Tfw too intelligent to enjoy parties and other normie frivolities

>tfw too intelligent to enjoy parties and other normie frivolities


and on Cred Forums????? with the flag?


>tfw fated to spam memes all the free time


I mean, some of you are intelligent, just not the Anatolians or Eastern ones... Istanbul Turks are on par with Europeans tho.


>triggered spic

atleast intelligent enough to be shitposting on Cred Forums

Better than a snownigger.

>tfw too reasonable to reply to cheap sarcasm

I feel you brainzil.


i remember literally complaining about the loudness in a party to a girl once

I actually complained because people wanted to talk to me or let me dance while I wanted to sit and enjoy the music, kek

make me dance*

there are parties in liechtestein?


>he's been to a party

you're just to autistic to enjoy other peoples company

Dont be mean to each other. Brainzil, funland, swedesia, americans,

We all are here because we have things in common. Ebrace this things. Embrace everyone

We need no party, we have each other in the Ă„ether.

>tfw too dumb to understand what this thread is about

Thank you based informatik student.


It's easier to endure imbecile people if you get drunk.

It's basically OP whining about how intelligence distances himself from other people. That's true, but it won't change by avoiding "normie frivolities" - he forgets intelligent people often engage in this kind of trivial shit as much as dumb people.

>tfw too smart to go to university

>tfw too normie to enjoy Cred Forums

>thinking about some pleb grade 9 intro calculus

>tfw too stupid to enjoy anything

>tfw calculus 2 exam on tuesday
>tfw only studied for 2 hours today

>tfw financial reporting, management accounting and stochastics exams in 1 week
>tfw I haven't studied at all yet..
Is there even hope?

>not frantically cramming for 5 hours in the middle of the night before the exam

Calculus two isn't that bad desu. The problem for me started with dynamics and those bullshit spheric acelerations. I struggle to visualize the picture when it's 3d.

Apples, caffeine, chocolate, late night study.

Almost nobody visualizes them in 3D, though. But as long as you got the concepts from 2D well, this shouldn't be a problem.

I take offense to that.

So OP is over developed in one area, apparently, but under developed in others? Your brain controls everything and is not just """""""intelligent. Logic, reason and empathy are the main growth potentials from 12-25 but lacking one affects the others. Being clever without empathy is only half a man andd reason depends on both.

i'm not underdeveloped

they're underdeveloped to me

von Neumann didn't have a problem enjoying himself at parties.

OP is an autistic monkey and isn't even half as smart as he think is.

>mfw nobody wants to talk politics or philosophy
>Except one grill
>Have dream about being her bf
>wake up

I don't get why everybody thinks I'm smart at a party while I'm such an idiot. It must a big meme on site I'm not aware of.

>too intelligent
m8, ur just homo

on Cred Forums / int, discussing many topics weak. usually people soon depart for offense, not that it makes the less intelligent people, but the conversations become less intelligent

small wars of words

peace is a caring state of being human, we would create a war only to get out of the routine.