Average Russian wage is now $450/month

Was Crimea worth it?

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Nice try RDIF, $450/month is barely sustenance level for them.

Adidas ain't that expensive cyka

poverty breeds strong men

YOLO? We did it for the giggles.

The serious economic consequences haven't even started yet.

U think it'll get worse?

>tfw before all this shit happened you could make $1000/month for just sitting around in the office doing literally nothing
>you could make $2000-4000 by actually working
>you could make more by working hard

>now you have to work your ass off and take long hours for just $500/month

I get 900 dollaroos a month for being a retarded NEET AUTIST LMAOING AT YOUR LIFE.

That's fucked, hope you make it through this rough patch Russkiebro.

We expect that fun will begin within next 30 days.

Is it true that some people did basically nothing at their jobs during the Soviet era?


Year cycle plus after parliament elections would be no reason to pretending that economy is stable.

>tfw 1100€ a month for being a neet

why do finnish NEETs get to live as kings while I suffer in poverty NEETdom?

Thanks Canadabro

Including moscow and some other big cities, but I still doubt anyway. Average russian barely has 300$ now, they becme more poor than us, hahaha. Fucking slaves, you are stupid as fuck supporting this motherfucking thief Putin.

Yes, people in Crimea overwhelmingly wanted to be Russian.

>tfw average wage is $150
It is good to work in outsource for western companies and make $1-2k in this country

t. king of the ukraine

Superior Asian genes make success man out of any neet

>having 250$ a month for hard stupid annoying work in office

I work part time, maybe like 20 hours a week. And I make $500-600 a month after taxes.

No, poverty breeds weak men because they're starving

>tfw I make $250 in ~12 hours of work

I literally make more in a day. I'm sorry.

>tfw make that much for two days work drinking tea and browing leddit
>tfw rent is $565 to LITERAL JEW landlord.

Still shit tier.

Do you live in the South? I make $1,000 a month part-time working a retail wageslave job @ 20 hours/week.

No I'm in Arizona. I work at a grocery store for $9.25/hr but I'm also 19 and the work is easy af.

send javelins already stupid amerika i hate you.

before this shit with puticonomics happened I had at least 800$ and up to 1500$ monthley, considering that prices were much lower than now (~x2 times) I felt pretty good.
So, you'r doing it right, guys. I hope current economical conditions will lead our shitcountries to the revolution and brutal execution of our old stupid thievish leaders.

>380$ a month for a relatively easy job
Should I ask for a raise? I've been already working in that company for a year

$500-600 a month

I earn that as well, full time jobs are hard to come by here in NZ

my rent is $250 and i live in the country so...

Fuck man, $250/mo? I pay $750 for a fucking one bedroom coach house. Rent here sucks.

You are lucky to even have your job with the current state of the Russian economy.

>tfw I get around 1000 dollars a month after taxes just by sitting at home doing NEET things
I actually want a job though ;_;


has some jew who killed 1000 people to take over the titanium industry in the 90s bought up all the nice beaches in crimea yet?

Please tell me how to. Immigrate to Sweden, I'm Paki and Muslims but I'm not a terrorist and j drink booze like a motherfucker and I'm very respectful of my elders.

this.funny thing is Russian people actually believe that they are living in the great country while the EU and the US are shitholes. thanks to the putin's propaganda

Shit son where do you live?

I made $500 last fortnight doing a part time job while studying, during the break I do 30 hours a week and get $800 a fortnight after tax. I live in a shitty small town and just commute to a bigger town for work and study.

>funny thing is Russian people actually believe that they are living in the great country while the EU and the US are shitholes.

This is a good thing. Pray ISIS continues blowing up French people.

>the average welfare check in us for a single person is $200/month

you can make more than this working 15 hours/week at awake at minimum wage, why even bother

Literally never met a single person in my life who would think that. And I'm quite sociable.

i see Russian people talking in the internet that the west is a shithole every single day.

2700 in a month for being moscovite.

People here are like "we should tolerate the problems because of the greater good and bla bla". But not a single person would say that Russia's greater than the EU.

And also this. I'm sad that people are that poor in Russia, at least it doesn't show up in Moscow. Me as a student make 2k$, but it's still not enough.

I make 8500 a month working in health. I have been treating our citizens with free healthcare.

That's my first year. I think i can better

I'm sure i can do better, at least the same job in Norway\Sweden paid for like 5k eu.

Wtf in chile you could make 500$/month just for presence.

>avg 680 USD

Fucking crisis.

180 bucks a week is quiet good. I pay double that 360$ a week (with my gf) for a 2bdrm unit 15 mins outside of Brisbane CBD. And that is considered good value.

>mfw I make US$35/hour and I don't have to go into work if I don't want to

>Average Russian wage is now $450/month
It's like half that number
20% of our people earn below the """"minimum """"wage"""""""" which is 100$

Crimea is an economic backwater. it would take so much investment to get it up to speed, much less get the power to stay on. Russia doesnt have those resources now. It was a decision out of emotion and sentimentality and no foresight. in a few years if Ukraine is making progress(i know big if, but at least theyre paying lip service to fighting corruption) while Russia is still getting crushed by sanctions and people look at all the money they lost, they are going to feel like suckers for getting duped by Putins nationalism

how can u recieve that much for doing nothing, can you elaborate?
I barely make 600 euro pm and I regulary work 50h per week...

In Moscow maybe.
Everybody I know gets no more than 270.

No you're partly wrong. Crimea is a blackhole which sucks a lot of money to nowhere because of the sanctions. There are no foreign companies and barely any Russian (from the mainland). The government is trying its best to punch the dead weight, because Crimea gets money from the tourism, that's why Putin etc is trying to make less possible to get on a vacation abroad and it's under the sauce of patriotism like: hey fuck the Ciprus, fuck Thailand let's support our lands (Crimea).

Yes. Besides stealing.

>people in Crimea overwhelmingly wanted to be Russian.
They would have moved to Russia then long before.

>thanks to the putin's propaganda
No. They are innate idiots.

Oh wow. Filipinos on minimum wages earns 481peso a day, which is 10 dollars.

So why have wages gone down so much? Because profits have gone down in companies? Have they fired a lot of people as well or just cut wages? Is it actually caused by western sanctions, and if so, what kind of things have we sanctioned to cause this?

No they wouldn't my ancetors are living in Crimea more than 60 years, it's their motherland, they have lands there. In 1992 it was another referendum when the USSR fell, the majority voted for Russia but the Ukrainian government shut it down.

I fucking hate them for that. Now any crimean can pass in university in special slot for being "CRIMEAN" that's fucking awesome.

>So why have wages gone down so much?
Ruble depreciated. It did so because main Russian export good fell in price (oil and gas). Sanctions causes increased capital flight because Russian corporations lost the opportunity to refinance their debt and that made its share in ruble depreciation. I estimate the sanctions effect like about 10-15% of ruble depreciation, and the rest is for fallen oil price.

>, it's their motherland
No it's not. They should move to Russia.

Because the official stats doesn't show the real % of unemployment. If you know the basics of Economy then you'd understand that if a company has a crises it's either decreasing its state or lower the wage (which is unlikely because it highly unmotivates workers to do their job) but here the workers have no choice because you either having a little of money or you don't have them at all. But one of the most biggest problem is a currency. Before the crisis 1$ was about 30-35roub. So a worker with a 35k roub had 1k$ now when the currency is 65-70roub it's twice less than it was.

I come in your home and say "no it's not". Prove me wrong.

There are people who was born there and don't want to live in Russia. What about them? Fuck them, right?

wow, similar things happen here with our aboriginals

Do any other russian regions get special treatment for university etc?

Makes sense. So it's really the fault of a combination of western sanctions and arabs keeping the oil price low. What has the government done domestically to try and stop the fall?

Yeah makes sense. Shit sucks though.

>even Russians earn more than me

Wow, suicide seems favorable these days.

Does this mean you can buy a qt Kazakh gf for virtually nothing?
Or do you have to barter for her with some goats you brought to her dad?

There are people in Russia like me who doesn't support the government, or like a typical Ivan who wants a war between Russia and the USA - what about them? By your logic if the Russians should have moved to the mainland then why not to overturn your logic against NON-Russians? Maybe it's them who should move to their ancerstors' lands? The referendum wasn't objective it's true, but it's still the MAJORITY who voted for the joining Russia back then in 1992 and in aftermath you'll always have people who're not satisfied.

>arabs keeping the oil price low
Arabs want a stable price
The price is low because they keep finding more oil in new places all over the world. Marcellus shale USA, Alberta Canada etc. New oil rigs will be coming online in Iran soon enough contributing even more supply to the market.

>Ukrainian supports Crimea being part of Russia
>Russian doesn't support it
Am I in bizzarro world?

>What has the government
Literally nothing. You know the government only wastes our money on the military segment of our economy. The education and the medicine gets less than 5% (each) while the military 30%. Small and medium businesses are literally killed, the youth is trying to escape from the sinking ship, that's why we work for foreign companies (at least i joined IT) and then moving out from Russia. Because, seriously, during the Putin's regime exists or Russia is such big country we won't achive any progress.

I'm on a vacation. I live in Moscow. And i don't exactly support it. It's just really complicated.

so you're one of these mythical russian liberals are you?

I can't say i am fully liberal because i have beliefs which go against the foundations of liberalism. But if simplify - yes, i guess so. And why are you saying mythical? There are bunch of liberals in Russia for example one of them has an youtube account with approximately a mln of subs.

pls help deer

>have my bachelors
>couldnt find qt job
>forced to settle for shit tier basically warehouse work job
>feel like shit cause i could be doing/making so much more
>currently doing $1k/week

wew nothing like reading one of these threads to put shit into perspective

I say mythical because "russian liberals" are like your own class - separate from the main population. Plus I don't speak to them very often on Cred Forums.

And the only russians I've met irl was in hainan - and they were not liberals kek.

Why don't you? What else to do here except speaking with foreigners? Or you just had no interest in Russia?

oh well I suppose I do, I just don't talk about politics that often so never know whether to put russians into the liberal category or not.

I've been on Cred Forums since before the flags so I'm sure I've spoken to plenty of liberals over the years, but also plenty of nationalists.

Hue, my monkey.

lol I earn 150$.

Don't people beat you up out there for being a dirty Moskal?

Well, people here are usually incorrect about politcs or naive so they follow IRL the stereotypes they get here. How's the weather? I'm planning to get in Australia for mud crab hunting lol. A bit scared about your fauna tho.

Huh? Where did you get that? I am with my friends here. Anyway people who notice my accent here are usually friendly.

What are you? Students?

The weather is changing atm, it's the start of spring. Very wet where I am (victoria) at the moment. Where are you going mud crab hunting?

No. TV worker.

reutov tv? I can't imagine someone earn less than 500$ in a month

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if not for Crimea the Russian elites/oligarchs would be deposed by now

I make $270 a month brother. I spend most my time on school although and work $10 an hour

Not that hard to spot a liberal, not "I agree with some positions of liberalism", but the more crazy pro-western russia-hating liberals. Just ask them about Crimea.

Russia1. Regional branch.

So you basically just doing nothing and have no qualification?

Hmm when that deer died did it make a sound if no one was around?

You can earn more working at McDonalds lel

>highest education
>science degree
>tv director
>doing nothing
>no qualification
Yap, smt like that.

What do you do?

it's always easy to spot extremists of any kind

I actually don't know yet. It depends on how many people will go with me. Anyway i'm interested in Australia but i don't feel myself comfy with insects. So it'll be a place without them(i hope i will find one). I have an experience with underwater crab hunting so i don't actually afraid of crabs. Have you ever done that?

Possibly. Deposed might be a bit strong

Well, sadly many of so called liberals in Russia fall into this category.

>safe and butiful

>race war
>mass shootings every day
>beaner menace

oh it's way due for a revolution imo
only thing keeping peace is the western boogyman

>being a TV director with science degree
>earn less than uneducated cashier or security guard
How is this even possible? Why do work there for such a shit payment?

Fucking traitor :(

Never been mud crab hunting, no, that's more of a thing you do in the north. I have caught little crabs at the beach though yes.

If you come to victoria hit me up and I'll take you drinking.


>live in crumbling commieblocks
>drink and shoot heroin all day
>have average life expectancy of 53
>have one of Europe's highest HIV rates
>can't criticize Putin or you get v&
>somehow still be deluded into thinking you're relevant and a superpower because you have a few old rusted nukes from the 1970s
>believe propaganda that only way to solve your country's problems is by invading and enslaving your neighbor countries

Oh wow, thanks that is tempting! Ok, i'll create a thread with the mud crab hunting topic, hope you be there.

>this is what Poland believes

who are you to talk tho , your country is yet another american bitch licking asses day and night to please uncle sam

I'd rather get shot by the hood than live in shitty commieblocks

Did you know there is no way in Russian to say "We are deeply sorry we executed Polish army officers in Katyn Forest and deported Poland's entire intellectual class off in chains to Siberia".

>intellectual class
pick one

>falling for the bait

>Average Russian wage is now $450/month

I earn ~2 times less than average.


>U think it'll get worse?

It hasn't even begun yet.

very good kot

There's a good reason why we don't and it's not because of our fault.

gotta pay those brown neets
even better is some people believe russia is free of muslims yet they have as many as the west

Even Poland has more

My aunt is a therapist and she earns 8500/month as well. But unfortunately, not dollars.


>Poland's entire intellectual class

All 3 of them?

There is a difference between burka-muslims and civilized muslims.

You're saying it like you've always been the poorest country in Europe.

>Was Crimea worth it?

Yes, totally. And Putin is our magnificent president, leading our nation to the great future.

t. 180$/month


underrated post

Sure. This is sign for our country. We struggle, don't give up. Black Sea and Straits still controlled by Russiaю

>How is this even possible?
Comrade,never heard people outta moscow earn sheize?

So what have really changed for you since 2014? I'm sure your salary hasn't been higher in rubles in 2014, prices doubled only for imported goods while domestic products have relatively the same prices in rub. I'm not saying life is getting better, but you earn not enough to afford anything except for food and bills. What's the difference for you?

I live 1000 km from Moscow. I just don't understand why you work there, except maybe if you have other source of income.

how much is the average rent?

Russians eat russian food only when they can't afford foreign one

Cykas from kaliningrad keep coming here for shopping because western food doesnt taste like plastic

Lol, poland slave knows smth about food in Russia.


more like Wage-Slavs amirite?

>implying Kaliningrad is like the rest of Russia
No wonder they go to Poland, it's cheaper for them than transit anything from "continental" Russia.


>I'm sure your salary hasn't been higher in rubles in 2014

In 2014 i was earning 19k rub (which was equal to 600 dollars), now i have to work for 12k.

>domestic products have relatively the same prices in rub

No, they don't. Even the domestic products are 20-30% more expensive than 2.5 years ago.

I bet Putin eats Polish apples right now
that's true, but still they got their wages paid in rubble

That's mostly cargo-cult, desu
t. kaliningrad cyka

>now i have to work for 12k
Loser. Every crysis my salary going up 300-400r for now

But his boss doesnt have connections to kgb

>domestic products have relatively the same prices in rub
It's not true and even cannot be.

Depends on the city. Before Crimea I paid 14000 rubles (about 500 dollars). Today I can rent the same apartment for 10000 (little less than 200 dollars). Average rent is usually about 50% of average wage.

Pretending to be idiots idiots detected.

>polish apples
What is this meme? Never seen polish apples in markets of stores

surely i do, but its not stable.

because such delicacy is not meant for bydło

So you actually earn more than you said.

>I bet Putin eats Polish apples
Bwhahaha. Apples is junkfood. Try caviar, poland shit. Aw, you can't.

>Never seen polish apples in markets of stores
Because they aren't marked as Polish or from somewhere else. Try asking a seller about their origin and you'll be surprised.

>eating fish semen

>300-400k roubles
Nope. KGB boss has 1kk dollars per month

But Poland, apples are tree's semen

birthrates are the same.

>such delicacy


Crimea is not the reason we are starving. Bad oil prices is. Do you really think bunch of cockholes can ruin our economy?

t. The richest country in the world

In 50 year no one remebers the wages, but Crimea is still Russian.

Lol. Poland doesnt have biology in high school ?

its not 450$ anyway.

Well memed, i can see that like 50% of the store apples are from Serbia, others are usually from Krasnodar and such

>can't imagine someone earn less than 500$ in a month
half of russians

>It's not true and even cannot be.
I remember in 2014 I was buying bananas for 45 rub/kg, now it's 54 rub (not even a domestic product). Milk was about 40 rub/l, now it's 45-47 rub (3.2-4% of fat), bread is like 20-30 rub, what else?
Something like iPhones and other electronics doubled in prices, sure. What about food?

So why don't you leave? If you speak English then you have about half the world open to you where you earn 450$ in a week.

by the way putin did it but people blame the European sanctions. Russians are stupid

>If you speak English then you have about half the world open
I think you're wrong.

Blyad ;_;

>half the world open to you
What are our options? Where can I legally work?

>earn $200
>not even talking aboutyurop and other suitable for living countries' visa policies towards russia
nice meme


>So why don't you leave?
I would if I could, bitch.

I don't understand logic of people like you. Smuggling is smuggling. Why should we buy anything from people who hate us?

More likely, in 50 years no one will ever remember Russia.

go away oligarch


It would be $1250 2 years ago ;_;

you fuckers can just take a visa to Poland or a you just to proud ?


Finland is a nice country, but they won't let me in to legally work there without speaking Finnish.

Non-english country. And a salary is not so big to move there.

>So why don't you leave?

How do you imagine it? I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere earning barely enough money to not to die of hunger. Where could i go?

No, pretty sure it's illegal to specifically keep Russians out of Britain, Canada, Australia and America.

You need at least Karta Polaka, you can't work there on tourist visa.

>Finland is a nice country,

are you still in nato or re going EU army?

Literally anywhere west.

>people who hate us?
they don't hate you, idiot. they just sanctioned some of individuals but because of Putin we all paid for it

Ukies can't speak polish for shit too and they work
implying they wont give it to you lighting fast

>Where can I legally work?

Tadjikistan, Kyrzgistan, Uzbekistan, etc.

>they don't hate you

Of course they do, you fucking cuck.

dunno in west europe its different.

Out of the frying pan...

How can i do that without money, connections and useful skills?

>they work
For pennies?
How can one can more than 500 euros working illegally?
>give it to you lighting fast
Just for being Russian and apologizing for Katyn?

>shoot heroin all day

I've wondered about that, heroin is expensive you see

stop watching tv, retard

Save up as much as you can and develop yourself professionally.

OK let's talk for real now.
There is two Russias. The one in the bigger cities (SPB and Moscow) and basically the rest. You should visit one of the mentioned, you'd change your view of Russia once and for all. But then there are people outside of these big cities who can't step up the social ladder.
Both populations suffer from the sanctions that the Russian Federation imposed on Europe, because imports are rare (because illegal).
There has been a time when there were almost no products in the supermarkets. Russians told me that and sent me pictures, it was terrible to see that. But on my last visit a few months ago that was not the case. The supermarkets were full as always, but this time with Russian products. They may not always be as good as their selected European counterparts, but the low Ruble and the sanctions make it the only choice.

And since you are talking about Crimea: It does not matter what Russia does, sooner or later there will be a reason found to fuck them over. This is politics and not penalization for something.

You can't just buy a ticket, fly to "the West" and start working there on some low-tier job.

dude they work legal last week i saw them doing a new internet cable for someone

I want to move to Spen, learning spenish right now. What can a lonely slav with no particular skills do in Spen for living?

>How can one can more than 500 euros working illegally?

working for us dep and pentagon NGOs.

Depends on how you approach it.
Politically speaking, yes it was. Given how Ukraine's government changed in 2014 and the anti-russian rhethoric* they've been using, we could've easily lost the Black sea Navy base.
Now, personally, it obviously sucks balls and no one likes it. But it's rather self-evident why it was done.

*To be fair here, that shit started like 40 years ago, just kept growing steadily

Sell your body

Lots of Western Ukies have Polish roots so they are eligible for your citizenship. What about actual Russians?
More likely I'll find that kind of job in Russia than Poland.

>What can a lonely slav with no particular skills do in Spen for living?

are you ukie?

>Save up as much as you can

I can save only 8-10$/month.

>develop yourself professionally

There are not so many possibilities to do that in the place where i live.

>where you earn 450$ in a week
Ask me about taxes, This salary is AFTER ALL taxes. And i'm doesnt pay 1% property tax per month, just 1k per YEAR.

It's hardly impossible. It's just easier to do nothing and pretend things are going to improve.

eh why spain? they have like 50% youth unemployment

just type on youtube there are lots of russian here

>in the place where i live
You have internet access and free time (since you're here).

Come on swede, tell me how would to immigrate to Sweden and start working on any low-tier job, if it's so easy.
Maybe we really are retards and your country is as open to us as it is for jamals.

>visa to Poland
Lol. Work for Poland ? Seriously ?

Well you do get free healthcare. And if the dentist needs to fix a hole the state steps in and pays half. Streets are clean as well.

Not really my problem. Because if it was I'd have found a way already.

you work here while you try to get into west are you really this dumb?

Are there some programs for immigration? The only I've heard of is connected to have Polish relatives.

I'm here because it's sunday.

Not even spaniards can find work in Spain

Dunno i know the visa is super easy to get but its even easier when you want to get the Karta Polaka try to ask the Belarussian in /polska/

>Not really my problem
How can you know for sure it's really that easy if you don't know anything about it?

It's actually kinda easy to get in Sweden. I'm half Swede so it would be even more easier for me but i found a swedish company here and after i finish my education i'm moving there. But if you find a swedish qt you don't have to marry with her even, she just have to approve that you're in love with her and you'll get a permission. The other side is it's really hard to find a good job if you don't know Swedish.

The youth unemployment thing counts people up to 25 years. Considering all the young people who go to college without working, that limit is a bit of a bottleneck. Absolute unemployment is still about 25% though, which is still brutal.

If you don't have skills and qualifications you're pretty much boned, but if you absolutely must come here you may find some low-end jobs like street cleaner or construction worker. Even then, I still advise against your idea.

Which coords in Moscow should I set my Tinder to in order to get qt student matches that want out of Russia?

We barely use tinder in Russia.

So what do you use?

Vodka is a bait for qt rusians

>work here
Whahahaha. Work for Poland ? Seriously ?
They are sent THREE falseking to Russia backed by ploand spears.

Grindr, obviously

That's some real fucking stupid logic right here

Do they smell vodka from a 2,500 km distance?

No but it attracts Poles too so you have a chance for a polish qt

Did the invasion affect your economy in Russia? We have no news coverage in the US of any of it

1. Job offer from Swedish company
2. Approval from Swedish citizen
Anything else?

I'd recommend you to avoid apps and just go straight to the Russian facebook (vk.com). It's more than 200mlns there. I'm pretty sure with translation you can manage to find groups there which are interested in exactly your city not even the Netherlands. After that you start chatting, Russian women don't like to do the first step, and the youth is pretty decent in English


Why ? Why i must work for country which every fucking time trying to disintegrate Russia ?

but we never did anything to you we are peaceful people

funny thing...
we tend to avoid products from poland - like cabbge, apples, tomatoes, mushrooms etc... because it has that "plastic" taste

You will not become a citizen, but you can get a job visa

Because it happened how many centuries ago?
Poland hasn't been a country with any real political influence since it was cut up in early 19th century

The easiest way as i said is "marriage".
The second is education program, you should have at least b1 level in English and you have to prove that. Would be as a bonus if you study in Moscow in a good university.
The third is a job, it's also kinda easy BUT the working visa can't last forever, so for example after three months you can lost permission and you'll be departed (you can't change your job in Sweden, it means if you found a job as a cleaner in a company you can't switch it there to ANY other job legally).
The fourth is trip visa and then staying illegally, it's a big risk but if you know some Russians they can cover you up for some time, but then you have to find a solution about your citizenship.

>The other side is it's really hard to find a good job if you don't know Swedish.
It's more or less impossible

Swedish language is another problem, I guess.

Well, at least Polish food isn't flammable.

What do you do for this salary?

Could all Russians itt write their occupation and salary?

lets shake the second of softly racist laughter

is that russian Roshen?

What is? My friend from Belarus who settled in Sweden found a florist job in a week, i work for Swedish company but in Russia, already discussed the way i move in Sweden, even the place i'd live.

>education program
It doesn't grant you any work permits, does it?

I work as interpreter on a side it gives me 800$. As a programmer i earn about 2k (they pay me in kronor so it's approximately 2k$). And i used to work as a tester for Kaspersky lab. The salary was about 1.5k back then, but now it's probably about 1k.

It's russian cheese.


Is it white work?

Yeah, were are you moving?

dunno other cheese burn different.

>we are peaceful people
Especially after Treaty of Versailles. Sure.

You can work illegally for sure, or freelance. I know that if you have the citizenship you get a scholarship and it's enough to live in comfort. But as a foreigner i'm not sure it works like that, but the education is free. In both cases you can't just go without a penny in your pocket, you have to have something on your bank account.

Can I say that I'm gay and get a refugee status in Sweden?

>any real political influence since it was cut up in early 19th century
Treaty of Versailles

>What do you do for this salary?

I'm an engineer technologist at a chemical plant.

900$, working at car dealership
It's my third year working in that field.

fuck russia and russains must die

Nope, everyone knows there are no gays in Russia.

Do you have citizenship?


that goes here.
Yes it is. Teachers are demanded in Sweden, i barely know a Russian girl who works as a teacher there. I'm moving the next year, i have to prove my Swedex exam (now it's "shaky" b1 and i want b2). And i'm finishing my master degree here.
Anyway why are you so sure it's "impossible" or hard to find a white job?

>tfw the only thing that stops me from ending myself is very wierd porn on my pc
feels good to be slav

>tfw I make up to 6$00 a week in tips alone

Why not, I thought your country supports gay refugees from opressed countries?

I don't have the Swedish one, but from the obvious pluses: as i said i'm half swede, i'd have working visa, i know swedish, and i even have a gf with the citizenship. I'm pretty sure it'll work out.

that would be canada iirc

And pay 1% property taxes per month ?

Nah, it's arabs keeping it low hoping to banrupt all the alternatives like shale.

They'll cut it out soon, seeing it doesn't work and they are mostly just making themselves poor.

your skin color need to be brown or black

it's average but min is $90/month

Why don't you return home then?

I rent, niqqa

Because all jobs demanding you to know Swedish, due to the fact people speak Swedish here.

But people from eastern Europe sometimes get used with black jobs. You here about it times from times.

sweden is full

Can't you seek one? And that you gf have citizenship doesn't mean anything.

You can get a work visa for a while then just apply to live here once you're employed

not really "live as kings", im a student and i get 850€/month while my rent alone is 670€

unemployed do get more than students tho

Wasn't Sweden supposed to be a heaven for sexual minorities?
I'm asking if it's possible, not wheter you like it or not.

I spend 60 $ on lunches for each week..

I had 3 my own apartments.
Tell me more, rent scum

probably if you make it into the media or something, but that works for any western country

I doubt it. But if you want to share room with Jamal and Muhammed you could always try.

white people cant be oppressed idiot

its Prejudice plus power

I am but a humble part-time university student who works nights delivering pizzas to my drunken peers and works days interning when I don't have class.

But i know Swedish, so as the examples i said. I prefer Swedish in general, it's an honor to my blood. And the gf basically means in any 'bad' case we can make a marriage, already discussed. I assume you're saying it's hard to find a job if you only speak English and you're from eastern Europe, that obviously is. But you have to agree on that - people who have a goal to live in Sweden and know English can learn it in half of a year or a year (depends).

>we could've easily lost the Black sea Navy base

Load of bullshit IMO. Rhetoric is one thing, reality another and Ukies would hardly try to oust you from that base, especially if you were paying dosh to have it there.

are you talking about the false Dmitris (pretenders to the tsar title)?

>But you have to agree on that - people who have a goal to live in Sweden and know English can learn it in half of a year or a year (depends).
Maybe, depends on how good.

What side of you is swedish? Mother or father?

Nonsense, we slavs are not white, our brotha was opressed for centures by the white devil, we deserve something from them in return. Like citizenship or free money.

Father, does it make a difference?

If russkies and ukris want in the EU, they can come in Bulgaria. You can buy an EU passport here. It would still take some time, but a lot of people are exploiting our corrupt system. You get an EU passport and our corrupt politicians get to say - here, our population isn't declining as fast as some claim... It's a win-win situation

Yeah, but it's a million times easier to just go somewhere where they speak English. And have jobs. And have apartments.

>Ukies would hardly try to oust you from that base

rolf. in a what a fucked up world are you living?

1. Go to bar/shop
2. Buy anything
3. Ask if you can pay in Euros
4. Pick a qt of your choice
5. Evade all the male Russians trying to rob you

>Load of bullshit IMO
Sevastopol is only one reliable Russian naval base.
Any sign of threat sall and will be destructed.

Sure, because the whole government overthrowing was about loving Russians and their military on their territory.
You must be retarded to think that.


As i know the apartment problem works only for Stockholm. Never heard about Sweden doesn't have workplaces. And yes it might be easier, but belive me or not except feminism and such swedes are pretty same mentality as ethnic russians, anyway it's close to Russia, it's almost the same climate and it's a good country (not Finland with the ugly language, although a lot of Saint-Petersburgers go there).

Do you really see Ukie politicians starting a bona fide war against Russia?

Yes, but Russia is not oppressive enough for that. Come back when Putin starts to execute gays.

>As i know the apartment problem works only for Stockholm.

>except feminism and such swedes are pretty same mentality as ethnic russians
hahahahhahahahhaha no
t. st petersburg

>implying he's not

I'm not saying they would like it. I'm saying they wouldn't dare, certainly not in any official capacity.

You don't need a war to push a foreign military base from your tettirory.

lol. what do you think they did last 25 years?

That was loterally in plans of any oppositional party back then.

Of course they would dare, what would stop them?

You know, even tho i live in Russia my friends are mostly Swedish so i know what i am talking about. But i'd like to hear your opinion why it's not like that.

Wallowed in their own corruption

Again, rhetoric

How about the military in that MILITARY base. You think their army would be inclined to attack considering they have worse equipment, tanks and everything? I think you are vastly over-estimating Ukie bravery.

From what I have heard from my female Russian college Swedish men are much less sexist than Russian men.

Do you really think that fleet would just bomb Sevastopol and start a WW3 when asked to leave?

Actually Stockholm is where the very few jobs are. You can probably find an apartment elsewhere though.

I didn't intervent your conversation before. But i actually studied in the Sevastopol naval base (Nachymovskoe uchilishe) belive me a group of ukrainians with AK would conquer the base in a day(that basically the same when the russian forces went in Crimea). I have a proof that i studied there if needed.

>except feminism and such swedes are pretty same mentality as ethnic russians
it's literally what he said


>I'm saying they wouldn't dare
>Any SIGN shall and will
Sevastopol is key for Black sea. ANY sign of threat will be eliminated.

>you are vastly over-estimating Ukie bravery
Nope. They did military maneuvers with American soldiers.

people from sweden are like pic related, also very cowardly dont dare to help anyone in need.
another thing is doctors will say its ok, ok nothing bad will happend while they dont do anything to help. something serious happends to you and they give you a little 2min advice as they drive over here and go back instead of helping the ill person.
the schools are filled with muslims and swedes are to scared to do anything against them.
they are pussies.

goths are manly men tho, you must have goth friends from götaland everything works there, never go to sweden its africa tier

But it's exactly what i said about feminism. You live in a society where a woman is equal to a man. We live in matriarchy where a woman stands above a man, boys here are raised with an idea that a woman is a beautiful creature and you have to defend it no matter what, you can figure why the men here are more sexiest with such education. And that's probably funny, i guess your friend prefers swedes now, but a lot of swedish women would prefer russians (for the manly stereotype) don't take it as offense, just reminding i am a mix of both.

I know about all the things you said. It fits to my personality (except being a pussy lol) but i see it all as a very few difference between northern russians and swedes. But thanks for your opinion.

good post


Are their schools and streets filled with muslims too?

But i wanted to add that i found it as something weird that women don't share with their parents about being sexually harassed or bullied or another kind of problem. And i don't really like that it's okay to have more than 10 bfs whne a girl is only 20.

And look where that paranoia has gotten you.

If it can be taken and retaken in a day, why invade the entire country for it?

>start WW3
>over Ukraine

You invaded it and nothing happened. How different would it be?

>From Götaland

Proxy detected. Goths are from Gotland, Gutes are from Götaland. Troll harder.

whats with that gotaland meme

It sure put Poland back but it never managed to matter still

>with American soldiers

You mean like a training exercise or is this some PROOFS-tier theory about Americans wanting to seize the Black Sea base?

Official Russian army navy bombing the city is much different than fast almost combatless government change or support of separatists.

Yes, but we are more hardcore here

t. from götaland

You think the world would care? You'd get exactly the same treatment: sanctions. Nobody was going to war over Ukraine.

they got scared and overran stockholm instead where everyone is to tolerant
geats and goths are brothers, gotland is götaland too
swedes are fags

I make 2100€ for 39 hours. But i had to make a shitty Qualification for 3 years where i only made 800€ per month

The etymology is all the same though.

HAve Swedes always been this cold and cowardly, or is it a more recent thing connected with the nanny state and sjw prevalence?

I remember reading from Gregory of Tours that during the Great Germanic Migration he often called the migrating Goths (Visigoths) "fearful" and "cowardly", in a sense when they subjected the lands of local Gallo-Roman farmers to taxation, because they feared locals would turn against them, and in battle too.

can you give me an example of that?

>paranoia has gotten you
Well, Lloyd report doesnt agree with you.

>PROOFS-tier theory about Americans wanting to seize the Black Sea base
They had possibility.That is. Any SIGN shall and will be trigger.

wow we've sent 3 false tsars to Russia, wow such an atrocity it's even worse than murdering 120,000 Poles and sending many more to gulags

Right before Crimean thing started new Ukrainian government was criticizing Kharkiv Pact about Russian fleet in Crimea and were speaking about the possibility to denounce it.