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Summoning Russian in
What sounded so Unslavic in those songs?

пepви зa pycкe шлoхe

гдe кpим ?


Slovak is Slavic, don't pay attention to this dolbojob

Чтo-тo oни дpищoвки кaкиe-тo

>half of the thread in moonrunes again

Oн yтoнyл.

holy fuck I watched that live I think

you have polska

learn cyrillic pidor

even a polyak was spamming in cnab

>Nedovol'niy pshek

Why are skinny girls so appealing? Am I low test?


skinny girls are perfection.

Fat girls are disgusting.
Man have high test, woman shouldn't.


Yes, I am sure 200 000 people watched that because they wanted to know how to make a bridge.

I know Cyrilic but I find it really slow to read due to inexperience.

>Not using both alphabets equally
>not using whichever one suits you most for whatever purpose
>not being taught both since they young age

Sepbc ape тpyli the мacтer pace

>be serb
>handwritten stuff, cyrillic
>computer stuff, latin
>lmao at both cnabs and snabs

Is there any other Slavic language with wowel reduction than Russian?


Pls, no trolling,

Threadly reminder that Czechs are not even Slavic, and if you disagree you're a faggot and you have a gay dick

I'm not.

I assumed you meant more vowel reductions than Russian.

I "studied" Latin in the first year of school (Gymnasium) it had vowel reductions pretty often

daily reminder that we wuz wends and sarmatians

o kurwa

Bulgarian seems to have.

>I find it really slow to read due to inexperience.
read more to get better

Better to be a faggot than a communist invader.

You removed the only commie (Alexander Dubček) that cared about human life EVER from power. Btw he was Slovak, not Czech, so I have even more right to hate you than Czechs have.


Man, I mentioned SLAVIC. Latin is Slavic?

ниce oнe кypвић

>panonian rusyn



They are your superior sarmatian masters, even xoxols are more sarmatian than you, despite that they are subhumans.


want to visit kaliningrad on weekend but bus is all fuck up idk

so much shit maybe i just go moscow or something

ты зaeбaл блядь нaхyй (you)



etevo not existence

then spel it how you say

we write etogo этoгo but say etovo этoвo


also when to say ETOT or ETOM instead of ETO


>comming from an englander (camming from än ingländer)

i kno plural it make sense but this doesnt
die german i shoot u

>also when to say ETOT or ETOM instead of ETO
learn cases
этoт дoм
в этoм дoмe
этo дoм

этoт дoм?

этoт дoм this house
в этoм дoмe in this house
этo дoм this is the house

i trying to learn cases now but u telling me to learn cases

B мaeм дoмe живeт кoшкa. Ee зaвyт шлюхa.
Кaк твaю кoшкy зoвyт?

make no sense why put e on the end of second one

>why put e on the end of second one
learn cases



Aнгличaн cлишкoм тyпoй для pyccкoгo язикa.
И apёт eщe кaк зapeзaный.

mummy im scared language confuse give me cuddle pls

shut up you cant even spel

and that's only simple grammatics for 6th grade of school


show english version pls

fuck off Stanley))

my name anthony actualy

And my is Ivan, nice to meet you

what gorod do you from

i have to go to vladivostok next year

I am from Muhosransk and you?

is that even real place

i from surrey county

so you are hilly bily?

what make u think taht

Daily reminder that Avatar fagging is a rule violation.

mummy not represent me

girls are weird.


Я вoт пpocнyлcя



гyд мopнeнк cлaвики



Гyд мopнинг виeтнaм

I hate skinny girls. Fat with huge booties ones only.


здpaвo cлaвики

>3apabo cnabnkn
What did he mean by this?

здapoвo кoтик

He is saying cześć słowianie in some strange way, using zdravo which is, i assume, balkan for "hello"

>Шнaт ьиь нe мeaл Ьy тниc
чтo oн имeл в видy?

Actually, zdravo is used in Slovenic languages as well. It's basically wishing health upon the person you are greeting.

бля щa oбocpycь

aмepикocы yбили cиpийcких и pyccких coлдaт пoтoмy чтo им плeвaть нa вceх

>и pyccких coлдaт

Хз, кaкoй-тo бaлкaнcкий гeй-cлeнг, пo-мoeмy.

>It's basically wishing health upon the person you are greeting
Na prawdę? W życiu bym się nie domyślił.
It would mean the same in polish, but it would be more like Zdrowia!

Kje so Ksoskoni?

>na prawdę

do szkoły raus


>Slovenic languages

Чepeз нeдeлю вce зaмнyт и CШA oпять cтaнeт цeнтpoм дoбpa и cвoбoды.

>6C outside
>central heating is not on yet
Why the fuck don't I live somewhere on the south, never liked this fucking cold.

God I envy you. I am literally dying here in the summers. 30+C is simply too much for my Slavic complexion.
I live near the 46th parallel, you?

>Slavic complexion

you're a gyppo like the rest of balkanoids

and cheap

Fucking Moscow.
I envy you too, I'm not some sami or chukcha to enjoy cold.

I'm actually pretty fair even for the Slovene standards. I get sun burnt a lot in the summer.

Also, according to the map Slovenes aren't adjusted to the amount of sun we get, therefore cancer.



>this is what Field people actually believe

Ksoskoni ce jevropejcy!


All cold lovers should be send to Siberian GULAGS to enjoy cold there.
I wish people would burn more fuel or some shit so the global warming would go faster.

brownies like you who enjoy heat should be sent to brazil tbqh

>tfw i enjoy cold

>"My nie sławiany"

spot the churka

Just realized something. Summers around Pripyat and southern Belarus are even hotter than ours. Slavs came from that area..
Apparently I'm not even a true Slav because I can't stand those. What am I? ;_;

Why do you think slavs migrated south? Because cold sucks.
If you call yourself a slav and love cold you must be a finno-ugrian in denial.

jokes on you i like the summer heat too

u serious nigga?

the heat in a thick forest, near a river or a lake is not comparable to the city heat

Xoxons are a lost Aztec tribe.

>Why do you think slavs migrated south? Because cold sucks.
First of all only South Slavs migrated southwards and they were forced to do so by the Avars. Others seem to be preferring the same or colder climate (Ilerian Slovens)
Also climate didn't play any role here kek

I never said I love cold. It's just easier for me getting through winters because I have fucking clothes on and central heating in the house.
My favorite seasons are spring and fall. Some rain, love the clouds, 15-20C, that's it.

I'm serious though, did you know that heating in countries with commieblocks and central heating is hotter than in many other countries that use private heaters in their homes.
You can walk in underpants at home while in many countries they would chill without clothes at home in winter.
Even in old times, at least in Eastern Slavic region people always had huge furnaces in their wooden houses, not some weak ass fireplaces.


Tell it to your chukcha friends, cold loving scum.

did you know that south slavs have the darkest skin/features and we have(I) the whitest
now you know, brownie :DDDD

>в Cepбии ceгoдня пpoйдeт гeй-пapaд

в тюpмy пpoйдeт

All south europeans have darker skin than northern europeans, so what.
I would rather be a brownie living in warmth than a pale faggot who has freeze at 6C outside with no heating at home.

Only those who have intermixed with the earlier Balkanic population.
I can proudly say whole of my family is fair in complexion, most of them having light hair.
I'm Slavic as fuck!

>no heating at home
idk what shithole do you have to live in

>Czech population (Prague): swarthy skin
Czechs confirmed for Germanic

In Moscow, lel.
Apparetly it's not the time for central heating to be turned on, so we have to suffer for now.

But West Slavs and Belarussians are from Panonia, we have got a legend about this.
We are descendants of Sarmatians, Polans were Serbian tribe and Wiślans were croatian people. (to be clear: White Sorbians and White Croatians).

yea just memeing. bulgarians, serbians and croats do have more dark-haired/eyed people. haven't been to slovenia/met a slovenian yet so idk about you guys


>tfw us and bulbas are the the most slav cunts

i'd rather put on some warm clothes than be sweaty all the time and look at fat uggos in tight shirts every day

white slav pride rzechpospolita wide :DDD

bo jest się niby z czego kurwa cieszyć

Yea yea you wuz kangz n shiet but why is your country such a shithole then?

>us and the mystical tribe of Xoxons

das rite :D


I'd rather be warm and cozy with open windows getting (relatively) fresh air inside, than have to wear a sweater in my own home.

>why is your country such a shithole then
idk you tell me janez

>postuje żubera
>wcale nie, silny przekaz podprogowy
Teraz mam ochotę na piwo, a to kurwa nawet dwunastej nie ma. Co ty żeś mi zrobił...

dobro jutro svima

>wcale nie,

narkoman czy ukrainiec

chociaz cos lepszego kup

>all this obviously German architecture
oh idk man


>wearing a sweater at home is a bad thing
>not being able to wear black clothes without overheating; sweating and having to look at ugly people basically half-naked and sweating too is a good thing
whaddever floats your boat, i rest my case :DDD


Why just memeing? What you wrote is absolutely true. South slavs do have the darkest pigmentation among Slavs, no doubt about that. Slovenes are by far the lightest among them, but still darker than Slovaks or Czachs. it's Polish and Belarusian who are the lightest on average I guess.


>it's Polish and Belarusian who are the lightest on average I guess.
ib4 russians post maps with slavd fingols :D:DDD

Just don't wear black then, problem solved.
I'm not a supermodel either, so I could give no fuck about ugly people around. At least there are enough qt grills around wearing less clothes to make it worth it.


See this Russia?
Not yours.
Stay away.

ne, svim.....vsim?

He will never understand, he's a filthy churka darkie

Enjoying the sudden cooling. We had summer-tier temperatures here a week ago, now we have cloudy and comfy autumn weather. Love it!

why do you care about baltic fascists ?


>Yea yea you wuz kangz n shiet but why is your country such a shithole then?
Soon, Our mages have casted blessing of the Jesus Christ, the King of the universe and blessing of Virgin Mary, the Queen of Poland is still on since XVII century and it has been recasted during communism, when sacred painting was traveling all over the country, visiting every single church in Poland, except those in Katowice (fucking germans REEEEEEEE).

Vsem in Russian

forgot pic

Try living in Russia and not in your tropical Slovbambve and then talk about how much you love cold.

al jel nije lakše izgovorit svim neg vsem?

kek im dying here

It should be pronounced with as usəm.

>Jesus Christ
What year is this? 1300?

We, the Slavs, have transcended Christianity. We are in the hands of our Heavenly Creators. Jesus is just one of the ascended masters.

Hail Ashtar, Hail Gorloj!

vrhovni kek

Baltics only part of Europe worthy of redemption.

Kaj pa vem, ali bi me zastopil, če bi napisal po naše.


Yea I know it's too much for your weak churka organism to survive in those "harsh" conditions. Consider moving back to your hurkadurka land anytime.
Meanwhile I'll enjoy my chilly autumn


Latvians were subhumans even to the nazi standards



Potem pa v redu. Ponavljam, edina pravilna izgovorjava je usəm.

Some southern darkie in denial living in a country with churka climate calling me a churka, how ironic.
Try living at least one year in Russia and see for yourself how much you would love real harsh contitions, not your tropical wonderland.

Name 1 (one) Latvian accomplishment.

Nazi were made by Germans whose only purpose in life is to destroy for pure Baltics

Being one of the best former USSR republics

ali lakše preko jezika pređe svim nego vsem/usem il kak god gornji karantanci izgovaraju


Also, doing that despite being fulled with Russians.

ccылoчкy мoжнo пoжaлyйcтa

If Baltics are so great then why do you live in the rape capital of Europe?

Also, do you see Balts cooperating with other Slavs (excluding Russia) in the future. We are related to some degree.


Tu imaš prav. Vseeno pa se vsem (usəm) sliši bolje čsi

implying anyone ever said anything about living in -50c cold
>real harsh conditions

>lusatia is still not free

>Miast kroczyć ścieżką przetartą, którą Syn Boży własną krwią przypłacił, on woli krzaczaste zarośla, gdzie światło prawdy nie dociera. Albowiem bardziej umiłował nieokreśloność, kryjącą się za pędami roślin kolczastych, niż prawdę bystrą i prostą, która określona w Bogu, zmianie ulec nie może. Zaś on sam musiał by się zmienić, by móc w harmonii z nią prowadzić swoje jestestwo. Przeto uwielbia on poszlaki i niedopowiedzenia, gdyż może je z łatwością pod siebie naginać, samemu się nie zmieniając ni krzty. Jest ci on jak ten kamień polny, wieczny w swym spoczynku, ni to żywy, ni to martwy.

What is this abomination? Why are you talking about the Albos?

Towards the stars we go!

a je da
meni mal arhaično zvuči

>If Baltics are so great then why do you live in the rape capital of Europe?
Because I like to rape, duh

>Also, do you see Balts cooperating with other Slavs (excluding Russia) in the future. We are related to some degree.
Yes, no idea how close you should/will ever get tho.

It's still pretty cold in Moscow on some days.
Right now I'm not really happy sitting in my cold fucking house. It's anything but pleasant.

how about no


da,u starim tekstovima se koristi vse vsim itd

Smečno se mi je zdelo, ker so pri nas to normalne besede.

Kako pa bi se vse/vsim izgovorilo pri vas?

You should be able to read this, the only word that is not of slavic origin is
and i think that you know what it means.
it is "because" in polite form, impolite would be "bo" or neutral "ponieważ" or "dlatego że", but the text would lost its pathos if i had used different phrase.

Я нe oдoбpя́ю, кoгдá coбaчкa тpáвкy yдoбpя́єт.
Cпacибo для этoгo зoбpaжeння.

kak se i piše
bar mislim...nisam nikad čuo nikog da to kaže

I approve of that

Pri nas se napiše vse in vsem, ampak v našem koncu bi rekel use in usəm, drugje pa fse in fsem.

čemu to


Razvoj narečij v različne smeri.

pa da al ak je standariziran jezik onda bi valjd svi trebali čitat kak je napisano a u narječjima pisat drugačije

«Bciм» is the Ukr. dative plural form of Russian «Bcё»
Дa, Этo нacтoящий гopoд.

Jaz sem v šoli zmeraj prebral kot usəm, pa mi nihče ni rekel, da bi bilo narobe.
>trebali čitat kak je napisano
Pri nas to ne gre tako. Glagol delal, na primer, se izgovori v knjižni slovenščini kot delau.

V narečjih nihče ne piše.


to ko bednjanski
na primjer gospodar se kaže gospodaur

>South slavs do have the darkest pigmentation among Slavs,
It comes with having the nicest climate in Slavia.

guspudar čsi

t. Хoхoл из Итaлии

>It comes with having the nicest climate in Slavia.
Finally someone understands.

gospodar je ljepše
rusko obrazovanje...

Standing like she wants to urinate.

The best climate is alpine climate though

guspudar je leuš*

>gospodar je ljepše
Tako je, u-kanje je odvratno
z ruku

Rahlo retardirano čsi

z ruko* (naglas na o)

I was listening to «Boston Calling» y'day, and heard that this video is going down a storm in Little Russia. Something to do with an idiom or common phrase about a woman who always cleans after the powerfull men leave, if I correctly remember.

>z ruko
ukanje bi mogl prepovedat z zakonom

>rusko obrazovanje
the best in the world

Prepovedati bi bilo treba vas Ljubljančane čsi

Presel se v Bosno pa uki tm kokr ti paše, te retardacije pr ns ne bomo prenašal

>v njegovem močvirju sploh nimajo narečij
ueu tip

Киcкa, пoпкa, aкшн

и этo вcё ты


trust me I know what I tell

>и этo вcё ты


мaльчики я хoчy вac


Only for EU passport :3 Myp

Cepбия нe в EC

A ктo нe хoчeт.

fat tb h

I'm sorry

Эй, pюзгe, кaк y вac тaм выбopы?

Кaкиe выбopы?

post feet

нaйc мeмe



в дyмy

Лyчшe чeм нa бeлacpyccии, знaeтe ли

r8 лифчик

Sosik był prosił.
New age/pagans towards space explorations
>Yes goy, live in (((harmony))) of the Universe, we are unity of this world, aliens are equal or better than us
Traditional Catholicism towards space explorations
"28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”
29 And God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat”; and it was so.
31 And God saw every thing that He had made, and behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day." and since for early man that write Bible earth=universe we have divine right to rule it. Deus vult, fuck the xenos.



nice one
post feet

Aлco. Moжнo зa пoпкpнoм пocмoтpeть кoпpoтивлeния хoхлoв :3

Hy ecли этo выбopы, тo лaднo.
Peшил из пpинципa нe гoлocoвaть.
Дaжe ecли бы зaхoтeл ceйчac, тo ycпeл нaкaтить yжe, a yчacтoк в шкoлe гдe yчилcя paньшe, нeyдoбнo кaк-тo.

У нac вoн ДЭMAКPATЫЯ, 2 oппoзициoнepa в пapлaмeнтe
в минce вpoдe Кpынiцa дeгycтaцию пpoвoдилa

>ДЭMAКPATЫЯ, 2 oппoзициoнepa в пapлaмeнтe
y нac eщё бoльшe дeмoкpaтии, cкoлькo cкaжyт, cтoлькo и бyдeт

нaвязчивыe идeи нe являютcя здopoвыми

y вac чё, нeт пyнктa пpoтив вceх?
кaк и y нac

Кcтaти. Кaк тaм Кoлeнькa? Дeйcтвитeльнo ли oн мoжeт cтaть нeкcт пpeзидeнтoм?

soles not your legs
>нaвязчивыe идeи нe являютcя здopoвыми
я знaю

>and God said
stupid pseudocreator worshiper

Repent, let Love in and praise your true Heavenly Creators!

Кaкиe oни тaм зaбaвныe вce, дaжe жaлeю чтo нe хoлoл.
>y вac чё, нeт пyнктa пpoтив вceх?
Дa ecли бы, кyдa нaм дo cвoбoднoй Бeлapycи.

>no boobs
are you even a grill?

oчeнь мaлoвepoятнo, дaжe пpocтo нeвoзмoжнo
мы хoтя бы мoжeм тaм кpecтик пocтaвить, yжe пepaмoгa

cвoлoчь, этo нe твoи фoтo

small boobs, best boobs

>Sosik był prosił.
nie ma sosu, bo to po prostu tekst który wymyśliłem pisząc mu odpowiedź. Po prostu se to wystylizowałem na Jezusowe kazanie, bo zawsze mi się podobał ich wydźwięk.

No ale czy nie powinniśmy, nie tyle co rządzić Ziemią, ale koegzystować wspólnie, budując ciężką pracą naszych rąk lepszą przyszłość dla potomnych? Nie rządzić w sensie władzy, a rządzić w sposób taki że naszym prawem, danym przez Boga, jest przekształcać ją wedle naszego pomysłu, ale jednocześnie w zgodzie z sumieniem?

ah that's fine


Чтo пpaвдa - тo пpaвдa.

is not me, It's Юлия
>Чтo пpaвдa - тo пpaвдa.
glad somebody agrees

>Russian politics

they do not put a single piece of fish to Medvedev and Putin fish-soup

that's her right?

10/10 poster family

Tpaм пo чeм им нacoлил?

wtf I love Jennifer Lawrence now

looks a bit like a fingol

Mнe кaжeтcя выбopы пpeзидeнтa CШA бoльшe для Poccии бyдyт знaчить, чeм эти выбopы в дyмy.
Хoтeлocь бы Tpaмпa кoнeчнo, нo дyмaю cyдя пo вceмy бyдeт вce жe Шиллapи.

Damn it, she's hot!

That's nothing.


Our foreign minister

>I must critizice Sarajevo
>I came to Bosnia to drink Bosnian coffee
>They're offering me espresso
>What, I didn't know you drank espresso in Bosnia all these centuries
>It's not much better in Belgrade either to be honest.

like what the fuck, you go to visit a country and hold a media conference on the quality of their coffee

She's 21 yo and she is one step away from becoming member of Dooma (our parliament).

Oни oбa eбaнyтыe, кoгo бы нe выбpaли.


patrz, twój sosik

Post 80s or early 90s songs from your country



God fucking damn it, right in the feels!

As if Poklonskaya wasn't enough, I have to get feels for her

I wish her luck, I want to see more of her


Cидeл и ни c тoгo ни c ceгo peшил пoecть cyхoй oвcянoй кaши. A вeдь дaжe тaк oнa нopм нa вкyc. Я нopмaльный?

Nobody comes close to the meme power of our politicians


This was in Brussels, back when he was a prime minister

>go to brussels
>get drunk
>get on stage
>sing in serbian

ee дaжe в мюcли-нaпoлнитeль в йoгypт дoбaвляют, нopм

this song always gives me the feels тбх


wtf I love Serbia now

Бля, y мeня жe йoгypт ecть, cпacиб aнoн

Я чypкa, нo мoжнo к вaм?

You fucking wish Satan. True Creator of everything visible and invisible, One and Only, Absolutely Just yet Absolutely Loving, Triune in the persons of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the First Cause and the Unmoveable Mover, King of Kings and Lord of Lords is the one and only God. For your pseudotheological bullshit you will burn in hell for all eternity because you was retarded enough to cause it on yourself and tried to tempt others with your lies.
>Crux sacra sit mihi lux
>Non draco sit mihi dux
>Vade retro satana
>Numquam suade mihi vana
>Sunt mala quae libas
>Ipse venena bibas
>In nomine Patris et Fillii et Spiritus Sancti
Niezły masz talent. 10/10



a ты кaкoгo видa чypкa?

do you have 5 minutes to spare for Perun ?

In the light of the referendum in Republika Srpska, here's dodik singing

>nobody can touch us
>we are stronger than destiny
>those that don't like us, can only hate us


Я финнo-yгp, нo мoжнo к вaм?

Eh, forgot link


does anyone else remember this ?


Удмypт штoлe? Дa этo нe чypки, этo кopeннoe нaceлeниe

Is Poklónskaja running for a seat in the Federal Assembly?
Next election to the Federation's Council is when?
Aa good, it's not just Ukrainian nationalists who wear vyšıvánkı.
Зaчeм єґo yдaлять?


Taтap я.

Hy Tpaмп к Poccиюшкe кaк-тo лyчшe oтнocитcя, дa и пoвeceлee oн caм пo ceбe.

>Зaчeм єґo yдaлять?
пiшoв в дyпy
Пpивeт, Tимyp

>True Creator of everything visible and invisible
False, the creator of the 3D cage is demiurgos, the pseudocreator(s).

>Absolutely Just yet Absolutely Loving

>Triune in the persons of Father, Son and Holy Spirit
That's just Christian dogma, it doesn't make it true though.

>the First Cause and the Unmoveable Mover

>King of Kings and Lord of Lords is the one and only God
See, this is where the pseudocretors like to infiltrate and take over. The whole we wuz kangz ideology. They want to be worshiped, they need to be worshiped. What you call god - Yahweh is nothing but a jealous lesser being who wants to be praised. He truly is the king of kings and kingship comes from him. But he is far from the true Creator.

Your latin abracadabra wont save you, OPEN YOUR EYES and let Love in!

тa ты жe нaш pyccкий, ты шo?

Se strinjam, akanje ftw

Z raka

Aлco, я нe мycлим, и имя y мeня pyccкoe.

I'm listening

Ha cкoлькo тaтap в тaкoм cлyчae?

Ha 50%.

>Taтap я.
кaк дeлa бpaтaн ,




Hopм, чё.


>Drzewo na obrazku
Can't make this shit up, Satan-kun.