ITT: your attitude towards other countries

Post em.

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all of these decisions are based on how much I like the movies from each country

i have one of these memes i guess

New Zeland is missing, but well i used it anyways

sup redditors

thank you reddit


I don't hate any country enough to be bothered to paint them

What movie have you seen from Iran?

>glorious Best Korean cinema

>be czech
>prefer pislner urequel

you're shit m8




Why the hate for Denmark?

edgelord coming through


>No Zealand

>no zealand

I would painted you as Like tho

i think all of korean would agree with me

Zeeland's on the map, I don't know what you're on about


The rest of the world is deep deep red, except Australia... It's dark dark red, almost black


>Papua New Guinea

I live near the danish border and i know what you mean

>All these Johnny Foreignerswho hate England but love Scotland because they've watched braveheart but don't realise it's a country full of junkies, irn bru and whiny cunts

gg lmao


Psst. Want a free THAAD system? It's guaranteed to piss off the Chinese.



The only real answer


Bullshit, mexicans hate the subhuman southamerican monkeys

But user, ich liebe dich

kill yourself you fat piece of shit lol


That's not a very nice thing to say to our brothers.

They might be annoying but they're family! Have you forgotten our values?

Navy ships in NZ soon brother :^)



Thanks for secretly preparing to help us against China, greatest ally!


the south island isn't a country you dumb sheepshagger

Would befriend
Would not befriend

Said the provinciano who has never dealt with no one but their cows and shitty family



Confirmed hans family was killed in a croc attack

t. disgusting north islander

joke's on you cunt I live in dunedin

t. disgusting Rohan peasant

that's central otago

hey me too

>he doesn't generalize and stereotype entire nations of diverse people based on a single movie
Welcome friendo

Shush, focus all that energy on something more productive


>he doesn't know where every single scene in every lord of the rings movie was filmed
what are you a casual?


>he doesn't have all of the books and reread them twice a year
did u just fukken call me casul?

reading is for gays

>he's never beaten people with a hardcover first edition copy of the LotR
Unenlightenment is no path to glory

It's a cunt literally run by Abbos. Why the fuck wouldn't you hate it?

I live in Denmark and I don't know what you mean.


>tfw no deadly virus that kills people only in red/orange/brown areas



New Munster Fag detected

And besides it's not our fault that New Ulster is shit, it's our government and your American and EU jews that that made it into total shit

Those global maps give me cancer




0/10 fucking roach don't insult Germany!

ich ficke deine ganze familie moruq



People actually don't hate Romania

I know right

If only
knew what cuckland was really like.


Are you just autistic or moroccan?

Me three. I miss Winter already, too warm.

t. Aquaman

>Me three.


>love ukraine
You do realise that your muslim dom Ahmed won't approve of you liking pigs, right?


>likes every /na/ country other than tunisia
you make me sad

>Grown men getting angry at coloured pictures
>Can't handle another country being liked more by neckbeards on a Mongolian tap-dancing forum
Your tears make me hard Muhammad.


>Hates most of Europe
>Really hates America
I think I spotted the Somali Migrant

Repost from here:

I like NZ and don't care about most of the world.

Saddam pls

still way cooler than the pathetic English bastards


se intampla mai des decat as fi crezut

lumea care a venit in vizita si a stat la romani a fost f placut impresoinata; suntem totusi oaspeti f buni, ne sacrificam tot timpul si resursele pe care le avem ca sa facem oaspetii (mai ales straini) sa se simta bine

>avem invitati
>trebuie sa luam de baut: vin alb, vin rosu, sampanie, un whiskey ceva, o tarie mioritica
>fursecuri, snacks-uri, alune
>5 feluri de mancare
>curat in fiecare colt al casei, sub canapea, tot
>toata lumea doarme pe jos daca oaspetele vrea sa doarma in pat
>asternuturi noi, spalate, alb imaculat

bine, cam asa sunt multe tari din est din ce am vazut
complexul de inferioritate ne-a facut oaspeti buni

Aby som ťa z okna nevyhodil jakub

sunt handicapat
am vrut sa zic gazda/gazde

>its an 'ebin Cred Forumsacks paint chile in green and argentina in red because pol loves le dead cia dictator and '''free market''' (even tough chiles main shit, copper, is state owned)' episode



>be Czech
>want to suck on big German cock

All as it should be, I see.

A bit late, but since the Kiwis asked, here's an update.

WTF I don't speak ancient Latin

what I think about the country and people in general, not specifically about the governement

thanks for the newfie love buddy

please love portugal :3

KIll me with a magnet? That's going to be difficult


>implying anyone cares


The Cyclist
A Separation

I need to watch more because I really enjoy all of these movies besides the latter, which is still decent.

>implying Australia's shit even makes movies


neither do I

but allow me to help you out user

in summary: most people like romanians because they are very nice hosts, and usually friendly and welcoming towards foreigners (the normal people I mean)

also, we have some pretty bitchin' nature, for the time being
>economic growth will eventually come
>muh mountains
>muh untouched forests
>muh clear flowing rivers
>muh hiking and nice/cute hippies to go hiking with, singing stupid basic songs with a shitty guitar around a campfire that most of them don't know how to make
it won't be long user

>select all images with mountains

>hates portugal
>wtf is a qzek anyways ayy lmao



:3 l-luv u too Chile

too fucking long, nobody cares that much about your life

here you go friendo




rate pls

Never saw a turkish movie.
Any recommendations?


Any recommended small and fun nations for eu4?

Ayy senpai

The only Turkish director I'm familiar with is Nuri Bilge Ceylan. He directed the modern classic Once Upon a Time in Anatolia and the recent Palme d'Or winner Winter Sleep.

His movies tend to be very slow and melancholic, the cinematography and pacing really aids in the delivery of some very depressing stories. Everything about his direction hones into this sad storytelling, he's a gifted director but makes the types of movies that will live you upset for the remainder of the day, even if the story didn't resonate with you, his visuals and atmosphere are that effective.

Sorry I couldn't recommend more, he's really the only guy I know, but I really do recommend his movies if you're in the right mood.

ok fine I'll bite
here's what you wanted:

Why Latvia?

Cheers mah britbong

roughly this, i don't really know much about most of the countries.


Looks like someone got beat up by antifas :^)



are you czech or american-czech?

naw thanks
soy gran aficionado de argentina :3

why do you hate us :3

You're not bad yourself, kraut.


I hate everything haha


Why do you dislike other african countries?


Hmm let's see
>North and East are jihadist territory
>South Africa
>some distinguished hellholes (Liberia, Ethiopia, Madagascar)
>Probably some other shit I've never heard of

bolivia should split you in half again




what reason would you have for liking bolivia?


I only like Niger because I giggle whenever I see it or remember it.

little to no genocide needed
soft genocide
hard genocide
complete genocide



How does one kill something "with magnets"?


how long this will continue?


muh heritage, nigga




Good turk



Fuck you too canada.

shut up beaner. If there was a rats ass chance people would want you in our glourious nation you would drop your foodstamps and ditch your family to hop the border