What is your country's top export?

what is your country's top export?

usa: machinery

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Oil is just #4

fancy dirt that we dig up and ship to chinks



Overseas workers. Specifically maids.

Main export:
Upper middle class cars

Main import:
North Africans

100% pure New Zealand air that we sell to the Chinese

top tier memes
most ebin memes per capita

please buy our dairy products



Cars and machines

That oughta be Detroit or some other failed shithole cities in your cunt


but keep your disgusting third world apples


>mfw Baby Trump cried when Ford moved his smalls car production here
Sweet retard tears

Kek, Boeing is next


you have to buy them, the wto said so :^)


Iron Ores

>FIAT (Fix It Again Tony)
>Upper middle class cars

I will never EVER buy filthy new zealand diseased """""""apples""""""

Mexico is gonna build a fleet of stealth Taco bombers which can drop a payload of diarrhea anywhere in the world without refueling.

you have to (^:

>being this butthurt
Unemployable scum tears, just perfect

>I will never EVER buy filthy new zealand diseased """""""apples""""""
>Buying into the apple industry propaganda
Oy vey! Defend precious aussie fruit from those evil kiwis!

you can make us import them but you can't make us buy them

yeah whatever you say m8

kiwi turncoat go home

at least our plan to import redbacks to NZ as revenge is working

I already have a job Enrique and it's not doing manual labor. That's what you're for.

Mexico is a failed country.

You're going to build the wall and the gravy train is coming to an end, beaner.

pharma things

probably cars but I am too lazy to google it

More like offshore accounts

Zastava still a thing?

nigga we make Skoda

Smart wea 'phone'

Oh, sorry.

1. Refined petroleum
2. Crude oil
3. Petroleum gas

Timber and other wood products.

The new ERJ 190 is stunning, but i dont like that they removed the winglets that way.
But it might steal some 737 and A319 orders

>Payload of diarrhea
I guess we'll end up TRUMPING the lead export in sharts, huh?

Try to produce one of them, frog-eater

apples for russia

They just "bend" the wing a little for more aerodynamics and fuel saving. The imply that the new E2 will save around 30% of Fuel than the previous generation.


Also ERJ =/ E=Jets.


you already have


>mfw i pnly work 7hrs and earn more than the regular murrkan a
Nd i dont do shit

>being this delusional
I cant wait for Trump to win so everyone can see how stupid he is when he doesnt do any of the shit he spouted


Gibs Whittaker choc milk


Refined petroleum

I don't think it makes sense to ship milk literally to the other side of the world.

Why are you sharing MS paint drawings of yourself?

You're going to look stupid when you don't have enough pesos to pay for the wall.



Coal i think

Anger and hate.


Also Brazil exports less than Spain and i don't even have any idea what the hell Spain exports.

Top. Cars (120 Billion USD) 2. Chemicals 3. IC/semiconductors 4. Steel 5. Optical equipments ....,
... and animes, hentai, of course

US Exports

Who does the world export to?

>electronic integrated circuits
When was the last time you saw a "made in USA" electronic anything? Is that legit?

>electronic integrated circuits
Means the chips on the inside on shit you buy stupid leaf

Shut up goy


Soybeans, soybeans and soybeans

Nice selective screenshot m8

>Intel is the only company that produces circuits.


What are you trying to achieve?

>top export is estrogen in bean form

syphilis and memes

World Domination.

It's true

>tfw no finnish qt to give you syphilis

Neither do I to be honest.


I took apart my old computer a few weeks ago and most of it was made here. A minority was Taiwanese with odd bits from China, Mexico and Ireland. Didn't even know drunks built electronics.

drunks built a half of your economy

Statistically Anglos, Spics and Chinks built most of our country. Irish were only the majority of the labor force from 1845 till when Italians started coming en masse around 1880.

Textiles, food and beverage, mechanical engineering products, shoes

>not Italian anymore

L-love? maybe?

Hate may be?

Soya beans
Iron ore

1: IT-services
2: money laundring
3: machinery


Did you mean count in few steam machines that Gabel sold?

refined russian oil followed by medicine

Food and furniture

Embraer is the only good thing to come out of Brasil.

construction workers for germany

Iron ore, gold, coal, meat, wool, alumina, wheat, machinery and transport equipment, education.

The main destinations are: China 32.2% Japan 15.9% South Korea 7.1% United States 5.4% India 4.2% (as of 2015)


CZ: Cars


I thought we selled more weapons atlas.media.mit.edu/en/profile/country/fra/


oil apparently.

USA: Freedom

and Porn stars

Yeah, sadly they are mostly ugly as fuck

Half of our exports are technical things, then medicaments and chemics, we also export oil and coal

a few gems though

True, rarely you see some really hot one.



>medicaments and chemics

I just dont understand people like this, and his friends posting shit like "kawaii".

Every day. I work for a small electronics manufacturer.

Petroleum and Gas

found it interesting that they started selling the 500 here a few years back, then made an obese version of it because nobody wanted a car that small in the US.

I believe this man is an aboriginal.

Just fyi.

I am in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

1. Meth

2. industrial espionage (Hey, you are an engineer too? what are the chances we meet at this bus stop! Tell me about General Electric's new turbine designs! As a friend in the same industry, of course! Sacre bleu!

3. Human trafficking. Exotic looking kids that speak english, run through Hula's bar and the local state protected pedo network. Young women without families...

4. Smuggling to terrorist groups. See #1.

Sadness, hopelessness

Literal Banana republic

I saw a 500 piddling along on a highway in Texas stuck between 250s and Mustangs. Was hilarious.

politically correct modern slaves

ebin memes

Also weapons and beer.

>them fighting words

Tak ty si budeš brát do huby českou buchtu buzzno?

I liked the few Czech beers I've had. Unsurprisingly, they weren't too dissimilar from Bavarian beers, but that's a good thing in my book.

cesky porno "herecky" jo.

Amongst countless Ř hoes in porn you can't find one hundred good looking ones?

Are you even watching porn?





Hele tohle je SFW board

Ale jo par jich je.

Surprisingly, it's planes

Really makes you think

To víš dráždíš národní píchu.

better pic, but model is german.

Gold in Unwrought Forms Non-Monetary

Not too surprising since all of the final assembly takes place in Toulouse iirc

A jak se jmenuje?

why it really did make me think

Petroleum products, coffee, flowers, coal, fruits


Gee, one could almost say there is a connection between german and czech beer

If you were not so hell bend into assimilation we could be drinking today together, bruder.

>assuming some dickass president won't give the wall away
>truman(?)/eisenhower(?), north korea
>carter, panama canal
>obama, internet

And nothing good comes out of Poland.


(i dunno, oil probably)

1 - Mystery goods and mystery transactions

2 - Electric microcircuits

you also import whole lotta coal mane

It appears so


Agro stuff

a banana republic is usually based on a single resource. wtf u sayin?

anime cancer

geez, I wonder

we sell all of it to China. I think they feed it to their pigs.