How does it feel to know that while you are alone tonight, your future girlfriend or wife is out with Chad...

How does it feel to know that while you are alone tonight, your future girlfriend or wife is out with Chad, enjoying the benefits of her youth?

The same girl who is going to choke on Chad's meaty cock this weekend is one day going to tell you, "Eww, I hate giving blowjobs, they're disgusting and demeaning to women!"

She will tell you that she's not a sexual person, but that you are the best guy she's ever met. If you bring up the topic of sex, she'll be revolted and accuse you of being a pervert only interested in sex.

She'll never make sweet, passionate love to you like she did her best lover. At the same time, she'll never wildly ride your dick while Chad tonight spanks her and slaps her and treats her rough like an animal.

You're just her backup plan. You're the insurance policy. You will never know true love. You will never even experience half of what Chad got from her when she was younger, sexier, and happier.

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feels good man

canada should get nuke'd together with straya

she looks like casey neistat's wife with dyed hair


but why not MY big cock


Good joke

I really don't give a shit.


>tfw no more gf

>implying I won't die alone

Meh, being like that it's in women's nature, the most realistic scenario woud be having a son and being a good father that enjoy life after divorce, you can even have some young pussy if you're stay fit.

I'm a Muslim so I'm not worried.

You're never going to get a girl like that though

Then I will let some black guy fuck me, so I can be blacked too.

Most Muslim men are ugly and beta af. Luckily I'm one of the most attractive men my age in my local Muslim community. Once I'm done with college it should be easy to find a virgin Muslim wife.

>Young female virgins are increasingly turning to male prostitutes for a "clinical" way of dealing with their first sexual experience, Australian sex industry workers have revealed to ninemsn.
>The women, mainly aged in their late teens to early 20s, are paying upwards of $250 per hour for male "escorts" to deflower them.
>"They're younger ladies who tell us they're virgins … they want to do it gently and clinically," he said.
It's not even a meme anymore

>western world
I'm distgusted

you should have find a girl by yesterday,cause it was a blast party dude

>virgin Muslim wife.
I thought they become super slut in USA.

some do, not all

All the porn stars here are Eastern European.

When they retire, they're going back to Poland and blend in with normal girls. One of the girls in OP's pic could be your future wife.

>text her
>are you with Chad?
>internet says you're with Chad

She's lying, right?

never EVER trust 3d

Mate we alone have a population of 36 million
You're talking about a few whores. Not to mention out of our two countries it is yours that has slutty women

>You're talking about a few whores.
You have 18 million ex-Blacked stars. Enjoy your roastbeef.

stop projecting your cuckold fetishes on other people

Mate this is just your fantasy

Man is Cred Forums a haven for self loathing disguised as blatant hate


very qt

You first.

It's your future, lad. Enjoy your snowball.


good come back but you're trying to project your cuck fetish onto others

Stop having small dick, you homo.

Not sure how projecting something I don't have works.

You save cuck pics but I'm sure it's for "baiting."

what? I'm not op you fucking retard

Sure cuck.

Your country is the lead producer of cuck porn

You're the #1 consumer

but that's false, you are your the top producer and consumer

Indeed ;)

You started this thread so you're the top consumer here.

Already played the role of alpha fucking hot chicks. It was fun but women like that are really only good for fucking. They're usually manipulative and emotionally damaged. Almost made the mistake of actually getting attached to one. Not the type of people you want to be tied to. Just fuck em and find a smart chubby chick to stick with long term.

no u

>implying I'll ever have a gf.
Joke's on you fag.

This is the only form of accepted bestiality desu

haha funny post
but you made one mistake
I am that Chad

Your entire post can be summed up in one picture.

Does this actually happen in real life? I'm 18.

yes everything depicted in /r9k/ comics always happens

Nah, only if the girl it's really slutty and the guy is way too beta. Most of the "women are like this" examples in 4chinz are extreme cases of being a cunt, average girls don't get attention.

are you a virgin?

This post is canadian