>be american

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nth for englishmen dropping like flies

rate my town

hope i dont wake up haha


think about what your fucking saying, and if you'd actually say it if you was in a room with me
i'll give you a clue you dumb irish cunt, you wouldn't
you'd be sniveling in the corner like a typical mick
don't wanna hear from you again or we will have to arrange something cause your doing my fuckin head in

The gf still hasn't come back from her night out

just got up

thought this was Cantebury

she's busy

hahahahahahaha fucking hell lad you sound a bit mad

you know id fucking kill you. Youve been called out for using pictures that arent you. Ive requested you prove just how big and scary you are but you wont cause your a massive fruit.

Just fuck up lad, I cant take you serious and im definately not afraid of you. Your a ridiculous liar. "u see me big man drivin abot limrik in my mercedes" ahahahahahah fuck up you shitcunt

go ahead and organise and arrange whatever you feel you little girl


desu not trying to prove anything, boxing is one of my main intrests and sporting activities so naturally I like talking about it. Seems whenever I do there is always 1 guy who flies off the handle

it's Birmingham

>followed a pipe bomb explosion hours ago in NJ



>Your a

sort your life out mate. less time in the gym, more time in the classroom

That modern building ruins it

hey man. my buddy exploded a few years ago. we were smoking pot in his moms car and poof he just blew up. it was a huge mess and really traumatizing. its nothing to joke about you limey cunt

You just embarrass yourself though.

fucking hell it's always the same angry paddy
Irish posters are better than this



nth for englishmen dropping like fucking flies

i hope you dont either sven

Hope everyone on Cred Forums gets a permament ban like /fur/ got. None of them even deserve to live.


you have to use dodgy grammar and spelling when acting hard on the internet, how else will people know you come from a rough background and are hence a loose cannon?

>this smelly shitskin paki desperately defending the angry bog trotter

Would love to see this mouthy piece of shit get fucking shivved

brum is majestic

ok seriously what happened in NY?

highlight my post where i've embarassed myself, I havn't threatened anyone or said I'll knock anyone out in any of these threads?

don't get where you're coming from. Some people just like to try and be offensive and start arguments for no reason.

not fuckin reading this, just know its gonna be fucking drivel again
not replying anymore your just takin the piss, already punched a wall and my hand is fucked
be arsed getting mad over mick cunts like you cause deep down you know id end you
going bed, got ufc training in the morning
gonna drive their in my mercedes but you wouldnt know what a car is you poor gypo cunt : )
wont be the fucking last you hear from me


i don't go on twitter or shit like that much.. is this shit of people saying they're journalists and asking to use the footage some kind of meme or actually real?

haha is that all? really lads? fucking poofs. I spelt one word wrong. Get over yourselves, embarrassing cunts boy. Your the only one acting hard without backing it up. Id gladly scrap you and mangle your jaw wanker.

looks like someone put a bomb in a dumpster and tried to kill people

this shit happens here more than you would think

perhaps you should ask your ancestors!

>0 deaths
This isn't even news


Alright which one of you leverets is this

>a-america isn't i-irish, t-theyre just plastic
>country keeps getting bombed by terrorists

what now, brits?

>what does paddy means

Something wrong with our mexican 2bqh


more bombs going off in Burgerland

Might have to stay up now haha

Literally howling at this post HO LEE FUCK

>already punched a wall and my hand is fucked


>be arsed getting mad over mick cunts like you cause deep down you know id end you

Scary that too, funny how you used an image that wasnt you and said you punched irishmen into orbit (correlation here?)

>got ufc training in the morning

Ah dont you mean MMA? unless your in the fucking ultimate fighting championship as a professional fighter?


>wont be the fucking last you hear from me

Good, i like bullying you

little anglo runt

I've seen him on here a few times losing his rag, acting like he's hard as nails and posting pictures of his scrawny arms. And there's always, always some user under a GB flag on at exactly the same time crawling up his arse.

wish scottish people would just fuck OFF

what's happening in yankland?

>take video
>purposely watermark a dastardly meme in the middle so news sites can't use it


how many friends do you have in real life?

holy shit

we're being genocided

stop giving them attention


No one is impressed. Do you even know how this place works FFS?

Bigger arms than yours anyway fruit, talk shite

Someone get out the taco kit, the boy must be malnourished.

College football

coordinated terrorist attacks looks like

Most of our towns and cities have some really parts, even the renowned shitholes.

They're just spoiled by people;

it's drumpf's fault

not trying to impress anyone so your point is redundant?

why are you so determined to insult me?

Normal sized people don't really all eat 2200 calories a day do they?

I'm skinny and its a struggle eating that much food, yet that's a 'normal' amount

Just watched the machinist lads, really opened my eyes as to what Tim must go through on a daily basis. What if the dentist doesn't exist, but is actually in fact just a part of tim? Boggles the mind desu

Lads if you havent already seen it avert your eyes to this post:

Comedy gold, ufc training ahahaha

it is the end times

my small seaside town

what the fuck does this even mean?

doland trunk

That's like one plate of food in the US

>'I'm a non-binary 10-year-old'
>2 hours ago From the section Magazine Share

ah yes. the jewish broadcasting corporation

>coordinate attack
>still a complete failure

step it up jesus christ

just eat when your hungry bro, don't bother with the counting calories stuff just vary your diet and listen to your body and you'll be fine

lmao what a sad cunt. ufc training kek

Bit bloody rude lad



a note was found at the blast zone with the insignia "silenced singer", wonder what that means

why is Birmingham so south reeee

go closer to manchester please

same cunt thats been mouthing off about how he could knock me out with one hand

genuine clueless NEET never been in a fight in his life, probably never even seen one

bla bla bla

a 12 year old girl could probably knock me out in a fight.

my arms are comically thin. like its a joke

So when does the west collectively decide to genocide all muslims for the good of the planet?

el diablo de mexico...

Brother bought me back some of these from his business trip to Japan. Theyre fucking harsh as shit though. Worse than cheap fags from the UK

>Japanese Marlboro """"lights"""""

who wants a fucking go then

ok everyone stop being mean to eachother now

my new gimmick is nice posting and I never say anything horrible or non-constructive just to inflame things. and my Cred Forums experience has been much better lately

I wonder which religion of peace could be behind this

dunno whats going on, but Sargon's twitter has been hacked

>putting on some popcorn

His friends act like hard lads but they know deep down he would heem them all.

Is that supposed to be a question?


neck yourself

how many girls did he put his willy inside of

>Not marlboro reds
cmon laddd

Piss off you utter ruminant wastemelt

Are brits even allowed to say bro?
I feel like it would just sound wrong

can't decide if butthurt southern fairy or brumaboo manc

ok, think its past your bedtime

The fucking state of this Irish faggot.

Pick locks with his arms.

Yanks aren't allowed to say mate or twat but you people do it here with reckless abandon.

Seeing these attacks on the US makes me realise just how good the IRA were at terrorism in comparison to these willies.

Mate shut your fucking gob right now you sperg, your making me physically cringe

runts, the lot of you

lads why are footballer's wives always not quite attractive?

you posted this earlier you (you) seeking whore

the village train station

I say it quite often and it sounds good coming out of my lips

I use "man" more though

dumb fuck doesn't even know what ufc is as well

why do people need to smoke though?

>The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.


about to get my last wank in before americas next major terrorist attack fully gets underway so that i could tell my grandchildren i was jerking off while 9-17 was happening

umm, rude?

no need for that

I can't decide who is more cringey.
This mad Irish dweeb offering everyone out, or the paki goatfucker siding him.

I can't even find the subject..

Post yours then you little anglo sissies, sure your only wee men

also whats that about the ufc? thought you were going to bed because you punched a wall in anger at my posts? laughing hard at you cunt. Highly doubt you train in the ufc you sadcase.

well he did tell me that one of his "coworkers" attempted to shag a japanese prostitute but she refused to sleep with white men because they were "too big" lmao. why would you tell someone you work with about that though? he seemed a little shifty when he told me about it too (he's married) bet it was him

the local building site

very sweaty

if you really think im a dweeb give me your email and we can arrange a fight lad. Im in Limerick, where are you? ill tear your fucking jaw asunder

whats that then. ulster fried chicken hahahahaha

it's nice

the local TV stars

It's a comfy 16c in BC m8.

>UFC training

>The autistic weak effeminate anglo started an anti irish thread out of pure hatred because i actually challenged him to a fight and he wussed out and claimed that he had "UFC" training in the morning

I would tear his jaw asunder hi


what an ugly flag

now I hate canadians even more

are you still posting?

He's brain damaged lad have pity on bim


Bit bored of this Irish nutter now. His gimmick is shit and he's just repeating the same boring threats over and over again.

Can he go back to being a normie now?

hmmm. he should have used tinder. heard there are a lot of jap girls looking for white cock. would quite like to use the white man in asia hack someday

You're an ugly fag

gotta go to me
in the morning lads.

I am an ULTIMATE fighter after all.

british columbia is just asians

just fuck off clueless cunts
Go an fuckin bum each other

pirates really despise the irish, i though it was just a meme

if northern ireland is blown up tomorrow we all know who caused it

the premiere down the village shops

Certainly fucking looks like it, you stupid paki

i'm 5'1 and built like a barratt new build

Saying you're going ufc training is like saying you're going International Boxing Federation training you fucking moron

fuck up yeah, you dont call the shots around here wee man

hell be sure to have brain damage if he actually stepped up to fight me as he claims he could beat me with one hand and trains in the fucking UFC

Ahh yes we are the clueless cunts. Youve been exposed for lying about the following:
Being tall
Using an image of a tripfag from /fit/ that wasnt you
Being weak
Not owning a Mercedes
Not training in the UFC
Not knowing what MMA is
Never been in a fight

all me

paddy the ripper is becoming like tim with his repetitive ramblings

twat sounds great as long as you dont have the stereotypical californian or southern accent

They're like a rat in the kitchen. Would gladly push the button and nuke them all tbqhwymb

genuinely can't understand how you're actually this upset


It's boring af. Worst gimmick since runt posting.

Hey thanks for voting Trudeau maritimes, working real great so far you inbred fucks.

>They're like a rat in the kitchen. Would gladly push the button and nuke them all tbqhwymb

He is making me physically fucking cringe now. Ive grown tired of bullying him with physical threats, I think ill just laugh at him now. What a boy george.

It literally doesn't because Yanks are incapable of pronouncing it.


You should have known better he is a literal frog

post toot

>craze sweeping the nation
ahh yes

i would explain why youre wrong but you are incapable of understanding it

watched that documentary, depressing stuff

Mental blokes 2bqh

Goodnight cunts

>Former fiancee


>just came up with a world class gimmick
>realized /brit/ wouldn't understand it at all, and it'd be wasted here so I had to post it in /cum/

This paki can't understand why people dislike him.

oh do one you twot

Fuck are you on about I don't do boxing it's mainly for poofs
fuck off n suck some more mick
funny how I haven't told a single lie
you're the one being constantly fucking delusional
Spewing nonsense shite
Don't know what your on about anymore why the fuck would I know what MMA is

those were not real dogs user...

>be british

My brother calls me bro, but I will admit it does sound odd. It's one of those cringey Americanisms that has been picked up by Londoners and gets overused.

piss off you tw0t

doing a sun yat-sen

northern ireland is not british

i already made that joke sweetie x

>former fiance
>walking him like a dog
>dressed in skin tight leather

this is some seriously depraved submissive shit right here. the fuck

who dares me to say paki again

I swear to god I'll do it!
I don't give a FUCK

as with all things canadian, america improved it

lazy bait by now

I can tell you dont have any mates in real life and truthfully, putting all the fight talk behind me I feel bad for you. I pity you.

I hope your condition improves. You literally are the most autistic person ive seen on this general and im being dead serious.

You dont fight in the UFC. You dont drive a Merc. Your probably a skinnyfat nonce on the dole with no actual mates IRL.

I dont think you quite grasp what the UFC is either mate, thats like saying im going to premiership league training for football tomorrow. Your ridiculous.


if were being honest, i do use twit a lot more often. but i throw a twat in for good measure every once in a while

please tell the huns that

>yanks spend $1000 a year on uni books

xhao ling

>this paki getting more wound up than the paddy

i'm not being funny, but
i don't understand the question

have the grimmest fucking cough
always thought them a mere nuisance but this one makes me want to die

Dunno what your on about just Fuck off

>tfw could genuinely demolish any of you little swine in hand to hand combat, but my genius intellect prevents me from participating in something so primitive

Go to bed, Mick. You dopey window-licking, spacker

fucking yanks...

this desu, its just pathetic. He keeps trying to say I'm mad and I know saying "im not mad" or typing more than a 3 word response is a telltale sign that someone is red in the face, but I honestly haven't been the slightest bit emotional during this enitre discourse. Just a bit bemused by it all if im honest

take amphetamine. you wont cough or sleep ever again

>tfw don't smoke
>tfw only cough about once every 3 years

props to that newcastle guy that pairs with me in 2v2

>this paki in full damage control mode

normie city

una vela....

the mental gymnastics continues..

you're nearly at 1/4 of all the attacks in england, and that's only tonight
once again you outdo us


Be arsed talking to this deluded mick soft cunt anymore
Just chatting utter nonsense trying to be intelligent cause deep down he knows what would happen
Anyways the gf wants me to come to bed so good night to all of you apart from mick and his bum boy
Won't be the last you hear from me

Are you from Wakefield?

Pic related: terrorist attacks in Europe

Don't think so hunni x


deep choon

Are you really this retarded?


hello douchebags

im going to become one of those edgy black guys who rap about death a lot and take a lot of psychedelics and stuff

wtf i hate corsica now!

>2 in Iceland

don't you have some whales to kill, bjorn?

>poland manages to be the only country to avoid the plague
>poland manages to be the only country with no terror attacks

how do they do it

blowing up poland would improve it

they've suffered a lot

ah yes

the "so-called" religion of peace

my gf

there's no one there to report it as the entire population is shoved in a council house in Erdington

don't you have some shots receive, Yank?

dumb frogposter


another large explosion lad

dozens dead



too far.

he is a rapist

bit ded

whos watching the boxing?

Is that really his name

me when i finish this wank


No, it's Alan

in my mouth please x

Swap Scotland with Ireland

I have ace links too but I closed mine cuz it was being laggy, watching in a lower quality on this


never got what the fuck was up with germany at the time

Holy Roman Empire

Just get back from a night of shagging. Some shit going down?

Holy Roman Empire, small city states under Austrians loose imperial autonomy

was going to go to bed but am staying up just to see how this NY thing pans out until I eventually doze off


leg is super itchy under my bandages reee

Remember when you first pulled back your foreskin lads?

Remember how sore it was?

Remember when you touched the bellend and shuddered in pain because it was so sensitive to the external touch?

Oh boy, those were the days alright

the third rome is better

>mfw I've inadvertently watched a shit ton of Avatar, since my friend is binge watching it on the tv

This show is full of benders all right.

no because i'm cut REEEEE

no because i dont have a mutant eurodick

Why you got bandages on x

what? is this a meme? my foreskin was always easily retractable

you have an ugly penis

I remember my first 'wank'

I just kinda grinded by flaccid dick thinking about my mates mum's tits for a bit and then had a weird sensation which I didn't know if it was ejaculation or not. My dick was wet but I think it was pre cum in hindsight

kek when I pulled it back I thought my foreskin was eventually going to shrink because I thought circumcised ones were normal

Mine was over a poster of Louise that I ripped out of a Smash Hits magazine that a girl had at school

Need a Maddie Rose gf lads

the gf

i remember very well wanking before i was able to ejaculate. you'd orgasm but nothing came out. starting being able to jizz around 12/13

Reminds me. I seen some Canadian Geese flying in formation over my flat today. Quite impressive.


Does the UK have useless degrees like this?

Fucking hell I remember that

Pretty sure I had a wank to that custom MSN emoticon of the woman jigging her massive chebs around once

Peng tings

the gf

slipped on my bike the other day (did not fall off)
as I recovered the slip though at high speed my foot slipped off the pedal (it was wet)

my pedals are metal and have those teeth and it went right into my leg and took a chunk out, wound was like a bit longer than my middle finger and about 1.5 times as wide, got 10 stitches in it

was a shocker desu because i just thought i had banged it then I look down and theres a big mess where my flesh should be and all stringy bits of tissue and fat hanging off


Now that I think about it my first wank to porn was in my mates house at like 11

We both wanked to the same video with our hands down our pants sitting next to each other (no homo)

Could prob dig up the vid on pornhub for nostalgia, some sort of French orgy. Now that o think about it it was actually really weird but we thought it was "cool" at the time.

Left unironically could be if she lost the paki scarf

gender studies

someone call the exorcist

bitch tryna let a demon out

lel me and my mate used to have a little den in this foresty bit near mine where we would stash porn we found and wank to it standing back to back in the bushes when we were like 11

(no homo)

>having your first wank on an internet porn video

Fucking teenagers.

posting an actual peng ting

pretty sure sam al-hyde is the perpetrator of these bombings

Yes, our unis are full of shit degrees, particularly the lower raking places. They're great money makers though; £9k per year for a fucking David Beckham Studies degree from a ex-poly.

i remember wanking in the shower in our villa when we went to disney world in florida when i was 13. my mum walked in to do her make up but luckily the sides of the shower were covered with towels and i managed to finish.

Is chicken and waffles really that good? Also why put maple syrup, isnt it too sweet?

>the hijab is supposed to be for modesty
>also wear loads of makeup and slaggy clothing

Ahh yes the so-called religion of """"islam""""

I said my first wank to porn

I was wanking to some strange shit long before that, calm yourself old man

alri grandad haha

I remember one time my dad walked in while I was about to finish and literally as he opened the door I whipped my cock back into my pants and began pumping cum while he asked me what I wanted for dinner



found the runty white boys

having a go

Really interesting watch desu


watching mr olympia

this shit is fucking disgusting

found a pic of some peng tings

thought you'd have the boxing on you cunt

Safe blad dey piff pham

Could heem all these decadent little toerags

Do you have people in Ireland who speak like that yet?

i'm 26 and my first wank was to internet porn. true it was just still images rather than what you'd get today but still

not really interested in it

i find canelo to be massively overrated and Liam Smith whilst a world champion is mediocre at best.

No, our closest thing to Ebonics is mickbonics spoken by the hillbilly culchies out in the countryside. Harder to understand than the Scottish dialect of English.

why does the youth of london speak in a jamaican accent



don't ask big man questions or man will juck you blud

>hating muslim women

they're not the problem.

muslim men are. maintain your anger towards them, not their chattel


It's mainly the lower/working class urban types.

Because their parents are Jamaican

i've asked this many times myself

in short, theyre twats

cos it's full of wogs, pakis and lefties

'dere ain't nuttin' wrong wit bein jamaican

It's the new cockney accent. The original cockney accent is going extinct and replaced by this multicultural concoction of Jamaican/cockney/chav or whatever else.

wish i was a scouser t b h

Ahh yes because now people in Shropshire speak in a brummie accent
Fucking retarded map

I don't think this Kerswill tit knows what it is and where it's spoken

I'm a scouser and do like it. But im curious why you might say that

That map is so fucking stupid

Could really do with a nice, warm, comfy cuddle rn :'(

In 2030 you utter fucking ruminants

Terrorists are coordinating attacks on the US and the media wont cover it for fear that it will boost Trump's ratings.

No one's died yet.
We will overact. It should be interesting.

>worst accent in the uk
>most hated people in the uk
>most bitter people in the uk
>dreary, miserable turds in a constant state of grief

>0 deaths
That might be why you mong

paki qt just appeared in my tinder

Post accent

Had she been BLEACHED yet?


>the city of Birmingham will gradually move west within 15 years

You should be hanging am immigrant prostitute so I de-rate your experience.

classic scouser

i bet the average IQ of /brit/ is somewhere between 125 and 135 twobh


don't have a mic right now

i get complimented alot on my accent by forigeners and other english people because I'm actually educated and can talk properly so I don't sound much like the turbo-scousers on the extreme end of the spectrum.

I don't like talking shit about my own people but one trend (not a rule) i noticed growing up is that people with stronger accents tend to be the less intelligent ones, or people who try and act hard force their accent stronger if you get me. There are exceptions ofcourse

They are false flag attacks by trump

There's two fucking maps there you dumb cunt, and Geordie has been spoken in area is claims it did in the 70s. Newcastle/Gateshead - yes. Sunderland, Durham, Stockton, Hartlepool, Northumberland, Berwick - no.

Clue yourself up, you silly bastard

They are tepidly reporting but he's right it's gone to the point of if Trump may benefit do the opposite.



The common connection is a friend of mine who has always been desired by women


Just piss off

Are you white? Fill her with your seed for her benefit. If you're black, let her be. She's suffered enough, she doesn't need to be honoured killed with a dull machete when you abandon her.

You're a fucking retard mate. You should have thought about that map before you posted it.

Now you should KYS

thats a man