What!?, you are 18yo and you still virgin!, we cant undestand that, you are very weird...

>What!?, you are 18yo and you still virgin!, we cant undestand that, you are very weird, please get out or we are going to call the police!
what do

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joke's on you skank I fucked a sheep this morning

but i'm 23

Release my inner Fernando Martinez

jokes on you im 21.

Jorge matese ya OK?

Jorge, cual es tu problema?

Girls like that you are a virgin

no they dont

Call the police? What are they gonna do?

I contact Dean of the Student Affairs and claim sexual harassment, bigotry and bullying

yeah they also like guys that are shorter than them too

Yeah that's not how girls act

>calling the police because you are a virgin

they also like tiny penises

that's not america

You'd be amazed to hear that not all women are as shallow and dumb as you think girlsaskguys.com/sexual-health/q48361-am-23-year-old-virgin-loser

that girl in the middle is cute af

Do you actually believe that

At least it's something, where's your contrary evidence?

What? I'm not 18 years old and I'm not a virgin. What the heck are you talking about?

I tell OP to go back to r9k

There's a video of several women picking men out for a date at a line up.

There's 4 guys, three are basically bums with no jobs and one is a doctor. But the doctor dude is like 5'2 or so, so none of the women pick him because of this.

I would probably just leave, buy a bottle of whiskey and a pack of cigs, then sit at home smoking and drinking and crying.

i'm 26

Be confused by why they asked politely.


I'm sure they like attractive virgins who they can convince themselves have "waited" for them

ugly autists probably not so much

You mean 22

this. This sort of bullying can get them all expelled

I'm 29 what u gonna do?

the doctor wins because he doesn't have to suffer women too stupid to pick him.