I love Kazakhstan

I love Kazakhstan

I think they're pretty ok

Have you ever been in Kazakhstan?


He's from Brazil. How could it be worse?

Why rude?


I dislike it

I feel that it is one of the overrated countries on Cred Forums that people like for no reason

and I don't

this, I think they like it because of that girl on te OP-pic.

There's also another girl, some kind of model they all like with the blue eyed

why not?


What's happening?

our great shitty Khan - Nazarbayev is fucking corruptional traditionalist like Putin. Corruption, poverty, hypocrisy, shitty nature, stupid people - that's what this country is. We are not allowed to visit Cred Forums anymore, I should use proxy for it, Why do you think Kzstan should be good?



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4 chan is not blocked

Just a normal day here

come on, I managed to come here only after using friGate.
пpocтo мaмбeты кocopyкиe нe cпocoбны дaжe нopмaльнo для вceх зaблoкиpoвaть caйт.

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Probably your mom blocked vk and Cred Forums because of your stinky pants from cum

Btw you should use "https" not "http"
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