Which Asian language sounds the worst and best?

Which Asian language sounds the worst and best?

Korean sounds best in my opinion

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Mandarin is the most important one to learn
The others are niche weeb languages

Korean = Japanese >>>>>>>>>>> everything else


Wu has the best name. Korean has the best writing system. Japanese has the best memes.

Chinese is absolutely disgusting
Japanese/Korean both sounds roughly the same, like unintelligible stream of random syllables

Best: Mongolian
Worst: Yue Chinese (Beihai dialect)


All 3 are great.

Japanese and Chinese writing systems are overly complicated... Korean is efficient and simple.

I don't know which one sounds the best though. But probably not Chinese

Japanese>korean>Ching chong bing bong Chinese

Vietnamese sounds horrible, but I really like its structure and alphabet.

Best: Hindi/Urdu
Worst: Tibetan

Vietnamese is the absolutely worst
God I fucking hate those ugly gooks and their gook tongue

>ching chong ling long
>ching chong ling long
>ching chong ling long

Dats Pucking lacist

Japanese is the best sounding language in my opinion

I also like how Mongolian sounds

Assuming you mean East Asian exclusively, I'd say Japanese sounds better than the other two.
Chinese sounds pretty bad, and Koreans sound stupid when they speak ("ohhh" ad nauseam)
Perhaps it's cause I took TKD as a kid and my sabhomnim got annoying


I was interested in how Mongolian sounded and it literally sounds like everyone in that country has salivary glands on steroids. So much saliva holy shit.

Fuck off.

>literally the first line- "I'm a civil engineer."

she's a qt regardless

I am the user that argues against any language "sounding good" or "sounding bad" since it is subjective, but after listening to Vietnamese I think I've changed my mind.

Japanese is pleasantly soft and rhythmic.

Korean sounds like Japanese spoken with a mouthful of beans.

Chinese is a language to be endured.

Which structure? Vietnamese structure and word order is just like English, but without any inflection.

Korean sounds like Chinese spoken backwards.

Mandarin is the most important.

But it also sound the shittiest among the three.

I actually always admired tonal languages like Chinese and Vietnamese; they're very unique and interesting sounding

Japanese sounds nice, Thai sounds 2weird4me, they make some horrible nasal sounds.

I think Mandarin sounds fine, but that's maybe because i grew up watching Chinese films.

Japanese sounds good
The rest sound not good tbqhwyf

That's why I like it. It's so simple. If it weren't for the tones I'd study the shit out of it.

Thai and Vietnamese sound fucking abhorrent.

Thai, Lao and Burmese are tonal too. I found them share a few same tones as ours.

Vietnamese is a hideous looking language when written. It's an abomination with a maze of diacritical marks that make it look like vomit.

Arr a shit

Fuck slant-eyed devils desu

If you're properly Vietnamese, speaking a tonal language would help too. Tonal languages sound unnatural and disjointed to native speakers of languages that only have tonal steps.

I grew up around mandarin, too. Though I never really learned a substantial amount.

I dislike tonal languages in general. No offence.

Jap sounds cool but it's fucking impossible to learn

Chinese seems to be easier to learn...but it's uglier

Korean...I don't know, sorry

When i started to learn English, i'm surpried that it's intonal.

like the shape of a korean's head (Without plastic surgery)

at some points it sounds like german.

trips of truth

I dislike Korean more tbqh.

Even though I like Koreans over Japanese and Chinese.

t. Lived there

yeah Thais always talk about porn and poon, it's weird.

I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

That's what would happen when you let a tonal language be written in Latin.

This is the wikipedi of Southern Min, a Chinese variety.

When spoken, too. Lol

Korean a best. All the benefits of a consistent alphabet, and all the convenience of compact, block symbols.

The hell you guys talking about? Korean and Japanese sound nothing alike. Japanese almost sounds Spanish. Korean sounds like a less harsh Chinese.

After reading a whole bunch of Chinese novels I am thoroughly convinced that all Chinese names have words that translates to "dragon" "tiger" "sky" "immortal" or something of that nature.

I thought they just dropped cutlery down some stairs.

>Japanese sounds almost Spanish
Thought I was the only one that thought that

kek, for us it's really easy to imitate any japanese speak, singing, etc without having idea of what they're saying.

at least korean is unique unlike those copypasta nips


>Korean was a Chinese colony over 1000 years
>Korean claim they invented Hanji, Tea, Judo, Karate, Japanese sword, Ninja, etc

they abandoned Hanji/Kanji, and cannot read any historical materials written by their master China
Now they are busy for forging their history and stealing other cunts achievements

>was a Chinese colony over 1000 years
>they abandoned Hanji/Kanji, and cannot read any historical materials written by their master China

You described Vietnam.

Should I study Vietnamese?

Is there any secrets to the Vietnamese soul that this would help me understand?

>Korean sounds like Japanese spoken with a mouthful of beans.
I don't know why this made me laugh so much, but it's true. It's like they're trying to speak Japanese while hocking a loogie.

Structurely it's simple, the most difficult things are how to use the pronouns and classifers (like the or a in English but there are over 10 of them). Or pronounciation is hard too, we have 11 vowels, a number of dipthrongs and tripthrongs, and there're 6 tones.


what the fuck?

sign me up

Uyê in Nguyễn is a tripthrong, for example.

Chinese by far, they're all based on it anyway

>but it's true

No it's not.

The pronunciations aren't identical whatsoever.

pretty cool but I have no idea what that is supposed to sound like

Vocaroo pls?

Japanese sounds smooth , soft, and nice. Very few words sound harsh or abrasive. I dont know, its like asain French to me, if you get what im saying. Enjoyable to listen to. Chinese however is terrible to listen to. The constant X's and Z's make it harsh, and in my experience it sounds like theyre constantly yelling at each other. I can hardly pick up tonal shifts. Korean is sorta in the middle, dont like how it sounds but dont hate it like chinese either.
I dont mind thai or vietnamese but i havent had much experience with them

>its like asain French to me
That's what I think about Korean

Japanese is more like Spanish




Looks like a real challenge pronunciation-wise, pretty awesome

Studying Korean right now which has opened my ears' ability to hear differences between vowels that I couldn't before, maybe Vietnamese could do this further

Best to worst:

1.) Korean
2.) Japanese
3.) Mandarin (Shanghai accent)
4.) Cantonese
5.) Mandarin (Beijing accent)

God northern-mandarin sounds so bad. CHERRR SHERRR WO SHERRRR WUBI

Eh, saying Korean or Japanese are based on Chinese are like saying English is based on French.

Hey, I'm Vietnamese-American. What's the best way to learn Vietnamese? I can read, but can only write without the accent marks. I can also speak it, but I want to be able to read heavy literature. My dad is from Hue and my mom is from Da Nang, and I've been to Vietnam like 6-7 times. Any tips?

Can I add you on Skype or something?

I speak Chinese and I tried to learn some Vietnamese, the tones are kinda similar. Except there's one in Vietnamese that's impossible. The down up down up thing I think. Not really sure.

Japanese > Korean >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mandarin

How does it feel to speak a non-tonal language when your native language is tonal?

I don't have Skype. Anyway, i think that you can start with more modern poets or writers like Xuân Diệu or Tô Hoài (i recommend Dế Mèn Phiêu Lưu Ký). Pre-modern Vietnamese poems are hard to understand even for a Viet.

All right, thanks.

How do I learn as a beginner, though? I can speak it conversationally, but I want to be more fluent.

And, why does the northern dialect sound so retarded lol. gi turns into zi and a fuckton of unnecessary z sounds

Easier imo, i don't need to took any effort for tones (because of course, each tonal languages have tones that are different from each other).

Every Vietnamese dialects has those kind of things. Because your dad is from Hue and your mom is from Da Nang, i guess that you speak a Central Vietnamese dialect, which is often consider "weird" or "outsider" from the Northern or Southern dialect. Central Vietnamese uses word like rứa hay răng, Southern Vietnamese melts hỏi tone and ngã tone, melts c and t if they are at the end of a word.

best japanese
worst korean
okay cantonese
meh mandarin

Different guy,
Where in Vietnam are you from? My parents are from Ha Noi and Nam Dinh

Chinese is absolute dogshit
Hokkien dialect is tolerable
Japanese and Korean are both good.

New flag for me. Thank you Macao!

Japanese because it's pretty easy to pronounce for native Spanish speakers

All east asian languages are utterly useless and irrelevant
except Chinese