Germany welcoming African refugees but won't let me move there as an American white

>Germany welcoming African refugees but won't let me move there as an American white

Wow I don't even

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Nobody wants to live with americans, m8

>American can't move legally to

Are you mentally challenged, do you have no qualifications or something ?

What's your point

Isn't it basically enough for everyone on this world to have a job here in Germany to move here?

I have a masters degree in education and teach 12 year olds in a public school

Have fun with that. Not even teachers from one state can work in another without problems.

1.What do you teach
2.Why can't you immigrate then?

Ask your stupid government.

t. Kiwi boipussi :3

No I am asking you Klaas van Koot

What is boipussi

>being white
>wanting to move to germany


well, you can always apply for asylum in Germany, like the Africans do.
But your chance of actually getting it isnt any better

They'll stay, asylum or not

what makes you think that?
please keep in mind that we sent the asylum seekers from balkan home after the kosovo crisis was over, aswell

Niggers everyone.

Why did these people make a giant dick? This is how they welcome rapefugees?
This guys are not the balkans, the balkan were well registered and taken care off and some even wanted to go home.
The Africans don't even want to go home even if home is safe, add to the fact that your government don't even know where all of them are (which is normal when a million of them come in a matter of months).
I'm not one of those reactionary people, but this people are here to stay, saying otherwise is delusional.

You think Syria and Afghanistan are going to get better? lool

Stars and stripes are the reason for modern terrorism, burgerboy

very interesting read
does it mean that blacks never evolved the ability of abstract thinking, or that their culture and languge rewires their brains in such a way that they are not very good with abstract concepts?

Lol keep being this naive Hans. It will be interesting how many Germans need to be hacked to death by terrorists until you finally get the picture

>Masters in education

Might as well have 6 years experience as a volunteer babysitter.

I teach all subjects for 5th grade

Tbh we are only cleaning up your mess.

If you only were able to tell how fucking ironic your statement is.

And the American school system is an even bigger joke than the German one.
>muh multiple choice

Do you even speak our language for a beginning?

Falls ja, sollten deine Bemühungen irgendwann auf fruchtbaren Boden stoßen, auch wenn sich hierzulande schon mehr als genug geistig zurückgebliebene Subjekte befinden.
Aber Dummheit ist ja leider Gottes eine Allerweltskrankheit, also wirst du hier mit der Ausnahme deines Akzentes und BMI's nicht einmal großartig auffallen.

>muh google translate

Non-whites are scum that should be kicked out of Europe, but yanks are cancerous as fuck too

what's wrong with america? Just move to a different city or state.