Are you atleast interested in another language OP?

Languages are fun to learn and there's a lot of resources for almost every one. Learn Spanish or something

terrific feel

>Canadian euromutts can't even speak the other official language of their country

put some effort in Jean-Claude Smith

And Montreal is the closest city.

This, and I am not even a Canadian.

>can't post in the respective general or else they will bully you for butchering their language

why live?



>go to quebec
>cant speak french
>everyone hates me and tells me to kill myself

why didn't you listen to them ?

>tfw know lots of french words because of translations on products
>try learning but the grammar is too hard

because im albertan.

I know this feeling as well, brethren.

One day, us monolinguals will rule the world with our English language. Who needs to be SMART or OUTGOING, we're easily better than bilinguals if we work together!

that sounds horrifying tbqh

Start off with something easy like Esperanto or French.

Is French easy?

>be a fucking leaf
>don't speak French
p o i n t l e s s

Generals are cancer desu
Just make a new thread

>can't handle banter
I shit in the nederdraad whenever I can m8

If it's easy for Americans it's easy for someone who grew up speaking a Romance language (like Brazilians).

>can't post in the respective general or else they will bully you for butchering their language
Why though? Generals were created exactly for this purpose, help people practise languages with native speakers, they aren't chat rooms for each country ffs

How long did you take to learn French?
Are you self-taught?
Which Grammar Books did you use?
Do you have any tips on French learning?

Most people that claim to know French as a second language typically have poor French.

that can be said about any other language

That's literally his point

French is very similar to english.

You could be understood if you'd just translate word for word a sentence while keeping the same word order.

>How long did you take to learn French?
I learned it in school for 3 years.

>Which Grammar Books did you use?
I don't remember what the textbooks were called. Recently, I've been using Duolingo and it's pretty good (I've mostly been using it for Dutch though, but the French has a better course). is a good pronunciation website. And the only dictionary website my French teacher allowed in class was -- it also has conjugation.

>Are you self-taught?
Nope (not with French).

>Do you have any tips on French learning?
I put a lot of emphasis on immersion -- especially listening and speaking. In school, most kids only used French for the 45 or so minutes the class was and had lower grades (or they cheated). If there was anything that set my grades apart from others it was trying to use French as much as possible.
My French is still bad though (granted it's better than my classmates'), because most of my usage was just from reading and writing.

Also, wanting to learn the language is something to consider because you'll be more enthousiastic about it -- not that it's always bad to make yourself do something (I've been having a lot of days like that).

Yup, see

Thanks for your help