America edition

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bit early

what was

God bless.

this thread was first move there

but I despise americans

yea i know lad
i'm a horny bugger tho
need to keep myself occupied so i dont get bored and have one for the sake of it


this is an excellent edition

In Paris lads

going to sleep

anyone joining me?

why the fuck did you just quote my post


toilet is making a high-pitched electronic noise

This THE Cali yank or just A Cali yank?

lads i dont even fit in abnormie sites
im something else i tell ya

just a cali yank

I never visit this dump

shit edition

how do I make friends?

ummmm please don't swear in /brit/ please sweetie x thank youuuu

Thank you for your input. The internet tells me it is balanitis caused by fungal infection and my cock will look like the left of pic related and my foreskin will melt off if it remains untreated..


shan be posting in this thread

Bit rude
I visited your dump (Hollywood)


shart be posting in this thread

unironically similar to this (Anglo-Indian)

Southern California's a shithole, you missed the good parts of the state

nice cock

shan't be viewing this thread
not one pixel reached my retina


guarantee that I have bigger lats than anyone in /brit/

white american

>tfw nothing to contribute

fuck off paki cunt

>anglo indian

Shame about the indian part

I went San Fran, Hollywood, Santa Monica and around LAX

this wouldnt have happened if you obeyed god and cut off your penis sheath

i knew a 9/10 half indian who was a top qt


doubtful lad im unironically 6'4 and built like a brick shithouse

Cred Forums is the most influential website on the planet


those are kinda good places

thunked a thought

>Just four of the places I went is enough for a FOB
Haha I better shut up now then


runt tier

it is
brown people avoid me because they think I'm white
white people avoid me because they think I'm brown

Portuguese people like me because they assume I'm Portuguese


post yours x

Why aren't they brown?

seriously guys I'm not feeling great atm and I don't know how to make friends, any help will do

guarantee that I have bigger nads than anyone in /brit/

swear the one on the left got a leg way bigger than the other

he didn't say >Northerners

Imagine not being from the SOUTH WEST

Ah yes

>cheeky knickers showing
would've wanked to this when i was in secondary school
top pic

you can be friends with me mate

*puts my hand on your leg*

maybe more..


t. alberto barbosa

do you wish you were english, lad?

Yeah, she runs in circles


keep getting told I'm skinny as a 'lat'
>I don't even know what the fuck a 'lat' is

whats a lat?


have you just started uni?

just watched don't breathe lads

pretty scary t bh

find someone who likes the same stuff as you


it's literally horrible
i dont want to imagine it anymore

how do people afford to mortgage
literally £4000 a month



unironically hate indians more than pakistanis. most pakistanis I've met are okay, indians on the other hand are fucking rude and try to cheat everyone any way they can

lattismus dorsi muscles, aka your lats

I can barbell row 80 kg 4x8 doubt it

fuck off paki

weird music

>tfw 5'4 and built like an Icelandic bricklayer

just about to, not had to make friends in years

proper anxious like

Well it's not though, is it
More like £600

>christian necklace

An absolute fucking choon

youd never hear this on the Irish charts nowadays


please listen and enjoy x

literally every meme comes from here
name a more influential site

baka desu senpai

>tfw 5' 3" nu male and built like a Brixton cereal cafe

Mine bigger than yours and his

don't think 100k houses exist mate

Well my dad's English, and I've spent most of my life in England and so have my parents.
Culturally, I'm practically as English as English people come, it's just that if I go to my mum's family's house, there's always Indian food on offer
Ethnicity wise, sometimes I do, but sometimes I don't. Some girls actually really like the fact I'm dark, but not a paki or black

You say that, and apparently there's a lot of Portuguese on my mum's side as well as Indian, but not as much.

b urself

Just did lad. Made me sweat a little.

>Best beaches
>Best countryside


rate his bars


Yeah but you don't get the mortgage on the entirety of the price

he could have beaten tyson in a street fight

bet you hate churchill though. you know, for what he did to the indians.

Going to bed lads, someone tuck me in? :3

I have the beefiest most muscular arms on /brit/ too

fuck it i am the most unironically muscular man on /brit/ and id kill you all

shant be posting fucking machines

would VERY much like a seattle gf

how do they work then

it's that fucking nationalist icelanders fault that you know about this song, isn't it?

my mind is like a road to enlightenment

>number of memes invented: zero

it might be hard for you to do, but if someone asks if you want to go out, don't make excuses like "i'm tired" or "I have lectures at 9 in the morning tomorrow", but at the same time don't become a Lad's Lad because that isn't you

You need to find the right balance between being yourself and being sociable with the normies

I highly doubt they (the ones telling me) know that

it must come from somewhere other than some obscure muscle

You put down a deposit out of your own money and get a mortgage for the rest


>1 point 6 MILLION views

Has the blackpool grime scene gone too far?

lat muscles arent obscure and i have no clue what skinny as a lat even means

>BUYING a house when you can rent and hop from house to house whenever you like


i am a quasi-normie

LITERALLY tumbler: The Village

Couldn't give a shit about the Indians

From what my grandmother has told me about full blooded Indians (she was born there and moved to the UK when she was like 10 or something and is also Anglo-Indian), they deserved it.

Get out now!
You have nothing to offer us!

>paying somebody else's mortgage and never seeing your money again


guilty, as charged

goodnight lads. one luv

couldn't give a shit about the city itself mate

>tfw get over 200 likes on every one of my profile pictures on normiebook
>get 300 likes on instagram

im a fucking normie and i come here to laugh at you semi normies and relish in your despair

>Ahhh yes why would I live in one place where I can continuously pay to never settle down and face numerous logistical challenges

Blackpool should be nuked, bulldozed, rebuilt, and inhabited by the likes of people from Lancaster, the Ribble Valley and Lytham St Annes

t. Lytham dweller

You know what lad, I like you.

Are you up to your knees in Fenian blood?

you only BUY a house if your name is keith and you have 4 kids

I am neither of those

id heem you cunt

Iranian paralympic road cyclist died today in an horrific accident. Broken neck followed by a heart attack.

>numerous logistical challenges
such as?????

will do xoxo

cheers lad

Link me now link me later
Owe me money better bring me paper

V good edition

>tfw liking basically every picture the polish qt posts these days

alright thats it ive come to the end of my fucking tither




Post nice webms

Good lad

>tfw 'likes' mean literally nothing to people who don't go on normie social media sites

might call the lad working at subway a nigger


*shoots you*
*receives thanks for everyone in this thread*

fun fact: mortgage literally means death pledge

there are people ITT who don't rent


The only decent loyalist tune is actually the billy boys and MAYBE the sash my father wore

Every republican song is a fucking banger and well produced too unlike the unionist shite which sounds like it was recorded in willie ulstermans garage


*stands up*
*looks around*
that yank over there said the potato famine was hilarious and he could twat any irish man

sort him out, lad.

*gives you a knighthood*

Arise, Sir Icelad of /brit/



this is an exceptional webm
warms the heart

fuck off cunt

throw yourself into a volcano

is this true you fucking yank bastard? whats your name son?

don't know what this is and I hope it doesn't get me banned haha


don't settle for a boy who's not ready to be a man. you already have a pussy, you don't need another one.

This shit is lit af desu

Hey man, stfu
I was joking when I said that and a lil drunk

some fat yank called me a nigger today at work

Deeply concerned for the mental health of the so called 'paddy the ripper'

Jets can't reach orbit you fucking ruminant

when will they learn?

what happens when all the available men are pussies?

ill rip through you cunt

im quite literally a gargantuan chap


Naw dude, I'm half Irish myself, I love you guys

Here lemme buy you a pint

unironically me on the chair haha

Any abstract feels lads


>Being so low you're chasing chimps
A sickening spectacle.

>tfw got approved by bank for mortgage cause secure job and savings
>tfw living comfy rent-free life in late grandparents country house in the meantime until I find a house I like to buy back in the city

feels good man

Friends are so lame oh wow you drank Thursday guess Friday and Saturday of the only week of uni where we don't have assignments or papers we should stay in ffs need to meet new people

>sticking your hand up a girls arse even though she's clearly avoiding you
fucking hell

might get a subway lads

black helicopter over my property line

cannot be happier with the union between scotland and england lads.

It's the rest that really lets the union down

This is why you ended up like this
You push away everyone close to you

My rabbits don't like fruit desu

All they eat is bloody grass, lettuce and pellets


Flying my Blackhawk over this nerds house
Should I blow him up?

violated the NAP you have the right to shoot it down

woah rabbits can be calcified automatons too


try banana

mine go absolutely mental for it x

feed them some dandelions and dock leaves lad


olympic sport idea:

Is that the Algerian freak that posts on here?


pics x

are rent leases volatile?

could you technically live in a place for several years?

stay woke my friends

this photo looks quite hi res for such a small file


how you going to blow him up with a blackhawk, they don't carry bombs or missiles you dip



the government has no right to tell you what you can or can not own

how much of the space above my house do i own?

could someone build an oil pile line 1km above my house without needing my permission?


Sanding down my great grandfathers trench knife

going to put a patina on it and paint it in rust eating metallic paint

then im going to insert all 12 inches of it into your neck la


I'm gonna fucking blow you up next you nerd


battlehawk package

the government told me i don't actually own any of my gimmicks

christ the nigs facial expressions wdc there

oh my
this certainly stimulates the phallic region


this 2bh

want to keep my nuclear waste on my property who are they to tell me im ""irradiating the nearby land""

feet desu

She's so overrated

I don't make the rules buddy

Cutie Dorothy on her way to her magic fix



see that little kid get wiped out


don't have any of them eating banana but this is my female

she survived a nasty bout of e cuniculi with no disability
very proud of her desu

watching the 'jo


She came from Greece she had a thirst for knowledge
She studied sculpture at Saint Martin's College
That's where I
Caught her eye
She told me that her Dad was loaded
I said "In that case I'll have a rum and coca-cola"
She said "Fine"

This came today - Irish just got ANGLO'D

Is she ded?


>giving money to yanks
Fuck off

anyone want to see my great grand pappies trench knife? its scraped to fuck and missing a handle but it was still passed onto me and im going to restore it

forcing a patina into it then painting over the scrapes in rust eating metallic paint

its a 12 inch blade, standard issue

I think in the US it's like 1000 feet or 330 meters

could heem like 10 manz if u come 2 my endz i swear on my nans grave

me floating away


>keeping pets

beyond narcissistic

you got CELTED lad

allah must have willed it lad

me slipping on the viscera of my fellow pilgrims and nearly breaking my neck like a twat

didn't watch and am not going to watch cause why the fuck would anyone keep a fucking rabbit as a pet??

what the fuck do rabbits even do? my cousin had a pet rabbit years ago and it just literally sat there doing absolutely nothing; just sat there staring into nothing like something from One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest


>getting an Irish passport

They clearly didn't get anglo'd considering you're a fucking celt paddy



u wot m8?

Greater London

This is how I imagine all the northern posters


no silly she's happy

rabbits lay like that when they feel comfy


Is that England's Brave Jackie Wilsh?

naww little rabbit
made me do that thing when you're happy

>tfw when eligible due to dad being born in NORN
>female ancestors didn't get MICK'D

Really want to doxx Greater London. Not leaving /brit/ until I do.

It's obvious she wants to show off her fanny but she doesn't want people to call her a slut

>only eligible for British passport and northing else
feels bad

you've gotta let me go. Are we human?

I have 3 cats you runtoid


>been told i snore loudly
now I can't even enjoy sleeping

>you only """own""" 330 metres above your house
>implying """the government""" own the sky above you
Fuck that. If I want to build a 1000m tall tower in my backyard i fucking will, who are the so called "government" to tell me what to do?

>not being a filthy half breed

want me to help

wtf he throws the cigarette on the wheelchair guy at the end, fucking madman

>tfw never snore
>never move an inch

I'm basically a corpse when I'm asleep

kill yourself. if you snore you are literally subhuman. I'd kill a snoring faggot if I had to sleep near one

Not a Celt, my dad is an Ulster-Scot

CHRIST why do you hate me so much
I look at the archives and your guesses are 70% wrong

I live in Kensington if you want a start

may possibly do a Train Simulator lads

shut em down open up shop
ohh noooo
thats how ruff riders roll

howd that hamster grow so big, or is the dog really small


o my days

jotaro is red pilled af

It was a joint I think
Pretty sure he's called "weed Jesus" or something, he's a guy that walks around LA smoking weed with people.

why is America so weird?

Mine could absolutely heem yours desu

Oh. My mistake then.

what's the point of the capybara
what is it good for

Remix is better

moving to hong kong lads, any advice?


actual meme ethnicity


Yeah, I'll take all the help I can get
I don't hate you at all, I find you interesting
>30% right
still pretty impressive, and I bet you're understating it

if cara had a willy she'd be a man

>remix is better

that cara webm cancelled out all the cosy webms
not im just erect



Don't speak in Mandarin to the locals
Learn a few Cantonese phrases since older folk's English isn't that good or non-existent

And if my grandma had wheels she'd be a bicycle

Why are British inbreds so ugly?

Who dat?

actually guffawed at this one, take your (You)

>ulster scot
you can just say inbred lad we know what you mean

not necessarily
you for one have a penis, but you are still barely a man

imagine not being born and raised in the midlands

absolutely pathetic

Hey lads

>I find you interesting
For what reason?

All I do is rant about architecture off-flag

Perhaps stop focusing on our lower classes

Because they are inbred you bellend.

just end it

Hello hello we are the billy boys

were up to our knees in fenian blood surrender or you'll die

as a fenian i must say, quite a catchy tune

Stroking the plastic fiver again lads

aren't ulster scots just scottish but living in ireland

M I D L A N D S B O Y S 2 0 1 6

pia miller

your granny is a bike waheyyy

nah, not going to bother with that. heard pretty much everyone there speaks english

imagine not being born in the south east and and raised in the south east, north east, north west, and the US

absolutely pathetic

answered your own question there lad

Why are there so many low-class inbreds?

yea I saw that earlier
fucking laughed

t. London cuck

Hey, teacher
leave those kids alone

>tfw only have a paper fiver

2bh its the upper classes that are mostly likely to inbreed

it's 2016, now women can have penises too
and if that isn't a sign we're already living in the future, I don't know what is

>not wanting to be a meme ethnicity

this happened on 9/11 as well

allah works in mysterious ways sometimes

wouldn't mind a plastic fiver right now

Not sure really. When - *when* - I doxx you I won't kill you or make it public or anything, I'll just go "hmm, well now I know".

there aren't.


would absolutely ravage her

I dunno mate but it's funny af

does anyone else here ever get the feeling that they're wasting their lives

i would


Tig ol' bitties

cracking chebs

look fake

prefer real norks 2bh

Ant and Dec ought to be murdered.


may purchase this lads

wood berry

Literally obese

i thought she was absolutely peng back then

shit that nostalgia with the hair and the white bikini fuck you really triggered something with that pic


tell that to her brother x

when i first started dating my girlfriend i was so used to sleeping alone that i would punch her in the face while i slept whenever she touched me. id be dead to the world, she'd try to cuddle and i'd just fucking rail her, mumble something incoherent, and pass the fuck out.


And she's somehow not peng now?


she's an old chavvy slag with fake tits

i miss my blissful ignorance



dreamy hip hop instrumentals with a thick lo-fi bass tbqh


literally spasticated

The average American woman weighs 166 lbs
That's like 75 kg

Fucking fake ass shit, shit the fat sharters you damn Britbong