You wake up in Tokyo

You wake up in Tokyo.


I wish.

>Go to the airport
>First flight to Paris
>Here I am, back in front of my computer

Id visit some places and go back to my country

Go to the brazilian embassy and explain the unbelievable situation I'm in right now, and see what can be done about it so I can leave the country without being treated as an illegal immigrant.

Check my bank account and if enough money is left, go buy a cheeky cocoichi and then hit up all the record stores until I can finally find a copy of Hazel Nuts Chocolate "Bewitched"

Go to a cuddle cafe.

buy rotter civic and go racing kanjo then crash it into a godzilla, if still alive then hit nearest ramen shop after that would start vigorously masturbate in public just for teh lulz
Yes I would.

go to akihaba and pick up some sweet vidya

Explore, eat food, go home

How do Japanese view mexicans?

Do you love Japan?

Third world poor brown people. Unless you're the white european one, then if you shut your mouth they may treat you as human.


Immediately start fapping furiously.

B-but I'm going to sleep now

do i wake up as an anime girl (masculine) too?

>you wake up in tokyo

I wanna go foreign country


Fly the fuck back home.

That pic is insanely edited. It looks like it was taken from Roppongi Hills if I had to guess and that part of the city never looks that blue or colorful. Still nice at night though.

muh dick, etc

Take a train back to BC

Run the fuck away to the nearest airport. I don't want people to rape me.