This man destroyed an empire of millions with about two-hundred men. How is he viewed in Mexico...

This man destroyed an empire of millions with about two-hundred men. How is he viewed in Mexico? How is he viewed in Spain?

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>with about two-hundred men
american education

There is not better example of Damnatio Memoriae in the world than the relationship of Cortes with Mexico.
They dont mention him at all, and dont have any monument for him, althought everybody knows him and what he did.

>Kills and fucks Indians

Hero of Castille

Why not?

>Hernán Cortés
>Age: 36; Height: 5'4"
It's kinda funny that a manlet conquered a nation of manlets.

Cortés is a polarizing figure, it has been proposed that his bones should be burned at the feet of Cuauhtemoc's statue by nationalists and indigenistas. In all fairness we do strive for something of a balanced view and most of the work by scholars tends to lean sympathetic towards the man himslef, not his deeds, but the reality is as much as the man himself was obviously intelligent, charismatic and responsible for great deeds of daring and courage, he also did prove himself petty, dishonarable and greedy. This was a man who knowingly and needlessly comitted great evil, even by the standards of the time and this is a large part of the reason many of his contemporaries, most important the Spanish crown, avoided being associated with him even as he was hailed the man responsible for the conquest of Mexico.

It's not damnatio memoriae, he's certainly in our books, but infamy.

That was probably average height back then

I personally admire him, when you start to learn about his military victories in the conquest you learn that he was truly a genius.

People call him murderer or some shit like that, but, cm'on, have you ever compared Cortes to the aztecs? The aztecs, even though civilized and great mathematicians, were a war society, they gained strength by genocide and subjugation of neighboring tribes.


Cortes would have killed you on sight

>This was a man who knowingly and needlessly comitted great evil, even by the standards of the time
What specifically did he do? I know he destroyed the Aztec Empire, but my impression of that was that most of its neighbors hated it anyway.

Disease alone killed 80% of the population. All he has to do was take a long nap and wake up to victory

Because the government needs to legitimize our independence from Spain, so they depict the Conquest as the begining of an opressive regime. Thing is that Spaniards simply took the place of the Aztecs, both were as opressive at the end.

Personally, I really regret the fading of the Mesoamerican culture.

He destroyed the aztecs because not only did they attacked first, but the other tribes hated it, so they decided to side with cortes

Nice damage control, manlet.


The Aztecs did not commit genocide, do you even know what the term means? The one altepetl they razed to the ground, Azcapotzalco, they did so allied with people of the same ethnicity, Tepanecs, and even then they did not slaugter the full population. The death toll of even the bloodiest Amerindian conflicts paled with what the Spaniards did even on ocasions in which it was unnecessary (eg Cholula) the reality is the Nahuas were simply men both capable of brilliance and of violence, the Aztecs were smart enough not to destroy peoples they collected tribute from nor their economic bases.

The irony is that much like Mexicans today, the Aztecs were not as bloodthirsty as their reputtion would lead others to believe, Brasil and Colombia have murder rates that are twice what we've got yet no one damns them as a violent people the same way they do to us. Intimidation however does serve a rational objective and part of that is that it may it may reduce the need for further violence, I'm not saying it's been succesful but I hope I get the point across about proportion, history is not about people getting what they deserve.

I'm 6' but I was wrong anyway, I looked it up and even in 1500 5'4" was extremely short for a European man.

Didn't the Aztecs commit constant low-level human sacrifices? I remember reading about a festival to some god where they sacrificed 80000 people in four days.

The sacrificed were warriors who got captured, so they could have died in similar ways on the battlefield.

When I said genocide I was referring to the daily sacrifices to their gods which, trough time, easily achieved the millions, but you are not mistaken

He did not destroy the Aztecs first of all, just do the math on which should give you an idea of how much of Tenochtitlan's army survived, and not alll people hated the Aztecs, many fought as their allies and some continued resisting both the Spaniards and the Tlaxcalans after, these are childish views on history. What Cortés did was order unnecesary masacres, some you may argue were not on his orders (eg the great temple) and others you might say were needed to set an example to pacify others, but the reality is he was ruthless and vicious, the Spaniards kept almost none of the treaties they agreed to with members of the Aztec empire, famously Cortés had Cuauhtemoc tortured and had his feet burned in his greed to find more Aztec gold, he gathered many of the Aztec nobles and forced them to march with him on the campaign to Honduras only to ambush and kill them out of sight of the population, he did often betray those who sued for peace. His behaviour was so scandalous amongst the Spaniards themselves that many wrote letters accusing him of his crimes and mistreating of natives, there's a reason the crown did not allow him to rule Mexico for long.

Genocide is to wipe out a specific group of people,eg the Armenian genocide, the Aztecs did not destroy other city states and even instituted the flower wars so that victims of sacrifice could be porvided, for them as well as for others who shared their religion, through capture. As large scale as sacrifice practices may have been at certain points they did not specifically target any ethnicity and many of the victims were willing, as shocking as that may sound.

Pinche entregado, vendido, por pendejos como tú fue que Juárez tuvo que matar a Maximiliano. No conoces ninguno de esos periodos en detalle ni las situaciones que ocurrieron en ellos ¿Qué clase de niño idiota eres?

>had his feet burned in order to find more Aztec gold
>What kind of person typically prioritises money above all else
Really makes you think
Really makes you think

oiie trankilo biejo
btw the Mexica did target the Tlaxcalans

No, they did not, Tlaxcala was in fact allowed to remain independent precissely so that they could participate in the flower wars, which were fought by identical armies (same weapons, numbers) the Tlaxcalans shared in the same culture, they were also Nahuas, and captured Mexicah warriors to sacrifice in their own temples. Dude, you obviously don't have a clue what you're talking about.

What, am I mistaken? if so, please correct me

Also, I fucking hate Juarez and I stand with the first Mexican empire not Maximiliano, even though preferable, and not the disfunctional republic, you can keep your hispanophobic, anti-catholic masonic stories to yourself

I Atlacacauallo (del 2 de febrero al 21 de febrero) Tláloc, Chalchitlicue, Ehécatl Sacrificio de niños en diversos montes. Extracción de corazones y antropofagia ritual. Sacrificio de prisioneros.
II Tlacaxipehualiztli (del 22 de febrero al 13 de marzo) Xipe Tótec, Huitzilopochtli, Tequitzin-Mayáhuel Sacrificio de cautivos: hombres, mujeres y niños. Extracción de corazones y desollamiento.
III Tozoztontli (del 14 de marzo al 2 de abril) Coatlicue, Tlaloc, Chalchiuhtlicue, Tona Sacrificio de niños.
IV Hueytozoztli (del 3 de abril al 22 de abril) Centéotl, Chicomecacóatl, Tláloc, Quetzalcóatl Continúa el sacrificio de niños (hasta la llegada de lluvias abundantes).
V Toxcatl (del 23 de abril al 12 de mayo) Tezcatlipoca, Huitzilopochtli, Tlacahuepan, Cuexcotzin Sacrificio de un joven cautivo escogido y criado con lujos durante un año. Extracción de corazón.
VI Etzalcualiztli (del 13 de mayo al 1 de junio) Tláloc, Quetzalcóatl Sacrificio de prisioneros ataviados como tlaloques. Extracción de corazones.
VII Tecuilhuitontli (del 2 de junio al 21 de junio) Huixtocíhuatl, Xochipilli Sacrificio de prisioneros y de una mujer ataviada como Huixtocíhuatl.

And a shit ton of other natives who were pissed off*

VIII Hueytecuihutli (del 22 de junio al 11 de julio) Xilonen, Quilaztli-Cihacóatl, Ehécatl, Chicomecóatl Sacrificio de una mujer ataviada como Xilonen. Decapitación y extracción del corazón.
IX Tlaxochimaco (del 12 de julio al 31 de julio) Huitzilopochtli, Tezcatlipoca, Mictlantecuhtli Sacrificio por inanición en cueva o templo[cita requerida]
X Xocotlhuetzin (del 1 de agosto al 20 de agosto) Xiuhtecuhtli, Ixcozauhqui, Otontecuhtli, Chiconquiáhitl, Cuahtlaxayauh, Coyolintáhuatl, Chalmecacíhuatl Sacrificio de prisioneros. Quemados vivos y extracción de los corazones antes de la muerte.
XI Ochpaniztli (del 21 de agosto al 9 de septiembre) Toci, Teteoinan, Chimelcóatl-Chalchiuhcíhuatl, Atlatonin, Atlauhaco, Chiconquiáuitl, Centéotl El sacrificio a Toci culminaba con el sacrificio de una mujer, decapitada por sorpresa: después era desollada y un joven vestía su piel. Sacrificio de cautivos. Extracción de los corazones y desollamiento.
XII Teoleco (del 10 de septiembre al 29 de septiembre) Xochiquétzal Sacrificio de prisioneros, quemados vivos.
XIII Tepeihuitl (del 30 de septiembre al 19 de octubre) Tláloc-Napatecuhtli, Matlalcueye, Xochitécatl, Mayáhuel, Milnáhuatl, dioses del pulque, Napatecuhtli, Chicomecóatl, Xochiquétzal Sacrificio de cuatro mujeres y un hombre. Extracción de los corazones y decapitación. Canibalismo.

Yes, you're mistaken, that is not genocide dumb fuck.

"Genocide is the intentional action to destroy a people (usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial, or religious group) in whole or in part."

The Mexicah often sacrificed their own people, it was not ethnic cleansing.

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That still means killing a shit ton of people every day every month of every year, because if you don't do it the sun won't raise again

It's implied, cannot blame me for that

>it's a dumb imperialist mexican episode

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Cortez didn't do nothing!

He was just fucking evil. As is a Spanish tradition.

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