Would you date a tunisian Loli

Would you date a tunisian Loli

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How do I get one?

They look like my Portuguese neighbor's daughters hahaha

or being white with blue eyes and blond hair

>or being white with blue eyes and blond hair
You should stop this cucoldry

I'm white with hazel eyes and blond hair, is that good enough?

dont worry it doesnt apply to russian men.

they like cute things and money
they are obsessed with k-pop and Korean people

There are no blond people in Tunisia

They look almost exactly like girls from here

there are blond even redhair i know at least 5 red hairs

They're not lolis and no, but I would have sex with them if their vaginas aren't too gross.

the redhair with tattoo (inappropriate pic though)


Red hair is more common among sand niggers than blond. Besides, a lot of those blond kids become dark when they grow up.

Does femen trigger Tunisian kebabs?

>k-pop and korea
I thought this was just autistic interpals girls, not in real life

obsessed with 0 features asian babyface
we are hrissa not kebeb

Kdrama is mainstream in the Arab world
Previously Turkish drama was what's popular, it's still popular but Kdrama is taking over, specially among teenagers and college-aged girls

By the beard of Mohammed this meme needs to fucking die.

you don't like tunisian beauties user?

Why tho

>first and third from the left

Negro lips

You wish. They don't look manly enough.

I would give my kidney for the one on the right with the chinky eyes. More pics?

booking my flight rn

Let me put it this way, I wouldn't need the other 71 virgins.
Because it's going to end up in a whole new generation of weebs, only instead of Japan they're obsessed with Korea. Also, it's annoying af to constantly hear about

don't hate us user

Yeah, unlike those girly and femenine dutch girls

Oh God so incredibly hot.

So cute, I want one (for non-sexual reasons).

instagram link pls

same girl (i know her in reality)

how do people not beating their annoying asses?

that aside. i could consider it but they are overbearing rather deal with latinas

If all your girls looked like this you'd have a much easier time converting infidels Mohammed


implying that your people are better

Hijabs are a bit of a turn off for westerners tho

I think they are cute.

Why do you use turkish flag?

true hijabs make most women uglier

our flag just look like trukey

based tunisia

am atheist


>blonde child with already darkening hair
you are fooling no one ex-subject. i am a turk and even i had blonde hair as a child

What's Tunisia like? How common are cutie 3.14's with blow job lips like girls posted throughout this thread?

>Implying black hair isn't best hair
Dark haired qt's are the best thing about mena

You are going to trigger the HK Chinese poster

well she can ask this as she's fucking gorgeous





reading l'etranger made me want to have a qt pied-noir gf like marie

too bad they are all extinct now ;_;

I do pls

reminder your kids would be quadroons

Those are teens, not lolis.

Hello from Newark

Guide me, oh wise miboun

>allah created me free
Indian drama and movies are more popular than kshit and kshit is past its peak
Because the governor wanted independence without triggering the Sultan too much, so he made a modified version of the Ottoman flag

I don't want to go to jail.

nice genes we brought you from balkanlar




thats alot

Introduce me to her, Bilal.. PLEASE!

she is a korza(rich) and she rejected me :-( fuck her

FB-Instagram-personal photo
i'm seeing them growing user

3, 7, 5, 1, 4, 2, 6

Fucking normie.

sry :/

A tunisian women into portuguese stallions?

no one ever speak about Portugal (except speaking about cristiano) but they like stallion man of course and qt babyface men

>the cutest girls from arab countries doesn't look arabs but continental europeans

My cousin is a +6 feet, strong, blonde Serbian guy and he married a gorgoeus Tunisian chick waaay above his league


because Tunisian are not arabic user there is no pure race in tunisia we are all race mixed hybrid

meme, retard, vandals were genocided by the Byzantines

Nah they would be

une bande de vandales et de voyous!

come on sand niggers

She looks like this girl I know

know she is far better
information: she called Farah and live in Hamam sousse

i want make a lot of children with her


girl on the left is top tier, I like the exotic eye shape

it's not loli user

she grew up and become ugly ( pic)
she was 15/16 at the pic