i dont speak surrender
what is going on


frogs getting BLACK'D

what did Senegal and Mali mean by this?

In other news, sun rises in east, sets in west.
may do the same tomorrow


Can you explain in educated terms in a non-hobbit dialect while you are still lubricated 30 years after a hippie boat was sunk.

>being french unironically

Christ Almighty

The same cross on the top right on both pictures

God will protect France from African Christians

New Zealand not happy with his lack of (you)'s in his other threads about France.
He's using this picture of those women from maghreb and their half black babies.


Those are muslim women, beurettes.

It's a pharmacy sign

Where do you even get this stuff?

I am well aware of that but I am willing to abandon basic common sense in favour of a joke

>non-muslim frogs

I am Hans
There is no humor.

I said "educated".
Drop the sheep facade and tell us about your childhood, Frodo.


Why am I laughing at this

>German """"humour"""""""""""

>fr*g giving orders

you going to make me, nerd?

I honestly don't believe this meme is true. Even my more autistic brother laughs at humour like this

I don't know, everytime I say it I laugh

The picture is from an American "blacked" blog originally, who thankfully was deleted because of other pictures inciting hatred against white people.

You are losing your grasp of the eternal anglo language. Get a grip, my sheep, and let the tears flow.

Tfw PN in hands

H-help doctor

So now it's a progressive neurological disorder? I told it you it's transient hypocalcaemia from the panic attacks producing the tingling sensation

I'm scared. Do I need to get it checked asap because of nerve damage?

What made this Hobbit so angry that he decided to spam these similar threads here with a 1 min interval?

Does it disappear when your hyperventilation ends? If you had actual nerve damage it would be far more dramatic (GBS, AMAN, AIP, VN) with persistent multifocal symptoms

>he doesn't hate the french
always suspected finns weren't white

Senpai I'm not hyperventilating or anything. I'm chill af just my hands and feet feel weird all the time in certain positions

The same electricky feeling you get when they haven't been moved for a while, or actual pain? I am assuming no movement problems

go to a doctor you mongoloid

He found his gf in bed with a French woman.

Idk it's weird and varies

Sometimes legit painful, sometimes just awkward feel. Like yesterday just felt weird as cuck in one spot in my forearm.

this shit is weird bro, if I lie on stomach and extend arms they go numb and other shit fuck idk

yea I need to

>tfw sudanese online doctor on my Cred Forums

That's pretty awesome when you think about it. Internet has really changed the world.


You could have anything from shallow grooves around your nerves, to a vitamin deficiency, to a demyelinating disorder to vasculitis, to countless other possibilities

Do you have horrible posture in front of the laptop/phone/PC and pressure around your neck?

So I'll have to second I need to return to a hospital though

Not really dude

Fuck man this shit is rly bothering me

Also I have low blood pressure

sometimes like 102/68 what do

If you have numbness on arm extension what you're essentially doing is 'kinking' or entrapping some of the nerves feeding your arms, or quite possibly arteries depending on your anatomy.

>what do
go to a fucking doctor are all canadians this retarded

This is characteristic >entrapment - neuropathy
>exacerbated by movement
>pure transient sensory symptoms
>affecting BP measurement
Looks like something's impinging the subclavian or one of it's tributaries, get it checked out as said

Are Estonian women really that attractive?


I meant subdivisions

What doctor do I go to man

They don't seem to care. Should I go to walkin clinic