What would you change about your country in WW2?

What would you change about your country in WW2?

I'd not attack Pearl Harbor and invade more of Britain colonies instead.

Invade Hokkaido and Northern Honshu.

A bit more help to the murricans would been nice

Good luck invading without oil


I'd keep all the land we won as permanent US territory.

third nuke

We got a few military stuff from US.

Then 20 years later fucked with the frogs.

Should have nuked China too, desu. Then split them up into 3 Nations and let them be occupied fighting themselves while forcing a stalemate as long as possible. Now they are a big threat under a unified rule.

The gommies wouldn't have got stronger if Japan didn't try to invade so aggressively while we were hunting the gommies.
If anything Japan and Russia were to blame.

Actually fight in it. Odds are, if Hitler would have to invade Czechoslovakia, the generals would remove him since the border defenses were pretty strong.

'K, then quick alliance and we're in it together. One partner takes Zaolzie, the other one takes the high command.

Just kidding. One staff commands attack on Breslau, the other one commands excursion on Berlin (remember, your tanks are better atm). We should also find some good mediator of peace before shit hits the vent. Deal?


Fuck yeah, 1v1 us you nip cunt

Battle of the Somme was a bit of a disaster, I'd sack General Haig.

If you guys helped in the Pacific on a even minor way enough for us to mention it, we'd all love lyu today.

>Americans and Mexicans Island hopping in the Pacific
Why didn't this happen? We'd train and equip you I'm sure. We'd probably even give you some islands

I bet all the money on my debit card that Australia would win this encounter with Japan.

109 USD, up top.

Come on, let's do it.

I would never allow the US to step foot in Europe. That wasn't our fight, we belonged in the Pacific only fighting the Japanese. All the islands we conquered in the Pacific would still be ours divided with the Aussies.

Don't declare war on the USSR.
We had no reason to do so.

You fucking moron

I would alliance with Japan and invade Perfidious Albion


Sweden didn't do anything wrong

More fascism

I'd leave the sowjets and jews alone.

Rush Berlin as soon as germans invade Poland.

Give back Danzig for Slovakia win the world war 2 with based adolf

Prevent the execution of quisling. He was a hero

We should not attack russia this far into countryside

Pearl Harbor was not a bad idea, especially since American were certainly on the brink to enter the war. Maybe a third wave, or a land invasion (very unlikely) would have been a good idea.

Maybe supporting germany by attacking soviet union in the back would have been a good idea.

Didn't know about this "war". Does Bresilians know about it?

As for France, not surrender. We had the potential, even beaten in the metropole to keep on fighting and become a serious threat to the Axis.

Not abandonning the Czechoslovak. Prepare better in order to be able to supply an attack through Germany.

Better use our tank.

the balts should have taken the commies over and make bssr or some shit