most Russia has to offer, to rot.
A region with hundreds of years of Polish, Balt and German history and sights like this.

Oh, there is actually a medal for taking Budapest.
>what most Russia has to offer, to rot.
Here you went full retard. You just can't compare different architectural styles and cultures.

>those colours

I mean polish architecture is mostly these fat buildings with huge red roofs plus common austro-hungarian one like in Lwow or Krakow, I can't say it is something that can be described as the best architecture in the world and there are definitely cooler places in Russia, especially many monasteries.

Dosn't change the fact that Russians destroyed(and still do) a region that was build also by the Poles for hundreds of years AND IF IT WAS kept properly by the Russians would be one of the most beautiful regions of Russia(if not THE) because the old baltic lands from Elbląg to Olsztyn, Królewiec were one of the most beautiful places in Europe pre WW2.

And it angers me so, so much as a person from a Warmia family.

It's not like anyone is defending what soviets did and locals are trying to restore at least something even without any help from the state but let's be honest people don't usually preserve what isn't theirs especially on the territory of pretty much military base.

Warmia has ~ 4000km2.

You won't find a region with so many old places per sq km in Russia besides the Petersburg area.

Ofc you won't, Russia never had such population density and therefore not much history was happening in the land where nobody lives. But you have half of Europe with sparesly spread but still full of historical sites.

You would have one. Without our history but still you'd be able to live there.

And you can't stop ruining it. Even the leftovers.

See this place? Places like this got fixed tens of years ago here.

If Russians only fixed places from which my family comes from I'd bear no ill will.

Has it been standing like that since the end of the war?
wow just wow


But it's not ours. It is alien to us.

It's Russian now, there is no dispute, just look at the map.

See, Królewiec/Kaliningrad/Koningsberg was more beautiful than my city pre ww2, I don't delude myself, And it could have been, Russians could have had a beautiful city that looks European and was build by a lot of nations before so that you could brag about it now.

It should not be alien to you because if it is why need it? You already have a port in the west that dosn't freeze during winter thanks to a climate change, you don't need that region anymore.

I'll just add, wouldn't you want a city with buildings like this? From that pic? From the pictures I posted.
Well Królewiec looked like this, whole region did, and Russians could have lived in a beautiful region like this now and I could come and visit, but no, it's "alien"...

Lend us your clay for a few [REDACTED] and it can be this way

>Pacta Bydgostensia
>The Duchy of Prussia was established as a Polish fief under duke Albrecht (Albert) in the Treaty of Cracow of 8 April 1525. The fief was hereditary, and in case Albrecht or his brothers' house became extinct in the male line, Cracow provided for it to pass on to the Polish king, who would then be obliged to appoint a German-speaking Prussian-born governor. On 4 June 1563, this provision was changed by Polish king Sigismund II Augustus in a privilege issued at Petrikau, which in addition to Albrechts branch of the House of Hohenzollern (Hohenzollern-Ansbach) also allowed the Brandenburg branch of the Hohenzollern as possible successors. This privilege provided for the succession of the Brandenburgian electors as Prussian dukes upon the extinction of the House of Hohenzollern-Ansbach in 1618.

We already did and it kinda ended bad for us my German friend.

Pls land us Saxony, it was already part of Poland for ~ 90 years, we'd like to lend something from you this time.

Was just banter desu

Kaliningrad isn't alien. "Allies" destroyed old city, soviets restored it with soviet shit, post-soviets build even worse shit than soviets. It's completely our city nowadays. There is almost nothing german left there

I would like to have buildings from every culture but it's not possible when your country is poor. And petersburg still freezes at winters.

Wasnt the russians who destroyed it tho.. twas the eternal anglo again

Military base.

We just removed the nazi stuff.

Of course 50% of the buildings in the region was removed by USSR during war and for fun but the non-nazi are being kept.

This is one of the WW1 memorials near my city.

I mean people even light candles there.

And this is a example of the stuff that got removed due to bad history.

Don't tell em or we'll never leave from Riga!11

>whole thread
>only a buttmad Warmian and some defensive Russians posting
This had more potential.