eddy edition

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>3000 pounds for a hug


>being bullied again

the so called smiths edition

She had a pen knife long and sharp, weile weile waile

She had a pen knife long and sharp, down by the river Saile

She stuck the pen knife in the babys heart, weile weile waile

She stuck the pen knife in the babys heart down by the river Saile


Kill All Huns

Ok hun x

Father and I went down to camp along with Captain Gooding and there we saw the men and boys as thick as hasty pudding

fuck off eejyt


me and the lads

Imagine how gassed grandad would be seeing us at the stage we were meant to be

Friends are so lame oh wow you drank Thursday guess Friday and Saturday of the only week of uni where we don't have assignments or papers we should stay in ffs need to meet new people

Might have a wank.

wouldn't say no to a bust up with one of you rn

even me? even paddy the fucking ripper?

Doing a drink of the old voddy and listening to Annie Laurie my lads

Feeling very worthless haha I miss her so much

*opens mouth and stick tongue out*

just want normal thick arms

12 year olds have larger arms than me.


Which fucking thread

stop your autistic threadwars

See, honestly Irish posters and Catholics never stop instigating violence. It's simply in their nature.

Give me some voddy and I'll keep you company

this was first and has the most posts

Goethe had an IQ of 230

Ffs need to meet new 4cham posters

Kyary btw lads


no he didn't

browsing the 'chom

Idea: less of the normies, more of the mexicANO

Who knew infanticide made for such a choon?


just noticed she's properly had a go at her lips in this one hmm

Tiocfaidh ár lá foreign scum

Tell me about 4chun.com lads

the absolute state of your life lad

made the mistake of going for a girl with mental problems and now I'm paying the price

Anyone wanna play the f2p PC game known as "warface" with me?

It has shit FOV but its a guilty pleasure of mine

nice bunda la

hating churchill should be grounds for execution 2bh

Did you have to put in a downpayment?

full of hun bastids




saw a nigger on twitter say he was worse than hitler

*hands you some voddy*

Please just pat me on the back and tell me everything will be okay haha

Watching videos from yank universities. Everyone is really happy and enthusiastic all the time even though they're not old enough to drink booze.

Very weird to be honest.

pls, i know its shit but like i say its a guilty pleasure of mine

>my decision regarding which thread i post in depends almost entirely around which tiny rectangle appears next to the first post

Is this the height of autism?

proof she's a meth head

Silenced Singer Post Test - 16 September 2016


I need to save her...

*takes a pull*
*places the bottle down*
*looks you in the eye*
I don't feel so good la...

the pseudo-prohibition in north america is shite
not even allowed to drink alcohol in public except at licensed restaurants and bars
at least our drinking age isn't as bad as yankland

>post my gf
>everyone just memes me that i'm stalking her on fb and that she's a paki

i thought you guys were my friends but you're pretty mean

if you don't post in the chronologicaly earlier thread you're a tincture of concentrated autism

you need to save yourself first

not even a commie (quite red-pilled ftmp in fact) but nonetheless love any Lenin-themed art

what if we save eachother

*tussles your hair*

Hehe, go to sleep

*cuddles you as you lie down on my bed*

*gives you a kiss on the forehead*

added someone from the /brit/ group with a kyary avatar

who was that anyways lol

All white people (even leftist SJWs) are racist

When your videos were hitting a mill
I was still taking bets up in William Hill

>drinking age 18
>spvm rarely give drinking citations

>love any Lenin-themed art

>THE Nortre Dame Fighting Irish


>bath has a giant cycle tunnel

need to move there

Hahaha crying lads

There's no joke here (except for my life)

I'm just actually crying

knock knock
we want Enoch

you fuckers get a free pass on liquor it's not fair

you and the bloody indians

looks VERY rapey

I think meth all round is the answer

aesthetic face

Didn't give a shit the first time

Why is canada's drinking age 19? It seems like such an arbitrary number.

Lads what is going on in this image?

bit weird that you have to be 21 (twenty-one) to drink alcohol in america
bit weird

me crawling upside down

Because it's 2016

shes actually piff lad

depends on province, it's 18 in some

19 is also the age of majority in those provinces with 19 as the drinking age, only need to be 18 to vote in federal electionsthough

arbitrary rules for an arbitrary country 2bh

They're all 'arbitrary' numbers really

Bet no ones ever been raped in that thing


hotel built by aliums

what is piff never heard that before

good idea

that post has set me off

feel depressed now tbqh

well done


superior to the average.
Also a potent strain of weed/canibus of purple color.
get purple city byrd gangs mixtape rags 2 riches it


how many /brit/ threads are there?

big fan of politicians with principles, regardless of views

like enoch powell and tony benn
or nigel farage and jeremy corbyn

Rather active thread, make a witty post, thread dies there and then.

WTF am i humanoid cancer or somthing?

*cycles really fast so I don't get raped*

more /brit/ threads than your da can handle

reckon i could take on three canadians at once

runts, the lot of them

sara thinks churchill was worse than stalin

Drinking alcohol is a really runty behaviour when you think about it. Actually ingesting poison just to get a bit drunk, very strange indeed.

Ah yes 6 /brit/ threads.

Brits will end up getting banned from starting thread soon.

>Watching short videos about a couple doing pointless things together
I've sunk to a new low.

Honestly need a hug lads

*hugs you*


well yeah she's super cute and got an incredible arse. i plan on keeping her forever 2bh

*strings barbed wire across*

Where's the waste recycling man when you need him.


imagine its a pedal bike

me the cop

the floor is a mirror?

Feeling drunk is the only feeling i get desu

Only thing getting me through tonight

but not you

Post her again i missed it


I'm very efficient at disappointing people

very good quality for 1991

bad lads:


good lads:

george w. bush

gave the gf a shiner

Thank you x

They were both posts by me haha

got itchy armpits



>that 'never win the premier league' feel

fuck sake have to work again tomorrow

Haven't you heard the news? Churchill wrote something negatives about blacks once so he's therefore worse than hitler and his achjevements are to be scored out.

Jeremy corbyn's idol


My coin is better than yours

>that we lost the title to Everton feel

Excuse you.



Everton mentioned



enjoying this

it's our year lad

Lads, did the word "muppet" come first or did the show "Muppets"?

tell 'monica' i said hi

Really wish me and the good lads could just hug it out. I love the french desu and just wanna bro it up with them

Western civilisation is currently sliding into ruin because we are afraid that finger wagging minorities might call us racist.

If I turned up at Klopp's house tonight and asked for a hug do you reckon he's mad enough to come out and give me one or would he call the bizzies?

What do you think lads

It's a 1700cc Yamaha (yes 17 HUNDRED CC)


Used to cost £15000 when it was new




ooof the yukon

but you'r from liverpool

tell him to post toot please

Replace Bush with Nige

Ah yes the motorised fedora

new thread

holy FUCK you're not well louie


not quite, her name ends in a but that's as close as you got

ive been outdone, awl eddy is the oldest one i have
i have currencies from several jurisdictions however, UK (pre irish independence) UK (post irish independence) Ireland (free state) Ireland (republic), switzerland, a 5 euro note (pre-bulgarian accession) not to mention american (i used to collect state quarters but lost them sadly)




Tell who to post what?

I do not understand your post Mexican Friend

you're getting a belting when I find you

No you runt, pakishit's alias' name is monica

nige hasn't been a world leader unfortunately

Hope I die in my sleep tonight


Sadness in his eyes


didn't you say that yesterday?

Just gone feral AMA

Absolutely creasing just thinking about the type of utter shoat that would listen to metal """music"""

toot is a character of drawn together
he is a self declared rapist


benzos affecting my motor functions

literally no idea what you're on about

>There was an old woman and she lived in the woods, weile weile waile.
>There was an old woman and she lived in the woods, down by the river Saile.

>She had a baby three months old, weile weile waile.
>She had a baby three months old, down by the river Saile.

>She had a penknife, long and sharp, weile weile waile.
>She had a penknife, long and sharp, down by the river Saile.

>She stuck the penknife in the baby's heart, weile weile waile.
>She stuck the penknife in the baby's heart, down by the river Saile.


The song is a reference to famine time practices in the west of Ireland when extreme hunger and poverty didn't allow families the ability to feed all their kin.

Not me lad

Doubt I'm the only suicidal /brit/ poster

The TRUE /brit/ thread

thinking about booking a flight to australia so i can call some aussie cunt a runt and then hop back on the next flight home


Get your self a sovereign m8, literally the best coins in the world. They were minted through mints all around the British empire

Pic is a typical London sovereign tho. I have one from Bombay India too. Love the designs

*raises hand*
*everyone takes a step away from me*


wew lads how did this happen

why are taigs obsessed with death


i'm handsome, tall, thin, have a gf and occasionally a social life

what were you lads doing at 8:46 am (EDT) on the 11th of September 2001?

>tfw can't vote at all

feeling really harassed right now, why are yanks so mean :(

the sun orbiting around the earth

i love how many far rightists love to quote a trotskyist named arthur blair

Does anyone have the pepe of that news reporter/cameraman shooter?
Never saved it and thought of it today and laughed. Cheers

you aren't supposed to put it in your car, you spacker

fuck off yank

not something I'd buy, but it looks fun to ride

How fucking new are you?

>ABLs in /brit/

fuck sake they're everywhere

said the same thing about your mother

doing a remember when this happened wew

I was in school, about to go to lunch

all my coins are from my grandmother, i dont collect them myself (except the quarters as i mentioned)

remember when he killed himself

Jealous the yanks are buying up your British gold

People literally ask me to go out every weekend and I stay home chainsmoking, lifting weights, wanking, playing CK2 and shitposting here

why do i do this?

been here years 2bh

you talking about that poleaboo cunt? i tend to ignore anything to do with that weirdo

icelad firing out some cracking banter AGAIN

how does he do it lads? unironically one of the best posters here ngl

uncalled for

because you're a bender


so were you



literally every single Irish knacker kitted out in a lonsdale tracksuit has one of these smithed into a ring and claim its 20K gold


I dont know anything about this but i bet paki's did it

Hate that he makes me laugh


Don't like people who are effortlessly witty desu

oi oi fuck up gayboy oi oi


but they said benzos and speed was the GOAT combo

what's the difference between gin and silly grin?

what language is that???

had a cheeky chinky last night, got the runs now

I'm so lonely

genuinely love wee icelad are wee icy top lad xxx

who is the scariest alt rightist?

molymeme unironically gives me the creeps

>Isabella Molyneux or as she likes to be called “Jenna Hero”, is the daughter of Christina and Stefan Molyneux. She is the first child to have ever been peacefully parented. Isabella is more than just Stefan’s daughter, she is a project that he hopes will be the final proof that child abuse is the root of all human corruption.


bit awkard

Such a lonely day
And it's mine
The most loneliest day of my life
Such a lonely day
Should be banned
This day that I can't stand
The most loneliest day of my life
The most loneliest day of my life
Such a lonely day
Shouldn't exist
A day that Ill never miss
Such a lonely day
And it's mine
The most loneliest day of my life
And if you go, I wanna go with you
And if you die, I wanna die with you
Take your hand and walk away
The most loneliest day of my life
The most loneliest day of my life
The most loneliest day of my life
Such a lonely day
And it's mine
A day that I'm glad I survived

fucking kek

ahh there he is x

his daugher is not an argument xDDD

bitches out

who /curly hair/ ere

Have to get some photos developed and one roll is full of photos of my now ex gf on one of the happiest days of our lives

Can't wait to see them haha not

Trump, Molyneux, Milo and Alex Jones are all unironically mentally ill


cracking post

shamefully enough
pretty much all Icelandic posters i have encountered are awful

Chris Hansen is an absolute ledge.

Yeah man he's just plain creepy, the way he talks and his mannerisms. Reminds me of one of my schoolteachers who ended up getting banged up for noncing up one of the girls.

he's fucking creepy

wouldnt be surprised if he runs an underground cp ring

people like sargon are just autistic alt-rightists who like debating politics on the internet, but molyneux is a fucking mentally ill psychopath

trump's just an old man tbqh, he's not crazy

something is very wrong with alex jones though



i unironically enjoy milo and trump
dont know the rest
dont disagree on the mental illness part bar trump

>murrkins are losing their shit over some dindu hand-egg player kneeling down during their call to prayer

shouldn't they be supporting this guy for exercising his right to display dissent whether or not they agree with his point?

having a go

Holy shit you're right, he's a classic case. Hope he gets his justice.

why are both corbyn and farage labeled as russian agents though


Forgot how good this game was

Lads seriously who the fuck is Stefan Molyneux

inform me about this fellow and why hes weird

I don't know about being a nonce, but Molly is absolutely a really sinister cult leader

Would not be surprised in the slightest if he convinces his cult to start murdering his enemies before ordering a mass suicide

he's the modern day Jim Jones

British humour has affected the Icelandic humour more than any other.

but british media just isn't popular enough in Iceland any more

>tfw 3'4 and weigh 900lbs

he gets in /brit/ posters daily

dumb pirate frogposter

Trump is a narcissist who can't take even the slightest criticism.

really? what british humour

sarcasm and wordsay, i would play

A pioneer of fascist though

Doing the exact same thing as that frog picture haha mental

Wished her a happy birthday and she didn't even reply I'm so happy

Used to think Nordics were all autistic fuckwits until I seen Icelad

>Yep, years ago I pulled one off a cash machine in Regent Street and within seconds I'd been hit on the head by a slav looking guy and was running like fuck.

ah yes, card skimmers

his mannerisms and the way he speaks is fucking weird, the jim jones comparison is pretty accurate tbqh

he also has this weird way of creepily staring into the camera and sometimes he just flips out mid sentence. it looks so controlled and acted out, like its an alien pretending to be human lel


thanks to his videos i've learnt more english and how to have great arguments against my opponents :)

Are slavs the last tough Europeans on earth? The only men with enough grit to say no to the liberal western agenda?

female scottish acquaintance just shared a "screenshot" of zuckerberg saying he'd delete trump off facebook if some guy got 500k likes 50k comments and 20k shares

>his mannerisms and the way he speaks is fucking weird
t. has only spoken to 3 people in his life

People are different, yanks are different, and people act different on camera

doing a poo

the jocks are just daft lad

>le slavs are tough and manly
When will this meme die? Poles are getting beaten up and killed by literal children over here

They are low IQ alcoholic manlet runts

Used to think the Irish were all autistic fuckwits and I still do

jocks? more like cocks

Can't imagine the kind of leveret who would unironically live in London

Third eye status: Open

cannot believe that i considered ireland my best ally

apparently the excess water in american toilets
is just oil from their greasy diets

>there is a genuine chance of getting attacked within seconds if you try to remove an ATM skimmer



O WHAT can ail thee, knight-at-arms,
Alone and palely loitering?
The sedge has wither’d from the lake,
And no birds sing.


why are you typing
with a space mid-sentence
are you trying to talk
with the wisdom of
the old sagas

pfff you are a faggot, here in mexico even if you go to the park near ur house, you have chances to get assaulted

Such a lust for revenge

feng shuied the bedroom
Third eye is now crystal clear

After going through the most intense research, the results have returned inconclusive. And so, we must say at this moment in time we do not know

look lad i like mexico and i like your food, culture, music, people and women especially

but fucking hell I abhor your posts because you are just so autistic



separating the punchline from the setup

hope I have a nice dream tonight

says the asshole irish

*gets in a fight*

>tfw 5'4 and built like an Icelandic bricklayer

But they are. In comparison to you runts slavs are the hardest cunts about. The lad in question was ganged on by 16 year olds with weapons and its nothing to scoff at and act proud of you sperg.

thanks for your input lad


I am the walrus.

slavs >>>> irish

the poster bellow is an arrogant student

shut the fuck up donny

*kicks you in the back of the head while your down and scurries round the back of the crowd*
hehe foy

Fuck off Dmitri you fucking ape. Slavs are good only for cleaning toilets and buying drugs from.


Got drunk in my bedroom lads haha

So far I've sent around 3 messages to the ex and tried to add her on normiebook I'm honestly such a runt

*it was a hologram*

*meets you in the back to fight you off guard and defeats you*

yer a weapon

*pulls out your hand and turns your palm up*
*reaches into your mouth and plucks out a tooth*
*places the tooth in your trembling palm, and walk away as you stand frozen with urine filling up your pants*

Dont fool yourself twat. The average british young man is a skinny nerd who likes star wars and maths fuck sake

Celts are also x100 harder then you effeminate englishmen. Literally every English person ive met was intimidated by me because their all fucking yellow.

shan't be posting in that thread



>being a violent ape is a good thing

thought russians were tough until I found out putin is letting all the durkas from the muslims regions/stani countries take over the cities there

quite disappointing 2bh