Paddy the ripper edition

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doing a post

Claiming this post for Charli


boss discovered a pepe i posted 2 years ago on facebook
now unemployed


taking a risk
having a punt
having a go

doing a thought


Unironically like the paddy the ripper gimmick

nth for actually kinda like this song

Me and the gf

Some pop person named pamyu or some shit

>ian duncan smith's grandma was japanese

doing something

want to systematically kill all canadians in ovens and gas chambers

her eyes are cute 2bh

still, fuck off nonce

reckon yank posters are the best here

fuck off

I'm going to go to the cashpoint that does fivers tomorrow and see if I can get one out

David Silva's mum is Japanese

hows that for "canadian bacon"

>tom waits

my nigga

Rate my m8

'Laura' Southern sounds like a tranny 2bh

New fiver feels weird lads

Too smooth

My gf's pussy is so pretty, it's always shaved and it's so neat and tidy, no pissy beef flaps. I just sat and played around with it earlier while she was doing something on her phone. Her labia is so nice and pink.

liking this fresh take

Never heard of her

Lauren you paddy sack

i had one but literally lost it


going to the chippy anyone want owt?

you tool

r8 my doge

Friends are so lame oh wow you drank Thursday guess Friday and Saturday of the only week of uni where we don't have assignments or papers we should stay in ffs need to meet new people

*starts singing*

pigs in a blanket
fry em like bacon

*pulls my greasy bollocks out of the deep fryer*

Take a bite, lads, be careful not to burn your mouth x

honestly think one of my m8s or someone has robbed it
suppose thats what i get for showing off

Howling just thinking about the kind of utter leveret that would make such a post

incoherent babble
absolutely abhorrent
expect nought less from a leaf

I can't, I'll get banned. Imagine a nice cameltoe pussy, but perfectly shaved and pristine.

qt gf and salt n vinegar crisps please mate

this fucking mad man

hello, inbreds.

i hate you all

come awwwwn eeeeen
big dik bitch dawt kawm

doing a get drunk at 9am on sunday

t. highly sexually frustrated man

you are talking about me, right?

bye lads
decided to kill myself by a marijuana overdose

Daily reminder that ut us not me who is being unreasonable ut us ye

Craigavon sent the Specials out,
To shoot the people down,
He thought the IRA were dead,
In dear old Belfast town,
But he got a rude awakening,
With cannon and grenade,
When he met the first Batallion,
Of the Belfast Brigade.


Don't worry , you're going become a legend.
Post the pics

might go to bed

might not


Didn't you do a get drunk at 6am on a Saturday?

still impatiently awaiting miley cyrus sex tape

is she older than 8?

no that was yesterday

If you're going to post a photo of the new fiver, at least post a decent one.

unlocking my potential

nice cat

>work on monday

what would you do if the Daleks invaded Britain tomorrow?

I want an icelandic qt ;(

Teach Irish.

*locks it again*
*throws away the key*

pfft, nothing personnel kiddo

why are you posting my bunny x

>how do you not have facebook?

Who's the fatty?

holy shit that's beautiful

katie price is one of the worst people to ever live


it's really nice 2bqh

It also has the added bonus of pissing off the indians


*runs around in circles*

Any good hunting woods in England lads?

>tfw having to dumb down my gimmicks so /brit/ understands them

oh the pains of being a genius... woe is me....

She's 35 but she has the pussy of an 18 year old. Honestly mate I can't believe my luck. My previous gf was 23 and her pussy was completely busted.

london, a real concrete jungle

post the best girl

Loose Women star Katie Price has made a shock prediction that rock legend Meat Loaf will be dead soon, slamming his decision to go on the ITV show last week and urging him to get rest.

It comes after fans took to Twitter to express their concern after the 68-year-old American singer, who recently collapsed on stage, appeared looking frail and complaining of a pinched nerve in his back.

The glamour model-turned telly fave, 38, revealed: “I think Meatloaf will be dead soon. I think he’s so frail. He just did not look well and I don’t know who wanted to put him on the telly like that.

"He needs to rest. When I was training to be a nurse before I started modelling, I used to lay out dead bodies and I know what dead people are like.”

>willingly giving all your personal data to an Amerifat mega-corp

cum on it

hope you're not planning on hunting foxes or i'll have you nicked sunshine

really want the new fiver lads haha



make me

Can you post the other side?

pic of the gf lads



It's tomorrow. I'm 20 years old today. No longer a teen.
Not sure what to make of this development yet.

Looks crap desu. Who fucking designed this shit?

still would though

looks terrible

me :/


plenty of pavement monksys in London and Birmingham to hunt

oh how i wish i was this dog

just went to the car wash

made me feel like i was in the future cause it was one of those laser washes that talks to you

felt like i was getting ready to be launched into space

>mfw Satanism was seen as a genuine threat back in the 90s

they had no idea what they were in for



reminder northern ireland is not a first world place

not too bad
have a few of them myself

ah yes

i remember when i turned 20
suddenly everything started to make sense. instantly got a wife, 2 kids and i had a very bright career ahead of me

free nothern ireland (to the tune of free tibet)



Drinking a nice stout from Florida lads

honest question does either ireland or the UK really WANT northern ireland

seems like it'd be more trouble than it's worth



want to watch a yank space launch. shame you're restricted to a radius of about 10 miles

me on the right

*puts all the runts into hufflepuff*

Are slavs the last tough european people on earth?

it was to my knowledge that Northern Ireland didn't want to be "free" as you immaturely put it

always thought that they preferred being British

check this one out
its from 1908
i have loads of george coins so thats not so cool


should I go for it lads

haven't had a (you) yet

might call it a night

>seems like it'd be more trouble than it's worth


i think you stole this joke

Why are southern posters so mean? No one from NI ever makes anti Irish posts, so I don't see why we get so much abuse.

this side is way better


What store is that posted on?

2D girls, take your 3DPD somewhere else

Northern Ireland is filled with terrorists

They pay in pounds in Direland now Paddy?

jesus the women in that programme were ridiculous

spoke too soon

Ok I'll bite. And I've included a photo of her lovely oiled up arse as a bonus. She's a spectacular woman.


go to a cash machine in a poor area. their machines are full of fivers, and they circulate new notes there because poor people immediately spend their cash on shite and get it circulating fast,

Original Series E will always be the best fiver.

who's that bint

>No one from NI ever makes anti Irish posts
doing a laugh at you

Good night

(here's a dilemma for you)

>No one from NI ever makes anti Irish posts

Come on mate you know this isn't true.

Are you daft?

There's constant anti Irish posting on every single thread you mong

I'm near the border

5 kids, fanny probably looks like the elephant man

>yank posts something tripe
>typing up a reply that'll make him cry
>realize he probably doesn't understand 80% of the words im using so I have to dumb it down to "SHART IN MART" otherwise it'd just go over his head

Well, at the very least it's pretty one sided la

>mfw somebody says something mean to me on /brit/

Absolute B A N G E R

when do i get to have the realisation that reality is a simulation and learn to develop a method to commune with the designers so that they may alter my physical form and my experiences to enhance and improve everything?


Where abouts? Im on South Armagh and South downs doorstep

she's probably had it reconstructed lad

omg, he wasn't lying


Lads if I post a pic of my gf do you promise to be fair and rate her honestly? No memes. No racism. Just your honest opinion of my gf.


um yeah fuck off :) x

Can we get rid of these fucking uppity Canucks?

this should be the official flag of Wales

the dragon flag was only officially adopted in the 1950s, it wouldn't be a huge deal to change it

our boy stevie


definitely not. The anti irish posters dont seem to be on tonight but when they are fucking hell...

do you come here often? nearly every thread some cunts saying gas the taigs

Neither is the rest of Ireland

>mfw Eurozone bailouts

she's black, isn't she?


>no racism

shan't bother to look at it

try again sweetie



yes go on

pirate scumbags

no, south american

gas the taigs

is fucking right

your a meme ethnicity. Your ethnicity is barely 300 years old. your only going to be a small blot on the timeline of Irish history for we will wipe you out.

Best post of the thread and everyone is ignoring it

Imagine if one of your parents died tomorrow

almost cried

r8 my song lads

I love spicy Latinas

paki detector off the charts

el mejicao otra vez jaja que lindo

argentinian right?

bit fat

the Cromwell lads

*nukes myself*



is anybody good at shading?
I can't colour stuff in for the life of me


Yes but it's heavily inflated by other, non NI posters from the UK. On the other hand you can tell when Irish lads slander NI.

will my mother die in her sleep if i don't reply to this post?

>Been wondering if your heart's still open and if so I wanna know what time it shuts

hahaha dede

Can I fuck that pussy with my massive eight inch cock?

You clearly have never been with a woman. She's not fat at all.


we're now living in a post-liberal age

western liberalism began to die in 2008, we had years of neoliberalism. it has now died in 2016

no, we have not returned to nationalism

this new stage is what we social scientists call "conservative socialism".

Tiocfaidh ar la

You're a lucky lad



how hard is it to drive in a right-lane country, say if I'm renting a car

I usualy give up after the flat colors

yea go for it ill post mine
dont ask about the hands, her idea shes fucking retarded

post pics of her

Piece of piss lad

Jeez, well played lad


My boss rented a car in Ireland and he said it was fine, so you'll be ok

Hmm wonder if that could have something to do with population numbers...

the chihuahua yip yip haha


>Posts a made up meme image
Ah yes, another retard

post toot

you get used to it
you'll want someone in the passengers seat directing you and reminding you to stay right
when turning, "look left and keep right" is a good thing to remember



Post her then you fucking dickhead

>meme ethnicity talking dung



more like



pogue mahone

hahaahahahah post the girl nigger ass

t. paki virgin

what a banger lads

literally wrong fucking do one

prefer this one

/wsg/ has the worst jokes.

We need to drop the sectarian bickering and fucking drop this mexican autist

whos with me bies?

literally who

You have a nigger nose. KYS

fuck me, second time I've done that this week

you are quite handsome

whatre ya sayin by

got the candles going and the flubromozolam down me gob


And around that time.. I went from being cadet to krepts cousin :/

a candle


Speak for yourself

Can you suck my dick with those lips?

*jams a knife inbetween your two front teeth and slices a 4 inch cut into your gums*




paddy scumbag

why do autists always fall in love at bus stops

honestly don't believe the krauts ever stopped being barbarians

it's in their nature to want to destroy europe

i mean not even the pakis want that- they want to conquer europe and convert its populace to islam, but they still want europe to exist

the eternal german just wants total annihilation of europe


Day 1 of calorie deficit and not feeling shit yet

Wonder if there's anything to just having a meal you like once a day

The most successful I've ever been at losing weight (obese to healthy bmi) I'd have a fucking lovely ciabatta everyday and I wonder if that's easier to maintain than having nothing but chicken or something.

Alri Ahmed.

>tfw really want to post pictures of the ex gf cos shes really hot
>tfw too scared to post it
im not going to but she is hot lads
just trust me

*rubs car battery acid into your gum wound*

fantastic post

Had to google this

kill yourselves fucking scumbags

btw I'm the guy who posted this

>it's in their nature to want to destroy europe
You should try actually reading a book, you fucking paki idiot.


post la we wont even be able to find her if you change the image composition in paint. Literally no chance of a reverse search of that image then.

I even got a bar; even though the love's one way I'll still bang you in your face if you're talking about krept

Post it , you too will become a legend.

t. hans

should I watch the first mad max tonight or tomorrow

I might end up delaying it a week if I don't watch it tonight though


pick up a history book you retard

Post-relationship revenge porn is frowned upon in the UK, don't do it


In all fairness the moral man is right. Semi skimmed is sick and full fat is the good stuff.


literally, unironically the gf

would post my gf on here but she doesn't exist haha

the black gf?

>>tfw really want to post pictures of the ex gf cos shes really hot
>>tfw too scared to post it
>im not going to but she is hot lads
>just trust me

Rasheed with a fat cow

sorry lads

gotta be sensible on the tubes if i ever want to work for HM government


*gets into a shirt with another person*

she isn't attractive

>tfw all the pakis and leftists on facebook going mental about muh indian genocide

frank so called ocean

ah yes, a beautiful human woman

not black, south american

Better than a paki, Amir.

I know who she is, she's only 16 mate why are you being a nonce and posting pics of her? By the way I literally do know who she is, she's from Oxford and I know her mum.


no one caaares bra

heres mine haha

Yanks at it again

oh shit boys scraps going to go down now

you've just saved this from Cred Forums


Two very emotional choons lads, honestly just shed a tear

At least she doesn't give money to Starcucks

sharon stone has an IQ of 160

It's already been established ITT that there are real non-virgins on /brit/ mate

kek. yeah okay mate :)


*sets off a car bomb*

does the UK accept white immigrants? pic is me

Everyone here thinks you're just an attention-seeking liar. Probably a nigger

my gf's name is manuela

the penalty points system was actually a good thing now that I think about it

it used to be an absolutely lawless free-for-all driving here (to which the astronomical fatality rates can attest to) until they were brought in a few years back. granted its still very easy to pay off the cops if you get done (especially if you're a politician or rich) ... or, in my case, they just don't even care enough to report you for driving without L-plates and let you off

i want to believe

got this qt when I did a reverse image search :3

churchill was completely justified in his actions 2bqh

bit creepy that, don't post any more

don't get your hopes up lads. it's my literal gf from ecuador, she recently turned 20

disgusting paki


my cleaners name is manuela too

I'm one of them
If you think that's surprising in any way you should really fuck off to /britfeel/

of course they defend churchill but say shit against stalin

heavy choons :(


>literally, unironically the gf
You mean it's some poor lass you're stalking on fb and have decided to plaster her face all over /brit/

She still flashed her pussy on film so she can't be that smart


*gives you the signal*

>my cleaner

who cares though i mean really, nobody does

this is ALREADY a thread DOZY yank

Is it true drink driving's still really common in rural Ireland?

m8 was over in Donegall and ended up in some club in the middle of nowhere. Buses had gone around the surrounding villages picking up people but there was a car park and plenty of people drove there and back. Apparently the DJ even told people to stay safe on the roads on their way home at the end of the night.

no need to be rude lads, she's not a paki


*pulls the lever*

*looks into your eyes*
*points out how widely open they are*
*wonders if you think I would lie to you*
*wonders same again*

*there is, silly me

It's not the virginity thing that is being questioned. It's why you sad attention-seeking weirdos are so desperate to convince anonymous people on here that you have a gf like you deserve a fucking medal.

Creep pics are technically illegal in the UK

No she's really my gf. You won't find that image anywhere else on the internet because it was only sent to my whatsapp. I cropped it because she was in her underwear lel

>she's not a paki
She's a shitskin, you should end yourself.

No they aren't

t. doesn't have a gf and won't any time soon with that attitude

she's south american and her skin is beautiful and smooth 2bh :3

t. insecure paki

Yes they are, posting sexually suggestive creep pics on public websites is not legal here.

right lads, there are not one, but FOUR /brit/ threads up, and the custodian will NOT be pleased

>her skin is beautiful
looks like poo

t. Obama

>tune from Battle Hymn of the Republic
please don't appropriate are culture m8

Did you tell her you were plastering her mug all over Cred Forums?

t. massively insecure loner with issues around women

whatever you say hall monitor hahahahueahauhahah

getting my nightly dose of ephemeral rift and heather feather lads

Total bullshit, you've been meme'd. And there was nothing 'sexually suggestive' about that pic he posted

Obviously not. She's at work at the moment.

She's still a shitskin, you simple cunt.

t. paki sex pest who thinks rubicon and weed are the way to a girl's heart

t. pussy-whipped cuck

very much so

its 'socially unacceptable', but still happens at a ridiculous level in rural areas cause there isn't really any alternative

taxi rates are extortianate

brown skin is far more aesthetic than pasty white skin mate

Are you trying to convince us you actually have a gf?

Sure there wasn't, keep telling yourself that. And I know it was you who posted it, don't be silly.




>posting surfboard women

ah yes i love my women to resemble pigs