You wake up in the USA

You wake up in the USA

What do?

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get shot

Go nigger bopping.

Creating shit in my pants.

Dress like hip, do it for the gang.

get lost

Make coffee and browse Cred Forums

Sit down behind my pc and browser Cred Forums.

try to go back to my own country

Go to Taco Bell or In'n'Out.

I "studied" 9 months in clapistan and delicious, decadent fast foods are literally the only thing I miss. This and 24/7 convenience stores too.

call my m8s and try find out what the fuck happened the night before looool

Start pants washing business.


>go to local mart

I buy a car on a 5-year payment plan, making sure to tip the salesman on the way out. After taking out another loan, using the car as collateral, I buy health insurance, dental and car insurance from God Bless Are Rights Ltd., spending only a third of my income on it- a good deal, if I do say so myself. I drive my car five miles (approximately 5667.67 king's cubits, for you benighted metric-using yuropoors) and then finally hit one of the several million potholes in the road (remember, funding the state department of transportation is socialism), lose a wheel, and crash into a telephone pole. After being taken to the hospital by Quik-2-Go Ambulances, the local private ambulance provider, I'm given a quick look in the ER at St. Ronnie's Health Clinic, and then am kicked out because my health insurance doesn't cover injuries from accidents. The bill for the fifteen minutes spent being looked at by a doctor is roughly the same as the national debt of Ecuador.

It's good to be free.

What part?

God bless

get fat

Go to local McDonald's and order cheeseburger

troll hilary

claim to be white to troll their census


haha, oh Korea I enjoy u

>canada trying to fit in with the Euros

there are no euros in this thread you fat loony bin

get robbed. Eat from a container. Be friendly with sewer rats. Become brothers. Start the rat revelation.

Get shot

Make fun of fat american then go home

Vote for Trump.
Go back home.
Hilarity ensues.


so funny

>St. Ronnie's Health Clinic
Somehow that made me giggle more than a bit tbqh

>Vote for Trump.
>Go back home.
>Hillarity ensues.

I think not.

I believe you have to be a Permanent Resident in order to vote, 2bh.

You have to be a citizen. A permanent resident is something else.

In n out is garbage dude you got memed

Get citizenship

Ah, my point stands.

watch the next space launch either in cali or FL

go outside and hang out or something. feel very happy for living in a civilized country

Get nervous because I will have to make use of my shaky english and heavy accent

what the fuck happened the night before?

You got drink on sperm again