Why is tan skin more attractive than white skin and black/brown skin?

why is tan skin more attractive than white skin and black/brown skin?

>more attractive than white skin
Speak for yourself, I love albinos.

Pale skin is softer and ages more slowly.

Pale and tan are both nice, this is just an insecure brown huezillian

This is white. If you are not this white, then you're nigger

>tan skin more attractive than white skin

t. Chinggis

t: you know what

it looks like a boy

>mismatching eyebrow and hair colors

are you wanna die?

>those symian traits and bone structure

Reminder that Finns consider this shit pretty. Says a lot about the quality of their women

Completely wrong. There isw a reason pale redheads age like shit.


>not wanting a qt plain Jane gf

we have a different taste then. i prefer her to those generic scandi women

White women are ugly. White men, in the other hand.... delicious

Pale skin makes everything look better, even niggers.

this one is actually attractive lol

dear god

what about tania

u wot?

It isn't you fucking retard

Pale qts are best qts

Flat as cardboard


i like skinny and healthy women and big boobs are quite rare with them

but we like flat girls here

better, nose kinda big tho

Innocent as virgin

It's not.
This boy is pale and is pretty attractive.

Where is this from?

>autism hair
>overgrown pubs


Girls shouldn't be tan.

Bulgaria knows

>autism hair
kek, nice