When was the last time you gone to the beach?

When was the last time you gone to the beach?

River beach? This July. If sea beach then August 2015.

if a small flat beach-y shore full of rocks count: a month ago

if not: 2-3 years ago

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This morning

Feels good living in California.

i miss the sea

6 years ago

to an actual beach with warmth, sun and sand, like 15 years


last time I went to the beach was late August

13 years ago when I was 13
Can't say I miss it

3 years ago, I went diving with a mask too

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I live on the beach

is just the angle, faggot

I was like 12 I think, so almost 10 years.

Why? I've heard your country has a beautiful coastline.

About 12 or 13 years ago.

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6years ago
I don't wanna go to beach since Fukushima.

Oh god.

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>user? What're you waiting for, take your shirt off and come swimming


Well, at least we have filters here

Thursday. My friend wanted to go down to South Beach. I typically stay around Fort Lauderdale, because Miami Beach is always way the fuck overcrowded IMO, but we had fun.

never 2bh

Poorfag, and a cheaper bus ride takes like 20 fucking hours.
Usually people go to san andrés islands in their last year school trip, but i didn't go because it was too expensive. I was a low-middle class going to a richfag school.

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I kinda hate beach desu, the fucking sand everywhere, the salty water... I prefer a regular pool

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no, that was the last pic i had

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So this is why her faceless pics are much more famous.

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That's what makes it hotter

I only go running out there in the Winter.


>river beach

Yesterday night.

They have rivers bigger than even your mums vag and visited by less people you fucking cockroach.


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