Post historical events you would have loved to participate in

Post historical events you would have loved to participate in

Reported to the authorities

Why Germs haven't learn the lesson?

Triggering the poles of Cred Forums

I'm telling Merkel

I wish I could save him..

Also, was it really worth it getting genocided from everything east of Oder because one single self determining city you would be given eventually either way?

My Motherland is banned at this shitty western forum, so I took this nice pollish IP to answer you. I wish we may liberate germaƄska one more time.
Wih regards, ur Dmitrii.

I just wished Cred Forums existed back then
imagine the banter

Siege of Leningrad

I really want to throw a molotov cocktail into the tank's air ventilation and wait for the crew to jump out after that.

I wish I could remove kebab with the Serbs

>be Polish

>roleplaying as russian
are you really that butthurt that you live in a weak and powerless country that never had the upper hand over germany?

1565 killing some turks.
we started removing kebab before serbia was a thing.

Would have loved to be in a wwi trench. 2 weeks of hanging out with men my age and then die a hero.

Would like to be stationed in Faroe during the war living a comfy existence airport building and impregnating locals

>First crowned king of Serbia

>Knight's of saint John acquire Malta as their own land

Real talk, this must've felt amazing.

>One watch on each wrist

>Is Russian

I'm more than confident he stole those


The ultimate cucking. In a way, it'seems still happening now

They edited it out in the Soviet magazines, as it was a sign of plunder.

>impregnating locals
unlikely to happen, you would be competing against the local men and 8.000 scottish soldiers over what couldn't be more than a few hundred young single ladies.

>that never had the upper hand over germany
Of course we did have. Know your place, teuton ape.

it's not like the Germans didn't deserve it

yes it would be great but still this flag is such a fucking garbage

nazi flag looks much better

>beating some tiny monastery order
>acting as if they have beaten the whole germany

To be real, Prussia was the shittier part of brandenburg Prussia which name they only adopted since it was outside the HRE and they wished to be KANGZ.