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esto se va a descontrolar.

Post your mods and juice, vapefriends of North America.



Fucking traps isn't gay right?


It isn't.
>tfw no American trap bf

dont care for this edition

>le robo la cartera and laugh.

>less than a second apart
fug you

>American trap bf
White American trap?
Or black American trap?

>breathing in water vapor because it's "healthier" than smoking

enjoy your pneumonia

>not wanting a strong, harry CHI bf

>tfw seriously considering getting a vape
Is there some sort of buying guide?

B-but he said trap

White or Asian please. Though I'd probably marry almost anyone for a green card desu



wTf gF sent ME this


meet a quebec qt lads

There's literally nothing wrong with being non-white

>100% corn oil
wtf is non 100%?

Same difference.

need a leaf gf NOW

It isn't water vapor, it's a mixture of natural flavoring, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerine.

Propylene glycol actually kills the bacteria which causes pneumonia, and is used in many applications. Pharmaceutical companies even suspend albuterol in it and that's primarily how it's delivered to patients to treat stuff like bronchitis. Vegetable glycerine is food grade and hasn't been proven to do anything harmful to your body.


Let this buff qt take you on a ride.

oh yes I have to find my path
no less walk on earth, water and fire

need a leaf bf NOW

Need a leaf


this is what women really look like

>why yes, I am voting for Gary Johnson

Fukken schooled.

If you think the finished product is pretty, then man you deserve to be tricked.


>why yes, I am voting

I don't but by the finished product you can't tell that she has such disgusting skin.


She's fat and that fat is going to come out in your face. That's why women need to have a good diet. She probably eats Micky Dee's and that screwed her face up.

>why yes, I am

That's why EVERY need to have a good diet desu senpai baka



This is a mosquito hawk

>indeed good sir, I intend to vote Jill Stein! Fuck the establishment!

doesnt make you any less of a fedorafag for sucking on robot dick

This is a daddy long legs

rare fedora


These are daddy's long legs


Little birdie, little birdie,
What makes you fly so high?

It's because I am a true little bird
and I do not fare to die.

Little birdie, little birdie,
What makes your wings so blue?

It's because I been a-grievin,
a-grievin after you.

Little birdie, little birdie,
What makes your head so red?

After all that I been through,
its a wonder I aint dead.

Little birdie, little birdie,
come sing to me your song.

I've a short while to be here,
and a long time to be gone.

Little birdie, little birdie,
What makes you fly so high?

Its because I am a true little bird
and I do not fare to die.

True love was never meant for you and me

That's not what you're mom told me last night lmoa get rekt

Why would it be?

but true love is meant
for everybody

why would I need/care too?


its black people reading


really made me think

>tfw graduated college
>all the fun and decadence was meant to be had already
>I had none
>tfw my life is essentially over

Good thread desu

Spoiled children soon to fall
Freedom is the lie we live
We will wait for tragedy
And scatter helpless to the fire
Sorry for ourselves
Sorry for the things we've seen
No one cries for help
Waiting for the fire
When all our toys are burning
All these empty urges must be satisfied
Acted outside
Precious strength to turn the game to history
Giving up, I'm blown away
He said all I had to say
The final days have come and gone

Is he trying to imply that black people can't read

then thisll really shake your noggin

My first time ever seeing Trump was in Little Rascals

best mexican poster?

that was my first (and only until he ran for president) time seeing trump ever but i didnt realise it until 2 days ago

Life is mega gay

if not over if you're a-still living
just don't forget to live
this ain't no game
it's time to make history, yeah!

Does that make people who love their lives fags?

>just came up with a world class gimmick
>realized /cum/ wouldn't understand it at all, and it'd be wasted here so I had to post it in /brit/

*boops your nose*


I compare you to a kiss from a rose

But what's the point in living if I can't enjoy life anymore? My chance was in high school/college and I blew it.


How culturally different are Canada and the US?

God save the Queen vs God bless America.
We even have our own weird sounding French enclaves.

No problem
I’m looking for a good way to fly
I’m searching for a way you can’t buy
You know I know a kickin’ way to die
It’s rock and roll, martyrs keep the fans high
Still floating, as time rolls by

America doesn't have the capabilities to produce god-tier syrup.
They're still cool tho

We are a band of brothers
And native to the soil,
Fighting for the property
We gained by honest toil;
And when our rights were threatened,
The cry rose near and far--
"Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag
That bears a single star!"

Hurrah! Hurrah!
For Southern rights hurrah!
Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag
That bears a single star.

As long as the Union
Was faithful to her trust,
Like friends and like brothers
Both kind were we and just;
But now, when Northern treachery
Attempts our rights to mar,
We hoist on high the Bonnie Blue Flag
That bears a single star.

which american city is this?

I couldn't tell you, I've never spoken to a Canadian in my whole life

>We even have our own weird sounding French enclaves


Their rednecks are calmer than ours.

Their humor is shittier than ours (which is also shit so that should be a complement if y'all were aiming for really shit humor).

Their music ranges from decent to really bad unlike us which ranges from amazing to meh.

Distrito federal.

southll rise again lad

>green card
Whats wrong with Finland?


I have. She was very calm, pale like a ghost. Exchange student but never explained why. Spoke normally but eerily. I wonder if she was even living.

Another was an overtly quirky guy who I mistook for a homosexual until he said he was married to a woman. He said soh-rree a lot.

Arcadian or from some small Maine town?

I have bet many more Australians than I have Canadians

I have even met more New Zealanders than Canadians now that I think about it

where did you come from, where did you go, where did you come from, cotton-eyed Joe?
parlez-vous Francais?

>He doesn't have a city flag
>He doesn't have TWO city flags

It's full of Finns.

Jokes aside, I just want a new start abroad. I doubt that grass is much more greener on the other side of Atlantic but it would be different. And just that would be enough for me.

Who's the tired old slag?

that's not a very nice way to talk about your mommy

A Canadian in this thread made me cum

I wish

Canadians make me so horny.

>until he said he was married to a woman
That's no guarantee.


>someone says thanks to a random user in the thread who's been considerably helping him out
>reply "no problem"

I like degrading them by unloading a big load all over their faces

How can I look my kids in the eye when I know their mom sucked my dick?

Where are all the cute English girls at?

they dont exist

With a glint of smugness of course.

certainly not at the dentist

English girls can't be cute

Hello ma'am, I was wondering if you would like this carrot.

in her butt???? xDDDDDDD

\//\ YALL

very very very bad post

not if it's from the rabbit's garden, I don't need ta be shrunk


Rate my cat.

that's me

thats a rabbit not a cat


I'm like a jumpman

stop using my name

oh hai

What do you think will be Mexico's position in the upcoming WWIII?

I hope neutral

stop using my name

do you believe the official story about 9/11?

serious question

stop using my name

>you're walking with your gf
>Canada appears and slaps your gf's ass
What do?

only if you do me a .... favour
*unzips dick*

stop using my name

Stop using my name

dsily reminder that if you believe or stand for something that starts with ''Pseudo'' you're pretty much lost in life

only if you do me a .... favour
*unzips dick*

stop using my name
tell him to leaf

weirdly accurate

Ask her to slap mine.
Yes, Canada is a woman.

i want to ask qt black girl on a date lads
suggestions for the date?

Chicanos >meximierdosos


Is there a Chili's near you?

the zoo

Take her to PFK and then a Tyler Perry film.


who else /balding/ here? life is suffering

im not going downtown for anything, terrifies me
never heard of it
what are these
theres a popeyes nearby

PFK is a fried chicken restaurant and Tyler Perry makes films for black people.

Tyler films are awful

fugging frogs
there actually is
is it a nice place


So is the audience

>Poulet Frit Kentucky
Je suis kek


My dog licked my crotch, kinda enjoyed it

>not centuqui

Chilis is very nice

how nice
are they fast food or a sit down restoraunt

Pour quoi raison


Chili's is the same thing as TGIFridays, Applebees, O'Charley's, Ruby Tuesdays, etc.

Sit down restaurant, bar and grill type thing.

Sound it out
Centuqui = Kentucky


Starting a new manga lads



Maybe Quintúqui but I can't think of a single French word that makes the k sound as a c unless it was at the end of a word.

Yeah, that kid got fucked. The companies want 40 million yen, and all of his "fans" started mocking his shit on twitter

>be American
>get shot
>plane crashed
>in the same night

at least you didn't shart

It's just a joke


Justin Trudeau riding his daddies cock right into office.

>bar and grill type thing.
whats this, like a pub?

Hillary riding her husband's cock right into office.

He will make Mexicans pay for it by seizing money sent from illegals in the U.S. to their families in Mexico.
That's what I heard on the news anyway.

Theres a sit down restaurant part, but usually theres also a bar

He currently has the highest approval rating of any PM ever.
It's madness


I am such an incompetent human being. I mean, at least I haven't killed anyone or ended up addicted to drugs, but that's not saying much.

specifically he wants to seize remissions to essentially deny mexico revenue to make it so they have to pay for the wall or lose the remissions
you dont have to be 21 right
what the fug

well canadians are literally r*dditors so it's no surprise

>He will make Mexicans pay for it by seizing money sent from illegals in the U.S. to their families in Mexico.
Pochos and Chicanos are not Mexicans. They can butt fuck them and their families as far as I'm concerned.

I love you, bby.

I would assume so, since it's a bar

kinda helping but kinda staying neutral like ww2.

>alleged rapist gets raped

Je t'aime

Reddit is popular in Canada, but not everyone here is a leftist.
The liberals under Trudeau have been in power for 10 months, the Tories under Harper were for almost 10 years.

Who here did this

Diamonds don't make promises or deceive me
They don't lie, all they do is shine like the sun
Stars up in the sky I see them in your eyes
Can I see them now?
Yes, I see them now

well if so its not an option

Well, the restaurant part is good on it's own. So jsut dinner? No movie plans or something?

How does hockey do a world cup? Baseball's is surprisingly good.

>just found out my mom eats steak well done

guess its finally time to move out

i dunno really
how do dates work really, step by step, for average urban americans


What's wrong with your raccoon?


all me

I dunno, I was asking you

Why the fuck does Cred Forums need flags? It causes a ridiculous amount of petty shitposting, even on Cred Forums where it has a purpose.

Women have shit tier palates anyway.
Never trust them to be a good judge of cuisine and never trust them to make anything more complex than baking.

last date i went on i went to a football game but it went terribly

Canada, how do you world hockey cup?

>How does hockey do a world cup?

I dunno, let us ask Canada.


What manga

they need to go back to the kitchen though

Sure, it is.

I've never been on a date so you're already advanced. There was prom I guess, but she wasnt my date


Cred Forums was nothing but falseflag shitposting before flags

Have you ever heard the words "penis" or "vagina" used in an anime?

that really is gay
it was so bad it put me off dating until a year later
even now im not sure i want to go through with it

Where is Canada?

maybe oppai~ but thats it

there is one prolific shitposter on my ip range in the /nba/ general

he always gets banned for being racist or posting asians


Yokokuhan. Dude punishes people who do shit on the internet and the media in general So far
>An accused rapist who implied she was asking for it
>A shitty teenager who put deepfried cockroaches in the fastfood he served and got busted for it
>A CEO whos company was responsible for mass food poisining, but escaped trouble because of legal loopholes

taking a siesta with me

im never forgiving that cunt

Man, I havent been banned in a while

What happened?

Hi guys. How was your day

here's mine
>wake up
>drink some wine
>eat half a banana
>finish bottle of wine
>shower and get dressed
>go to a concert outside with friends
>buy beer and a slice of pizza
>go to friend's place
>get a 6 inch sub at subway
>go home
>go to whole foods, buy some chicken on sale and buy nachos
>go home, continue drinking beer and shitpost

Good day tbqh

Nobody knows

two years ago I was getting banned almost everyday on Cred Forums but now its only once every month or so

OH SHIT just heard about the happenings
>fucking stabbings in st cloud MN
It's begun lads

no one will ever know except a couple irish shitposters and some IRC friends i used to chat with

>mfw remembering my first ban appeal
thats some cringy shit
aw come on

It's saturday night, almost midnight, and I'm sitting here all alone in my bedroom listening to ex-yugoslav war music as well as animaymay music.

Just what am I doing with my life?

Well, it's better than sending our soldiers to die

What's happening? Aren't stabbings common in America? I did here that they was an explosion or explosions in NYC but no info and no deaths.

wasting it

I thought you meant the explosion in NYC

Check CNN

>no terrorist link


no one will ever know
couple friends were bugging me about it yesterday but i didnt tell them either
god i hate thinking about it

It's 12:45am actually

>8 wounded
>suspect dead

It'll be better if you just let it out user

I've only ever appealed one ban and I just told the mods to go fuck themselves

they blocked my ip range on Cred Forums for a week because of that

i was about to then i thought about what happened and then decided strongly against it

Nowadays I get banned for stupid shit and the bans don't last so long, so i can't ever tell them to piss off. It's leaving me all pent up

doooooo it

milo yiannopoulos is a gay nigga wit swag

make america fabulouth again

I thuport thith


he's got attitude

The absolute disrespect

Why do mexicans hate peñata so much

I love this manga so much.

Goodnight /cum/

wait i just remembered
the girl is vegetarian
what do

tell her to fuck off, or just look for veggie places around you


she's such a nice girl though

peña nieto + piñata

So find veggie places near you. I mean, if she sees that you as a non veggiefag are going out your way she'll like that right

i dont know if i could deal with being in a relationship with a vegetarian
hell i couldnt deal with a relationship at all
i dont plan on this lasting at all

there is nothing wrong with being autistic


Well, get your meat fix when shes not around I guess. Hopefully she shows you the same courtesy and doesnt sperg out about it, and she can have her plate of bark while you eat like a normal persos

see the important part was "i dont plan on this lasting at all"
im not sure if i even care for this girl
ive done this before and its one of the reasons my last date went so terribly

>decide to go on walk
>drunk people EVERYWHERE
>black dudes prowling every corner to hit on drunk girls
>truckolds trying to show their masculinity by revving their engines
>people screaming as loud as they can
>hear a girl talking about how she wants to do coke tonight
>trying not to look like an autist just walking past everything
Is this what the jews wanted?

ah, just hope the date goes well so you can pump and dump

>first week of uni was a couple days ago
>Cute girl in my chem class
>Shwooks at me all the time, looks away and smiles when I look back
>She got on the bus, only seat next to me
>Leans her arm on my bag
>Catch her taking pictures of me

Lads what do I do, I'll see her again Monday

>She's taller than me

>tfw I let religion keep me out of teenage sex

i dont want to pump and dump either
jesus i dont know what i want
im a total fuckup

>she's taller than me

>She's taller than me
It's over. Those cute smiles? smug "lmao manlet" smiles. Leaning her bag against you? Showing her dominence over you. Those pictures? She's showing them to Chad.

must be suffering being a manlet

W-We still have a chance
What's the best thing you can see in this coming out of this situation?

>tfw my mother forced me to be a Catholic for most of my life (even though I was baptized Protestant
>called her on her birthday and she told me all Christians are weak and she stopped believing in God because it only makes you a slave to the Jews

Talk to her you aspie

What an alpha, you should marry her.

Now I'm out of high school. It isn't the same as sharing your virginity with someone.

I said "is that bag comfortable" and she smiled and laughed but I'm too aspie to continue

i just realised my problem
i want a long term relationship but dont want to move away in a couple years
do you have ANY advice whatsoever because i think this is a catch 22 for me

I don't have an Oedipus complex, senpai..

Ah, I misread. Yeah, we'll never get to experience that. When I think of why I missed those opportinities my eyes well up a bit

>I said "is that bag comfortable"
Do they have medication for autism?

Just don't ask her out. You'll feel bad for a couple of days, It wont really pass. You'll just remember it less and less as time goes on. Or ask her out, dater her, and dump her in a month or so, or hope she dumps you

It makes me wonder how I can "enlighten" the upcoming generations to become fedora tippers like me so they won't have to make the same mistakes I made.

moving back to europe wont happen for a few years so i dont need to dump her straight away

god i hate my mother for putting me in this situation
how can i have a girlfriend without any stability in my life?

That's good. I say go for it then

Make your mom your gf, problem solved.

I didn't need this right now

its psychological though
if i enter a relationship, i ideally want it to last the rest of my life
how can i honestly enter a relationship i hope to last when my plans totally contradict this?
its extremely painful
1) ew 2) she's married 3) she's staying in america

Shit. Then don't go for it I guess? Don't we have an advice board? Their the only advice I can give you right now, but I don't even know if they're good

so in summary
1) i want a relationship on the surface
2) im not sure if im just trying to fill a void in my life
3) i want this relationship to be long term
4) my plans dont allow for a long term relationship
5) i feel as if im just making excuses
6) ive been talking about this for 3 hours or so and am probably therefore obsessed
7) it'd be hilarious if after all this thought she just rejects me anyway
8) she wont reject me if she doesnt have a boyfriend

how do I stop the resentment?


of what?

You can't beat the cock.


within yourself?
i dunno
in the world at large?
no clue

By learning to love both yourself and what you resent.

>she wont reject me if she doesnt have a boyfriend

im gonna go shave
also what the fuck

Someone slap me and remind me I'm supposed to be studying.

I resent people that are living the life I want to live more than anything like I'm a child or something, I resent people that are living A life at all even


self-love just seems like a big scam to me
it just feels fake when I do it

Would cum inside

>mfw accidentally studied for 8 hours today

300th post coming through

I keep accidentally doing the opposite.

Sure is /r9k/ here

Screw you guys, I'm gonna go fuck around with the Australians

Please go have fun in my stead, I'm having flashbacks


good edition