Do you like Italy?

Do you like Italy?

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Best country after France

Yea dude

yes indeed

Best country after Britain


>Best country after Britain
>Argie flag

lol baby dick

no, I hate wops. If I learned that Italy went underwater or all italians worldwide died magically, I probably wouldn't rejoice, but I wouldn't be sad either.

well I like Borat

I like Italy
Do you like Greece?

yes I do!

Of course, I'm Italian.

parli l'italiano?

un po'

I am Greek

bene :)

thats greece

No, they're fags. Stop posting deformed dicks

or any dicks.

why are americans so insecure?

I bet italian boipuccy is top quality.

I should get over there and find out.

Molto pene :D:DD

i got 2 word 4 u
1. borga
2. buddana

5 cute facts about Greece:

1. It's a country!
2. It has culture!
3. I love it!!!!!
4. Greece!!!!!!!!!!!!


damn that's some impressive foreskin detail

he must have studied that very closely :DDDD

it looks kind of like a fish mouth if you ask me

some foreskins do I guess

Amo l'italia, ma mi pare tantissimi italiani d'oggi non la amino come dovrebbero amarla.

Ti faccio un esempio:

L'italia nel rinascimento
>Noi eravamo imperatori e merda
Cosa è accaduto?
>Michelangelo, machiavelli, da vinci, galileo ecc

L'italia oggi
>siamo fieri del PD e ci fidiamo di renzi, l'italia va bene, non bisogna migliorare niente, va tutto bene cosi'
Cosa è accaduto?
>mafia capitale, la boldrini, alfano, mattarella ecc

Amo l'italia ma per cambiare ci vuole coraggio

Votare no al referendum sarebbe bello, pero'

stai tranquilo che quando l'UE rompersi, noi saremo imparatori e merda di nuovo

I thought Italians had bigger cocks

yes we have

I want a german twink to hug now :'(

Una faccia una razza

You know "David" is supposed to be a man in mortal fear, in particular of a 12 foot tall giant asshole with a huge spear, and David is trying to kill him with a fucking rock... note the huge eyes and shrunken dick and balls because he is thinking this giant faggot is going to murder him...

DaVinci intentionally made David statue like this. Reed eh book.


I love the food

I like the women, but the men are slimy, girlish cowards.

Everything the Italians touched in WWII turned into a disaster.


Germans are girlier than any southern european tho



Italian women look very metro sexual. Their tiny height do not help.
Wrap up an Italian in Arabic rags and no one will bat an eye.

never knew I was part Italian.
but I always did like you pasta eating fags.

* men not women
* does not do

Why not, they are ok, and their food is great.

Don´t you live with your parents untill you are 30-40?

Pretty sure, you all look like soft cunts to me.

Italy is a nice place
Italians are shit tier people

>selfhate meme

Battle of Taranto

British biplanes sink half of all Italians Battleships

Operation Compass:

35,000 British steamroll 150.00 Italians.

Italians are gay singers, cooks, painters, nothing more.
You have always been somebody´s else bitch.

>loses war
>can't pay denbts
>loses another war
>country partitioned
>loses half to russian famers

topkek m8, and as if that counts, you and me were not even alive, I'm talking about modern day Germs, you look like literal fags so dont come trying to call anybody girly.

I don't like anyone who makes these retarded 'do you like...?' threads.


what's your problem? it's a retarded board

Sorry, any man you lives with his parents until he is 35 and is

It's unoriginal and obnoxious.


>tfw picturing skinny Germ with manboobs sitting on his pc next to his simulator games trying to contain the butthurt but ending up writing these unoriginal caricature posts and trying to remember what it was like to piss standing up.

additionally you look more like arabs then europeans.

like this board

Yeah you're alright, also it seems that your language is the closest to French, probably closer than Spanish


citazione dieci su dieci mi complimento


Do I like my brothers?
Doesn't matter, they're my brothers. I stand with them.

More like this.

me on the right

they are not hairy enough to be italian

they look German

looks like my dick except i'm cut. Only 3.5 inches hard lmfao kill me please

If Turino is in Germany, then yes


Torino. Doesn´t matter. They still look like North Africans.

>Da Campo

Matteo Renzi just being Italian.

ma il tetesko qui è quel coglione di Lambrenedetto? borgoddio

Ma diobello cosa succede qui

they look like iranian exchange students and they probably are

What if I told you that Mussolini was secretly allied with Great Britain.
And what if I told you he's still alive and waiting for his moment?

hehe it's stone penis


Ehy i met some hungarians some weeks ago

they were really super butthurt about romania
Like seriously, they were only talking about romania and how much they are assholes.

Are all hungarians like that or did i just meet some angry teens?