Why are europeans so bad at integrating immigrants, even the 2nd/3rd gen ones?

Why are europeans so bad at integrating immigrants, even the 2nd/3rd gen ones?

Because our methods of integrating don't include gang-warfare and drugs

>gang-warfare and drugs
what about the hoolingans/chavs culture etc

Tell me in which new world country you see bad examples of integration of immigrants

Take a guess

You can't Integrate people if they don't want to Integrate. The reason people are coming here is because they know that they get free money for doing nothing and can rape and kill without consequence because the police are too afraid of doing anything because of fear of racism.
And when people try to actually fix these problems, fanaticism marxists will brand them as racist which will cause them to lose their jobs and probably get assaulted.
Not to forget that these is an Islamic conspiracy to flood the west with muslims so that they can become the majority and declare sharia.

a friend of mine is living there in Brazil, got married to a brown qt, and said everyone is really friendly, to the point that he said he feels brazilian

Muslims my friend, muslims everywhere

because poor people can't get jobs here and immigrants/children of immigrants don't know how not to be poor

They have muslims, our arab immigrants were christians, that makes a huge difference.

>only post to give correct answer
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Because they know you're right, my friend.


>what about the hoolingans/chavs culture etc

A tiny, tiny minority of the country are chavs. The majority are general middle-class normal people.


but even the muslim people integrate well into our society.
Europeans have no balls to impose rules, THE END.

We just have problems with colombians (fuck cucklombians)

New World communities were mixed since the beginning. But on the Old World, outside those public urinals like London, Wien, Lisbon and Madrid, everyone was from the very same fucking city for generations. So we somehow learned how to manage this shit centuries ago.

Europeans are autistic
They either go full right wing or left wing, no compromise or middle ground

I had a very very weird dream today. A friend of mine was visiting Iceland and waiting for his father who was coming by boat(?), so he called me and asked if I didn't want to visit it too because he would stay there while waiting for some money to enter his account. I wasn't so sure, but my mom kept saying that I should go and discover another country I haven't been yet that I had to leave depression behind etc. So I picked up a map to locate the city my friend was going to, since he was moving to another place to meet his father...then I woke up. I went to check a proper map after and I found the exactly locations of Reykjavík and Vik.

exactly the*

>Source: my butthole

I dunno Britain seems quite middle for the past decade or so - centre-right at the moment.

This is somewhat true here also. "Successful integration" here really just consists of sinking down into our ghetto cultures.

Same as Also, it has to do with who are the immigrants. Not people-wise but persons-wise.

"We" New Worlders attracted the ambitious people to a desolated land with room for improvement to work as farmers, tailors, bakers and shit like that without needing to deal with Turks/Germans/Russians invading their lands. While this, the Old Worlders are simply accepting boat people, giving them some subsidies and pitying them. "Poor war refugees, I feel so superior to them... I'll give them some charity money and let them stay."


Because latinos I would suppose are very welcoming, and will fuck anything remotely attractive (A trait borrowed from the spanish)