First time browsing Cred Forums. How do I learn Japanese as if a Japanese girl taught me...

First time browsing Cred Forums. How do I learn Japanese as if a Japanese girl taught me? I want to have the same mannerisms as a Japanese women despite being male. Kind of like having a valley girl accent. How do I achieve this?

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Delete this plastic Korean

Pls put Nyan or desu at every end of sentence. Like that.

how come? can you explain this to me? what else should i do?

Also, would it weird out Japanese people if I did this?

Sounds like you want to learn Japanese by watching anime.

how come? to be honest i dont really watch anime, i just play Final Fantasy and want to play them in their original language

Ok I'll be seriouse for my friend now.
Actualy best way of learning it is to have gyaru friend or join the gyaru groupe or so and imitate what they say.
As like if I want to be sound like eminem I'll watch gangster movie and imitate it.

kyawawa~ (〃∇〃)

I live in America. Where do I join a gyaru group or make gyaru friends? I'm Asian-American, but I'm not Japanese.

What the hell kind of request is that?

You will never be kawaii faggot

I never said I wanted to dress up as a girl. I have a deep, masculine voice but I want to have the mannerism's of a young Japanese woman.

Gyaru is heart.
If you think you are gyaru, you are gyaru.
Gangro gyaru is 20years before ended don't do it. Ganguro is gone.

I have no idea what you are saying, but ok.

start skyping a Japanese girl you found online. This is of course, assuming you're not autistic. I was able to do it so no excuses.

Nuke them again.
(you) = one dead jap

How do I find a Japanese girl online? Also, I have 0 knowledge in Japanese, but I'm willing to learn.

interpals, craigslist.

Even if this is a joke, this thread is pure cringe

It's not, I'm being serious. Why are you cringing at this thread, though?

He's messing with you. He is referring to a subculture or Japanese girls who try to look and act western, which would go against what you are trying to do.

Actually maybe he misunderstood what you meant by having a valley girl accent. If you want to be the kawaii little girl don't act like gyaru

Just watch anime and J-dramas and contrast this with how normal Japanese girls act. I dont know how you would figure out the later.

What anime/j-dramas would you specifically recommend for picking up typical Japanese feminine mannerisms?


Are you male but anxious to act like a Japanese girl?
What kind of girl do you want to learn from?

I want to act/sound like a shy Japanese girl.

Ok now I completely get it.
Watch rakisuta and imitate the act of tsukasa.
Tsukasa is kawaii and shy as fuck. I would fuck you if you can imitate tukasa complitely. Promiss.

OK. I'll try to find some videos. Wait a minutes pls.

Gay, learn to speak like a man desu you cuck.

I have a deep, masculine voice you faggot.



OP is aiming to be the next lady beard.

it has been more than a minute,

Sorry, it was difficult for me to find too shy girls in J-dramas with English sub.
How about this?
In this drama, there are 3 types of women.
and this.

But I'm not sure.....sorry.

thank you.

how about anime?

I want to learn how to laugh like a BR

I'm sorry, I'm not good at anime at all, but someone knows a lot.
How about his

you have to channel your inner monkey

How about you get a basic handle on the language first before trying to sound like a bimbo you utterly retarded faggot

haha faggot

Tukasa from rakisuta.
See shy and kawaii desu da.

just speak like a fagboi, shoudln't be too hard for you.

I have a deep, masculine voice, though. How do I sound faggy?

Firstly acquire a noose you fucking homo