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any memes lads?

haha you and the chileno

canada edition then basically

post your favorite flavour of instant noodles


shut up


never used reddit in my life

Friendly reminder that /r/unitedkingdom has more in-depth discussion than /brit/ and the average user there is much more mature and intelligent than the average /brit/loser

>tfw can't find this or IrnBru anywhere here except the rare import store

they are also yuge fags lol

My gf got this tattoo and she won't tell me what it means, lads.

Any ideas?

British discussion seems delusional and absurdly cynical on both sides. Why is this?

Never had Irn Bru

t. Proud Englishman

she forgot madagascar

tastes like bubblegum sort of

Who did this?


>the heart isn't over Rhodesia
Dump her

someone pooed all over the floor at work
they never cleaned it up all night and some customer slipped in it lol

>Friendly reminder that /r/unitedkingdom has more in-depth discussion than /brit/ and the average user there is much more mature and intelligent than the average /brit/loser

gf and her mates got these tattoos yesterday

what does it mean

You know you've won the argument when the opponent can't refute your point, but resorts to insults.

don't see the problem, its like a perfect 'damaged goods' label along with dyed hair.



Means they only fuck black cocks and the one second from the left is the jew

They're a biker gang now.

Nice quints btw.

sorry to let you know mate but I shan't be listening to this one

Superior is pretty cool
its like an Ocean

means I check em

Why are Canadians so good at folk music?


Salt vs Pepper
Ketchup vs Mustard
Chocolate vs Vanilla
Tea vs Coffee

which is best?

NEED a queen of spades gf

Left column all the way.

excellent post

What is the most relevant city in there and tell me why.

What the FUCK is wrong with her ankles?

>that entire area used to be a giant swamp

it's called mercia sweetheart x

Salt and pepper

Ketchup on hamburgers
Mustard on hot dogs



Salt, ketchup, vanilla, tea


I see you've been on /fit/ recently as well

Makes you think


Does it?

No not really

Hillary won mostly in states that will definitely go Red

her campaign is basically over anyways though

>Hillary's team is asking that both her and Trump sit instead of stand during the debates.

Which in a normal election would be an advantage for the Democrats

came across this peng ting lads

really hope we match x

very doubtful now
the core blue states and swing states are not going to be passionate about her, and democrats are bitter after Bernie was sold out.

Trump absolutely HAS to insist on standing

Imagine Hillary collapsing mid debate oh my god it would be all over right then and there

Wow Trump heemed the primary desu

That's why I said normal. Trump and Clinton are not normal. People hate them. I'm surprised no one has tried to kill Clinton and only one idiot tried Trump.

desu the debates are always standing unless both candidates agree.

even if just Hillary sits it will look bad for her when Trump can tower over and have a full range of motion.

there is no reason for Trump to agree.

Nice job CTR but people fucking love Trump

The only people who don't are Bernie Sanders-voting limp wrists and Latinos

>tfw the best possible president is Clinton swing and Us electing the personification of wonder bread

Do you follow cuck blogs on tumblr too, lad? I thought I was the only one.

Hillary will win

Dubs confirm

Goodnight, lads.

Nice try

He is literally the most hated candidate since we've got polling data. Only imasculated idiots and meme artists love trump

Trump will win

if you believe hard enough it will come true!

I got pretty deep into them and had an absolutely cracking wank but afterwards I nearly chundered

I wank almost exclusively to IR these days but after I cum I literally feel sick

I am not well in the mind and I have no idea how to begin fixing myself

>Trump fills stadiums with thousands outside that can't get in.
>Hillary can't fill a doughnut shop

Ah yes

Trumpets have been doing just that


alri thaiman

t. Juan Hernandez

pirate scumbags

Justin Bieber also filled stadiums

>I wank almost exclusively to IR these days
Same, lad. Nothing to be ashamed of.

except someone's campaign isn't in shambles
*note its not Trump

hmm another "white genocide" thread...

shan't be browsing that one

Hillary can't even come close to filling a gym even paying people

It wouldn't be if it didn't make me feel physically unwell

If it was normal and healthy for me to be doing so then I wouldn't feel anxious and sick afterwards I would feel satisfied and content

Any of you lads experienced windows 10 only showing a black screen and a cursor on start up? Have literally been trying to solve the problem all day. Am currently defeated and posting from my phone.

and became successful..

atheism is the fuckup of the century if im honest lads

it is collapsing hahaha

@ the airport

producing good content is success. if making cash is your first priority, you are unprincipled and you need to purge yourself

kill yourself fucking scumbag

People that attend rallies will 100% vote.

Doesn't matter how many people say they're going to vote Hillary; the ability to get people to leave their house and vote is everything.

could it be your graphics drivers? I had a similar issue with windows 7 so I installed the newest driver and it came good haha

Go back to Win 7 m8

pirate scumbags


>Windows 10

Literally why?

Literally any other OS is preferable

Trump's still going to be rich or richer when he loses, doesn't mean he's popular.
Clinton is going to get the turnout she needs from Trump haters alone

I can't access anything though, not even in safe-mode. How could I try updating them?

Doubt it. The electoral map gives him a huge disadvantage. He will need to win Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada PLUS another swing state. It's a tall order.

This is the only problem I've encountered in a year 2bh.

>bogan twat more informed about the us election than me

so Trump isn't successful for running a political campaign to become president and gaining MASSIVE support, global attention, and constant constant media coverage.

and again he's not a singer, he's trying to win a popular vote by gaining popular support.

seems Hillarity is "more successful" at dying on camera and not getting any supporters or stirring any passions.

ahh yes reddit

Great tangent, very impressive.

Didn't save Bernie and nearly likely voter poll has favored Clinton

>it's a "Hillary can't win by conventional means so she brings in the third parties to sap away votes from trump to balance things out for her" episode

silly yanks


genuinely confused as to how the authorities have not caught on to thailad, the literal convicted child molester, posting here every day


Time to invade Iran

Born in Madison, WI m8. Been living here since I was 5 though.

>Clinton is going to get the turnout she needs from Trump haters alone

Those same people vote straight ticket Democrat anyway

The hardcore Bernouts are going Jill Stein which is taking away a lot of votes from Hillary

Can you boot into safemode?

that's what they said about Remain for Brexit

turns out the spite vote doesn't stir people's passions that well, especially against a tidal wave like Trump

Hillary will lose and lose badly because Democraps think they have it in the bag when the campaign is collapsing around them.

he got more votes in all of those states than Hillary did in the primaries, who's to say she has any advantage here?

>Great tangent
cause im not him you cunt

Uh, I'm the guy arguing that Clinton will win but the tpcs have hurt Clinton slightly more than Trump in polls.

Third party candidates are just a symptom of how people hate them both

Yes but it doesn't seem to help at all.

I can boot you in the arse

polls are meaningless

hillary will win

arr rook same
Try switching to onboard graphics for a test

Stein is only polling at like 5%. Johnson is getting more votes from the hardcore #NeverTrump people than Stein from the Bernouts.

taking a shit lads

trotsky is the reason why ron paul-tier LOLbertarians exist


The Brexit polls were far closer and didn't represent a literal person. Also Brits suck at polling compared to the US, just look at their last fucking general election

Hillary will lose because you "know" she will win

How do I do that? Through the bios?

Old people don't vote in polls
That's why polls are wrong

trotsky is based

Who /losing weight/ here?

A lot of the nevertrumpeters are closeted Trump supporters

The New York Times did a study that found that people are much more likely to express support for Trump when they can do so in an anonymous setting which makes since given that having the "wrong" opinions these days can be pretty damaging if you live in a liberal area or work in a liberal industry

Do you have a physical vga (or whatever from mobo), connect it there instead of video card. I'm assuming desktop here.

You shouldn't need to go into bios, it'll detect it on boot, however if it doesn't, then yeah bios.

Generals are whole different ballgame to primaries you moron. Trump was good at convincing the Republican grassroots because all he does is throw red meat at them. He can't win over independents and moderate Democrats by doing the same.

he is, despite of being an agent of the pirates and financed by a big banker he attracted idiots, inspired hitler to invade russia and inspired mccarthy to create propaganda against stalin

Just checked on it and unless a major log comes out (not expecting this to occur as I am feeling almost empty now) then it won't be pic worthy

I only like to post my best

world war iii when

seems like he's doing an alright job when Hillary can't even motivate democrats without paying them.

Which definitely works in Trump's favor

Hey can someone please reply to this, it'd be appreciated. Thanks in advance xx

Aw fuck I don't really want to go opening shit up right now. I'll have dinner first. Hope you stick around x

Thanks for the tip.

Some are, but a lot aren't. That's why Johnson is polling well for a third party candidate.

My uncle is a hardcore Cruz Missile and he still thinks that Trump is a closet Democrat, so he's staying home on election day kek

anyone a nigger in here?

Hillary can't even get Democrats to come out for her

People at a Hillary rally literally cheered "4 more years!" when Obama took the stage to speak
That only speaks volumes about how little Hillary is liked
Even her own supporters would rather have Obama in office than her


for all the talk about how well Hillary is doing, I haven't seen any evidence besides talk.

trump's sons are crypto jews, and teenagers still believe he will save the white race hhaha

Here, and no, I won't fuck your wife, you weird ass white boys.

When you look at Trump and Hillary, I think that most people wouldn't mind a third term of Obama 2bh.


A lot of people who are #ridingthejohnson are people from New Mexico (he's their former governor) which is a state that would go blue anyway so his numbers don't give an accurate portrayal of possible electoral outcomes

will you fuck my wife?

post toot

Obama would crush Trump too

hi toot poster

Jews have only ever been our friends and allies


he probably would
too bad there are term limits and the Democrats are stuck with a dead horse

I don't think you understand the virulent hatred that Republicans have for Barack Obama

He's a Kenyan wog crypto-Muslim who harbors animosity towards Britain so much so that he sent back a bust of Churchill that had been in the White House for decades

The Hillary crowd would rather have Obama but no one else would especially not Bernouts who see Obama as just anothet neocon business as usual corrupt politician

yeah anglos and kikes are literally best allies since fucking ever

He's polling reasonably well in Utah too. If Romney endorses Johnson, he split the vote enough to give the state to Hillary.

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how are you

bit gay senpai

You don't have to, you're just switching your monitor cable from your video card to your motherboard.

ok thanks for that

Friends are so lame oh wow you drank Thursday guess Friday and Saturday of the only week of uni where we don't have assignments or papers we should stay in ffs need to meet new people

post it

>the millionaire's lament

Weekends are for normies

This is as out of touch as Dems thinking they'll take Arizona or Georgia

Obama has an above 50% approval rating. Neither Trump or Clinton could dream of those numbers. He's far from hated by our current standards

>I don't think you understand the virulent hatred that Republicans have for Barack Obama

There is nobody that Republicans despise more than Hillary Clinton. Not Obama, not DWS, not Sanders not anybody. They've hated her since the 90s.

You sound like a bit of a poofter 2bh

This used to piss me off so my in my first two years of uni. No one would do fuck all at the weekend over than eat pizza and watch shit telly and claim a 2 day hangover as an excuse for being a lazy fuck


I don't really have weekends because they're no different from any other day for me in that I wake up and then decide what to spend my parents money on

Hillary has a better chance at winning those states than Trump does at MI or PA. I don't think it will happen, but the debates should decide everything.

rocky motherfuckin erickson


I'm actually so fucking drunk right now lads

Literally AMA

>tfw i can masturbate my anus because of hemorrhoids

Republicans don't give a shit about her, only Bernie's voters even have a real opinion of her

she's gonna die in the debates

>republicans that are voting hillary because they dislike trump

They were never truly republican at all desu

And that just means we get Bernie as President

Nah this is what plebs who don't really know what goes on in Washington think

Hillary travels in the same circles as the Republicans
The only reason the Republicans went after the Clintons in the 90s was to become favorite sons of the donors

Oh right, to the other identical slot on the back?

Should I finish eating my Poutine lads

Jesus Christ you're delusional

Stick to Aussie politics it's clear you know nothing at all about the populations of Michigan or Pennsylvania or Georgia or Arizona

This is precisely why foreigners' opinions on politics always carry little to no weight
You simply cannot understand the individual microcosms present in different parts of the country

you got it lad.

Usually vertical instead of horizontal and further towards the top. (NOT right next to the one it's currently plugged into) You can take a picture if you want to be sure.

By Republicans, I meant the grassroots voters. People like Mark Levin and Glenn Beck shit on Hillary with greater vitriol than Obama, if that was even possible.

No, it usually means we get their VP pick, who is likely to deradicalize ISIS with boredom

Can we have kippers for breakfast?

dolan trunk

You're the deluded one, you live in a echo chamber of Pepes

thailad does the gf have the queen of spades tattoo?



>t. delusional Cred Forumstard

If you think a state like PA will go red, then you obviously know jack about its voting history, and its demographics, but you still insist that the state go red for the first time since Regan ffs.


Put it in the vertical slot, not getting any signal from my monitor now.

desu I hear a lot of talk about how great and successful Hillary is, but where is all this success?

just floating around in political limbo land waiting to strike I guess


how did you get this picture from that time I had diarrhea

This legend outside a mosque in Canberra

No tattoos, that's a bad sign for a Thai girl.

Drop immediately.
I see, well then you were correct, you need to put it back how it was, go into bios and change to "integrated graphics" then repeat the process.

I have a pretty high suspicion that your video drivers are causing the issue btw.

Apparently Thailad is an exiled ambassador that was caught having sex with 12 year olds

Does Harry use the Engorgio spell to make his cock massive before he does Ginny up the shitter?

>Look at how terrible Clinton is doing, she's only winning by 2 points now
It you can't beat a woman who literally collapsed last week you have no real chance

fuckin hell lol really
my hometown letting us down

is thai chicANO a pedophile rapist?

idk bud
I mean internet polls and hot air on TV sure sound convincing, but I see no actual evidence to accompany it.

seems like typical American doublespeak where they say the "PC" opinion but then do the opposite.

reckon this is what thailad sounds like



Hmmmmm not seeing anything about graphics. Also not sure why this is suddenly a problem.

H97M Anniversary motherboard.

Yea, the most common poster from yankland is literally s Chicano. How do we stop him?

Never said that it would go red only that it would more likely to read than Georgia go blue

What you don't understand is that the city of Philadelphia is why Pennsylvania has gone blue in the past
The rest of the state is very working class, made up mostly of farmers with a few coal miners left
These are the exact kind of people that used to sit out elections because they saw the truth that both parties were only looking out for the interests of their corporate overlords but Trump has changed that
Trump isn't in the pocket of Big Everything

Donald Trump is to working class whites what Barack Obama was to blacks, a real game changer for them

You simply cannot count on trends of the past 20 years to hold true this election
This is by far the most wild election since 1968 and regardless of the outcome you will see many former trends go right out the window

>suddenly a problem
driver update?

Try safemode > system restore?

>You're deluded, just look at the media
>Everything is a lie made up by the media
The cognitive dissonance is staggering

Im only thinking that a lot of people are saying Hillary is winning and will become president but it doesn't look like it from what she has shown.


Legit never been more hyped. Red Dwarf is coming back in 4 days with all the old cast!

All I want now is a Firefly reboot with the old cast and I can die happy.

i really really hope yanks will have a hard time, under trump or hillary that is

post toot

I'll definitely be having a hard time under Hillary ;-)

>cognitive dissonance

Hold on, it's a bit of an effort to get to the screen that allows me to go into safe-mode. I tried System restore before though and it'd stop at around 30% and mention an unknown error with no id or anything.

At the end of it all we will at least be better off than you

You're getting swamped with Muslims we're getting swamped with Latinos

Latinos are FAR preferable to Muslims

The US exports our economic crisis so I am pretty sure you don't if you want the EU to actually fix southern Europe or not fall apart

Just tried System repair because that would trigger the proper menu to enable safe-mode before but it's continuing attemping to repair for longer this time. Guess I'll see what comes of it.

>All I want now is a Firefly reboot with the old cast and I can die happy.

ahh yes, what an argument


Get my Irish passport tomorrow lads.

It's just one of those things you're going to have to fuck around with until you get the winning solution.

I'd focus around video card to begin with, another thing to try uninstalling drivers in safemode, see if you can boot, reinstall, test etc.

I g2g shortly, so best of luck.

me on the right


tumblr hahahaha

Thanks for the suggestions. Going to let this repair thing sit for nowand hope it's not stuck in a loop.

How would I go about uninstalling drivers and such though? I can't access anything, even in safemode. Something in commandpromt is probably my best bet.

any of you lads have the medieval art picture of the two guys sword fighting while 3 women look on from above?

One of the lads in the pic had a dragon head on top of his helmet


>pics that make you go "Hmm...."

me on the left

me on the left


Win Key + R (run) type: devmgmt.msc

or from cmd:
mmc compmgmt.msc

then click device manager.

not quite a fan of yanks honestly

you are a fan of toot though

*googles steinem*

she's fairly fuckable for 82

me styling and wyling on the left


steinem was a CIA agent :0)

Thanks pham. Wrote em down for the morning.

What is the most useful foreign language for a UK national to learn that actually has some kind of utility? Kind of how like Spanish is the obvious next choice for an American. Just curious.

Let me know how you get on m8

American English



Omg lad? The system repair actually worked this time wtf. Have tried it a million times today.


Probably Russian as this is widely spoken in Eastern Europe where English isn't nearly as widespread as it is in Western Europe

Lidl "Sondey" jaffa cakes are actually beautiful

fuck mcvities these things are incredible


So it works now, right?

Got bubbas brah coming in less than 30 minutes much excite

enjoy your virus he's planted in your computer

Stop trying to use British slang you silly chinaman

how many of you Aussies got proper knackered last night?

useful is a hard one, probably chinese as they speak English here the least. i cant think of any group of people generally that doesn't usually speak English well. otherwise probably french or whatever place in europe you like or wil be dealing with.

none, because Brits are just as stupid as Americans and only know 1 language.

Bloody seems to be lmao. Have literally been at this for like 8 hours and now the repair does it's job.

Literally going to start my 2 week unpaid internship in a call centter in 24 hours.

What a world we live in.

the dutch scumbag is here

wonder if there was ever a time when life wasn't this grim

Housemate inconsiderately decided to use all his milk when I had also run out.

So now there is no milk for my brekkie

ขอโทษ :(
Good stuff, might want to disable automatic updates for your video card, then you can manually update in 2 or 3 months.

have a good one.
*walks off into the sunset*

I remember being "happier" but I don't remember what it is, how to get it or what it feels like.

This lack of consensus tells me that there isn't one.

>wishes that Nederland were a superpower

are you able to understand cambodian?

Ahh yes,tories, improving life chances and getting you into meaningful work.

What a fucking disgrace. The DWP should be shut down, everybody fired, and reopened.

oh no how dare they make you do work and get experience

*does a dance*

Height/weight lads? Be honest.

183cm, 75kg, so pretty average here.

>consensus determines what is right

Sophists OUT

150cm 150kg

5'6, 155~kg last I checked

>meaningful work
>a call center

Hmm, looking at it from a new angle now lads. Why didn't I see before that this 2 weeks of slave labour will benefit me beyond my wildest dreams.

5'11" 16st but I'm p strong by normie standards at least (2x bw squat, 1.5x bw bench, 2.5x bw dead) so at least not all my mass is fat haha

>Learning a language when you could learn the language of manipulation
Sophistry is useful

182cm 57kg

lol the MI6 is here

listen here you little fucking runt

any amount of work experience is better than no experience, and if you already had a fair amount of work experience you wouldn't be on the dole. so I'm going to assume you're a runt who thinks he's not a runt

get down from your imaginary horse and do stuff

our guy is winning, lads

he will more than likely take PA, ohio and new hampshire and maine as well

it's not what you know, it's who you know.

lads im stroking call the police



This is some hat man tier shit you've got going on

how do gayreeks eat this? it looks like a cunt that got jizzed in

that's not what semen looks like

This map was clearly made by a spaz
>NH red
>Rhode Island grey
Despite Clintons drop in the polls she still has a commanding lead in PA

It actually looks pretty fucking delicious and healthy too since that's a yogurt sauce and not mayonnaise

>get down from your imaginary horse and do stuff


tacos are rather better than the shit you posted

post your sombrero


RIP Ny lol

187cm, 60kg

>It was said that Britain will become irrelevant while Europe will be better off without its most recalcitrant member – as if such a world-ranging country would suddenly withdraw into its shell and Great Britain become little England.

>This is the kind of arrogant tosh that prompted Britons to vote to leave.

>For the past decade, Britain has been the fastest growing big economy in Europe; and along with France, has the continent’s most powerful armed forces.

>So an EU that tries to punish Britain will end up punishing itself.

PA has trump up 6 points atm and he's still gaining steadily

honestly unless something catastrophic happens trump is going to win this. more and more people are realizing that hillary is simply unelectable, and that trump isn't such a bad guy after all

lol an MI6 agent wants to see my sombrero

Do you know what "like" means? Similar, not identical.
I try to have patience with you runts, but you are on my last nerve.

Just post it already

Trump will lose

Dubs confirm

My post was entirely sarcastic you runt. It's a genuine disgrace.


it doesn't look remotely like semen

dumb frogposter

fuck u MI6

>white liquid

reading this post in a yank accent and grinding my teeth


Down by 9 actually

Australians are now bombing those who are trying to get rid of ISIS


they want to see my sombrero

The janitor
>works when he feels like it
>goes to works in his underwear
>browses Cred Forums all day
>has authority over people on static IP's

>attire must be smart casual
>have to get up at 6, which I didn't used to mind when I was getting money for it
>absolutely no Cred Forums until I get home, 6 o'clock most likely
>have literally 0 authority over anyone

Coming to the conclusion that I'm lower on the food chain than the janny lads.

should those scumbags kill themselves?

postano itano mexibroano

It was only some Ruskies, nothing of value was lost. Besides they bombed some U.S. camps not too long ago

Never sure if they're referring to the FSA when they say Syrian soldiers 2bh, a lot of new sites can't or don't distinguish

>works when he feels like it
>goes to works in his underwear
>browses Cred Forums all day
>has authority over people on static IP's

>attire must be smart casual
>have to get up at 6, which you didn't used to mind when you were getting money for it
>absolutely no Cred Forums until you get home, 6 o'clock most likely
>have literally 0 authority over anyone

Imagine starting a dumb revolution in your country just because you're a crybaby who can't deal with a dictatorship

Five Eyes supports ousting Assad and arming Islamic jihadists in order to accomplish that goal



But I do have a dynamic IP and a large collection of naughty images.

>get paid

>do it for free


Fuck off