Poland is a pile of shit!

Poland is a pile of shit!

>poorest country in the world
>lowest IQ in Europe
>attacked tanks with sabres
>contributed nothing to the world
>patritioned 3 times

nuke it

>>poorest country in the world
Not true.
>lowest IQ in Europe
Not true
>attacked tanks with sabres
Mostly a meme
>contributed nothing to the world
Mikołaj Kopernik
Maria Skłodowska-Curie
>patritioned 3 times
And still survived, here you are

Sasha wypierdalaj.

wow really made me think huh

go get drunk, Marcin.

Russian poster is nice...
The armagedon is coming, isn't it?

>attacked tanks with sabres

Well Japs did the same during WWII but with their meme swords instead of sabres.

>>contributed nothing to the world

>Krzysztof Kieslowski
>Krzysztof Komeda
>Stanislaw Lem

can someone explain to me why there are so many anti-poland threads these days? i remember last month was only, "poland is the best country in eu,because of...." and "poland has the strongest economy grow in the eu etc."
did i miss something?

>did i miss something?
lack of sun, bear, sausages

I wish my country was as good as poland.

I wish Poland won't exist. It's fucking shithole. Everything is expensive, people are fucking shit, I want to kill myself, SJWs everywhere, just fucking kill me. Jebać Polskę i chuj

>I wish my country was as good as poland.

>poorest country in the world

whoops, picture did not upload

Polish posters have schizophrenia

>Everything is expensive
Isn't it?

>SJWs everywhere
What? Aren't you full nazi mode now?

>tfw no polish gf


Plexit when?


That's nice, thanks.

t. Semen Niczyporuk Jebiewdenko

>Plexit when?
i hope soon


Rusin when?

Germans are the niggers of europe

You did every bad thing in EU

Jebiewdenko to ciebie ojciec pajacu

Literally just come here for a week or two. Our women are massive coalburners, and judging by your flag you're tanned at the very least. Make some money before though, exchange to PLN, come to Warsaw and you're set.