What do you guys think about Duterte?

What do you guys think about Duterte?

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more like sillypenis mirite

based spic

Communism is a thing of the past.

His grand strategy is Wilhelm tier

Worst yet

The difference is Wilhelm at least had a brain


He's brining respect to your country.


stupid but ballsy

Populist and stupid.

gonna turn ph into a caliphate

The streets of purity gotta be litered with the blood of drugdealers. U.N. Or United Niggers is not my ally they are probably corrupt and sell drugs as well.
Order and progress not drugs and crime OK praise duterte

Pissing off other countries might make pinoys happy but the reality is that Philippines needs other countries especially the US.

People dislike him for killing criminals and saying mean things, but for me I am worried about him being a Chinese plant

An idiotic populist.
He does know how to deal with drug dealers though.

>death squads

Mass murdered. Why doesn't he understand that decriminalzation lowers drug use?

I don't know what to make of him. He is simply an enigma in the world today. I feel blessed to be able to witness his rise to power and subsequent endeavors from far away. I hope after cleaning up the streets and exterminating drug dealers, he sticks it to Abu Sayyaf and all of those Muslim shits and drowns them in the South China Sea.


My country needs to do the same that he is doing.

Leftist need to leave him alone and fuck off

But hasnt Marijuana usage spiked since decriminalizing it

Nutcase. Is he still as popular as he was a few months ago?

I don't know if he's corrupt or just so inept that he can't see that his policies are perfectly designed for corruption.

He also seems to be setting things up to sell you out to the chinks.

In all honesty, 100% not-even-meeming, he's a terrible, terrible person.

He's a corrupt, financial vampire with an absolute monopoly on Filipino violence and propaganda. His hands are as sticky and gore covered as the limbs of crocodiles. Duterte is a horrible, horrible man with no oversight for human suffering and misery.

And what's most despicable is his decision to draw attention to his "pragmatic" side; his "people's champion" side that attempts to levy the fear and desperation bubbling up from within his ruinous grasp and wish grand power upon his own ego.

He's killed men, innoncent and non alike, for the sole purpose of injustice and political greed. He's bought powerful men from powerful countries to turn a blind eye when opting to torture his enemies and prisoners without mercy.

This is a wicked, wicked man who will absolutely, without a doubt, burn in hell. And I mean say that in the gravest sense I am trying to muster.

Duterte is a demon; and hell follows with him.

good luck Salva

He is pro-China and supportive but not a plant.

Are you flip?


But I live in Hawaii, so a lot of my friends and shit are Filipino. Damn, some people just can't see how corrupt this guy really is.

>Ex-Death Squad leader comes out and talks about all this vile shit Duterte paid them to do to maintain his political power
>Literally had them feed a man to starving pigs
>Had them kill a politician right in front of his wife and son, and then killed the son not even 1 month later
>Seized shipments of cocaine and heroine to keep for himself
>Hid financial aid and food donations from his own people after that one Typhoon from 2014 so that he could claim they got "lost in the chaos" and ask for more

After this massive expose, Duterte's too chicken-shit to send a newer, inexperienced death squad after his ex-deathsquad, so he just goes "N-nuh uh! He's lying because he just w-wants to be mayor! Also, I NeedMoSecurityFoDemPartiesAndShiet."

This guy is a fucking snake, dude.

>This is a wicked, wicked man who will absolutely, without a doubt, burn in hell.

He doesn't care.

That's such an obvious lie.

I can literally almost see it in my head. Right before he falls asleep, I swear to God, I bet he prays on every Holy Ghost and Heavenly Spirit that he doesn't go to Hell for all the sins that he's done.

I don't have any hard evidence to back my claims when I say he's lying; but men like him, I know for certain, go to sleep clutching beads and marys to their chest every night.

>But he also said that Mr Duterte's opponents had been targeted too, including four bodyguards of a local rival for mayor, Prospero Nograles.
>Prospero Nograles' son Karlo, a Davao city representative, challenged Mr Matobato's account relating to his father's bodyguards.
>"I don't know what this guy is talking about," he wrote on Facebook.


That's...That's EXACT kind of lying I was JUST talking about 20 seconds ago, man. Were you not paying attention?

I mean, of course his political enemies also got hurt during the expose, but since Duterte's the big dog, he does most of the biting. Duterte is the greater of the two evils.

Is Matobato lying as well since he can't back up his claims?

Duterte was mayor of Davao for over 20 years yet he didn't get arrested for any of his alleged crimes even by rivals who were more powerful than him. None of the past 4 or 5 presidents did anything against him.

i cant speak for his other policies but in terms of fighting drugs, corruption (linked to drugs), and druggies there is nothing better

kill them all until there are none left and those that are still standing just outside the ring will be too scared to enter

best system is a rotation of a few terms of democratic presidents and then 1 term of an autocratic leader to clean up all the mess - and this situation (in this very specific instance) is kinda close to that, sorta, maybe..

In my honest opinion? Of course he's lying. What would he have to gain from telling the truth? It's no secret that their entire governing campaign has been plagued with both secret and non-secret violence. The animosity shared between these two has been a very public, and very animated squabble for the past decade.

Duterte works to secure his superior's interests ahead of time, so that it appears he is after their own agenda. Working for 4 or 5 people at a time would obviously lead to conflicting agendas, so he socially engineered their fall one after the other; whether that be through monetary contributions, earnest-hearted yearning, or straight up torture.

Duterte's been in control of his own personal deathsquad (now EX-deathsquad) since probably the beginning of his run. Probably even before that. He's never been shy about taking lives, even when it seems everyone's eyes seem to be already on him.

Duterte's greatest weapons were literally the absence of loyalty and a strong array of bombs and bullets with all the men he ever needed to wield it.

The people who praise this man are blind.


Nograles is a duterte supporter

*change is coming OK. Praise Duterte

other than that it is perfect

He wasn't even supposed to run for office until his Chinese financers backed him up along with other oligarchies