Almost touch

almost touch

myself today

Did you know that during the winter you could walk on the ice from one country to the other?

Bering strait bridge please



who in their right mind would drive that though?

Why would someone bother making a rail line that long and difficult?

Why would any american willingly go to siberia?

Just fucking fly.

ok good luck buying over 100500 cargo planes to replace 1 train

>Russian Education

What? He said "Just fucking fly" not "just fucking cross ocean"

perhaps by having alternative transport

It could also be a fast train

a train carrying more than a plane

by the same fact that people who make ship trip, even the plane being faster

That was me.

First, I thought the image was about just normal people taking a train like that or normal people driving through there.

The Image isn't specified whether it is a rail or street.

Then you mentioned cargo, and it went on from there.

Travel from one island to the other is illegal

The Transiberian railway doesn't cut it. It's not funded well, it's in disrepair and it would be a very expensive way of transporting cargo.

You know how much money it would cost to build high speed railways throught that much territory?

It's not a wise thing to do, if it was a good idea, it would have been done already or people would be talking about it.

But no one but China and Russia care about a land route connecting central asia and Europe.

an international treaty resolves

are islands?

Reminder that ancient spics crossed that ocean

can you see america/russia from the coast?

My benis is that small

cant see shit captain

It's a road as well as train lines, connected to the already existing Trans-Siberian line and North American/European road networks, it's been proposed by the head of Russian rails (somebody seen as a potential successor to Putin one day)

the problem is, that yes, only me and a few other people who are extremely afraid of flying or open to it for the novelty would ever want to do it.

The Diomede islands, it is still illegal for a person from one island to go to the other island

It would not necessarily be a trip to Europe. It could be a trade route to asia

Even Silk Road was made, so why not.
That railway could be used to travel and trade with many countries since the Russian part is near its southern border.

>retarded portugese actually swam across the ocean instead of taking a walk and a short swim
Absolute madmen


Is (or were) any kind of military base in those islands?