Beer and other alcohol

What should it be like in your country? What's your favorite drink?

allah does not allow me to poison my soul with such degenerate actions

>Just worked a beer festival at the brewery I work at
>Hardly had time to taste any of the 100+ beers on tap

i don't drink alcohol

it's bad for you

so is spending your Saturday night browsing Cred Forums, yet you're here


>What's your favorite drink?

pic relatd


Why do companies say this? It's only rare because you didn't make more

Its buzzword marketing strategy

cheapest rum i can buy with off-brand coca cola, cant afford ice

>Mixed drinks
I believe the appropriate response is

>What's your favorite drink?
Favourite drink is beer.
>What should it be like in your country?
Belgian, pretty much all French brands of beer are trash (except for microbreweries that have decent beers to offer).

>american beer

>Swedish vodka

>What should it be like in your country?
Wine and blonde beer mostly
> What's your favorite drink?
Probably pic related

Drinking is bad, alcohol ruined USSR lmao

Pretend you explode yourself tomorrow and you get to be a hypocrite in order to fit in. You'll probably want the hard stuff snorted off a hookers ass instead of beer though.

they were all shitty ameribeers.

you didn't miss out.

>Infused infuse

Infused=infusé it's just a translation m8

you should give Hendricks a go lad, it's good shit.

Garnish it with cucumber.