1. you are a filthy cunt

1. you are a filthy cunt
2. what is the last time you have really cried?

>3 years ago

make me cry guys

>just now

your thread made me cry

Shed a tear yesterday when your mum left the streets for good

When my grandfather passed away at hospital, I was there with my mother

it was quite a beautiful thing really, just old age

yesterday, when I lost an argument over shower dividers here.

good post

When my gf left me that cunt

He died when he saw me fucking your Grandmother.

Sometimes vintage pussy is that good



13-15 years ago don't really remember

I don't have a reason to cry, Fuck humans.

First day in kindergarten, because I missed my parents

when my grandmother died, the weird thing is only when around my family, relatives as if it was a reflex

because I wasn't particularly sad about her death itself

I never cry

I cried the other time thinking about my dead cat, idgaf

I cry every time when some virgin complains about life here

anyone got any movies that will bring me to tears?

I guess when my grandmother died. Not a really big cry though just some tears. Don't think I've genuinely boohoo cried in a very long time.

Heavenly Creatures


I feel like crying now. Last night apparently a bouncer was brazenly insulting me to my face but I was so drunk I didn't even realise. Only found out on the taxi ride home when my gf was retelling how she was defending me while I just sat there. I felt so ashamed and upset I ran out of the taxi cos I wanted to find the bouncer and punch him but I was in central London and had no idea where I was so I just walked around punching walls until my gf found me and we went home

4 months ago when she died at almost 17

yesterday after i've been rejected by a couple of qt sudacas on interpals

I cry all the time at movies tb h

Aside for that, prolly atleast 7-8 years+ ago

when I was reading on the evacuation of Dunkirk.

It's okay BOAT I am here for you.

if you are sensitive to doggy movies watch this, I almost cried in some scenes

A year ago when I was really drunk and I thought my life wasn't going anywhere. Its turned around since then tho.

Pls no, i cant take it anymore

>make me cry guys

I didn't witness my grandmother's death, but me and my mom where the last people to see her before she passed away that night. Her family had abandoned her in a shitty hospital after a had a stroke, they weren't even visiting her. We found out once we went to visit her that they hadn't come in over 2 days. When we arrived my grandmother started smiling at us and just kept a bright smile on her face the entire time (as if saying goodbye). She'd never (LITERALLY) ever smile at us when we used to visit her back when she was perfectly healthy. She hated my mother more than anything. Really goes to show how people will change on their deathbeds.
Didn't really cry that much (out of sympathy that her very own children just left her like that). It more or less left me in shock for about a week.

havent cried yet guys

please make me cry

I love you and I want to make my sole purpose in life making you happy. :3

I'm sorry to hear that, one of the worst things in life is losing your grandparents

when I was watching the last episode of keion season 1