/cum/ waiting for the weather to cool edition

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Step inside

The darker the state, the bigger the dicks.


I don't like Blacks.

When will Alaska and USA have a land connection?

It's a useless degree. We have our leisure time to study philosophy, so best affirm the other 1/3rd with decent job prospects during university

new ice age WHEN

flatty go home

that's fucking disgusting
go home nigger

piss off nazi

thicc =/= overweight

get your shit together amerilard

no u

It's just about perfect here.

there is literally nothing attractive about this

I'm sorry you feel that way

there is literally nothing attractive about this


An assman or toes
I dont know which one I like MORE.
Nah, ass. Tired of seeing the same shit posted AGAIN.

>its almost monday again

wew haha

another monday in amerikkka

How would you address the black problem?


is hearing gun shots a normal thing over there?

wtf Gf sent ME thiS

Our VP has returned

Depends on where you live at. Even then, rarely.


Forgot this new show started, thank you based Chris Hanson

choose your asian

what a bad thread

you're a bad thread



american movies made me believe that gang shootouts can be a usual thing in the neighbourhood

>tfw highs climbed back to 90 last week
>tfw today was the first day that actually felt like autumn because overcast the entire time, rainy for hours and temperatures around 60

good morning, /cum/

Where do I get the hottest latin girl?
Mexico? US? Canada? Spain?

It's pretty common here, especially during hunting seasons. I live in the middle of nowhere, though, so there's no negative implications.



fucking cher is having a meltdown about pepe

what the hell have we done

>based author drew a dick and got away with it


lmfao the pepe curb stomp xD

holy shit, are they not even blaming us anymore?

cher still existing in real life and people still remembering her


thats a really nice forest

To be, or not to be?
And was there ever 'being' to begin with?
Hmmm... truly inspires deep philosophical reflection.

good morning honey

Is it any surprise? Pepe became mainstream with normies for a while

Wojak however is untainted


Already confirmed fake

brb, learning icelandic

And you'll get to own a lifted truck in Iceland, too.

Talked to a qt black girl lads

But for how long? Will Alberto Barbosa be next? Will Spurdo?

They're safe as long as Cred Forumsfags keep them out of their facebook and youtube profiles

Stay away from my mom

i dont think alberto can become popular with modern day SJW media

dont think theyre ready to nonstop bully poortugal

>Iceland only has 332K people


this is the funniest shit ever
us politics confirmed for the biggest circus ever

Post your mom

Post bwc first

it's clearly fake you moronic fuckwit

I'm not white

who said it was real?

Jesus, her, trump, hillary, and pol are making this political circus funny as hell.
How far will it go?

What are you, yellow?


I'm black

Don't know, but I regret deleting most of my dank OC peepays

no, i think he is the black user.
I got it right. cooooooooooooooooooooookie for moi

>I'm black

W-what's wrong with that :(

I'm gonna WIPE OUT Canada

Why are black people on the internet? Why aren't you out living thug life?

quit posting fat girls mang

>Thug life
I don't want to get shot

>not playing Windjammers

b-but I don't want to get killed. The drug dealers will probably assume I'm a russian and because of that they'll conclude I'm a competing drug dealer.

Stop tanning so much and take out the contacts and she's perfect.

is that windows 10?

Why do you think you deserve my mum?

Is your mom cute?

because hitler demands it

Fake tanned bronze J-Sluts are the best desu

That's a girls sport

windows 8 is up there with xp at this point. I ams o fed up

I was gonna say, I have 10 and i thought it was 10 at first then I noticed our taskbars are obviously different kek

What did Windows 8 ever do to you?

not optimizing for certain games. 10 has no problems for most. But I do not want that spying piece of shit. Though 8.1 is the same shit.

made me have to manually set programs to open image files, instead of that stupid photos app

made me keep going back to the app screen just to turn off my computer

Blogging because the thread is half dead again.
Just ate doritos for the first time in my life. It wasn't too bad, but probably nothing I'd eat every day.

How do I become a degenerate bohemian?

be sexually attracted to white women

why are you german?


how does this make you feel

he is asian

move to czech republic

REALLY wanna fuck now!!!

Shut up Worst Chicago.

>tfw 5'11

>there are manlets posting in /cum/ RIGHT NOW

I bet half the thread doesn't even smoke crack

am i unbanned yet

i'm big

What games do you play on Steam?

sorry Viper

If you aren't 7 feet tall just kill yourself desu

fun ones like Deadly Premonition and Euro Truck

>tfw 5'9" masterrace

gee, I wonder which mexican poster is behind this flag?
arma 3 il'2

i was 5'9" when i was 15

I'm 5'8''.

Right now the remastered versions of Bioshock 1 and 2, haven't seen much of a difference but that's probably because I've not played those games in years and a bit of Fallout 4


Just made some Mac and Cheese lads

>needy parents
Get over urself mum & dad


you mean kraft dinner

>tfw you grew too big to be the ideal height

I was 5'11 when I was 15

Bowl of peas for lunch buds

checked and sure


Who /wear shoes indoors/ here ?

Smoke crack or get out

Nice digits

>when her age starts with 2 and above


I broke your old woman.

Look at the dates. What's sad about the image is that in a whole month and a half the only one who's called him is his mum.

i-is that good or bad

Who /n o r m i e/ here?

>tfw 6'1

Pedo out

That's not sad


It's certainly something

that bushy beard looks good on ya pal

>he doesn't have friends who call him every other day throughout the week

that is sad

i'm 6'1 too

If a girl made fun about me for being under 6' I'd constitute that as a basis for rape.

t. Manlet

Because I'm born here. Not the feet german.

Somebody's gotta let them know that big things come in small packages :^)

Go grab yourself a piece, you're all invited my friends.

in your case, it was lost in transit

It's sure not gonna be you

Tiniest guy in this thread here

I'm 5'7

And married

married to what?

a hobbit

To a woman?

Fuck would you ask that?

>asking for sex from a white whore
how beta can you be
Mexicans are short so it's more acceptable.

Oh. Good. He is annoying sometimes.
that was the corniest joke i heard in months. congrats
just a snack

>asking for sex from a white whore

I think he knows that and maybe that's the reason he behaves like that.

i have cold

yeah but is she even human

>being married is something to brag about
why do people feel like getting married is the ultimate ''alpha male move''?
>yeah i got married i'm definely not a loser u know



going to try the pub quiz at the legion tonight
there's also a meat draw, but I don't know what that is

already got some social anxiety about it

Yes, 5'5 and pretty cute
You sound young

post pics of ur wife an we'll r8 lol

I don't understand the popularity of this band at all. They are incredibly successful.

t. virgin

>pretty cute
sure she is :)

Never doing that, bud

what genre does this fit? It sounds like a mix of country and pop.


blur her face lad

we just want to see her body

no im not joking

pussy and liar
your wife is an ugly midget and you're a betacuck for lowering yourself to this relict of the past
marriage is for POOPOOHEADS

50 states > 10 provinces
318 million people > 35 million people
Too many mass shootings to count > very few mass shootings.

The United States is mathematically greater than Canada.

Glad you agree

oh geez

That is the most american sounding genre of music I've ever heard in my life

If I were you I'd be doing crack!

It's time to stop, Nick.

something tells me you haven't sleept in two days

16 Federal States > 10 Provinces
81 million people > 35 million people
1.2 million syrians > 25,000 syrians

How can Canada even compete?

Being tied down is the worse thing to do other than the benefits you can get by the government and job.

The 318.9 figure is from 2014. We added about 2 million people per year between 2010 and 2014, Our population is therefore probably 323 million people now.

You should start a huge, enormous fire

I'm so lonely

>pub quiz at the legion

are you 80 years old?

The wonders of doing crack!

I'm sorry for ruining /cum/

What do you mean?

is hemp butter a thing in your side of the world?

now go sit in the corner and think about what youve done

it's ok lmm we still love you


all the food I make is bland and tasteless

idk what the fuck i just wrote.
I said marriage is only worth benefits you get from the state, but then you are tied down with a bitch who will start to bicker with you to get shit. And then if you divorce, say good bye to your assets.

add more salt

You better be, motherfucker

add more hot sauce

How do I become an alpha male with minimal effort?

Never forget

Marriage in the US sounds like hell


I know what you mean but there are still some reliable girls out there. Most American women are not.

If you want to get married and have it last, your best bet is finding a gf from a country where women are submissive to men.

Time to start smoking crack, Steve.

Become a serial killer

Do you like Emirati Arab, the clandestin who lives in New York and posts on Cred Forums ?

Hey lads, bought 32 dollars of kvass on Amazon, it was about 10 cans. Anyone ever had this type of drink before?

I haven't.

The right type of ear piercing and beard makes a huge difference


fucking you man.

>alpha male
>ear piercing

Yeah that was terrible advice

nu-male detected

Why do I feel like smashing someone's head in


who's the best mexican poster


Forgot to mention you need to read up on PUA for it to work

nordie shore is just as retarded as his name sounds, dont pay him any heed

Who's asking

How hard is it to get a good job ($18+/ hr.) in the federal government for a qualified candidate?

They always make note of saying they give preference to vets, so I don't have any idea how many civilians with no military background are actually brought on board.




vets are all dumb as shit and suffer from some kind of mild to severe retardation.
it's just an empty phrase to please the vets and give them the illusion of being a useful part of society.

because we live in violent shitholes
the one that like weird art and sometimes trip fag from baja california sur.
Depends. My aunt works for the gov, but has degrees and a little service.
My city is the state capital, so plenty of state jobs.

post the hardest rap music you can think of
shit that gets you pumped to dump a mag in a nigga

t. butthurt lefty

get all purpose spice and add it to evrything

that's a secret

Years of repressed frustration and hopelessness.


can't ignore you faggotry m8

It's a solid way to the middle class in America, unfortunately. Everyone I went to school with who joined the military ended up doing fairly well.

Yes I'm looking at state jobs too. Some areas look promising.

you might not have no choice. There's usually very few federal jobs.

I really don't want to watch anime, but all the pictures of Love Live that South Americans post make me want to watch anime.

should have made your own
>loaf of bread

I've ruined /cum/
How do I fix things?

please do not be rude towards mexican posters

asian qt feet

Or what?

I need to eat a shit

pinche el culo de tu padre


It's just something I have in mind. The federal government isn't the best, but there's a good degree of job security if nothing else.

Lick my feet.

I almost got killed like 2 years ago by some stupid motherfucker and I just found out the piece of shit is in jail

lmaoing at his life

Haven't had sex in ~6 months lads

Got beaten up?

Love Live is pretty good

love live isnt good

5 girl rule

There are no lads here bud

What's he in jail for? His family rich?

I heard from someone he was planning to shot me so I hid for a while
I went to his house with reinforcements and threaten to kill him on the spot, he backed out, hid and dissapeared
And like I said, I just heard from someone that he's been in jail for like a year lol

Such is the life in Sinaloa

o-okay b u d

I watched the original, and the first few episodes of Sunshine (and enjoyed them too), but I've purposely avoided watching anime for nearly two months month.

Got caught transporting cocaine and using his house as a sort of drug storage

>unironically watching anime
seriously what the fuck is wrong with yall guyses heads


Why don't you just jump the border and go to the USA so you don't have to deal with that shithole where you literally have to threaten people to not kill you?

fucking kill yourself norteño

your cancerous culture spread through all the country and now it's shittier than before

>he doesnt enjoy a nice episode of "OH My Goddess" with a nice glass of water on the side

Does anyone want to join my Cyberpunk club?

me on the left

That's what I've been trying to fix, but Brazilians, and Latinos have been feeding my addiction.

DIY reality augmentation newsgroup meetup circa 1995

1.-Because I have dignity
2.- I don't like the US
3.-That's the only instance where somebody has ever wanted to kill me

literally me

it's not that bad if you're upper middle class and above

>source file: 428KB jpeg
>uploads a 2.1MB png edit

Who /rain/ here?

>getting autistic about file sizes

Big apologize, money and drugs are a demon

I personally do not like any of our narco cultura stuff

It's still kind of shitty when that happens, don't you want to live in the rich west and leech off USbux for the rest of your life?

true but the fact that he got threatened to get murdered doesnt sound good tbqh

they are so gay this season that I fill that they are baiting


do they have Hersheys in America?

pic related

you could have just said
>3rd from right
literally me

but no, you open it in paint, draw a red circle, save it as PNG and reupload it

what a WASTE of time OmG

me, my clothes felt like I went swimming in it.

>do they have Hersheys in America
We have a whole museum for it

wish this "german" would stop shitting up our nice thread

>/cum/ adapted to my bait

not good

rain here, nearby mountain tops are probably getting snow

serious question, how does it feel to be 100% the bad guys in syria?

gf looks so cute today

uhm it's "gimmick" over here in /cum/ instead of "bait" you fucking aspie



i can never understand this yellow fever meme

>It's still kind of shitty when that happens,
It was a scary experience, indeed
>don't you want to live in the rich west and leech off USbux for the rest of your life?


literally the worst kind of music

I can understand it. Asian women are more appealing than our german women, eventhough I don't understand how somebody could be aroused by their feet, or feet in general. They are more feminin in general.

weird but still way better than k-shit

this foot kraut's gotta go

I've come to shitpost without posting quality Finnish memes. Am I a bad person now?

Not the same one


so niggers are proud of their heritage and all but why do you never see a nigger out camping or enjoying outdoorsy stuff in general?
how can the brave hunters of africa be too pussy to survive in america's great outdoors?

Do you have more of this dream?

You tell me.

Ask /mämmi. Someone over there had bazillion Katja pictures.

they were kings who built pyramids, not savages you bigot

oh wait it's the white man's fault all over again

Already tried that and someone told me to ''not to bring up the autistic fuck''

>Ethiopian diet
So not eating at all?

this dude is the coolest mf


i wish i had some piece of jungle for myself to play in

Little bowl of broccoli and brussel sprouts buds

My mother was telling me about this bullshit but I had earbuds in. She told me something like
Is this a new meme for black people or something?

I've watched all of his videos

>i wish i had some piece of jungle for myself to play in


>being a piece of nigger scat

Have you ever been to America?


yeah i walked the appalachian and pacific crest

Just go to the ghettos. It's close enough.