Please visit Japan

Please visit Japan

Please invest in Russia so I could afford travelling to Japan.

Delete this.

No more boring shitty thread.

Please visit the USA.

Pic related: Baltimore


Oh, sorry, "New" Baltimore.
The dark ones have infested here.

sorry i cant speak japanese

if you pay for it



what for?


>implying tourists can speak a lick of 日本語


Tourism ?

Went there before, SUPERB. Although, I want to go to Russia instead, as it seems affordable there.

do I need to speak your retarded language even as a tourist?

Nope, but it helps a ton.

Some day maybe, I could stay for a long time, no one loves me in my own country, not even my mother...


Not until you apologize for Nanjing.


you can still be upper 5% among tourists with that japanese level

>real women advertising their replacement
Really makes you think.


I will next summer :) I was never as excited to visit another country before!

Two nukes clearly weren't enough.

Fuck off, little yellow slaves.
NUKE THEM!!!! Now!!!

you miss the particle が

Eh, it's fine, it's optional anyway.

How into cheap holidays in Japan. I would like to see cities and the countryside.

>asking about prices


It's could be new meme here. Or maybe it's only me.

ah, i learned it with the “ga“

english pls


No, fuck off