Will marrying a Mexican bring shame to your family in your country like it does in America?

Will marrying a Mexican bring shame to your family in your country like it does in America?

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>Will marrying a Mexican bring shame to your family in your country like it does in America?
in Spain yes, sudacas, moroccans , romanians,gypsies are shit tier

No, i would only marry a south american

What about slavs?

I honestly do not know a single person who cares about race

romanians are slavs? or not?

>American flag
Nice shitpost m8

No one cares about race in the best generation (1980-1997) besides edgy poltards and old people

No, they are gypsies.


Dating a foreigner would be pretty cool actually

I'm white and I only shower twice a week.

Then why i always see people from your generation talking about "white people things" or "black people things" or "omg that's soooo white"

Where is your Australian proxy?


Because edgy poltards like to spread their euphoria everywhere, also every person from the South is inbred and brain-dead yet likes to post here

we consider romanians eastern europe/slavs

I shower virtually every day but on some weekends I get too lazy for that and skip bathing on Saturday, like today...

shockingly uninformed statement.

he isn't talking about just whites you fucking birdbrain

>marrying a Mexican
>bring shame to your family in America
Literally no one would care

t. cleetus dixieboo

This desu

Marrying someone who's black is really the one big taboo left in the states.

really? i don't know about american society but spaniards considered south america = poor people


is the stereotype of conservative couples of the bible belt cheat their husband/spouse with men/women of other races true?

You have been doing this ALL DAY for several months, don't you have nothing better to do? Only uneducated spaniards hate Latin Americans, most don't give a shit about us, you are probably just mad because you can't handle argie or /lat/ banter

Yes every person residing in the bible belt is in fact a cuck even though their spouses are usually their relatives. Remember, the bigger the truck the smaller the dick


post qt mexicans plz

My parents said they would be fine with any group other than Africans or Muslims.


te equivocas si piensas que es solo 1, pasate por forocoches y hay veras la verdadera sociedad española,os llaman sudacas, y sobre todo panchitos

t. Bradley Greenbaum

con razon ""sois"" tan retrasados

I am greek

kek, in California marrying a Mexican is the norm. Literally half of all couples I see here are spic/white.

soy mitad español mitad italiano, y asi os llaman , a nosotros nos tienen cariño

latin americans are not humans and should be purged

I don't understand why degenerate, vulgar and deviant things associated with communism, USSR.
In USSR media, society there was literally none of these kind of things, deviant things usually did not pass censorship and looked down upon.

It was always west that had these kind of things, say it sexual revolution and so on. Yet poltards always bring marxism or some shit to explain degeneracy in their countries.

>Tfw no white qt muscle boi will ever date you because its shameful to even acknowledge you. -_-" just fucking kill me

Degeneracy is a retarded term. Only stormniggers/nazifags/marxist idiots actually believe in "social degeneracy"

we learned from the best


chicanos smell like shit

Neza City is not in Mexico City.

Then why am I single?????????????

Because commies outside of the USSR were a pretty degenerate bunch.

>Soviet media

This. Most Americans are too individualist for that to matter. What concerns most families is their members' partners' education, success level, religion, etc. There might be an awkward comment or two, but family shame would be such am extreme, rare reaction.




Because you're either
Or all of the above. Also you're here, which means you're probably a fucking loser on top of that. The Chad spics have no trouble getting pussy at my university.

I only see that in San Francisco honestly. I live in San Jose, and I rarely see Asians with Whites. I won't deny that it's popular as well though.

Tfw 170

>outside of the USSR
I'll need to take a look at those folks and their deeds one day.

By Soviet media i mean films, animations, tv shows etc. they were pretty decent nothing wrong with it.

As you say lad.

1. That's not a Mexican
2.Been to plenty of weddings with upper class Americans marrying Mexicans and no one had an issue, even one with a Spaniard. I supose if you're conservative and uneducated there might be some stigma but I'm really not educated enough to speak on the habits of trailer trash
3. Needless to say, not an issue here.

I guess


>mexican name

smells like a mexishit to me

You probably also have warped standards.

Well you're an uneducated piece of shit then aren't you dumb fuck?

they don't even care about their own children

>pic is from miami aka americans

>american parents OD while driving with kids.jpg