70% of Japanese under 34yo single, over 40% still virgins – national survey

"Nearly half of Japanese adults do not start having sex until after they reach 34 years of age, as the majority of young adults remain single in the country, where the population has fallen by nearly 1 million in the past five years."


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27 here, going strong.

I thought Brazil was a normal not autistic country

it seems they've given up. It's different here, people fuck a lot, but they still don't have children

Absolutely degenerate

fuckin' condoms. Raw dog that shit.

>japan is pure

nothing wrong with that if our own nation waited to get married before having sex our nation would be a lot better off

>one guy is indicative of a whole nation

Nothing wrong with the population decline in modern age, shit stabilizes economy. Brilliant minds can always be exported from other countries in case there's shortage

yeah, most Brazilians lose their virginity to whores, brought to them by their fathers. Obviously that poster is a bastard

Have you ever been to Japan? Check out the cost of living and the lifestyle and you'll see why they don't have more kids.

/trv/ told me COL is $850 USD

how much is an apartment to rent there?

i'd imagine prices are dropping like crazy because of population decline and the fact that they have super-dense housing/lots of buildings.

if i was living in japan and had money i'd be pretty happy to be able to buy up apartments/condos for cheap.

And why is that a bad thing?
See, dirty gaijin, unlike in the west, we Japanese preserve virginity as something good, and promiscuity as something bad.
Isn't it a bit ironic that your so called Christian nations fail to follow the very principles which you base yourselves upon, which is to treat virginity as holy and sacred? On the contrary, you see it as something to be ashmed of, something that must be gotten rid off. But that just happens to be the very reason for why your women are so ignorant. And finally, population must regulate itself. Those who are irresponsible and see no duty prefer not to have children. Those who do prefer to have children, and so the few children that are born will be raised by dutiful parents and a new generation of good Japanese will be born. With that understanding, Japan will never take any refugees or undocumented immigrants, our society will remain prosperous and homogenous.

>inb4 english teacher, proxy or marine


>vote conservative
>still get cucked

Abenomics lmao

It's not promiscuous if you have sex with a partner in a loving relationship. You can use a condom, too.

What's your excuse now?

Well I mean, numbers don't lie in that your country is lacking population to support various areas of workforce, which is affecting your economy. Pretty soon you won't have enough people to take care of your elderly either. I personally don't give a shit about arbitrary morals people pick and chose when it's convenient to their opinion. Sex is just sex, as long as you're safe about it.

zitto netouyo

My girlfriend pays 70000 for her apartment in Sakura-shimmachi. A shared place could cost you 30k-40k.

Damn I could just study in Japan and have an apartment that costs about half of mine here in so.cal.

She says that south Tokyo is cheaper, and other cities (Saitama, Yokohama, etc) are cheaper too.
I've been there, it's not that expensive.

>tfw no virgin jap gf

Yeah, like the muslim ones from Arfica.

How is that possible as a Brazilian? I thought y'all do the horizontal rumba around 12 or 13.

Except so far this has only proven to further propagate their "lost decades" in economic problems. It's why Abe is trying to get more females into the workforce, but it probably won't be enough.


”single”japanese are virgin.

majority japanese are already married.
this is very trick article.

fuck off reddit

I'm one of them

>nothing wrong with that if our own nation waited to get married before having sex our nation would be a lot better off

>Nothing wrong with having one of the lowest birthrates in the world and """""men""""" being manchildren

Are you fucked?

>Are you fucked?
No, and that's their problem.

>Christian nations fail to follow the very principles which you base yourselves upon, which is to treat virginity as holy and sacred?

Read a book

we do, he is just some loser.

I'm pretty sure this is bullshit, I remember seeing that the average age of virginity loss in Japan was 16

birth rate of japan has risen since 2005. so it's ok.

>Japan will never take any refugees or undocumented immigrants, our society will remain prosperous and homogenous.
Something a lot of western nations might've said fifty years ago.
Japan has always been behind in liberal politics (for example, the Ainu were granted minority status less than a decade ago, and same-sex relationships are still looked down upon by a slim majority), but nips usually end up following the west so enjoy your delusion while you can.

I'm glad I'm not a virgin anymore even if I had sex only once. It was worth losing my wizardship.

Our dumb women strongly hope marrying white men. please adopt all of them. we ain't going to care of them.

Yeah, you tell them senpai

speaking of which, why do struggling people in your country hope own family? i really don't understand it. poor people shouldn't have family because poor people only reproduce poverty.

Japanese need a white gene to create kawaii girls

You can't have a fat man explode inside you and expect me to believe you all are virgins

Japanese WOMEN do. such a kawaii new generation, too, don't need ugly Japanese men.

>japanese men are less virgin than japanese women

because japanese men go for gaijin women?

why would they want to fuck? I mean japanese girls are batshit ugly

then why africans having high birth rate?

they don't have anime

Why don't they just import some African bucks?

Was anime a mistake?

we ain't america.

this. literally animale

Unironically kill yourself

anime has no influence to birth rate.

because africans are sex and violence driven animals?

do asian women worship white dicks @ japs



that's very cherry picking.
majority japanese don't watch moe shit.

also Germany having lower birth rate but they don't watch anime.

You need to start making teen comedies about teenagers striving to lose their virginity if anything is to be done about this problem.

Because of japs ugly face and autism

then why brazilians having low birth rate?

Hmm, sounds like a dangerous lack of BBC, seems like me n da boiz got some work to do

kek nice memed

literally Cred Forums the nation

most virgins are weaboos

the numbers are literally meaningless whether which is higher than which. Japanese men can toss aside their virginity at brothel when they can pay meanwhile women can lose virginity in common all over the world.

yes, pls make more dramas about this.

21 here, but I'm a girl so I can never be a wizard


Me on the left.

>but I'm a girl

I really want to believe.

>the numbers are literally meaningless

then why you gaijins obsession with number?

Nice excuse for why you are still a virgin.

Fuck off english teaching marine proxy


what? after all, both female/male virgin rate is too high. that's all. you retard?


okay (*`へ´*)

speak english or get the fuck out of this website you goddamned retarded jap

Good job, Abe

to be quite honest, when I struggle in my life, nothing related to real women comes into mind. they're not so different to men competing with me.


As a rational decision, being a single/having no gf is definitely logical. what I'm interested in is, strangely enough, that Germans seem to be enjoying sex but they have no will to make family. Germans look as horrible as how we are like robots.

being virgin is far better than blacked/bleached.

>Select all billboards

Yeah, but Germany is actually important enough to worry about :^)

oh really?

then why you white pigs obsession with japanese birth rate than Germany's birth rate?

No white care about Germany's birth rate compared to Japan's birth rate.

maybe because a lot of them are obsessed with anime and others are concerned about japs not getting blacked or taking in muslims that will blow themselves up in the future

what about muslim'd?


Completely caused by the price of living and the stupid amount of hours they have to do at work.

It's got nothing to do with anime and manga. Those obsessed NEETS aren't much more common there.

I'd never want to live in Japan. It means I'd have to work there, and there's no way I'll do overtime without pay.


24 here, trust me it only gets worse

It's 2016 who cares about population? In a few decades probably 70% of our jobs will be replaced by robots anyway. I'd prefer if people just don't have children, that way they won't be killed off by the elites when they aren't useful in society.

It's still not enough, damnit. If there's one meme Japan needs to fall for, it's the "Work smarter not harder." meme. Get reasonable office hours and provide better incentives for marriage.

but muh aging population!
we need to import hard working muslims, they will surely work on our retirements


>2005 is the worst time
>Coincidentally the Densha Otoko fad began at 2004.
Hmm, really makes you think...

i hear gearmany's birth rate is lower than japan's. so does that mean more germans are virgin than japanese ?

23 here, wizardry is still so far away but I will make it

>japan is creating an army of anime wizards

well, that's one way of keeping china away

No one can beat 2 dimensional even third dimension.

>rich country
>very white
>alpha vikings
don't waste your talent


>majority japanese are already married.
Marriage is a slavery, government made a harvesting money from this. Marriage is stupid idea and for bydlo.

fucking GATE propaganda

No, but our women are more ugly, and the rest uses the anti baby pill.

>majority japanese are already married.
Lol fucking no, are you dumb? only 30% of twenties have experienced marrying, and only 40% of thirties have done. younger generations are going farther from marrying than you expect. marrying is literally outdated trash. for them, nothing gains.

23 here


why white people won't marry? you guys are elite and don't you have decent job?

I can only give you the reasons I hear.
A wedding costs a fuckload of money, most women aren't interested, they'd rather be "free" and fuck around. If you don't have a prenup, you'll lose a lot of money and your kids in case of a divorce, and a big part of marriages are divorced.

Why would you get married as a man? There are literally no advantages, all you're doing is writing a pass for a woman to take half your shit any time she chooses.

forgot to mention, that nowdays for women a marriage is simply an event to "be better" than their other female friends, but they don't care about the true meaning behind it.
They swear this in the good times like in the bad times stuff, but they don't mean it. Until death tears us appart doesn't mean shit to them.

Most people aren't religious. Lots of women only want to get married because it's romantic and what they've been seeing in films since they were small.

That sounds awfully cynical. I don't think everything is that way.

you're foreign so you wont be required to work those long hours.

And I don't know what the cost of living is like in London but in Japan it's very very cheap to live compared to Australia.

Source: I just got back from living there 2 years.

>Why would you get married as a man? There are literally no advantages
maybe to start a family, you retarded fedora redpiller?

I've read reddit's comments of this article

100% bullshit,racist and muh dickers.

quickly roll out your AI waifus

tfw you may marry HAL 9k in your lifetime

that's literally all a man gets out of it, and in doing so he loses single life.

In other words, theres not much reason for men to get married.

You don't have to get married to start a family though

You don't have to get married to do that you total retard.

>fulfilling your biological destiny
>"all you get out of it"
enjoy being that creepy 40yo guy in the clubs I guess. Single life represent

Spot the white trash.

give me link or keyword for goggling. I'm likely to enjoy Gaijin's bullshit.

>"Nearly half of Japanese adults do not start having sex until after they reach 34 years of age
>do not start having sex until after they reach 34 years of age
>start having sex
>after they reach 34

Let's be real here. Who takes 34 levels in wizard and THEN switches class?

>white trash

Only poor people in the west care about marrying before starting a family. Religious institutions are outdated.

I know a lot of men that were left by their women for losing their job, or because she "just didn't feel it" anymore what ever that is supposed to mean. Some guys aren't much better, leaving their woman when she suffers from cancer or something. People know, that there'll be somebody new, sooner or later who'll fuck them, so why should they take care of another?
I mean god isn't real, a promise is just a bunch of words ;)

Want a pity fuck?


capitalism is inherently anti-family

If you want people to raise big, loving families, do away with capitalism


I can imagine the men not being able to get laid by being too beta or shy but what about the women?

No matter how ugly a woman is there's always some guy out there willing to give it to them. Are they all holding out for the Japanese equivalent of mega Chad?

Even if she's a whale?

matrimony is a literal legal contract
it's foolish for both the man and the woman alike to breed without establishing certain terms and guarantees
with the exception of some highly-educated and insufferably ideological hippie couples, families formed out of wedlock are always failures waiting to happen

There are religious marriage and civil marriage

>I can only give you the reasons I hear.
Why don't you give your own reasons, pussy. You don't get married because you're commitment-phobic like most modern male losers.

>all you're doing is writing a pass for a woman to take half your shit any time she chooses
Oh yes the gold diggers are going to take away your summer houses and yachts. lmao

Most women you meet make and own more than you do.

First sex is overrated. It's not a something precious.

both of which are legally binding
the nature of the ceremony is irrelvant

Lmao most rich people here who own businesses don't marry here. My cousin is an engineer and he doesn't want to marry either.

A family member lived in Nippon for a year and a few of my friends have visited as well. They said much the same; all regular services and products are dirt fucking cheap in Japan compared to Finland.

marriage is not a guarantee for commitment, far from.
The only guarantee it gives is financial support to the woman, for the rest of her life, no matter what happens

it's white trash to have children out of wedlock, not avoid marriage
does your engineer cousin have multiple children or something?

You can divorce only with the civil one


This is none of your business!

yeah! some evil woman is just waiting for you to fall in love with her, knock her up, and live with you for years so that she can divorce your ass and abscond with half of your video game collection

fucking bitches man

I have a house, I wouldn't want some random woman to take me for half of it's value if we split up thanks.

As far as commitment goes I don't really give to shits if it makes me a manchild, I live a great life where I can lay back after work and do whatever I want whenever I want. Why would I want some nagging woman around all the time who'd constantly want money spent on her and be taken out to do boring shit? I have more fun chilling out with my friends, if that makes us all hurr durr losers it doesn't really matter to me.

It says a lot that these days people try and make you feel like you should have less fun in life just because it's what you're expected to do. I can see why guys would try and chase girls a lot years ago since there was nothing else to do but there are so many distractions now that are more interesting I can't imagine why most would bother beyond wanting sex.

I haven't met a girl that was interested in me so far. I would marry, if I'm sure that things work out and she's not like the cunts I grew up around, who manipulated their children to hate their fathers, take half the money and drive their ex-husbands into commiting suicide, not even joking. I really fear that I'm being used, I won't lie about that.

If they are not married then I think it's a good thing that they are virgins.

The problem is bitch women who don't stay pure for marriage. No man wants to marry damaged goods, so more and more men give up because many Japanese women are crazy, feminist, bitch, etc..

That problem comes from bad education and upbringing, as well as letting them work. Solve those problems and women are good, then men will marry them, have children, and so on - country is saved.

This is not just for Japan but everywhere.

Government does nothing to encourage otherwise. Just the opposite, they are trying to force mothers to continue working than the traditional leave job to look after house/kids.

It's precisely because it's overrated that it isn't "precious". People are so obsessed with having sex that they fail to act rightly concerning sex, romance, marriage, family, etc., and that is the cause of problems for society and the people themselves.

Those are stupid degenerates. Western countries are overflowing with them, and there are plenty in Japan, too. Listening to them is a waste of time. We need to change the laws to punish people with these bad values or they will continue to destroy the nations of the world.


so-called progressives should be incredibly wary of neoliberal feminism that triumphs the working mother.

"working mother" is just a euphemism for a dual-income household. That both parents should have to work just to keep a family afloat is a mark of shame on any developed society, not a milestone of equality.

we see time and time again how this cynical identity politics is leveraged to discourage genuine working class organization

Dual-income is a vicious cycle, too; higher wages mean that higher consumer prices become market viable, driving up living costs and further incentivising the dual-income.

as long as you're getting laid and having a blast it doesn't matter who thinks you're creepy

it's very telling that automatization and *-liberation hasn't resulted in happier, freer families/individuals

we just become slaves to whatever abstraction we've used to successfully abstract the previous abstraction

>getting laid and having a blast
>more important than continuing the family line and securing the genetic legacy carried for you by all your ancestors
The upside is that people with your sort of mental disease are just going to die out.

>you're getting laid
That's a big assumption right there at 40+. Then 50+. 60+?

My guess is that you're not a day older than 23. Your mindset will change on its own.

>muh genetics

Who cares, you're going to die just aswell.

I wanna fuck

shitto animare

Japan should invite foreigners to impregnate there women, if not Arabs and Africans then bring in Mongols and Eurasians


>See, dirty gaijin, unlike in the west, we Japanese preserve virginity as something good, and promiscuity as something bad.
Don't worry, many of our top feminists and social justice warriors are going over to change your virtuous ways. They already have the UN and IMF pressuring your government to make you more degenerate.

How dare you make us feel uncomfortable about being sluts and whores more interested in money and temporary pleasure than lasting legacies like having 50-year marriages and loving families.

>Japan: Cred Forums the country

You get to be a witch

LOL It sounds like you're playing aloof from some tip you got off a misogynist blog. You're bragging about what you supposedly have to impress women but that doesn't make up for your lack of personality(and small dick).

You're not fooling anyone. Men need women but women don't need you.

Sure they are, don't you know Asians are soulless? C'mon, grow up already, jeez...

You sound like a salesman trying to sell me something I don't need or want. I'm happy with just my friends, sorry that annoys you.

marry me
lets have babies

>I haven't met a girl that was interested in me so far.
There's the answer.

btw the emotional risk women take in a relationship is much greater than any "monetary risk" men take.


>emotional risk

you are trying really hard to get a reply, aren't you? Well there are girls that were interested in me, but they weren't my type, and I guess women do think the same way about me.

Oh I get it.

So you "prefer the company of gentlemen." Okay.

The difference is, men are kind when it comes to rejecting women by simply not approach them while women laugh at men while they reject them

Fuck off I used to be friends with the most derpy looking Dutch girl and even she got laid several times. How do you manage that? Do you have a facial deformity or something?

True, I even apologized that I don't love them too, for what ever reason. Thinking back it's pretty dumb to apologize for this, but on the other hand, the girls were always talking to each and everyone about how that creepy kid would love them.

I can smell the flowers just from this post

>not wanting to live forever through your heirs and the legacy of action

>Trusting RT
>RT Wojak.jpg

you should just go annex them again just for her


>guaranteed replies post

Both men and women have worked throughout most of history you dumb jap fuck. It is only since the industrial, capitalist age that non-agrarian women began to stay at home while the man went to 'work'.

thnx for the prooves

Come on, if you're not a fucking horrendous deformity, it's pretty easy to get laid as a girl. Be clean, wear generic stylish clothes, have a nice hair and wear some makeup that suits you. You'll get laid in the first disco/pub.

You're a cuck.

I don't understand their muh dick mentality.they think are accepted by those virgin Japanese women.


How can I find a qt single Japanese grill under 34 to marry me?



Nice try, Igor

Better not have children than be like this

which one is better?

1. countrymen have no sex and population dying out
2. bring immigrants to maintain their population

You will become a witch if you reach 40, grills need to train their magic virginity skills for longer but they become more powerful in the end.

I am here to respond to this """""woman""""".

My image of you Cred Forums "girls".

Yes, this is good.

Can't wait to BLEACH a willing qt Japanese guy.