>appropriates superior cultures
>destroys superior cultures
>can't compete against other cultures
>needs Germanic-only affirmative action to compete
>if all else fails commit suicide

When will they learn?

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My country was built by Germans so fuck off



You're just mad hitler never accepted you because of your slanted eyes you dirty mongolian




Are you a negro, or do you just have an excess of white guilt?

Your speaking a superior Germanic language right now

You're*. It's another of a butt hurt Finno-Ugric man

It's another story*

but not really germanic though

Oh fuck me I didn't catch that


>american edumacation

Did you make that thread previously?

dat betekent toch niet hetzelfde?

zuur bedoel ik niet als in smaak, maar als in een stof met een hoge ph waarde

Most of those Italic terms are medical terminology.

If America was built by Africans then why isn't everything made out of cotton?

Nobody wants to learn a West Slavic language

>jews are anglo-french
I knew it!

like said, "sour"

also we have "bloom" and funnily enough "acorn" might sound like those germanic words for squirrel.

Of course Normans were Jews, everyone knows this

Don't bother arguing, it's the stupidest meme alive.

Someone thought cherry-picked words and looking at their origin means more than things like grammar, phonetics, and history.

It's the most laughably unlinguistic thing ever.

You wouldn't say the peasants and slaves built the Roman empire. The emperors did.

Flowers bloom.
Squirrels eat acorns.

The Dutch are kikes. They never produced any Germanic literature.

The only thing Germanic about them is their language, their soul is 100% Semitic.

what are Karel ende Elegast, Roelantslied, Ferguut, Walewijn, van de vos Reynaerde, etc?

Exactly, nothing.

Unlike England, Scandinavia and Germany, Germanic culture is absent in Holland. The Dutch were always mundane urbanites lending money and speculating.


>germanic culture


also what is this germanic culture you are missing?

>Germanic culture

What? Have you ever been here?

>destroys civilizations by shipping niggers to Italy since the Roman times




Meanwhile in reality



>It's a "Germanics destroy Rome" episode

Both the root and suffix of Einheit have cognates in English. We just don't use "onehood" as a word although its meaning is obvious.

What a disgraceful race