Are we the baddies?

Are we the baddies?

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Yes, pretty much. If it's any comfort you're a charismatic villain.

We are chaotic good



Fucking hate americans so much. they're so brainwashed.




America is God's chosen country, destined to lead the world out of the darkness

We are the light upon the hill.

If we're the baddies we're the least bad baddies possible

A true shining city

pretty much yes.
How did everything go so wrong?

USA has kept world peace in the only way possible for humanity, overwhelming power and the will to use it as required

typical Canadian comment.




we're not the goodies.

Kill evil commies that were spreading death and poverty
they did 911.

aussie gets it

but only in a delirious way, like that villain that always appears in movies that want to shove it's philosophy of life upon everyone's throat even if that means nuking the entire world.
I mean, no matter how many times and by how many people your told you're being bad, you'll always, always think that you're the good guy.

>either of those
>not justified
Commies and terrorists deserve everything we can throw at them

Our only mistake was not finishing the job, God bless

When will you cunts admit that any other country would do a worse job of leading the world? America is as benevolent as it is possible for a global hegemon to be without being too benevolent like Sweden would be if they were in charge.

>Americans are so brainwashed by their media that they actually believe they're the good guys and peace keepers
wew lads

america has the most prosperous colonies,like liberia for example

Must be our german diaspora.

American tourists are the only reason your countries economy functions my little brown brother :)

>it's another 'Americans can't stop sucking eachother off' thread

>mulatto people that are 0,0012% German and have 0 connection to Germany culturally are considered German Diaspora in Shartia

But the commies just want to liberate their people from European oppressors.

Not really

I thought you side with the terrorsits and pay and supply them.


But people here haven't realized that, yet.

and people say Germans are humorless

>it's another 'Euros can't stop trying to make Americans feel bad' thread

Are hats supposed to talk?

Maybe, but at least better us than Russia or China, 2bh.

>Are we the baddies?
This is the big twist at the end of America: The Movie that you don't want your friends to spoil you about

1814-1914 witnessed no major (30 million deaths or more) wars between nations.

>The CIA=America

The CIA are a bunch of criminals that we barely have a leash on
The only reason they still exist is probably blackmail. They're basically like a big parasite in our government.

That's a pretty arbitrary definition of a major war. 29 million is a lot of dead cunts.

Yeah by our early wars were basically telling the colonial powers to get out of our backyard
That's a far cry from evil and what any of the Europeans would have done it they had people trying to colonize land they wanted.

This to a large extent; J Edgar Hoover of the FBI is reputed to have blackmailed most of Congress into submission during the 1960s.

>that's a pretty arbritary definition

The wars that happened under US hemegony were above that number.

It's Russia.

i'd say you are the ugly


You and I (we) are not the baddies. Our politicians, our religious, and our rich are the baddies. It's A-OK to be an American, and I'm fine being one.

did you get permission to post this?

>Russians do bad shit
>Americans do bad shit
>Americans are evil!

dog bless


Is your critique on American colonialism going to be literally "WHITE. MALE." tier?

"Stuff I disagree with" tier then? Fuck off Cred Forums

>(30 million deaths or more)
>Taiping Rebellion 20,000,000–100,000,000

shut up you white male cracker

go genocide some africans you fucking piece of shit lmoa

The US is the best option for a superpower. A multipower world will be better though desu, as long as we are all tied together economically

>between nations

Around after Vietnam to now probably. Maybe even before since
>Invade a country that likes us in order to get drug money while making up an incident
Then let's not forget
>Defy and break the constitution repeatedly
>Stop a country from removing a valid threat (Serbs)
>Buddy up with genocidal zionists
>Invade a stable country and destabilize it for oil, acting like they committed an attack, when the actual perpetrators of the attack are free and getting paid by us to this day (Saudis)
>Elected Obama TWICE
>Let degenerate Mexicans flood into our country, defy the constitution yet again, and ruin the place because of feelings

I can't speak about the rest of your history but you fucked up big time during your intervention in the M.E

what part of "between nations" did you not understand you fat fuck?

You're the baddies too, Hans.
You are flooding all of Europe with hostile rapists. You are forcing your women, your sisters, your daughters to co-exist amongst savages that rape them for fun on a daily basis, and you are forcing every other European country to do the same.

> >Elected Obama TWICE
First is ok since nobody wanted a Republican President after Bush, IDK about the second time though.

What MIGHT have happened:

>Cold War
>Communism versus Democracy
>America stupidly decides to relinquish the whole of mainland Vietnam, a geopolitical gateway to communist activity within the wider East
>North Korea's efforts are bolstered dramatically as Communism manifests itself in various radical holdings within Japan, Korea, India, and small parts of Okinawa
>America, the UK, and France lose ability to produce rubber on a scale destined for multi-national war
>After the fall of Vietnam to automatic Communism, the Middle-East is ripe for Russian undertaking
>Oil becomes a scarce resource in the majority of all Allied environments
>Fast forward 100 years
>Comrade Tyrone and Commandant Cletus are buttfucking your wife because you expressed dissatisfaction with the current Communist regime
>Stalin Jr. controls literally 99.99% of the entire world's wealth, and he "shares" with your family 3 pieces of bread every day for dinner
>Such a bountiful blessing
>We are truly blessed

What REALLY happened:
>"Hey, Vietnam, be all Communist and shit"
>"Cause we've got, like, all this rice and shit"
>The next day
>"Hey, Vietnam. I thought you said you were on our side."
>"I never said I'd choose a side, America. I just want to eat and be left alone"
>"Wtf! I hate Vietnamese now!"
>The Vietnam War happens
>"Wow, this is such bullshit. My country just got blown up by ameriburgers and Comrade Adidas is trying to turn me into a satellite state. I'm just going to call myself a communist, but I really just want to do my own thing."
>A few days later
>"Hey, Vietnam. It's Russia. Can I store some nukes at your place?"
>"No. Fuck off."

ie. buliding schhols in Afghanistan after victory over USSR


How about "LE EBIL COLONIALISM" tier? Does that speak volumes, or do I have to translate it into safe-space for you?

Autistic powerfantasy :DDD

>be american
>get shot or get bombed

I guess?

Literally what?

It was nearly as violent as it was before

No, we have done many questionable actions but generally I believe that the government tries to do the right thing
The world can thank us for no WW3 and the fact that there will never be another war between developed nations again

The price of saving the world is being hated by those you save it from

Are you 14?

obama was a decent enough president.

The most baffling thing for me about America is their lack of consumer protection.

Its unbelievable what shit you can get away with there.

For example, their AOL provider makes unsubscription so long and tedious that it is practically impossible to end a contract with them.
If a company did that shit here, the consumer can contact Customer Protection service who would help. If that wasn't enough, there are TV shows that specialize on helping people deal with those scumbag companies. Even if the TV show can't legally do anything, being featured in it as a bad guy, is some major bad rep for them, so once they realize that they will be in one of those shows, they mellow really fast and customer friendly solutions suddenly appear with the speed of light.

Granted, laws are full of loopholes here aswell, but new laws and changes to existing laws are being constantly made to patch those laws. For example, we have this Broadband Wifi Internet here in the countryside, which is simply put, a giant Wifi Tower connecting everyone within about 10 km radius to the internet. A few years back this thing was relatively new and appropriate legizlation didn't exist for it yet. It promised insane speeds for a Broadband Wifi and unlimited data cap. However they conveniently omitted what they called "Reasonable Usage Policy" and hid it in small font into license. It stated that one can download 4GB or similar amount of data with the max speed and once it is used up, the user is capped at GSM speeds. It technically was unlimited since you could download as much as you wanted with the GSM speed since that speed had no data cap. But in practice it meant that you could perhaps download 30GB in a month at max since the GSM was just so damn slow even if you were downloading 24/7 for the whole month. Thanks to those who got pissed as fuck, It went up on those TV shows and a whole shitstorm happened. Now these companies are legally required to disclose if their service is actually uncapped.

Tbh a lot of that is because of population size.
>tfw can't vote online like in Estonia and instead have to get off my ass and walk down the street
>bus is $2.50

You are the fatties


Have you looked at all the other options? This place is full of sociopaths don't give them any more power

America it pains me to say this but please remain #1 usa usa usa usa

Thank's Javier, we'll try our best to stay #1.

>lightly banter an american
>6 replies

I thought it was just a meme

>implying good guys exist


Most of those "war" were skirmishes against american indian tribes.

The US has only actually been at war 5 or 6 times most lasting about less than 4 years.

>Are we the baddies?
O gee I wonder
>After years of war, Indochina is finally ready to reach peace by splitting the country in two
>Geneva accords, everybody agrees
>Everybody except Americans because commies=bad so fuck peace
>Get a tyrant elected because fuck democracy, thats commie shit
>Enter 20 more years of war
>After thousands of deaths and multiple war crimes later, war stops and Vietnam is still split in two

Your country caused thousands of death for nothing because your rulers were egotistical ideologists who thought the third world was their playground.

>>Get a tyrant elected because fuck democracy, thats commie shit

Whoa whoa whoa. Gotta stop you there, fambam. The rest of the shit, whatever, but commies can't do democracy.

Communists can't do democracy since communism is anarchism and democracy is inherently against the freedoms provided by anarchism.

>commies can't do democracy.
I know they can't, I was talking about Ngô Đình Diệm, the nationalist put in place as the head of the state of vietnam by the Americans to make sure the war with the commies would continue

I know that, but adding "thats commie shit" sort of triggered me.

was meant for

The thing is that the US has rigged election several times just because they feared left leaning politicians might be elected. Hence the 'democracy is commie shit'.